Edward Nigma/The Riddler
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Riddler, Nigma, The Riddler, Eddy, Ed

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Hair color





120 lbs

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May 4th, 1972




Former scientist, criminal

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Modern Day


Edward Nigma was a former scientist who was obsessed with riddles. But when he boss fired him due to his insanity, he became super villain The Riddler, who wreaks havoc on Gotham City.


Batman: Gotham Knights

Jack Napier explains to Bruce Wayne that Nigma was sent to Arkham Asylum for trying to murder James Gordan, the captain of the police department. When the police caught him, Nigma claimed to be The Riddler.

Later on, Bruce sees on TV that Riddler has escaped and is going towards City Hall. He gives the mayor, Hamilton Hill, a riddle, and then robs him. Once Batman arrives, Riddler's money stolen from Hill is given back, and the Riddler escapes. Batman finds a riddle on the wall of the GCPD, figures it out, and goes to Gotham Graveyard.

Riddler is there waiting for Batman when he arrives at the graveyard. Riddler mocks him, and Batman chases him to a trench full of acid. Riddler reveals his plan, and reveals a captured Vicki Vale behind him. He then tries to make a deal with Batman, and fails, so he pushes Jack Napier into the trench of acid. Batman defeats him, and James Gordan takes him back to Arkham Asylum.

Riddler is briefly mentioned in the Gotham Gazette, and the main story is about his fight with Batman.

Batman Continues

In a flashback to the events of Gotham Knights, Batman is seen deactivating a bomb that Riddler has planted outside of Gotham Orphanage. Batman's self-proclaimed "biggest fan", Richard "Dick" Grayson goes out to meet him. Once Dick goes back inside, Batman curses Riddler's name, and flies off into the night.

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