Duplex is the fifteenth episode of The Young Knight season one.



  • Ext. Gotham High

(Cuts to a view of the school)

  • Ext. Gymnasium

(Cuts to the exterior of the gym as we hear Fall Out Boy “I Don’t Care” starting to play in the background)

  • Int. Basketball Court

(Cuts inside the gym to the basketball court as the song continues the camera views the Gotham Crusaders facing their opponent, the North City Panthers)

(As the song continues, we see Bruce, Leo, and Julie sitting in the stands seeing the teams already playing)

Leo: Man this is great!

Julie: I forgot how many games we came through?

Bruce: This is just prep.

Julie: Prep?

Bruce: It’s just a warm-up game nothing official. The season won’t begin until next week.

Leo: At least this game is here instead of North City.

Julie: North City is like what a hour or a hour and half drive from here and Granville.

Bruce: Who knows all these cities interconnect somehow. (Still realizing Julie hasn’t forgive him about the thing he done three weeks before)

(The song continues as the game begins and the camera shifts from the game then to the game clock still on the 1st quarter; the camera shifts to the cheerleaders being led by Michelle as they perform some of their moves; the song continues as the camera flash forwards as we see the game clock on close of the 2nd quarter with the Panthers trailing a two point lead from the Crusaders; Julie sees the cheerleaders performing again and wonder if she could be one of them; the camera shifts to the clock as the Home is 32 and the Away is 34; the camera flash forwards to the 3rd quarter as we see the home score 38 and the Away is 46; the camera sees the teams playing each other and the Crusader shooter and captain, Mark, snatches an inception and shoots the ball making it 40 but gets an foul. Everyone is worrying but Mark makes his extra shots good making the final score of the quarter 44 to 46; everyone uproars. The song continues as we shifts to the 4th quarter and the camera flash forwards to the last minute; everyone is nervous and then we see the last seconds speeding and Mark grabs the ball from the opponent and seeing it as an opportunity as the clock winds down to ten to zero…Mark makes a great dunk and the final score of the game is home 52 and away 50. Everyone erupts in victorious applause and screams including Bruce, Leo, and Julie; the cheerleaders dance to the victory as the game ends)

(The song continues as the camera flash forwards to the end as we see the teammates leaving after walking out of the locker room, people are leaving, and we see Julie heading to the cheerleaders; as Julie is about to talk to Michelle, the captain, Michelle sees her and ignores her heading to Mark)

Michelle: Hey sweetie…

Mark: Not this time.

Michelle: Whoa Mark, where you going? I thought we were heading to get something to eat.

Mark: I had a change of mind when the boys invited me for a victory celebration over at Rave. You can come if you want to?!

Michelle: Me want to?! I’m your girlfriend, I thought we had plans.

Mark: If you were my girlfriend, she would never be a jerk.

Michelle: (Stunned) Jerk!

Mark: Yeah, and speaking of that I’m not your boyfriend anymore. (Heading out the gym to the parking lot)

Michelle: What!? (Stunned and shocked)

(The camera shifts to Julie after being ignored by Michelle about an offer to join the cheerleaders, she walks off)

(Cuts off to Michelle still shock and eventually angry after what just happened)

  • Ext. Gymnasium – Parking Lot

(Cuts outside the gym as the song continues then to the parking lot as we see the basketball captain, Mark, heading to his car)

  • Int. Car

(Cuts inside the car as we see Mark getting in)

Mark: (About to start the car until he shifts his rearview mirror and sees Michelle already in the backseat) Whoa Michelle, what the hell you’re doing in the backseat? My car was locked before I came.

Michelle: (Not talking but her face is totally in a angry expression)

Mark: Face it, you’re not my girlfriend; I need a new one someone much cuter and much happier.

Michelle: (Getting really pissed)

(The camera views Mark sort of laughing while starting his car, but we see a cord strangling his neck; he tries to get the cord away, but we see Michelle pulling the cord tighter and tighter making Mark harder to breathe and then loosing conscious…Michelle pulls one last time hard and Mark feels like his neck bone is crack and he falls unconscious; she removes the cord away from his neck and she smiles sinisterly as the song continues)

  • Ext. Gymnasium – Parking Lot

(Cuts to the exterior of the gym as we see a girl watching what is happening Mark’s car, and we then see its Michelle watching it)

Michelle: No one calls me a jerk... (And she walks off)

  • Int. Car

(The camera shifts back inside the car as we see Mark unconscious and the song “I Don’t Care” ends we fades out)

(The camera goes to the credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Julie’s House – Next Day

(Cuts to her house)

  • Int. Dining Room

(Then cuts inside to the dining room as we see Julie and Aunt Sue as they are discussing while eating their breakfast)

Aunt Sue: So how about last night.

Julie: It was good.

Aunt Sue: You and Bruce are back to normal terms now?

Julie: I don’t know.

Aunt Sue: Well you have to know, he like Leo is your best friend.

Julie: Yeah but he overshadowed what I did; he lied to me; I thought I convinced the band to stay and perform, but Bruce paid them. That right there was absurd.

Aunt Sue: Do you ever wonder why Bruce done it.

Julie: (Considering to that statement) No.

Aunt Sue: I understand your anger Julie, but maybe it’s time for you to hear it from his side of the story and see where you guys go from there.

Julie: (Listening to what her aunt had to said)

(Cuts off to Julie’s pondering face)

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Study

(Cuts to the manor then to the study as we see Bruce pacing around still rack up from last week and gets caught up by Alfred)

Alfred: Still hunted about that moment you saw your parents?

Bruce: Yeah and more.

Alfred: I wish I can heal whatever is going to your heart Master Bruce, but I’m not Dr. Phil. If I was, I wouldn’t be a butler. (Smiling)

Bruce: (Smirking) You said it. It just when they told me to watch out, I got confused on what to watch out for.

Alfred: Maybe the answer is in your dreams. Think about them and in some strange way they can tell you what to watch out for.

Bruce: Yeah, but you don’t understand I felt them Alfred. Last time I felt them when I hold their hands was at that alley ten years ago.

Alfred: Maybe I should call Leslie.

Bruce: You guys can’t do anything; my parents contacted me so I’m the one that needs to this; no one else.

(As Alfred understands what Bruce is going through he hears the front doors open)

(We then see Leo coming bursting the door seeing something is wrong)

Alfred: (Seeing Leo) Oh dear!

Bruce: (Seeing him too) What is going on Leo?

Leo: It’s Mark.

Bruce: Mark…Mark Daniels, the basketball captain?!

Leo: Yeah, he’s in the hospital.

(Bruce is shocked to hear the news)

(Cuts off Bruce’s shocked expression)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside to the library as we see Jason reading a book as the camera views Agent Cutter behind him)

Agent Cutter: Long time…

Jason: (Turning his head) Agent Cutter? What are you doing back in Gotham?

Agent Cutter: Personal matters.

Jason: Last time I saw you, you was arresting your former buddy; how is he?

Agent Cutter: We still trying to get to him to squeal who he is working for. But I know…

Jason: (Quite surprised) You know?!

Agent Cutter: (Smiling) How’s your father…wait you still can’t find him.

Jason: I have my ways, you just don’t know.

Agent Cutter: Actually I do know because I got a proposition for you.

Jason: Proposition?! You’re kidding me.

Agent Cutter: One thing you need to know, I never joked about my work.

Jason: Okay, so why are here?

Agent Cutter: Like I say personal…. (Turning around) When you are up to the task, call me. You know my number. (Walking out)

Jason: (Seeing him leave and ponders about this so-called task)

(Cuts off to Jason)

  • Ext. Gotham Memorial

(Cuts to the hospital)

  • Int. Mark’s Room

(Cuts inside a room as we see Mark in the hospital bed still unconscious and we then see Bruce and Leo walking inside)

Bruce: What happened?

Leo: His parents told the principal that his neck was almost severely snap his neck.

Bruce: (Seeing his wound) He was strangled…

Leo: (Seeing the wound) Unbelievable.

(Then we hear the doctor)

Doctor (voice): He almost died.

(Bruce and Leo turn around to see Mark’s doctor)

Leo: You must be Dr. Harrington.

Dr. Harrington: He’s your friend because I notice.

Bruce: Yeah…

Leo: Now you said he almost died.

Dr. Harrington: He almost; we had to bring him to emergency surgery to try replace his collar bone that was almost severely fractured. Luckily he survived.

(Bruce remembers last week that he died just barely and come back because of a Phoenix-infected and just gives him nightmares)

(The camera flashes back to the scene last episode as we see the gun firing and hitting Bruce’s chest; he collapse and closes his eyes…the camera flashes back to the present)

Leo: Bruce? Bruce!

Bruce: (Snapping out of that horrible daydream-like flashback) What?!

Leo: The doctor just said Mark can’t play this season.

Bruce: Whoa, he can’t?

Dr. Harrington: No, seeing the timeframe of his recovery, I’ll say about 18 months. I’m sorry. (Heading out the room)

(Shifts back to Bruce and Leo)

Leo: Frightening, just imagine a friend of ours almost died and his dreams can’t come true.

Bruce: (Just listening to that statement) Yeah, how ironic. (Distraught that he died last week and he’s keeping it away from Leo and the others)

Leo: I just wonder who could have done this. (Pondering and heading out; seeing Bruce next to the bed) Bruce…you’re coming?!

Bruce: Just a minute.

Leo: Alright. (Heading to the halls)

(The camera view Bruce seeing Mark still unconscious and Bruce fears he would have been in the hospital bed dying from that gunshot wound; he glimpses the area where the bullet pierce it and feels he couldn’t do nothing to stop it)

(Cuts off to Bruce)

  • Int. Gotham High Gymnasium

(Cuts inside the gymnasium as we see Michelle and the other cheerleaders practicing as then we see Julie catching up on their workout)

Michelle: Let’s do it! Bethany…the music!

(Bethany clicks the music on from the iPod radio station and then we hear the song Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - “Promiscuous (2008 mix)” playing in the background)

(As the song plays, we see the girls starting various maneuvers as the song hits key points; as they practice, we see Julie watching them)

Julie: (Feeling the beat as she is amaze of their performance)

(They continue their workout until Michelle sees Julie)

Michelle: Stop the music!

(Bethany heads to the radio and turns it off)

Michelle: (Seeing Julie) Well, Well.

Julie: (Surprised that she sees her) Um, I was just looking for my contacts…

Michelle: Don’t try it; I know what you’re doing.

Julie: Okay?!

Michelle: This is like what the second time you did this trying to do what join us.

Julie: You got me, and yeah I was trying to.

Michelle: Good…you’re not accepted. See ya! (Smiling and waving) Bye, bye! (Heads back to the squad) And 1…and 2… and

(Julie heads to her again stopping her count)

Julie: You don’t understand, this squad is great and I really want to join you guys.

Jena: You can’t join.

Michelle: Jena, hush! (Seeing Julie) If you want to be in our squad and if you really want to I need you to do a few tests for me.

Julie: What?

Michelle: It’s simple, pass the tests…join the squad. If you miss just one test, you can say goodbye to your Bring it On mentality. So…what it’s going be?

(We see Julie judging her decision and finally decide)

Michelle: So…

Julie: Bring it on.

(Michelle and the other girls are impressed and we cut off to Julie folding her arms seeing if these tests are challenging…she’s ready)

(Fades out)

[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Gotham High

(Cuts to a view of the school)

  • Int. Pool Gym

(Cuts to the pool side gym as we see Michelle, Bethany, and Jena taking Julie near the pool as we soon hears the song “Funny Little Feeling” by Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers)

Julie: Why we at the pool?

Michelle: This is one of the tests.

Julie: Okay so what is this test?

Bethany: Test one for a cheerleader is their agility and you need to swim across from the side of the pool to the other side. And to be fair, you have less than three minutes.

Julie: You’re joking right?

Michelle: In becoming a cheerleader, we never joke.

Julie: (Hesitating)

Michelle: What’s wrong?

Julie: Nothing.

Michelle: Hey, you are the one who wants to join and this is what it takes to be one of us.

Julie: (Knowing there’s no choice; she strips down, and see Jena giving her a bathing suit; she quickly puts on her bathing suit and hesitates to the begin)

(As the song continues, Julie goes into the pool and begins swimming as Bethany is tracking the time on a stopwatch and Julie continues to swim and makes it to the other side of the pool and begins swimming back as the song continues; she reaches the end on time shocking the girls)

Michelle: (Stunned) You did it.

Julie: I did.

Bethany: Whoa.

Jena: (Seeing the stopwatch) In minutes despair, nice job!

Julie: Thanks.

Michelle: Don’t think this is over because we have another test; let’s see if you are punk enough to do this.

Julie: (Wondering what is the other test)

(Cuts off to Julie as the song ends)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to a view of the mansion)

  • Int. Victor’s Bedroom

(Cuts to Victor’s bedroom as we see Jason entering and seeing his closet; he opens the closet to reveal to be a object and is reveal to be a pistol)

Jason: (Seeing the pistol and hides it in his pocket; he then walks out while closing the doors)

(Cuts off to the room)

  • Ext. Gotham High – Football field

(Cuts to the football field as we see Julie, Michelle, Bethany, and Jena)

Michelle: On to test two.

Julie: What is test two?

Michelle: Glad you ask; you see the field around you is cheerleading paradise.

Julie: Okay?!

Jena: You don’t get it. This is our freedom; our sanctuary.

Julie: More like a field with artificial turf.

Michelle: Your next test is that you have to do the maneuvers like a cheerleader do and bingo you pass.

Julie: Good.

Bethany: But the catch is that you have to do it with the sprinklers on.

Julie: (Not believing her) You’re kidding me right.

Michelle: Show her.

Bethany: (Get out her cell) Do it!

(The sprinklers starts and it gets higher and higher)

Julie: (Feeling it) What?

Michelle: Jena, music!

Jena: Music ready… (She plugs the music and the song begins to play)

(We starts hearing “Tick, Tick, Boom” by the Hive playing)

Michelle: (To Julie) Go!

(As the song continues, Julie starts doing the maneuvers but feel it’s tough as the sprinklers is wetting her legs putting her in a difficult position; nevertheless, she continues to do the moves: she backflips five times and then cartwheel at least two times and do a amazing spilt in the air and then on the ground successfully)

(The song continues and then Michelle issues Julie to stop it now; then the song “Tick, Tick, Boom” ends as the girls are dumbfounded at Julie’s success in the test)

Michelle: Well done!

Jena: Good!

Bethany: Nice!

Julie: Thanks. So when I get to be…

Michelle: It’s okay, you been a cheerleader ever since we met at the gym.

Julie: What!?

Michelle: Julie Madison, you are now a fulfledged Gotham High Crusadette.

Julie: (Smiling in joy)

Michelle: (Smiles back)

(Jena and Bethany joins as well)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to a view of the mansion again)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library as we see Jason walking to the desk and see Agent Cutter’s card; holding his father’s locked gun, he calls Cutter’s cell on the phone)

Jason: Cutter, it’s me Jason; I’m ready for your proposition. I’m all ears.

(As he turns around we see Jason looking at a portrait of his father and himself; he aims the gun at it, but seconds later he lowers it)

(Cuts off a complicated Jason)

  • Int. Gotham High- Hallway

(Cuts inside the school as we see Bruce and Leo seeing a signing up table for new basketball tryouts)

Leo: Look at that, it’s tryouts for basketball?!

Bruce: I thought they already have their team.

Leo: Except for Mark.

(Leo then joined by Bruce heads to the table)

Leo: Hey Doug, why you guys want tryouts…I thought you have you team besides Mark.

Doug: We thought so too, but since Mark’s accident, at least four members left.

Male#2: That’s at least five.

Doug: We need five…luckily, we have three signatures. Do you and Bruce want to sign?

Bruce: I don’t know.

Leo: Come one Bruce, if we need to make an impact for this school before our senior year this is it.

Bruce: Are you sure?

Leo: Dude… (Taking the pen from the table and begins signing his name) I’m sure.

Bruce: (Witnessing what Leo done; second guessing first, but then he takes the pen and writes his name)

Leo: It’s going to be great.

Bruce: I hope so.

Doug: (Taking the signatures and seeing he got his five)

Leo: I know so.

Bruce: (About to say something until he notices a glimpse)

Leo: (Seeing Bruce) What?

Bruce: (Showing Leo what he is looking at)

(Leo looks as so as Doug and the other guy)

(As the camera shifts to the hallway, we see Julie, Michelle, and her cheerleading friends walking straight in the middle as everyone seeing them from the left and right)

Michelle: (To Julie) Welcome to our world.

Julie: (Seeing her after that remark)

(The camera sees Bruce and Leo back in the crowd seeing Julie with the cheerleaders; Julie then sees them as the camera views her already smiling look turning to a confused, shameful look as she sees them)

(And we then we see at the school courtyard as Julie is struggling to choose either hanging out with Bruce and Leo or Michelle and the other cheerleaders)

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Gotham High - Courtyard

(Cuts to the view of the school and then the camera quickly speeds as we see students seeing Julie who is all of sudden the center of attention as the camera sees her in a center and the area around her is speeding in a circle)

(As Julie tries to leave she sees Bruce)

Julie: Bruce, hey!

Bruce: I was wondering…

Julie: Why I was a cheerleader.

Bruce: Yeah.

Julie: I just want a change in my life.

Bruce: That’s great, but as a cheerleader. I had seen better ways than that.

Julie: This is what I like.

Bruce: Sure.

Julie: And where you are going with a sports bag none the less.

Bruce: Trying out.

Julie: Wait you trying out for the open positions for the basketball team.

Bruce: Yeah!

Julie: (Surprised) Never know you was the type.

Bruce: Anyway, I got to go to the gym.

Julie: I have to go there too.

Bruce: Let’s walk there together before…

(Julie then sees Michelle coming by)

Michelle: Julie, come on!

Julie: (Seeing her then back to Bruce)

Bruce: It’s your choice. (Heading to the gym)

Julie: (Thinking what Bruce is saying and sees Michelle)

(Cuts off to Julie)

  • Int. Gymnasium – Basketball Court

(Cuts to the gym thirty minutes later as we see Bruce, Leo, and Doug along with few other guys practicing or playing basketball at the gym; we soon hear the song “Ready Set Go” by Tokio Hotel playing in the background and then we see Coach Stuart screaming at them)

Coach Stuart: Come on! Come on! Push it! Push it!

(As the song continues we see the guys continue to play basketball and then we shift to the stands as we see Julie and the other cheerleaders practicing)

Michelle: Come on girls.

(The girls start practicing and we see Julie trying to catch up to their moves and she is next to Michelle making it even harder to mimic)

Michelle: Come on Julie! I thought you were better.

Julie: I am.

(She struggles but continues to dance her way just as the others are making Michelle kind of jealous)

(Shifts to the court as we see Leo dabbling the ball across mid-court and pass it to Bruce; Bruce dabbles with it and reaches to the goal and shoots it making a score)

Coach Stuart: Good one Wayne! Keep it up!

(Julie sees Bruce making the shot and smiles; Michelle notices it too and wonders if Bruce could be her next boyfriend yet sees Julie smirking at him as well; Michelle then gets a little more jealous because of what Julie is doing already in her squad)

(Minutes later, as the song continues, we see Bruce shooting the ball at the goal successfully and Leo screams in excitement as the others, Doug and the other guy, smiles at him back)

Coach Stuart: Keep up the good work Wayne, you might have a spot!

(As Bruce runs across the court to play defense he bypasses Julie and smile while waving; Julie smiles back, yet we see Michelle looking at her)

Bethany: (Quietly talking to Michelle) I thought Bruce is your new man?!

Michelle: He is, but Julie won’t be sticking around to steal him from me. I’ll see to that.

(The song continues and we see Leo getting the ball back after Doug makes a fantastic dunk; Leo passes the ball again to Bruce, but before Bruce can get it his head suddenly hurts)

Bruce: (Screaming in agony) Aghhh!

(Everyone stops what they are doing as they see Bruce grabbing his head in pain and drops on the floor with his knees reeling from the pain)

Coach Stuart: (Heading to him) You’re alright, son?!

Bruce: I’m fine! (Getting up as his head starts getting better) I just need to get a breather.

(As Bruce walks out, Leo and Doug wonders if he is okay as same as the coach; as Bruce bypasses the girls, Julie starts feeling regret of something and wonders about his health as same as Michelle)

(The camera cuts off to Bruce exiting the gym doors as the song “Ready Set Go” ends)

  • Ext. Street Alley

(Cuts to the street alley as we see a man walking by and then he talks to a man in the shadows)

Man: I know you are out there.

(Shifts to the dark figure)

Man: Who are you?

Dark Figure: Are you the cousin of the mob boss, Sconzeri.

Man: I am…why…

(Before long, the dark figure fires a gun at Sconzeri’s cousin collapsing on the ground; the camera views him fainting and we shift back to the figure’s view as we see he is none other than Jason)

(Cuts off to Jason)

  • Int. Gotham High - Ladies Locker Room

(Cuts to see Julie and the other cheerleaders preparing for their next week’s game and Michelle plants something in her bag)

Julie: (Noticing) What the hell are you doing?

Michelle: My business.

Julie: Your business? You are framing me.

Michelle: You see me framing you; I don’t see anyone framing you except yourself.

Julie: (Getting close) You are not going pin what happened to Mark on me. First off, he’s your boyfriend and second you were the last one to see him.

Michelle: He’s my former boyfriend and if I was the last one, I seen you at the parking lot the same time he was there.

Julie: If I was there, you would tell others something or is that what your wannabe-Mickey self wants to say.

Michelle: (Pushes on the locker) I brought you into this cheerleading world, and I can take you out.

Julie: Make me *****.

Michelle: (Punches her)

(Julie then gets mad and punches her back as both, angry Michelle and Julie, tugging at each other until Coach Stuart sees Julie)

Coach Stuart: Julie, what are you doing?

Julie: (Seeing him) It’s Michelle…

Coach Stuart: Michelle is at the gym practicing with the others something you should already been doing.

Julie: Wait, Michelle was just right here.

(As Julie is confused on what just happened, Michelle and the others appear)

Bethany: What’s going on?

Michelle: What’s wrong, Coach S?

Coach Stuart: Michelle, did you approach Julie anytime here.

Jena: (Smiling) I don’t know what you been smoking coach, but M was with us all the time.

(Michelle smiling and as well Bethany)

Coach Stuart: (Not happy on what Jena say about him, ignores it and is puzzled about this situation)

(he tries to lean on the wall to concentrate but he knocks Julie’s gym bag on the ground spilling her clothes and makeup and what is appear to be Mark’s car keys; Michelle sees it and remembers)

Michelle: This is Mark’s keys.

Julie: What?! I did not plant that.

Bethany: It was in your bag.

Julie: I saw Michelle planting his keys in my bag.

Michelle: What, you’re joking.

Julie: I don’t believe you… (Getting angry as she tries to reach over to Michelle) you *****; you set me up!

Coach Stuart: (Holding her back) You are going to the principal’s office.

Julie: (Shock) What, it was Michelle...She did this…

(As Coach Stuart brings Julie out the locker room heading to the principal’s office)

Michelle I didn’t do anything; she was at the wrong.

(Bethany and Jena believing her as they both leave with the others; Michelle than smirks sinisterly and joins with the others)

(The camera shifts to the backside of the lockers as we see another Michelle and smiles sinisterly; she then fades away like a astral projection of herself)

  • Int. Counselor’s Office

(Cuts to the counselor’s office as we see the counselor, a beautiful 30 year old red head woman, who is checking on a few reports and she then sees someone walking inside)

Counselor: (Seeing the person) Welcome, I been waiting for you.

(The camera turns to see its Bruce sitting down at the chair across from her)

Counselor: It’s been a while.

Bruce: Yeah.

Counselor: So Bruce, what’s wrong?

Bruce: I need your opinion because I see things.

Counselor: Seeing things like what?!

Bruce: Like my parents.

Counselor: But they’re dead…

Bruce: I know and the thing is they’re reaching out to me.

Counselor: Reaching how?

Bruce: They are telling me that I need to watch out.

Counselor: Watch out for what?

Bruce: (Hesitating) Myself.

(Counselor gets confused as the camera shifts back to Bruce stunning not just her, but all of us)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Gotham High

(Cuts to the view of the school)

  • Int. Counselor’s Office

(Cuts to the counselor’s office again as we see the counselor and Bruce continuing talking)

Counselor: (Stunned about what he mentioned) So what you mean your parents are warning you about yourself?

Bruce: After that experience that I had with my parents, suddenly I have been having these strange visions or sudden occurrences where I sense them alerting me to watch out…watch out for myself.

Counselor: Watch out for yourself, why? What makes you so dangerous that your parents keep on warning you for?

Bruce: I don’t know why they saying I need to watch out for myself.

Counselor: Maybe to prevent something from happening.

Bruce: (Feeling helpless) I just don’t know. (He then pouts down depressed)

Counselor: Bruce, listen; of course kids who have faced a terrible loss like you, will experience something like this.

Bruce: Like it…I had a flashback of my parents dying on the day of their anniversary of their death. Tell me…do others like me face that?

Counselor: No, but I feel what you just said is different than any other trauma I have consoled.

Bruce: Guess I can’t stop it.

Counselor: Listen, Bruce, if you want my help…my advice…here it is; continue what you been doing today such as activities. Doing that will keep on distracting you away from these visions you been seeing. Eventually, the visions will fade away and you will finally move on.

Bruce: (Shock about what she just said) Wait, I haven’t moved on?

Counselor: Judging by the fact you are keeping on seeing these visions of your deceased parents and the acknowledge of something they are warning yourself not to do, I estimate that you haven’t fully moved on accepting your parents’ death. The reason is I can sense some part of you that has a darkness of who could have killed them and you can’t move until you seek the justice you deserved. Am I right?

Bruce: (Processing what she said) You’re right; I have this darkness in me that wants to seek the justice for my parents, yet I can’t see…I can’t acknowledge …I can’t move on until I find the person who was responsible of their death.

Counselor: There were many suspects one was that kingpin years ago and even Victor Powers.

Bruce: I don’t know, but when I do find out whom done it; justice will be served even if I have to do it myself.

Counselor: (Hearing what he said, and fearing the worst if he continues holding this darkness inside his heart)

(Sees Bruce somehow determined to find out who killed his parents and we shift back to the counselor, cutting off to her)

  • Int. Hallway – Principal’s Office

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Julie sitting near the principal’s office door waiting for inevitable and then she sees Leo)

Julie: Leo?! What are you doing…here?

Leo: (Sitting next to her while holding papers about something) I heard you’re the one who put Mark in the hospital.

Julie: (Skeptical) You believe that right?

Leo: You…of course not. You’re one of my best friends ever, how can you almost strangled the basketball star to death.

Julie: Well you are like the only one who believes me, but Mark’s keys was found in my bag and I didn’t put that there.

Leo: Interesting. (Judging while accessing)

Julie: Leo?! Leo!

Leo: What?!

Julie: What is it? (Seeing the papers) What are those?

Leo: (Showing her the papers) These are files I dig up on our mischievous cheerleading captain of sea hags.

Julie: (Reading the files) It says she was one of the many that was affected by the Phoenix chemical. I should have known someone that tacky couldn’t be that almost-perfect. But how can we put Michelle in the scene of the crime if she wasn’t there.

Leo: Well her or her double.

Julie: You lost me.

Leo: That’s why Michelle always doesn’t get caught; she causes the trouble with her double and when things get sticky, she uses herself as alibi.

Julie: (Seeing the picture) Of course, while she does her own raw-raw thing, her double does her dirty work.

Leo: Yeah. Talking about spilt personalities, one is sweet and the other is…

Julie: Sour. Trust me Leo; facing Michelle, it seems she hones the two sides by own self.

Leo: We need to stop her before anyone else like Mark, gets hurt.

Julie: (Thinking of anyone who might be in Michelle’s radar; and she then remembers) Where’s Doug?

Leo: Heading to the parking lot.

Julie: Get to him before she does.

Leo: Alright! (Heading to the lot, but stops) What are you going to do?

Julie: Head to the gym; I think I may know who she might be after if not Doug.

Leo: Alright! (Heading to the gym)

(As Leo leave, we see Julie heading to the gym)

(Cuts off to Julie running off screen)

  • Int. Gymnasium - Court

(Cuts to the gym court as we see Bruce bouncing the basketball and shooting it to the basketball goal all by himself; then we see Michelle approaching him from the view of the door)

Bruce: (Still bouncing the ball after shooting it all while continuing to think about the same stuff he talked with the counselor; all of suddenly, he sees Michelle) What are you doing here?

Michelle: I was just getting my last stuff before practice tomorrow. I just notice you while you were playing b-ball by yourself, and after all I can’t just miss the opportunity to see you sweat.

Bruce: You notice?!

Michelle: I notice a lot lately.

Bruce: (Trying to ignore her, but confronts about something) Wait, I heard Julie got in trouble and that she was the one who injured Mark.

Michelle: Yeah, I think she was the one.

Bruce: It couldn’t be.

Michelle: Why?

Bruce: Well maybe because I trust her; she is my closest friend, and I don’t believe in the bull that is saying she done this.

Michelle: Come on Bruce, you should least know that your best friend has a dark side.

Bruce: Everyone has it. It’s the matter of time of when you unleash it; I know her, she didn’t.

Michelle: So you trust her?

Bruce: I do.

Michelle: You love her?

(Bruce is speechless and can’t say anything after that last remark)

Michelle: Do you love her…better yet, do you love me?

Bruce: What?!

Michelle: (Getting closer to him) Do you like me? Love me perhaps?

Bruce: I like you, but don’t confuse my attractiveness to your desire for me to love you…because frankly, you not that cute.

Michelle: Excuse me!? That’s what Mark said to me before he had that accident.

Bruce: (Seeing the bigger picture and putting one and one together) It was you.

Michelle: You know he left me simply because I am not that cute…well you know what. (Grabbing Bruce shirt and she kisses him)

Bruce: (Trying to get out of the kiss)

(The camera then view Julie entering from the doors)

Julie: Michelle!

(She sees only Michelle and the back of the unknown guy kissing)

Julie: Michelle!

(Michelle sees her and then the unknown guy turns to Julie as we know it’s Bruce, but it’s to Julie’s amazement)

Julie: (Stunned that she just saw Bruce and Michelle kissed)

Bruce: Julie, I can explain…

Julie: (Still can’t figure the fact he kissed her) Let’s go before…

Michelle (voice): You guys are not going anywhere.

(Bruce and Julie see Michelle at the doors blocking it)

Michelle (voice): And there is nowhere to go.

(Bruce and Julie stunned as they see the two Michelle’s)

Bruce: Okay; I didn’t see this from happening.

Julie: You didn’t know that she is phoenix-infected, because I thought you were the phoenix-infected magnet.

Bruce: Maybe you got your wires crossed.

Julie: Maybe yours were crossed when you kissed her.

Bruce: I was forced to; didn’t stop you from kissing me three weeks ago.

Julie: (Seeing him) That was because it was planned; I didn’t intentionally kissed you because I felt like it or that I desired that.

Bruce: Me too.

Michelle Double: Why won’t you two just shut up?!

Bruce: (Seeing the basketball, then he grabs it and throws it) Here catch…

(Bruce throws the ball, but the double didn’t notice it on time and gets knocked out)

Michelle: (The real one approaches and tries to hit him)

Bruce: (Unaware, gets hit hard and while he wants to fight back he know he can’t hit her)

Michelle: You can’t hit me!

Bruce: (Knowing he can’t)

Julie (voice): He can’t…

Michelle: (Turning around)

Julie: But, I can… (He blind punch her knocking her out unconscious)

(Michelle falls on the court floor…as we then see her double self disappearing)

Bruce: Nice hit.

Julie: Nice kiss. (Still can’t get that kiss away from her; she walks off)

Bruce: (Still can’t believe she is remembering that)

(Cuts off Bruce)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion – Next Day

(Cuts to the view of the mansion as we see the horizon of sun coming up)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library as we see Jason reading the last files of a unknown project)

Jason: (Reading it and then he notices Agent Cutter) Great; what do you want now?

Agent Cutter: You just ignored everything we done yesterday.

Jason: I did.

Agent Cutter: You shot the person that was connected personally to Sconzeri and now he’s furious.

Jason: Good; he knows he had a hit on my father and I took care of that all because of you.

Agent Cutter: Good. I helped you stir up Sconzeri’s pot and now you are going to help me.

Jason: What you mean help.

Agent Cutter: It was a proposition for nothing; I helped you interrupt Sconezeri from finding your father, and now you are perfectly clear to find him on your loathsome. However, a deal is a deal.

Jason: So what’s your debt?

Agent Cutter: You won’t know, until its time.

Jason: Time? What are you hiding?

Agent Cutter: Time will tell, Jason, time will tell. (He smirks and walks away)

(Jason is so confused on why Cutter wanted to help him, but now he has to face the time when Cutter needs him, feeling he don’t know what he has just done; cuts off to a worried Jason)

  • Ext. Gotham High

(Cuts to the view of the school)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside to the hallway near the lockers as we see Bruce getting to his as Leo approaches)

Bruce: (Putting books in his lockers until he sees a newspaper wedge in front of his face) What the…?

Leo: Surprise! Guess who got sent to Arkham.

Bruce: Let me guess, Michelle and double ego.

Leo: Yeah I wonder how many cells would contain her; guess the world will never know.

Bruce: You copy that from that old tootsie roll pop commercial?

Leo: What you expect I love those things. Listen, you keep on doing what you are doing and I will do what I will do best. (Smiles and walks off)

Bruce: (As he sees him walks off, Bruce notices the snapshot booth pictures of him and Gina)

(Shifts to Leo walking down the hall and notices a journalism club; he stops by and views it seeing it might be a good thing for him)

(Shifts back to Bruce as he smiles at the picture but he feels he know he has feelings for Gina, and then puts photo back in the locker and closes it; he walks away until he sees the old flyer of basketball tryouts; judging what the counselor says he smirks about it and walks away)

(Cuts off to the old flyer)

  • Int. Gymnasium – Court

(Cuts to the gym court as we see Julie sitting near the stands and then she sees Bruce heading towards her as we soon hear the song “Let’s Not Pretend” from 16 Frames)

Bruce: Hey.

Julie: (Seeing him) Hey. What are you doing here?

Bruce: I thought I would walk around and assess what my future might be.

Julie: Maybe, a basketball star is in your future.

Bruce: I don’t know.

Julie: You got the skills.

Bruce: I do?

Julie: Yeah.

Bruce: (Smiling) And you too.

(The song continues)

Julie: What basketball?

Bruce: No, you being a cheerleading.

Julie: My cheerleading days are over when Barbie the double-psycho almost frame me to a crime that she done and…

Bruce: Besides that, you are a hot and very fine cheerleader…one day.

Julie: (Smiling and smirking) One day?!

Bruce: Who knows what our destinies has for each of us, but I hope one day it could intertwine each other.

Julie: (Looking at him thinking of what is he talking about) What are you talking about?

(The song continues)

Bruce: I mean this… (Sticking his hand out) Grab my hand.

Julie: (Anxious and hesitating and then she take his hand)

(We see Bruce holding her like they were dancing)

Julie: (Confused on what just happened) What is this?

Bruce: You know what you said yesterday about me kissing Michelle…

(Julie trying to ignore it and trying to say she was sorry for what she said)

Julie: I…

Bruce: It’s okay.

(She looks at him)

Bruce: That kiss means nothing to me that was all her, but your kiss you gave me three weeks ago…that was real.

(Julie smiling)

Bruce: What I did three weeks ago, I was sorry…I

Julie: (Smiling) It’s okay. I forgive you.

Bruce: (Smiling back after she said that) You know Julie, Gina didn’t mean nothing to me…you do.

(Julie looking at him with that statement)

Bruce: You’re the one I destined to love…I love you.

(Julie smiling while Bruce is smiling the same)

(They see each other with their eyes giving off each other their romantic look; as they get closer their lips get eventually closer as the song is still playing and reaching to its end)

(And as they are about to kiss for real, she hears Leo’s voice)

Leo (voice): Julie! Julie! Wake up, Julie! Wake up!

(Cuts to the same setting but we see Julie still sleeping yet wakes up while the song heads to the end and she realizes it was all a dream; she sees Leo)

Julie: Leo?!

Leo: Julie, it’s time to go to class.

Julie: (Standing up and grabbing her bag; she sees Bruce by the door)

Bruce: You’re okay?!

Julie: (Shaking her head yes)

Bruce: (He smiles back and as we see Leo heads out before him, he responds to Julie again) Come on!

(As Bruce mentions it, Julie smiles but then turns to a kind of sad face as we noticed her interaction with Bruce was all but a dream and then as we cut off to the end, the song "Let’s Not Pretend" ends)

(Fades out)

[Act V ends]


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