Emilio Martinez
Edward james olmos

Full Name

Emilio José Martinez


Pastor Emilio, Father Emilio, E.J.





July 23, 1950





Eye Color(s)


Hair Color

Grey, originally Black

Professional Information


First Christian Church of Gotham City
Batman Family
Wayne Family
Gotham General Hospital


Senior Minister of FCC Gotham City
Chaplain of Gotham General Hospital

Base of Operations

FCC Gotham City

Personal Information

Marital Status



Eduardo Martinez (father, deceased)
Rosa Martinez (mother, deceased)
Eddie Martinez (brother)
Raul Martinez (son)
Antonio Higuera (son)

Abilities & Tools

"Always remember, Bruce: We can do all things through Jesus Christ, who strengthens us, and through God, all things are possible."
―Emilio to Bruce Wayne.

Reverend Emilio Martinez is a recurring character on the television series Knight of Gotham. He is the minister at First Christian Church of Gotham City, where Bruce Wayne occasionally attends worship, and was a close friend to Bruce's parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. He becomes a close advisor and confidant of Bruce Wayne when Bruce decides to inform him of his decision to become Batman. He is also believed to be romantically linked to Leslie Thompkins.

He is portrayed by Edward James Olmos.


Born in the South American nation of Santa Prisca, he and his brother had a turbulent childhood. When their parents were kidnapped and imprisoned by the nation's communist government, Emilio and his brother, Eddie, had a falling out, which led to Eddie turning to crime. Emilio, however, joined a group of rebels that included notorious assassin Maria "Copperhead" Higuera. He and Maria fell in love during their time in the group. However, they were ambushed by a government task force at their encampment. Out of fear, Emilio fled from the battle, and assumed Maria was killed. However, it turns out she survived and was imprisoned in the Peña Dura priso. It is later revealed that Maria was carrying a child, who later grew up to be the criminal mastermind/mercenary Antonio Higuera, better known as Bane. Emilio wouldn't figure this out until years later.

Unaware of any of these, Emilio fled to Gotham City and decided to take up ministry. He eventually rose to become the lead minister of First Christian Church of Gotham City. Eventually, he came to befriend Thomas Wayne.

When Thomas began working at Gotham General Hospital regularly, he personally sent a recommendation to the hospital administrator that Emilio be hired on as the hospital's chaplain, to which he did.

When Thomas and Martha were murdered, Emilio conducted their funeral service. He later had a hand in raising the now orphaned Bruce, alongside Alfred Pennyworth, the family's butler, and Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

Years later, after Bruce has become Batman and has returned to Gotham City after a 12-year absence, Emilio is still the minister at FCC Gotham City and is among the first people to learn that Bruce has returned. Bruce later informs Emilio of his decision to fight crime as a masked vigilante. From that point onward, Emilio becomes a close advisor and confidant to Bruce as well as giving him spiritual advice. Emilio becomes one of Batman's most vocal supporters, proclaiming him to be a "warrior of God", despite Batman's vigilante methods.


  • Knight of Gotham writer Dane Brenson has stated that the inspiration for the character came from Father Guerra, a character from the video game Prototype 2.

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