Depths is the nineteenth episode of The Young Knight season one.



  • Ext. Gotham City – Night

(Pans to the view of the city at night as it’s nearly about to start raining)

  • Int. Ballroom - Police Ball

(Cuts to the police ball as we see a lot of political figures including Commissioner Woods, Det. Alder, Victor, Jason)

(We then see a lot of guests, police officers, figures, and their family, dancing in the ballroom)

(Another hour has passed and as we see other guests hanging out; as the guests begins to get ready to listen to the host of the ball)

(At the banquet table, we see Comm. Woods, Det. Alder, Jason, and other huge figures sitting at the table and then we see Victor standing up on the podium about to talk)

Victor: I am so proud to be your host for this evening. As many of you know, I owned PowerCorp and have significantly donated this city of Gotham about $4.8 million dollars. As of this result, this city belongs to the police to control.

(As he raises his glass, others soon join the occasion and cheered)

Victor: We need a more stable police force, big enough to handle the corruption of this city and clean up this mess. I always wanted to help this city more benefit and creating this ball for charity is the best thing I ever done.

(The camera quickly shifts to Jason as he gives an awkward look about what his father just said; then back to Victor)

(We then see Victor getting ready to give out an award)

Victor: Now for something special; (Holding the award) I like to see a cop who is willingly to serve and to protect Gotham 24/7. And this award demonstrates that valor, that courageousness, that self-awareness….all these qualities that describes what a police officer can do for this city. And not to waste any time, the award of valor is given to... (Reading the award plaque) your fellow cop, Jim Gordon.

(Everyone looking around not seeing Gordon anywhere; Det. Alder wonders where he is as so is Victor, but Comm. Woods steps up and delivers a message about Gordon)

Comm. Woods: I’m sorry but Jim had to do a triple duty tonight, and I will be honor to give this award to his wife. (He then gets the award and holds it for Gordon)

Victor: (Back at the podium) So I guess, where are we going to leave of? And I guess we dance. (Smiling)

(The camera then cuts to a POV view of binoculars as it is seeing Victor delivering his last words)

  • Int. Ballroom -Unknown area

(Cuts to a strange setting as we then notice the binoculars is apart of a gun and then we see a female assassin in a mask, who we know now is Belle, getting ready to shoot; then as she prepares the gun to shoot…)

  • Int. Police Ball

(Cuts back to the ballroom as Jason notices a strange light above the ceiling, and then out of nowhere…it fires and shoots a bullet straight to Victor)

(The camera views the bullet in slow motion as it is heading straight to Victor, then Jason pushing Victor on the floor; as they go down and then many others cringe as they all hear the shot; soon enough some of the guests screams and most of them after cringing runs away)’

(Jason helping his father up)

Victor: (Wondering) What was that?

Jason: I don’t know. (Looking at where he know he saw the bullet being shot from, and then he sees a dark figure attaching with its gun sprinting off to the roof; he then goes down and pursues the person)

Victor: (Seeing his son leaving so quickly) Jason!

(Cuts off to the pandemonium caused by the attempted assassination)

  • Ext. Rooftop

(Cuts to the rooftop of the ballroom as its starts to rain and we see the assassin running out and Jason catching up to her)

Jason: Hey!

(The female assassin sees him and starts battling as he dodges a few hits and so is the assassin, and then the assassin sideswipes him)

(Cuts to Jason falling down as she is getting ready to shoot him with her gun)

Assassin (Belle): See you!

(As Jason gets a little worried that he might die, until all of sudden a red/yellow blur zooms and knocks the gun off her hands and then knocks her out on the roof)

Jason: (Surprised and wondering what that was)

  • Ext. Rooftop

(Cuts to another section of the rooftop as we see the red/yellow blur zooming in to see its Bart Allen/The Flash in a red costume wearing sunglasses; he takes his sunglasses off and smiles)

Bart: Cool.

(The camera then fades as it goes to credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Int. Ballroom - Police Ball

(Cuts back to the police ball as we see the aftermath of the attempted assassination)

(Everyone wines up confused of the whole situation as they figure out what just happened as suited officers calm everyone down; then we shift to Victor as we see Bradson hurrying to see if he’s okay)

Bradson: Sir, are you all right?

Victor: I’m fine; you should thank my son for that. Where were you?

Bradson: Outside. I heard the gunshot, so I entered the building but most of the guests were blocking me from getting inside the ballroom.

Victor: Well, whoever this assassin is, I want him found now!

Bradson: Understood. (Leaving)

(As Bradson leaves, Jason appears)

Jason: (Running from the roof to here seeing his father) You’re okay dad?!

Victor: I’m fine. Those fast reflexes of yours came in the best time.

Jason: I know.

Victor: So did you found out who was that assassin or a read on his face that tried to kill me?

Jason: No, but all I know that he is a she and she is lying unconscious up on the roof.

(Det. Alder hearing what Jason just told and heads to him)

Det. Alder: Sorry for the intrusion, Jason and Mr. Powers, but the assassin wasn’t there when we showed up on the roof after you.

Jason: What you mean…she’s gone?

Det. Alder: Yes, that what I mean.

Victor: What is going on?

Det. Alder: Mr. Powers, do you know anyone that wants to kill you?

Victor: (Trying to think about it) Almost the whole city.

Det. Alder: Well that’s not good help. I try my best to find her Mr. Powers.

Victor: You do that.

(She walks off screen)

Jason: Listen father…

Victor: Son…

Jason: No listen!

(Victor listening to him)

Jason: You helped me with Cutter a week ago, and now to settle you back I’m going to help you find this killer who wanted to kill you.

Victor: Son, you don’t have…

Jason: Let me do it, please. This isn’t a business partner talking, this is your son. (Heading out)

(As Victor sees his son walking away, he ponders on who wanted to kill him now and notices some few angles)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor – Mid-Morning (Next Day)

(Cuts to the manor as we also see it’s the next day)

  • Int. Kitchen –Breakfast Table

(We see Bruce entering as Gina is eating breakfast)

Bruce: Hey and nice smell.

(Kissing Gina)

Gina: Hey back, and that smell is the smell of waffles.

Bruce: (Pouring some already-made coffee in a cup) Waffles?! Where’s Alfred?

Gina: He’s sleeping; I told him I do breakfast so he could take an early break.

Bruce: That’s nice of you. My girlfriend helping out when she wants to, so you ever heard from Starlix?

Gina: It’s been almost a month now, but since now it’s been five months as they didn’t contact me.

Bruce: That’s a good thing.

Gina: I don’t know.

Bruce: Come on Gina, like you it’s been five months all together and I think Starlix is loosing faith in you.

Gina: Maybe they found another spy.

Bruce: Maybe, but you may never know. Listen, I have to go to see Julie at Rave and if you want to come…

Gina: I’ll see.

Bruce: Okay, if Leo comes here just say I’m at the Rave.

Gina: Okay; where is Leo? Haven’t heard from him.

Bruce: He’s been trying to find this girl he met twice.

Gina: You think there’s a connection between them.

Bruce: Like us. (Smiling innocently)

Gina: (Smiling) Forget I ask.

(Cuts off as we see Bruce drinking coffee and Gina eating her breakfast)

  • Ext. Kinetic Labs

(Cuts to a view of the exterior of the labatory that looks like a modern observatory)

  • Int. Lab

(Cut inside the labatory as we see a huge experiment going on, and then what looks like a huge telescope is being formatted into like a weapon)

(We then shift to several scientists working on the project as we see one of them is a female the head, whose nametag reveals “Dr. Lillian Rochl” and another scientist, this time a male “Dr. Addis Elliot”)

Dr. Rochl: How’s it going?

Dr. Elliot: It’s been stable enough, but just not quite enough to reach a steady diagnostic)

Dr. Rochl: Alright, I want you and two others to perform the auto-optic process.

Dr. Elliot: But is that enough?

Dr. Rochl: There’s no other way. It’s been months trying to perfect this experiment, but all we have is reports and no substantial evidence to prove its worthy for any use.

Dr. Elliot: There is Mardon.

Dr. Rochl: I’ll hurl if you say his name again.

Dr. Elliot: I don’t have to, here’s already here. (Pointing)

(Dr. Rochl sees what’s he pointing at and it’s who)

(Then we see another male scientist who’s been distant from the project, “Dr. Mark Mardon” heading towards them)

Mardon: Now I know you can’t have a party without me.

Dr. Rochl: Mark, your insecurity of your knowledge for this project is incapable to comprehend.

Mardon: Lillian, you need me.

Dr. Rochl: I do not need you.

Dr. Elliot: Don’t you have another project to work on, your personal one.

Mardon: Yeah, my weather making suit.

Dr. Rochl: A monstrosity that’s what it is.

Mardon: It’s my creation.

Dr. Rochl: It’s a nightmare, but it doesn’t matter your project is not being progressed here.

Mardon: Oh no, ask the man who is funding this labatory.

Dr. Elliot: Victor Powers?!

Mardon: He saw the beauty, and with his personal interest in it, this project of mines will skyrocket this lab into the next century.

Dr. Rochl: I’m warning you, Mark if your under faithful project ruins my chance to bring this lab some pride…

Mardon: You’ll do what, as for this moment on I work solely for Mr. Powers. If you don’t like it, why just tell him yourself.

Dr. Rochl: I’ll do that. (Heading out)

(Dr. Rochl leaves and Dr. Elliot stays confronting Mardon)

Dr. Elliot: Are you joking about this Mark?

Mardon: Do you look like I’m joking.

Dr. Elliot: How can you perfect your suit if you need a…

Mardon: (Revealing a large cylinder vial with purple liquid inside the vial) …power cell.

(The camera closes up to the vial as it reveal to be the PX-52TD chemical)

Dr. Elliot: (Shocked) The Phoenix chemical; are you out of your mind!?

Mardon: I know what to do, and with this chemical; it will make my greatest dream come true…total control over the weather. (He smiles and walks away with the vial)

(Cuts off to a stunned and very worried Dr. Elliot)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts to his office as we see Victor doing his normal stuff until Dr. Lillian Rochl wearing a trench coat instead the white doctor coat comes inside the office wanting a explanation)

Dr. Rochl: You have to be joking!

Victor: (Noticing the intrusion) Excuse me, Dr. Rochl? I don’t understand what your point.

Dr. Rochl: You deliberately put profits to Mark Mardon, who’s a scum of a scientist.

Victor: Well doctor, I hate to say it, but his weather-making suit is quite profitable.

Dr. Rochl: I don’t believe it. My project has been etched in books for years, and these past months it’s in production.

Victor: And Mardon’s project has been in the books for two months and he made a well-made suit.

Dr. Rochl: A well-made suit; your suit isn’t that well made, but do you see me complain about you.

Victor: I hope not.

Dr. Rochl: I have no time for this; I’m just here to say are you still putting the money for his suit. If not…

Victor: What if I say yes?

Dr. Rochl: I will leave the project and stop using the lab that you financed in.

Victor: Well, yes. You can leave. (He then returns doing his normal stuff)

Dr. Rochl: (Can’t believe what he just did) I…I…

Victor: (Seeing her) You’re still here.

Dr. Rochl: (Can’t believe she walks out)

(Cuts back to Victor continuing his business)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts to one of Gotham’s streets as we see a black motorcycle riding across the street)

(As it increase it speed, we notice that it’s Belle the assassin wearing a black hamlet and carrying her sniper rifle on the back of her back)

(Cuts off to her zooming off in off screen)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to Rave)

  • Int. Lounge

(Cuts to the lounge room as we see Bruce entering and then see Jason sitting on the couch; they start talking)

Bruce: Hey where’s Julie?

Jason: In the back doing something.

Bruce: What are you doing here?

Jason: Having a drink to cool down the chaos last night.

Bruce: (Sitting across from him on the same couch) Oh yeah, I heard about that failed assassination plot. Everyone’s okay.

Jason: Yeah. The real target was my dad.

Bruce: Oh man. Victor has faced countless of threats from disappearing for months, faking his own death, and now almost got killed…

Jason: …by a wacko female of an assassin.

Bruce: Wait…you said female? She was the assassin.

Jason: Yeah I fought her to try to prevent her from escaping, but soon a strange red blur knock her gun out of her hand then knock her out. And later, she disappeared.

Bruce: So you said that this red blur cause her from not doing any more harm. I wonder what that was?

Jason: I don’t know, but I hope you can help me find this killer.

Bruce: (Thinking of Gina and her time she was a spy sent to kill Victor; wondering) Hey, do you believe in second chances?

Jason: No! I don't believe in second chances. Do you?

Bruce: I don’t know. Can you at least believe in a hero?

Jason: Do you?

Bruce: (Not speaking a word)

(Julie coming over noticing if one of them would help her)

Julie: Hey can anyone of you help take this trash out to the back alley.

Jason: (Thinking about it)

Bruce: (And without thinking agrees) I’ll do it.

(Jason not that surprised)

(Cuts off to Bruce thinking probably the same thing)

  • Ext. Rave – Back Alley

(Cuts seconds later to the back alley as we see Bruce taking out the trash, but then he sees a person in the far view; he catches up to him)

Bruce: Who are you?

(The figure turns around and we see it’s just a kid, putting some red-like tights in his backpack)

Bart: The name's Bart. Bart Allen.

Bruce: (A little surprised) And why you’re here, Bart?

Bart: To see the sights, because you see I just came from Star City and helped out a friend over there and couldn’t get this urge out to visit this city. And you are my amigo?

Bruce: Bruce Wayne, and first off I’m not your amigo.

Bart: Nice! Don’t worry, I’ll see you soon…I got sightings to see.

Bruce: (Confused)

Bart: (Smiles)

(And he then zooms away as Bruce is stunned as he speed away)

(Fades out)

[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Old Project Apartments

(Cuts to the projects of the Slums as we then see a racked old project)

  • Int. Apartment

(Cuts into an empty apartment as we see only sniper bullets, more ammunition, military-like stuff, and the sniper guns; then we see the assassin Belle fixing another load)

Belle: (Getting a phone call; she answers it) Hello; yeah, the assassination wasn’t a success; don’t worry, I’ll get him. Trust me. (She then hangs up who eventually is her boss)

(Cuts off to a determined Belle)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts then to the study as Bruce seeing if Gina is here, but she isn’t yet instead sit down on the chair and ponder what just happened when he met Bart)

(Alfred then shows up)

Alfred: Master Bruce, can I assist you with something?

Bruce: No Alfred, I’m fine.

Alfred: (Seeing he is kind of mopey) Sir, I don’t want to do this, but your attitude is very troubling.

Bruce: Troubling is all I have. (Seeing him)

Alfred: (Not giving in a understandable mood)

Bruce: What happens if a girl you said she changed her ways in the past, and tries to bury it but the insecurities of it brings it back? Can you share, Alfred?

Alfred: All I can is this sir is that a cheetah can’t change its spots. (Heading to the kitchen)

Bruce: (Listening to what he had to say and ponders more about it)

(Shifts back to Alfred as he gives off a awkward face)

(Cuts off Alfred’s strange look)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of the Rave)

  • Int. Lounge

(Cuts inside to the lounge room as we see Gina relaxing and drinking a soda)

(Then we shift to Victor coming inside)

Victor (voice): Good evening Ms. Faust.

Gina: (Seeing Victor) You.

Victor: So after all this time, you really want to show your face.

Gina: After the same time you pulled a disappearing act, I guess the courtesy is taken.

Victor: Ms. Faust, I’m just here to get some nice homemade coffee. Surely I hope you know how it taste since a spy will always be a spy.

Gina: Listen Mr. Powers, but my days as a spy are over. So why can’t you accept that people who done bad things change, but I forgot the devil can’t change.

Victor: Have you ever heard of the Trojan Horse.

Gina: Yeah.

Victor: Well you should know that the Trojans were supposed friends to their enemies, but instead they’re nothing more than backstabbers and betrayers actually trying to kill you from within.

Gina: And your point?

Victor: My point, Ms. Faust, is that you can’t give away your genes as a spy and that you almost got what you wanted all along.

Gina: Excuse me?!

Victor: You tried to kill me and this time was close.

Gina: Please, if I would have a second chance, I wouldn’t because you see I never wanted to kill you. My mission was to spy on you, but my “former” bosses wanted me to kill you instead. I didn’t want to, but I was there’s the same time I almost decided what to do next your goon squad kidnapped me.

Victor: Listen Ms. Faust, I’m not raise to be a selfish little jerk.

Gina: (Standing up) No, you’re raise to be an obnoxious, self-pride, manipulative, malicious, and careless human. So I guess the feelings are mutual.

Victor: (Thinking of what to do next) See you, Ms. Faust. (Heading out)

(Gina feeling she did the right thing, but was scared the whole time)

(Shifts to Julie noticing their conversation and then as she sees him gone another shows up)

(As Victor walks out, Bart enters and wondering what is this place)

Bart: Hey does this place sell any latte with a Carmel and whipped cream on top?!

(Everyone noticing and then Julie comes to stop this from happening worse)

Julie: Hey, when you want something you come over to the bar please.

Bart: Listen tuse, can I have a cappuccino with extra cream please, my stomach is on one heck of a war zone.

Julie: Okay one more time calling me that and if you know I can refuse to take your order.

Bart: Please, I never got barred from a drink since that one day vacation in Santa Cruz.

Julie: Excuse me.

Bart: (Seeing his watch) Sorry tuse, but can I have a rain check.

Julie: Okay first off no to the rain check, and second you call me that name again so I say…leave!

Bart: Whatever tuse.

Julie: (About to say something else until she hears her name and turns around)

Bart: (No one noticing, speeds out)

Julie: (Looking back where Bart was, and disappeared out of nowhere; confused)

(Cuts off to a confused Julie)

  • Ext. Kinetic Labs

(Cuts to the view of the labatory)

  • Int. Lab

(Cuts to a lab as we see several scientists leaving, but only one staying and that’s Mardon as he is working on his weather project)

Mardon: (Wearing his suit) I’m not leaving my project behind for some pursuit of a crystal; I’m doing this my way. (As he is perfecting his weather-making suit, a large booming sound can be heard)

Mardon: (Hearing the large boom and wondering what it is; he tries to find out, but as he notices…)

(The camera sees a lighting bolt hitting a vile of the PX-52TD chemical as it spills on Mardon’s suit and as well his eyes)

Mardon: (Screaming in pain) Ahhhhhhh!

(The camera shifts to a purplish glow on his suit and as a lighting bolt tries to hit him again…he holds out his hand and the bolt just freeze in its state)

Mardon: (Surprised of some what then turns it into a smile as he notices the chemical within the suit can give him amazing powers; and then out of nowhere he wicker his hand in a wave and then a cloud appears and it starts raining inside the lab; he then smiles) Oh this is good.

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to view of the mansion)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Jason walking alongside with Bradson)

Jason: We need to stop her whatever we can.

Bradson: You’re sure?

Jason: I’m positive. Finding this assassin is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Bradson: Don’t worry sir, we will find her. We have men searching everywhere in the city finding her right now. She won’t get far.

Jason: I hope not. (He enters the library)

(We then see Bradson standing there as Jason nor Victor don’t know that it’s him that has been pulling the strings around here)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library room as Jason enters he sees Bart now wearing his red suit with the hood and sunglasses)

Jason: Why is a kid like you here?

Bart: A kid?! I’m 100% manly baby.

Jason: Oh, I’m scared. You’re what a vigilante that can’t do nothing but…

Bart: Listen, I overheard you searching for a killer if you help me, I help you find her.

Jason: Oh yeah, what do you want me to help you in order for you to do the same for me?

Bart: I want you to get me access to Kinetic Labs, because I have a mission there.

Jason: Mission?!

Bart: It’s confidential, but like I said help me I help you.

Jason: I don’t believe you.

Bart: Well you have to.

Jason: Alright, whoever you are? (Heading to get the access code)

Bart: The name’s Flash. It was Impulse, but that name didn’t suit me.

Jason: Oh and Flash does, so tell me “Flash”, why they call you that.

Bart: You’ll see. (Seeing him with the access code for the labs which is a card; he then speeds to him)

(The camera views him speeding in a red blur and grabs the access code and back)

Jason: (Noticing the unbelievable) How in the… (He sees the card out from his hand into Flash’s in a mini-second)

Bart: Like I said man, you helped me and after I do this, a promise is a promise. (Smiles as he speeds away in his red blur)

Jason: (Shocked and surprised as he notices that’s the same blur that saved him last night)

(Cuts off to Jason’s face)

  • Ext. Gotham High - Courtyard

(Cuts to the school then to the courtyard as Leo is waiting for someone and then see Julie)

Leo: Hey, I wonder where Bruce is.

Julie: He helped me at Rave, but after that he just left.

Leo: Well I wanted to go to the manor, but just for once let’s just do this without him.

Julie: Three Amigos turning into Two’s Company that instant.

Leo: Don’t worry, once we do this we’ll be back to our three amigo-selves.

Julie: (Smiling) Okay, I think?!

(Cuts off to them walking to the direction of the gym)

  • Ext. Gotham High - Gymnasium

(Cuts to the gymnasium)

  • Int. Court

(Cuts inside as we see Leo and Julie walking and then they hear a loud thump; the get closer to see what it is and notices they are seeing an unusual fight happening…the camera views two faculty members arguing over planned decorations)

Leo: Fast and furious huh. They surely can talk a mouthful Mr. Abush and Mrs. Daniels.

Julie: (Stunned looking at the fight) I can’t believe teachers are going to argue over just pure nonsense.

Leo: It’s the annual Spring Fling, and for us juniors it’s our Junior Prom. What’s not to argue.

Julie: I wonder if Senior Prom will be like this.

Leo: Well in the meantime, let’s help them before the upcoming dance becomes a wrestling match.

Julie: (Smiling)

(They enters the area trying to help what the two teachers have seemingly lost control for the decoration of the dance)

  • Ext. Warehouse - Night

(Cuts to a warehouse 3 miles from the labatory as we see a huge cloud forming and a gust of winds around it as we then see its Mardon creating the windstorm)

(Bart speeds to the location and notices him doing the damage)

Bart: Hey wind boy, what are you doing?

Mardon: (Feeling the power he has) I control the weather and I can surely change it.

Bart: Well if you haven’t notice freak breath, you can do it.

Mardon: Make me trash talker.

Bart: Alright. (Speeding towards him)

(Mardon then holds up his hand and a gust of wind heads to Bart’s direction)

(The camera views it in slow motion as the wind then knocks Bart off balance and then he trips and falls on the ground)

Mardon: (Feeling proud) Hah!

  • Int. Kinetic Labs – Lab

(Cuts to the labatory and inside we see Bruce entering the place and then sees it has been trashed)

Bruce: (Wondering what could have done this and notices a broken vial; he looks at it and he is shocked to see it’s the Phoenix chemical)

(Dr. Lillian Rochl appears seeing Mr. Wayne and glances at the destruction)

Dr. Rochl: Oh my god! (Gasping in horror)

Bruce: (Seeing him) Oh you must be the lead scientist.

Dr. Rochl: Former, but I just showed up to see what…what happened? (Still shocked)

Bruce: I don’t know, it feels like a hurricane tears this place apart. (Seeing something else outside the window) Is there supposed to be a windstorm approaching tonight?

Dr. Rochl: No. (Looking at what Bruce sees) Oh my god! What is that?

Bruce: Probably the same thing that destroyed this place.

Dr. Rochl: (Remembering) Mardon.

Bruce: Who?

Dr. Rochl: Mark Mardon, a scientist that doesn’t need to take a part of this place, but Victor Powers insured him.

Bruce: So why him?

Dr. Rochl: He created a weather-making suit and trying to perfect it…

(As she continues talking, Bruce holds up the broken vial of the Phoenix chemical)

Bruce: What does it take to power that suit?

Dr. Rochl: To what Mardon been preaching, a power cell…anything that gives off immense power.

Bruce: Even this. (Holding the vial up)

Dr. Rochl: Phoenix?! I should have known, that’s why Powers should have never trusted that fool. He could destroy the city with that thing. (As she approaches to see the windstorm, Bruce heads out unaware of her knowledge; and when she turns back, he’s gone) Mr. Wayne?

(Cuts off to Dr. Rochl)

  • Ext. Warehouse

(Cuts back to the warehouse backlot as the storm continues to get worse and Mardon controlling it even further)

(Flash/Bart tries to get up after that wind gust knocking him off his feet)

Bart: Hey, I’m done with you windy!

(As he feels the wind getting stronger, Bruce appears)

Bruce: (Wondering whose in those sunglasses) Bart?!

Bart: How you know?!

Bruce: A hunch. (Seeing Mardon in the air) Mardon! Stop it now before innocents get hurt!

Mardon: Their incompetent just like you two. This city won’t stand a chance against the Weather Wizard, oh and if you two wind chasers want to stop me; here’s my parting gift to you. (He holds out his hands and then we see a gust of wind heading at them)

Bart: This won’t end well.

Bruce: (Getting confused on what he just said)

(Then all of suddenly the wind knocks both Bruce and Bart off the ground then back to it hard)

(We then see the wacky scientist spinning around in a whirlwind)

Mardon: Catch me if you can losers. (Creating a cyclone with him inside as it roars through the city)

(Bruce and Bart trying to get up)

Bart: That’s just great.

Bruce: What?

Bart: He stole my line!

(Bruce getting annoyed of his attitude as the camera cuts off)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Gotham City – Night

(Cuts to a view of the city then a windstorm caused by Mardon is reaching mid-city)

  • Ext. Streets

(Cuts to Bruce riding a Harley-Davison motorcycle and then Bart zooming in his red blur as they stop for an minute and notices Mardon’s destruction)

Bart: Come on!

Bart: Race you.

Bart: You’re on!

(Bruce smiles and heads to the cyclone as fast he can with Bart zooming in his red blur)

  • Int. Powers Mansion - Library

(Cuts to Powers Mansion then to the library as we see Victor and Jason)

Jason: I found her!

Victor: Really?!

Jason: Yes…her name is…

Victor: Gina Faust.

Jason: Actually, Belinda Watts. (Showing him the file) She was a foster kid who actually was adopted by a shelter this company used to owned, but guess who truly adopted her as their own.

Victor: (Seeing what he is talking about and getting mad) You got to be kidding me?!

Jason: Dad?!

Victor: Leave me son.

Jason: Dad…

Victor: Leave! Please son just leave.

Jason: (Feeling something is not right, he leaves)

(As Jason leaves, the camera views Victor seeing a vase near him and grabs it)

(The camera then sees him throwing a vase at Jason; and Jason ducks in time as the vase crashes in the wall missing him by inches)

Jason: (Surprised over what just happened) Dad, what’s the matter with you!?

Victor: (Getting from mad to pissed)

Jason: (Defiantly feeling something is not right, he just walks away)

(Cuts off to Victor’s angry expression)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to Rave)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts inside to the bar as we see Gina depressed drinking another soda and Julie showing up from the back; she heads to Gina)

Julie: Hey Gina.

Gina: Hey.

Julie: What’s going on with you?

Gina: (Trying to fake what happened before) Nothing.

Julie: I saw Victor and I saw him and you talking.

Gina: You did huh.

Julie: It’s an interesting talent I have, but I’m loosing it once I feel I’m being snoopy.

Gina: And I thought I was the snoopy one.

Julie: Sorry, but today been weird for me starting ideas and plans for our junior dance and helping out with Rave…

Gina: Why won’t I help you.

Julie: Excuse me?

Gina: You got too much things. Let me watch over Rave while you do your stuff.

Julie: Well lately I do have too much in my platter, so okay. Partner… (Holding out her hand)

Gina: (Doing the same) Partner.

(They then shake both hands while smiling)

(Cuts off to them smiling)

  • Ext. Old Project Apartments

(Cuts to the projects of the Slums as we then see a racked old project)

  • Int. Belle’s Apartment

(Cuts inside as we see Jason, Bradson, and a few of security men all loaded with pistols checking around the empty apartment only seeing the sniper bullets and the sniper guns; then they begin searching for Belinda or Belle)

(After five minutes, the search is over)

Bradson: Sir, no one’s here.

Jason: (Investigating her military gear and addresses to Bradson) Do it again.

Bradson: But sir?

Jason: Now!

Bradson: Alright. (Turns around and restarting the search)

(As Jason is about to search for himself, we see a red light coming by him and Jason notices it)

Jason: (Noticing that red straight line of a laser is coming from a rifle; he looks out the window and seeing Belle the assassin)

(Not having her mask, she reveals her face yet smiles and fires her other sniper rifle)

(Jason gets down as the bullet crashes into the window and misses him)

  • Ext. Old Project Apartments – Fire Escape

(Shifts to Belle trying to escape on the fire escape, but then out of nowhere Jason knocks her down and then we see both of them tumbling down the escapeway)

  • Ext. Alley

(Cuts to the alleyway that is next to the fire escape as we then see Belle and Jason grabbing hold of the sliding-down ladder; as they are bearing for the worst, Belle suddenly kicks Jason in his back and he looses his grip as he falls down in a pile of garbage bags and boxes. As he tries to get up, Belle drops down on the ground waiting for part two)

Belle: You still didn’t learn from your first time.

Jason: (Struggling to get up from the garbage) Come on sweetie, let’s dance.

Belle: (Getting serious approaches him)

(Jason gets up finally and the two resumed their fist-fighting and fist-dodging battle they had last night; a minute later, Belle slide kicks him again, but this time Jason jumps and dodges it as then Belle all of suddenly do a bizarre spin kick and Jason is brought down on the ground hard; she gets on top of him)

Belle: What is this about a dance?

Jason: (Getting pissed; suddenly turns her over and now he is the one on top of her) Who are you working for? Why have a hit on my father, Belinda?

Belle: (Stunned) That name is dead!

Jason: No, you Belinda didn’t die but your family: your father, your mother, and your three sisters were all slaughter by whom…the same person who ordered a hit on my father. Tell me who and I will protect you!

Belle: Not from them. (She then head butts him)

(Jason stumbling while holding his stance, but Belle then low-spin kick him that sends him on the floor the fourth time, and she gets up and starts running away; Jason trying to get up and see her escaping)

Jason: I can protect you! I can protect you!

(As she still sprints off, all of sudden a gunshot can be heard and she gets hit by a bullet in her back; she collapses and she soon dies on contact)

Jason: (Watch in horror as he then notices the trajectory of the bullet show and is from her apartment)

(The camera views up to her apartment window as we see it was Bradson who fired that shot)

(Shifts back to Jason as he think if that shot was necessary at all, but feel a assassin couldn’t get away without any cost)

(Cuts off to a pondering Jason)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts across downtown as we then innocents are running away as a terrible windstorm is blowing every object around; we see cars being forced to move; street signs and traffic lights rocking in its foundations; and some of the innocent bystanders getting tossed around like a frisbee)

(Minutes later we see Bruce and Bart coming as soon as possible; Bruce stops his motorcycle, as we then see Bart looking at what is causing the disturbance; the camera views and is Mardon using his weather-suit to engineer this disaster)

Bart: We need to do something.

Bruce: Like what, I’m not a superhero.

Bart: And you don’t have powers, but I do. (He then thinks of something crazy)

Bruce: Do you always think like this?!

Bart: You should see my other friends. (Smirking and he then glances at Mardon and then he zooms into his red blur)

Bruce: (Thinking of his own plan and wonders about that suit since it’s the major cause of the trouble; and he then spots a pharmacy down by the street and he heads to it)

(The camera heads back to Bart as he zooming in his red blur and then he suddenly creates something)

Mardon: (Noticing) What are you speed boy?

Bart: (Since he can’t be seen as he is in his blur the camera slows down as he see Bart running and responding to what Mardon said) I’m the Flash and I’m your worst nightmare! (He then out of the blue spins like a tornado and the tornado-like spin knocks Mardon out from his spot)

(Mardon falls on the ground hard and then the windstorm is barely fading away; as we then see Bart zooming back to normal and reaches in front of Mardon)

Mardon: Even if you knock me down, this storm will still destroy Gotham at least half of it.

Bart: What is wrong with you? What’s this city has to do with your woes?

Mardon: I hate everyone who always trying to outthink me; but you know what, look what I am doing right now.

Bart: Dude, you need a chill pill.

Mardon: Exactly, what I’m talking about! (thinking to freeze Bart in his tracks)

Bart: (Seeing what he is about to do) Over my fast body, you not. (He then tackles Mardon and zooms off screen)

  • Ext. City Limits – Road

(Cuts to the limits section of the road as we see Bart/Flash zooms in and drags Mardon out in the center of the pavement)

(Mardon falling down and getting back up)

Mardon: You’re serious; you think that jolt will stop me.

Bart: No but you did say freeze.

Mardon: Excuse me?

Bart: (Seeing something behind him)

Mardon: (Confused turns around and sees Bruce)

Bruce: Hi! (Smirking) Bye! (He wearing gloves then throws a strange liquid that is fill with smoke to Mardon as he screams and signaling Bart)

(As Bart sees it, he zooms around Mardon in a circle so fast the liquid cools rapidly fast accelerating the process and then all of suddenly Bart stops and the camera views Mardon frozen like a statue)

(Cuts back to the city as we see the storm dwindling down; cuts back to the city limits area as we see Bruce, Bart, and the Mardon statue)

Bart: I’m no whiz kid, but what happened? What was that stuff?

Bruce: It was a bottle of liquid nitrogen.

Bart: I should have figure, and once I speed around him…

Bruce: The molecules begin to cool down so fast he is a human-sized cryogenic freezer.

Bart: And what that stuff shuts down what is making him the great weatherman.

Bruce: It slows down the stuff he used to power that suit, and eventually I guess he got what he always wanted.

Bart: Yeah, he reached the freezing point.

Bruce: (Smiling) You’re unpredictable you know that.

Bart: Like I told you before, you should see my friends if I’m the one who’s unpredictable.

(As we see him smiling we shift back to Bruce as the camera goes off)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor – Morning - Next Day

(Cuts to the view of the manor as we see another sunrise)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to see Gina about to leave until Bruce stops her)

Bruce: Good morning!

Gina: (Seeing him) Morning!

Bruce: So…where you going this early in the morning?

Gina: Don’t you have to go to school.

Bruce: Yeah?! But what about you, you can’t just stay here in this manor everyday.

Gina: Don’t worry, I’m fine. Let’s just say I’m having my own identity.

Bruce: (Seeing her about to go) Hey!

(Gina turning around)

Bruce: If that assassin crisis was clouding you, I never doubted it was you.

Gina: (Smiling) I appreciate that, but like I told you and everyone else…I’m different, trust me. (Smiling and then heading out)

(We see Bruce knowing he had to ask that and wonders what that thing Gina referred to as her own identity)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the room as we see Victor going over some files and then we see Julie entering)

(As we see Julie entering, she steps on one of the broken pieces of the vase Victor broken earlier)

Victor: (Hearing the noise, he looks and its Julies) Ms. Madison.

Julie: Mr. Powers…

Victor: You can call me Victor, remember.

Julie: Listen Mr. P…or Victor, this deal is over.

Victor: What deal?

Julie: This so-called partnership we had. It’s over.

Victor: If you didn’t remember, I had an integral part into opening Rave.

Julie: And you can have an integral part and end this partnership.

Victor: I don’t know why you want to do this, after all you have been in financial trouble before you seek mean will continue afterwards.

Julie: First off, I didn’t seek you…you made a deal with me so that I can help you with Starlix and you helped me.

Victor: I fulfilled my part of the bargain.

Julie: I hope you happy.

Victor: (Smirking) Ms. Madison, I’m trying to help.

Julie: The only person you need to help is yourself. (Heading out)

Victor (voice): Do you know a Belinda Watts?

Julie: (A little stunned, turning back around) Who?!

Victor: She was the assassin that tried to kill me.

Julie: And she missed what a shame.

Victor: Thanks for your sympathy, but I focused on the wrong person.

Julie: Gina.

Victor: It seems you two are turning to friends.

Julie: Friends either me or you will never be.

Victor: You know you can’t always make a deal with the devil—sort of speak. (Smirking)

Julie: (Heading out, but turns around again) Gina changed Victor, why can’t you. (Turns back and walks out)

(Cuts off to Victor’s disturbed look)

  • Ext. City Limits – Road

(Cuts to the limits section of the road as we see the sign of “Welcome to Gotham City”, and we then see Bart in his Flash outfit glancing at the sign then the city at a far distance as when then hear the song, “Get Off Your High Horse Lady” by Oasis playing in the background)

Bart: (Amazed about it, and he then sees a motorcycle coming by)

(The camera views it’s a guy riding the motorcycle, as he takes off his helmet, and it reveals to be Bruce)

Bart: It seems you like fast wheels, I thought a billionaire spawn like you would like drive die hard cars.

Bruce: Nah, it seems riding motorcycles keep me at bay all for a sudden.

Bart: Hum, interesting. So what about our weather-making friend?

Bruce: Well when I brought Mardon the statue down to the police station, they all were shocked and figure out that whoever made it look exactly like him.

Bart: Weird.

(The song continues)

Bruce: I had to take a few hours explaining to them what happened…

Bart: What did you said?

Bruce: While he was creating his own weather, a spark in his suit short-circuited and froze him.

Bart: Cool! I wouldn’t think about saying that.

Bruce: Oh yeah, what would you say… a kid with super speed knocks out a whacko scientist.

Bart: That’s how comics spin it.

Bruce: Come on that’s so 70ish.

Bart: What are you a historian more than a scientist?

Bruce: I don’t know what I am?

Bart: Give it time, besides it happens to me.

Bruce: I don’t have superpowers.

Bart: Yeah, yeah, but a friend told me… you don’t have to have powers in order to be a hero. It takes what inside that count. (Smiling)

Bruce: (Smiling) Man, I wish you could stay here.

Bart: I know me too, but I have a commitment with my friends and I have to go to Peru.

Bruce: Peru? (Knowing him) But with your power, I guess it would take you a mere sixty seconds than six hours on a jet.

Bart: Man, I could have figured I have friends who both are billionaires.

(The song reaching to the end)

Bruce: (Confused) Who’s the other?

Bart: Don’t worry; you’ll see him here soon. Trust me, me and my super friends are a close bunch.

Bruce: You know before you go, that race we have…none of us finish that since the super storm.

Bart: So you saying as amigo to amigo, the race is still on.

Bruce: (Getting back on his motorcycle and putting back his helmet on) Catch me if you can. (Smiles and closes his visor, and zooms off on his motorcycle as fast as he can)

Bart: (Seeing him leaving without a 3-2-1 or a ready, set, go) Man, I’m going to miss this city. (Smiles and he then zooms in his red blur)

(The camera zooms out as Bruce on his motorcycle speeding as fast as it goes as Bart/Flash speeds to his fullest and as the song, “Get Off Your High Horse Lady” ends the camera goes off)

(Fades out)

[Act V ends]


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