Dynamic Duo is the seventh episode of the first season of Batman.


While Jason is getting ready for a date, he hears a knock on the door. He answers the door, and sees that it's Green Arrow. Green Arrow asks if he can stay at the Batcave for a while, because his house was destroyed by the League of Assassins. Jason decides to let him stay. The next day, Robin and Nightwing walk down into the Batcave to play video-games, when they see Green Arrow. Green Arrow explains that Red Hood let him stay. The two decide to ignore him and just play their game, but Green Arrow annoys them by constantly giving them tips on what to do. Nightwing tells Green Arrow to leave. Green Arrow goes back upstairs and is about to walk out the front door when Red Hood stops him and asks why he's leaving. Green Arrow explains to him that Nightwing kicked him out. Red Hood goes down to the Batcave and tells Nightwing that Green Arrow is allowed to stay as long as he wants. Nightwing and Red Hood get into a small argument, which ends with Red Hood getting mad and going for a walk with Green Arrow. The two walk through Gotham looking for some crime to stop, when they get ambushed by Bane and several ninjas. After a long battle, Bane defeats Green Arrow and kidnaps Red Hood. Red Hood wakes up in the sewers, where Bane asks him about the location of the Batcave. Red Hood kicks Bane in the face, which causes a huge fight. Green Arrow suddenly arrives and helps Red Hood. They manage to defeat Bane and get back to the Batcave, where they tell the others about the incident. Nobody believes the two. Red Hood and Green Arrow just ignore them and turn on the TV, and see that their fight with Bane and the ninjas which ended with Red Hood getting kidnapped made the news.


  • Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  • Tim Drake/Robin
  • The League of Assassins
    • Bane

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