Emerald Archer is the fourth episode of the first season of Batman.


Jason Todd is riding around town on his motorcycle, when he decides to ride through his old neighborhood, which he hasn't been to in nearly seven years. He sees a bank robbery in process and puts on his red helmet. He runs into battle as the Red Hood, but sees that a man in a green Robin Hood-like outfit already beat him to it. The mysterious archer defeats all of the robbers and escapes as the police arrive. Red Hood catches up with him and asks him who he is. The man says that he is "Green Arrow", the "dark knight" of Gotham. Red Hood says that Gotham already has a dark knight, and that his name is "Red Hood". Green Arrow challenges him to a fight. Red Hood agrees, and charges at Green Arrow. Green Arrow jumps out of the way, and Red Hood runs right into a brick wall. Green Arrow shoots him in the back with a tranquilizer arrow, which knocks him out cold. Green Arrow laughs and steals his motorcycle. Red Hood gets up and chases after him. Green Arrow stops outside Ace Chemicals, where he fights Red Hood again. Green Arrow gets the upperhand, but decides to show Red Hood mercy and stops. Green Arrow gives Red Hood his motorcycle back. Red Hood rides off on his motorcycle, swearing revenge on Green Arrow. Green Arrow just ignores him and runs off. The next night, Batman sends Nightwing and Red Hood to investigate the disappearance of a local man, but Red Hood decides to go by himself. He secretly returns to his old neighborhood, where he sees Green Arrow saving an elderly woman from a gang of muggers. Red Hood challenges him to a rematch. The two have a huge battle, and in the end Red Hood wins. Green Arrow and Red Hood, now even, call a truce, and both go to investigate the disappearance Batman mentioned earlier.


  • Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  • Tim Drake/Robin
  • Stephanie Brown/Batgirl

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