Excalibur is the twenty-second and last episode-- the season finale -- of The Young Knight season one.



Victor (Voice): Previously on The Knight,

We first see the flashback of the day we see Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne, and seven-year-old Bruce Wayne in the dark alley; then later see a mysterious shooter shoots Thomas and Martha in cold blood and fled; we later see young Bruce lay on the ground next to his now-deceased parents; flashes to the present-past as we see a seventeen-year-old Bruce Wayne standing near their graves. Julie comes up to see him and we hear her saying, “This city needs a hero.” And Bruce responded, “Well until that hero comes, I guess this is just half to do.” Flashes forward as we hear Alfred’s voice, “it’s just that when people say it’s destiny, it winds up being a self-falsifying prophecy.” when we see a collage of many moments from Julie needed help from being hurt by her youth-stealing coach and we sees Bruce saved her by the coach dropping off stage as his youth begins to decay rapidly then we see Jason’s former girlfriend jumping in the air then Bruce’s fight with Firefly-like Adrian to the fight with hypno-freak David’s along with Julie; then we see Leo stopping Alfred’s former friend, Marcus, from escaping; then flashes to the first scene Bruce meet with Gina and they both falling in love then Julie gets kidnapped by Gina’s boss Kippler; Victor saves her and kill him; we see Victor helping Julie covering up the story then talking about his proposal as partners, as she tries to decide; we then see Bruce meeting Leslie Thompkins and talking about Project Avalon. Then flashes forward to Avalon where Bruce fights off Victor and he sees a blue crystal, as he about to touch it, Victor touches the other side and blast each of the men in opposite ways and it soon ends with a flashing white light covering the whole screen as we flashes forward to Bruce waking up from his three-week coma to the fake funeral fiasco to Leo meeting up with Kane Thorne; and later the first appearance of Rupert Thorne to Jason trying to stop Helen Greene; then we see a collage of moments where we first see Bruce in his dream about his dream girl then we see interactions with Bruce and Julie’s relationship from their last scene in Gain to their first kiss in Gossip to their last scene in Talisman as she says, “No matter what happens we’re in this together” and they hug; flashes forward to Victor’s many schemes to the time he is found in Star City to him saving Julie then to his conflicts with Jason; then we see him abducted by Starlix and Rupert Thorne as they have the stone. To the many moments introducing the crystal as we later identified as Excalibur to the puzzlebox…then we hear, Professor Burges’ voice: “Nobody knew what this crystal will unleash once a human touches it.”

Then we flash forwards to many moments in the season’s past from the many freaks Bruce and co. encounted to John Henry Irons dressing up as steel-like costumed vigilante in “Friend”; Flash stopping Mark Mardon in “Depths”;Jason looking at some sort of a map in “Extraordinary”; Bruce and Gina kissing in “Hunter”; Leo going undercover as a thug in “Missing”; and then “Extraordinary” in “Extraordinary” a gun fires shooting at Bruce; Ken heals him; and the last very scene as we see Bruce and Dr. Ken Bronsan discussing about each other’s future; then we head to a scene with Bruce and Alfred as Bruce telling him that we he was on the brink of death he saw his parents and told him that they said to watch out; then we see other moments and one last quote overheard in the background as we quickly view the faces of Flash, Steel, Gina Faust, Leslie Thompskins, Bradson, Comm. Woods, Det. Alder, Lucius, Alfred, Victor, Leo, Jason, Julie, and finally Bruce as we hear the quote Leslie told Bruce in Comer: “The world is full of terror; there are secrets out there that can hurt everyone around us. Those secrets can hurt, and even worse, they can even kill. What matters worse, we never see it coming. What we don't know is that this is our destiny.” Then we see the scene of Leslie and Bruce and then we hear, “Don’t be surprise in what you hear, your destiny may come where you least expect it.” Then we cuts off to Bruce; then to the black background…as we hear Victor’s voice.

Victor (Voice): And now the Season Finale…

  • Ext. Gotham City - Night

(Cuts to the view of the city)

  • Int. Club Zeta – Dance Floor

(Cuts inside to the club as we see Kane Thorne walking in and feels something is suspicious)

Kane: (Walks near the bar and sees something is fishy) Hello?!

(Then we hear a familiar voice)

Voice: Where is he?

Kane: (Turns around)

(The camera sees its Jason)

Jason: Where’s my father?

Kane: I have no clue.

Jason: Of course you do.

Kane: Listen Jason, I don’t know where your father is and nor do I care.

Jason: You see, I know you know and you care because after our little scuffle last week, I had one of personal bodyguards to watch over you and plant a camera to record everything.

(We see Kane as Jason is continuing talking)

Jason: My man has been undercover as a Red Dragon for a long time now, and since you been unaware of your own organization. You never knew one of your men is one of mines. (Smiling)

Kane: Oh you think it’s funny huh, well I do know where your father is and I guess you will never know.

Jason: Don’t worry, my inside man will tell me everything because he’s actually one of your personal bodyguards.

Kane: (Stunned)

Jason: What now? Guess the apple didn’t fall very far from your daddy’s wrinkled tree.

Kane: (Getting angry very quickly) You son of a… (All of suddenly he charges at him)

(We soon see Kane spearing Jason over the bar; as they are about to fight, Jason quickly punches him and Kane then sucker punches him out cold; Kane then throws Jason over the bar to the dance floor, and gets something underneath bar area)

(Jason gets up and trying recover from that cheap shot and then out of the blue, Kane unveils a shotgun. Jason sees it and quickly ducks to a safe place, as Kane begins firing the shotgun multiple times at least four times. Seeing the chaos, Jase hasten runs to a table and flips as a barrier and lies beneath as protection. Kane jumps over the bar and sees where Jason is and begins firing again. Kane’s gun then jams as Jason sees as his best opportunity and runs towards him and knocks the gun out of his hands)

(The two soon begins punching and kicking each other, and then Jason soon knee kicks him and spin kicks Kane on the floor. Jason then sees the gun, and Kane gets up; both bleeding from their faces as they both reach the endsides of the gun. They both struggle for it and then we see Kane holding the trigger side, and then Jason uses his brain and then hits Kane’s ribs with arm and then knocks him out by hitting his chin. Kane falls to the floor semi-conscious; as he is about to get up, Jason quickly holding the barrel side flip flops to the other side and then fires it two times, both hitting his chest and he falls completely to the floor)

Jason: (Seeing this ordeal is over, is about to leave until…)

Kane: (About to get up)

Jason: (Seeing him; then shoots him again)

Kane: (The third bullet then hits his chest again and he then gets up)

Jason: (Aggregated; he shoots more rounds)

(The camera sees the shots hitting Kane’s chest again and again after another five times, he finally dies on the floor)

Jason: (Wiping his blood from his busted lip; and then mocks Kane) Guess your business just went rock bottom. (He then drops the gun on the floor and exits)

(Cuts off to a beaten, bleeding, and bullet-filled dead man of Kane Thorne)

  • Ext. Old Abandoned Factory

(Cuts to the view of the old building)

  • Int. Concealed Room

(Cuts inside to an four-silver painted wall room and a door with no handle from inside as we only we see Victor standing inside the trapped-like room and then the door enters seeing Gibbs entering)

Victor: (Seeing Gibbs) You son of a…

Augustus: Watch your mouth, Victor.

Victor: Why would you want to kidnap me? You have the crystal, so why me?

Augustus: You see, I had been watching over you and Thomas Wayne for years now, and since he gave up on the mission I figured your thirst for conquest never cease to amaze me; and bingo the day after Thomas and his wife’s death, you start searching for that crystal again. I give you luck you found it and now you going to help me.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Augustus: I know about how you resurrected Project Avalon last year and I had a feeling your disappearance had to be done with that crystal. And now that you had it, it’s mines now.

Victor: Still don’t see why you want to kidnap me.

Augustus: I want you to bring Avalon out of the ashes again.

Victor: You’re joking. The last time I tried to resurrect it the first time, it failed…

Augustus: At least you went further then you and Thomas even imagined. And with help from Starlix, you’re going to perfect it.

Victor: Please, I had been trying to shut Starlix down for months.

Augustus: But we have technology to help you this time; however, a certain key file is missing and we need to bring it back in order for Avalon to reach to its fullest potential.

Victor: Over my dead body!

Augustus: (Feeling overconfident) Okay if that’s what you want, fine. (Turning back and heading back to the door; opening it and before he exits he turns to Victor) Don’t worry, after this knockout, maybe you might rethink my partnership. (He soon heads out closing the door behind him)

Victor: (Confused about what he said about knockout)

(The camera then views the wall and the three vents and then out of nowhere, a strange gas starts leaking inside the room)

Victor: (Smelling it and breathing it; and all of the sudden, he collapse and is gasping in air. (As he finally knows why Gibbs said after this knockout; he then starts suffocate as the gas is filling in the room and then he falls to unconsciousness)

(Cuts off to a unconscious Victor)

(Fades out to the credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Gotham High School – Morning (Next Day)

(Cuts to the next day as we see the school)

  • Int. Hallway

(We see a hallway full of students walking the halls and hanging around the lockers as we then see a banner above them saying: “SPRING FLING DANCE…TOMORROW NIGHT!!” Then we hear a familiar voice)

Voice: (Viewing the banner) The Spring Fling dance. The excitement every junior has for their semi-prom.

(The camera turns to Leo follow by Bruce and Julie)

Leo: Can’t believe after all this time, the dance is finally tomorrow.

Julie: At last I say.

Bruce: Maybe this is preparation for what the real prom is going to be.

Julie: You’re sure, besides if this was the real deal, I would be ecstatic, but unfortunately I’m not.

Bruce: Strange, I don’t either.

Leo: You guys are like dance-suckers just wanting to pump the fun out of this momentous occasion.

Bruce: Dance-suckers?!

Julie: Momentous occasion, okay what happened to our real Leo?

Leo: I’m still me, it just I’m pumped for once.

Bruce: And what’s that, most of our classmates have friends. Mira has one, Doug has Susan…

Leo: The cute, Susan?

Bruce: Bingo!

Julie: Maybe for once this dance isn’t for me.

Leo: You’re joking, right?

Bruce: Actually, she’s right! Besides this may be a momentous occasion for you man, I don’t see as one.

Leo: Yeah right. (Then seeing he’s right) Awe, come on! I can’t be in that dance all alone.

Julie: You going to have your date, right? You do have one?

Leo: I do! And yeah she’s going to be with me, but I was just thinking why can’t my friends at least joy one last day just for us juniors besides our year as juniors are about to be over and next semester we’re going to be seniors.

Julie: But right now, we’re juniors and I’m for one is going to wait for my momentous occasion.

Leo: (Feeling he’s losing Julie) Come on Bruce, you bringing Gina, right?

Julie: (All ready know what happened with them)

Bruce: (Looking at Leo; he then walks out)

Leo: Bruce?!

Julie: (Seeing him going away and feels sorry for him)

Leo: I’m sorry man, but…

Bruce: (About to head out and he answers Leo’s question) We’re over.

Leo: (Confused)

(Bruce soon walks off screen)

Leo: I don’t get it; I thought we were best friends.

Julie: He means him and Gina are over.

Leo: (Suddenly realizing) Oh man, me and my big mouth.

Julie: It’s okay, it’s been hard for him actually all of us…and besides you do have a big mouth.

Leo: You and Bruce going to find dates trust me. I know you two; and soon who knows, it might be you two dancing on that sparkling gym floor.

(The bell then rings)

Leo: Alright I got to go. See you at Rave later.

Julie: Yeah.

Leo: Remember, you going to find a date. (Smiling and then heads off screen)

(Cuts off to Julie thinking about what he said)

  • Int. GPD Headquarters – Det. Alder’s desk

(Cuts inside the headquarters as we see the desk area full of cops and then we see Det. Alder working on a few case files and then Lucius comes up to her)

Det. Alder: (Seeing him) Lucius, what are you doing do here?

Lucius: (Sitting next to her) I need to show you this. (Giving her a large brown envelope)

Det. Alder: (Opening the envelope revealing a picture) What’s this?

(The camera sees the view of the picture as it’s a view of the blue rare crystal)

Lucius: (Speaking lowly) It’s Excalibur.

Det. Alder: (A little stunned) I thought Excalibur is a sword?!

Lucius: It is. Actually, I found information that this crystal is actually part of the lake that you know in folklore that the Lady of the Lake brought the sword down with her.

Det. Alder: So you are saying to me, that this crystal is part of that mystic lake.

Lucius: Bingo! Actually, it holds some its powers in it which makes it so rare.

Det. Alder: (Seeing the picture) Who discovered this stone?

Lucius: An Austrian doctor, Dr. James Bland.

Det. Alder: Where is he now?

Lucius: Dead.

Det. Alder: (Shocked) What?! How did that happened?

Lucius: I don’t know, but reporters said that his housekeeper found his motionless body in his basement lab.

Det. Alder: Any clues of how he died?

Lucius: Well the Austrian medical examiner said it was an apparent suicide, but…

Det. Alder: You believe it was suicide.

Lucius: If traces of Ammonium Oxide and Nitric Hydroxide were found in his bloodstream.

Det. Alder: Pretty extreme for a suicide.

Lucius: Yeah, besides his amount of knowledge he would already know those two substances should have never been combined.

Det. Alder: If that is combined, what’s the result?

Lucius: Arsenic.

Det. Alder: Okay, that point right there makes a statement that he was murdered.

Lucius: And the thing is, the housekeeper said she seen men in strange black suits with a tag with a black star on it.

Det. Alder: Let me guess, the Austrian police never did nothing.

Lucius: Nope. In their society, if you have illegal chemicals in your body and you died from it, its suicide.

(Det. Alder hearing everything and then Commissioner Woods enters)

Comm. Woods: Megan, a 5-1-4, step on it!

Det. Alder: (Listening) Got it, captain!

Comm. Woods: (Shaking his head; a little stunned as he sees Lucius and then he turns around and heads back to his office)

Lucius: (Noticed what happened)

Det. Alder: (Understanding her new task; she then look at Lucius) So those men in black suits are the only key, besides where is the crystal now?

Lucius: I have no clue.

(Cuts off to Det. Alder)

  • Int. Old Abandoned Factory – Factory

(Cuts inside the old factory as we see Augustus Gibbs walking alongside the large area then we see Rupert Thorne entering)

Rupert: (Noticing his son is not here) Where’s my son?

Augustus: I thought you were meeting with Kane at Club Zeta last night?!

Rupert: I was never downtown last night, nor I never even contacted my son since two weeks ago!

Augustus: Great.

Rupert: (Seeing Bradson) Bradson, I want you find my son.

Bradson: (Agreeing with him and heads out)

Augustus: We have Victor, just as we wanted all along.

Rupert: Good!

Augustus: But what about file 64, we need it! Ever since that no good female scientist, Dr. Rochl, stole it; it has never been seen since.

Rupert: Don’t worry, I already have the machine and its being prep even as we speak. And don’t worry about the flashdrive, I have someone on it.

Augustus: (Feeling this will work)

Rupert: (Smirking sinisterly)

(Cuts off to Rupert Thorne)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts inside the manor to the study as we see Alfred cleaning up as usual and looking at the vase on the fireplace next to the painting, and then unaware of Alfred, the camera view the POV of a unknown stranger; the camera then shifts to the mystery man—however, we seen him as the same man who opened Bruce’s mail and confronted Prof. Burges and Bruce at the clock shop)

Alfred: (Leaves the room)

(The camera then sees the mystery man heading to the fireplace then he looks at the vase near the painting; he sees no one and then he punches the glass vase with his bare hands and it shatters in pieces; he then sees the flashdrive)

(Cuts off to his hand taking the flashdrive)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside to the library as we see Bradson looking at several books)

Bradson: (Seeing there is nothing there for him he is about to head out until he sees Jason) Sir?!

Jason: Where you been?

Bradson: I had been searching for your father, sir.

Jason: Weird, I never contacted you, nor you never contacted me for a week.

Bradson: My phone was dead; I had to recharge it.

Jason: Good, now go back and find my father.

Bradson: Yes, Mr. Powers. (Heading out)

Jason: Oh, and Bradson never do that again!

Bradson: Whatever you say sir. (He heads out)

Jason: (Confused and wonder where he has been since he know something is not right)

Bradson: (Walking out as he shows a smirk)

Jason: (Ponders profoundly as he continues to think something is definitely not right)

(Fades out)

'[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Int. Gotham High – History class

(Cuts inside to the school then to the history classroom as we see Mrs. Abby talking about today and the dance)

Mrs. Abby: Today, we are going to just talk about the dance tomorrow night. (Smiling) As you all know, I’m going to be one of the chaperones.

(We then see Bruce, Julie, Leo, Mira, and Doug)

Mira: Good for you.

Mrs. Abby: Thanks, Mira!

Leo: Who else’s a chaperon?

Mrs. Abby: Me, Mr. Richards, and Principal Wilkins, but I don’t know who else.

Doug: Are you taking anyone to the dance?

(The others see it as a crazy thing to say)

Mrs. Abby: No Doug, I’m going to be alone and you’re not my type. (Smiling)

Doug: That’s okay teach, because I already have one.

Mrs. Abby: Good for you!

Doug: Good for Susan!

(Everyone smiling and some giggling)

Mrs. Abby: (Rolling her eyes just to ignore the craziness) As I were saying, tomorrow night will be the Spring Fling and I hope everyone has a date and can be able to show up.

Doug: No bonus points?

Leo: No Doug, no bonus points.

Doug: (Fake smiling)

Julie: (Smiling)

Bruce: (Smiling as well)

Mrs. Abby: Tomorrow will be a great day for you guys; a stepping stone before your senior year and I believe if you’re not ready for tomorrow night, that’s fine. But just think of one thing, what will be your remembering moment for that night.

(Shifts to everyone and then to just Bruce as he hasn’t decide on a date yet)

  • Int. Old Abandoned Factory - Factory

(Cuts inside the old factory to where we see men in black suits bringing a semi-conscious Victor out to the huge field as we see a machine, the same thing we noticed in Observer and then we see Augustus Gibbs and Rupert Thorne)

Victor: I should have known I smell your rotten personality digging in a business that’s not yours Rupert.

Rupert: Thank you, but this is part of my plan.

Victor: Your plan? You planned all of this?! Please!

Augustus: Who you think is the mastermind of Starlix?

Victor: (Thinking and suddenly thinks something else) Of course.

Augustus: Rupert is the man who will change this city to its core and with Project Avalon…

Rupert: (Finishing the quote) I will do exactly that!

Victor: I’m the one who is going use Avalon’s full potential and… (Seeing the machine)

Augustus: Let me introduce to you the item that will bring Avalon to its fullest. (Smiling)

(The man we see from the Wayne Manor)

Man: Mr. Thorne, I have the file. (Giving him the flashdrive)

Rupert: (Glad) Thank you, Ferdinand.

(He soon exits as we see Rupert getting close to Victor)

Rupert: (Showing him the flashdrive) This is File 64 and this holds key information on how this contraption works. And it will help evolve Project Avalon to a new level.

Victor: And you think I will give you my project for your vindictiveness.

Rupert: (About to say something until he gets a ring from his cell) I need to take this! (Heading somewhere hidden to answer his call)

Victor: (Seeing Augustus)

Augustus: (Smiling)

Victor: (Not happy at all)

(Shifts a mile away as we see Rupert is talking to Bradson on the phone)

Rupert: What is it?!

Bradson (phone): Sir, I found your son.

Rupert: (Wondering) And?

Bradson (phone): He’s dead sir.

Rupert: (Shocked and stunned)

Bradson (phone): Sir?

Rupert: I want you to find the monster that killed my son; start with Victor’s son, Jason, and eliminate him for good.

Bradson (phone): With pleasure. (Hangs up)

Rupert: (Suddenly erupting in anger; he heads back to where he was before he had the call)

(Victor seeing a bitterly Rupert)

Victor: Let me guess, something upset you. (Smiling)

Rupert: You are all fun and game huh, well… (He suddenly punches Victor in the gut) If you don’t revive Avalon, I have orders to kill your son…just like mine.

Victor: (Knowing why he is pissed all of suddenly while feeling the gut hit)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Ext. Parking Garage - Evening

(Cuts to a garage as we Bradson putting his phone in his pocket and heading to his car and then he sees someone by it)

Bradson: (A little confused) Hello?

Jason: (Turns to see him)

Bradson: I didn’t know that it was you sir.

Jason: Good. (Holding up a 9mm Handgun) Now you are going to tell me where my father is!

Bradson: Sir…

(Jason then shoots the gun; the bullet misses Bradson’s foot by one inch)

Jason: The first shot was a warning…the next time, I won’t miss.

(Bradson scared as we shift back to a determined Jason)

(Cuts off to Jason)

  • Int. Gotham High - Hallway

(Cuts to the inside of the school as we see Bruce and Leo walking in the halls)

Bruce: So who’s your lucky girl?

Leo: I can’t say.

Bruce: Come on, you been so pumped about this dance and at least tell your best friend the girl you taking to the Spring Fling.

Leo: Alright! (Hesitating) Lindsey!

Bruce: Lindsey?! As in Lindsey Locke?

Leo: You got it.

Bruce: Wow, I never thought you two…

Leo: Would be together, well this past week differs that statement.

Bruce: (Knows what he is talking about) You two kissed.

Leo: (Smiling)

(Shifts to see Lindsey heading to them)

Lindsey: Hey, Leo! See you tomorrow. (Smiling while walking away)

(Leo smiling at what she said as the camera shifts to her leaving)

(They then see Julie next to a jock)

Bruce: (Feeling unsecured when he sees her) Who’s the jock?

Leo: (Seeing him) That’s Ronnie Carmichael; he’s a junior and a basketball jock.

Bruce: (Continuing to see them talking to each other)

Leo: Hey Bruce, remember what Mrs. Abby said… what will you remember that night; hey, maybe Julie found her momentous occasion at last. (Heading off screen)

(Bruce looking at them; shifts to Julie still talking to Ronnie and then we shifts back to Bruce)

(Cuts off to Bruce)

  • Ext. East 48 Street – House

(Cuts to a view of the E. 48 St. Sign and behind it a house as we then see a burgundy Oldsmobile with a police siren and a couple of Gotham Police cars pulling up)

(The four cops soon exit from their cars and head to a defense stance by the house then we see Det. Alder get out of her car then Lucius getting out as well)

Det. Alder: You didn’t have to come!

Lucius: I wanted to!

Det. Alder: Don’t you have some important research to do back at Wayne Industries or something?

Lucius: Now that you thought about that, I don’t.

Det. Alder: (Rolling her eyes trying to ignore it and then she proceeds to her current task; she moves forwards from stance-positioned cops)

(Shifts to see a man coming outside from his house and sees the police)

Man: What is going on here?

Det. Alder: (Showing him her badge) We need to check your house.

Man: For what?

Det. Alder: You’re Mr. Tampon?!

Man: I am.

Det. Alder: Good! (Showing him a paper) I got a search warrant and we are going to find out what we are looking for.

Man: I won’t allow it!

Det. Alder: If you don’t, you will be arrested for misdemeanor.

(Cops soon spread inside then she soon heads in; as the man looks in horror, we see Lucius looking at the current situation)

Lucius: (Interested) Wow, no wonder her job is so cool.

(Cuts off to Lucius)

  • Int. Old Abandoned Factory

(Cuts to the factory then inside as we see preparations for Project Avalon is starting to being production)

(Shifts to Rupert forcibly pushing Victor around)

Rupert: You have complete control; the crystal is yours. This modern lab is available just for you.

Victor: Good, now shove it down your throats because I’m not doing it.

Rupert: If you really bet your son’s life on it. Come on Vic, you should all know don’t mess with me; you know what I can do when people betrayed me.

Victor: Please Rupert, if you can pull a pansy scheme as in making up this strange organization Starlix, I could figure minds like you don’t get out of the Suicide Slums. (Smiling)

Rupert: (He then punches Victor in his stomach)

Victor: (Feeling the pain)

Rupert: Make Avalon work, now! (Heads off screen)

Victor: (Seeing no other chance)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts hours later to the view of the hangout)

  • Int. Lounge

(Cuts inside Rave as we see Julie sitting at a table, drinking a soda bottle while looking at a magazine and then we see Bruce entering right next to him as the song “When You Are Near” by Carolina Liar playing in the background)

Bruce: Hey, can we talk?

Julie: (Confused a little) Sure!?

Bruce: (Sitting down) I was wondering, why would you be talking to Ronnie Carmichael?

Julie: (Kind of smiling) Me and Ronnie are only great friends; if you was thinking I was…

Bruce: (She thinking he was wondering about Ronnie asking her to the dance) No, not that… (Feeling awkward) Well, kind of.

Julie: (Smiling) We are only friends; why…you think he beat you to the punch?

(The song continues)

Bruce: (Not thinking like that) No!

Julie: (Kind of surprised and giggling along the way) Just making sure, because if somehow you was asking me out to the dance…

Bruce: (Trying to say an excuse) I know; you were…

Julie: I was going to say yes, if that ever happens. (Smiles and sees something in the back) I got to go in the back, so see ya. (Smiling; getting up and heading to the back)

Bruce: (Looking back at her heading to the back; then he turns back around and reflect on what just happened)

(Cuts off to Bruce as the song, “When You Are Near” ends)

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Gotham City – Next Day

(Cuts to the view of the city on the next day)

  • Ext. Woods

(Cuts to the middle of the forest at least 19 miles away from Gotham City)

(We then see a silver Mercedes pulling up and then we see Bradson getting out and then Jason holding up a 9mm handgun)

Jason: Why we stopped?

Bradson: I think we have a flat, sir!

Jason: Don’t call me sir, Judas.

Bradson: (Looking at him) Sir, I can explain!?

Jason: Explain what? You betraying us and being part of Thorne’s gang. You see I checked your background Bradson, and it seems you have an uncertain bonus pushed into your Cayman account all thanks for Rupert Thorne; and in turn you help him with whatever goal he wanted.

Bradson: Mr. Powers, I was forced to work under him because if I wouldn’t my daughter will be dead just like you sir.

Jason: What you mean me?

Bradson: You killed Kane Thorne, so Rupert demands me to kill you.

Jason: (Still holding the gun) Two can play that game; let’s go!

(They both reenter the car and heads off to the original destination)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the outside of Rave as we see Leo exiting from his car and then we see Lindsey coming by his way)

Lindsey: Hey!

Leo: Hey, I was just about to call you.

Lindsey: Well I was just about to head to the beauty shop to get my nails done before the dance.

Leo: Well, let’s get something to eat before the dance.

Lindsey: I don’t know I’m trying to stay fit in a diet.

Leo: Come on, please!?

Lindsey: (Seeing his fake sad face) You got me Mr. Hush Puppy.

Leo: (Smiling)

(Cuts off to them entering the hangout)

  • Int. Lounge

(Cuts inside to the lounge as we see Leo and Lindsey sitting on the lounge couch as they each is holding muffins and coffee)

Lindsey: So out of curiosity, what color dress shirt is you wearing so I can see what kind of dress I need to get.

Leo: Maybe red or blue.

Lindsey: I like blue!

Leo: (Smiling) I like blue too!

Lindsey: (Smiling)

Leo: So since we have less than ten hours until the dance, can I pick you up.

Lindsey: Lovely! (Seeing her wristwatch) I really have to go to the hair place because it’s an appointment…and you know how girls are with their hair.

Leo: Actually I don’t know.

Lindsey: (Smiling; she then kisses him on the cheeks) See ya at my house at 6. (She then heads out)

Leo: (About to smile but has nothing to say either)

(Cuts off to Leo)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Kitchen

(Cuts to the kitchen as we see Alfred making breakfast and then we see Bruce entering and heading to the breakfast table)

Bruce: Alfred, your breakfast is what makes me going up and running every morning.

Alfred: It’s always been a pleasure to make you happy, Master Bruce.

Bruce: (Sitting down then pouring a glass jug of orange juice in a glass) So, you know what happened to the vase yesterday?

Alfred: I have no idea, sir! Yesterday, I was tiding up as usual, and all of suddenly when I head to the kitchen I hear a crash-like sound and it was the vase from fireplace in the study. I never knew what happened, yet… there is something I need to tell you sir.

Bruce: What’s that?

Alfred: Dr. Rochl, before she died, gave me a flashdrive to keep a hold on for her.

Bruce: Was it important?

Alfred: Extremely sir, that’s the reason why she retreated over here for protection. I put the drive into the vase for safe keeping, but somehow it disappeared as soon as the vase was shattered.

Bruce: (Trying to figure it out)

Alfred: Master Bruce, I know I put the flashdrive in it.

Bruce: I know Alfred, I believe you. I always believe you.

Alfred: (Smiling as he gives him a plate of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and toast) Thank you, Master Bruce.

Bruce: (Smiling back) We’re going to find it. Somehow my mail being mysteriously opened and vases mysteriously crashing has to make a lot of sense.

Alfred: (Trying to think of something else to talk about) To think something positive, are you going to dance tonight?

Bruce: I have no idea. I had a strange feeling yesterday, but never mind.

Alfred: So that’s a yes?

Bruce: Who knows Alfred, who will ask Bruce Wayne out to a dance?

Alfred: You’re so bachelor-looking sir, I hardly even imagine.

Bruce: (Smirking) I’ll take that as a complement.

Alfred: Maybe it’s time for a little sabbatical.

Bruce: (Smirking) You’re serious, Alfred?!

Alfred: (Thinking about it) Actually, yes!

Bruce: (Looking back at him with a confused look)

(Then suddenly, the doorbell rings)

Alfred: I’ll get it! (Heading to the foyer)

(Bruce looking back and ponders about Alfred’s stunning statement about taking a sabbatical; then he hears Alfred’s voice)

Alfred (voice): Master Bruce, it’s for you!

Bruce: Coming! (Wiping his mouth after eating his breakfast; he then heads to the front)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to the foyer as we see Julie standing there and we then see Bruce heading from the kitchen and sees her; Alfred heads back to the kitchen)

Bruce: (Kind of surprised) Hey Julie, what are you doing here!?

Julie: Hi, um well since all juniors don’t have class today because of the dance; I was wondering if you could take me to the dance.

Bruce: Wow! Really?!

Julie: Well, I was thinking about asking Ronnie, but he made a fastball move and asked Sarah Daniels.

Bruce: You really wanted to ask Ronnie?

Julie: No! But asking you is whole lot better because we’re best of friends. And I trust you more than him.

Bruce: (Smiling) I feel honored.

Julie: Let me guess, it’s a yes.

Bruce: Well, you told me yesterday; if I ever asked you, you would say yes immediately.

Julie: So what will happen if I ask you?

Bruce: I will say yes without a blink. (Smiling)

Julie: (Smiling back)

(Julie moves forward and kisses him on the lips)

Julie: Oh, I am so sorry!

Bruce: (Feeling it)

Julie: Actually, I didn’t…

(Bruce then pulls her and kisses her; they then make out for a minute; and then they stop)

Julie: Okay, what was that? Was that a friendly kiss?

Bruce: Well I know we kissed before.

Julie: And that was to trap that gossip-spreading cat before she harms anyone else.

Bruce: I know, but that kiss was more than proving a point. I think it was something else.

Julie: Like this one.

Bruce: (Before he responds; he sees Alfred) Alfred?!

Alfred: Sir, an assistant at the Powers residence is leaving messages that Mr. Jason has been seeking you for days.

Bruce: (Kind of worried) What’s wrong?

Julie: (Worrying as well)

Alfred: I don’t know, but the assistant says that’s he been trying to reach you and it’s something very dire.

Bruce: (Turning back to Julie) Listen I’m going to find out what’s wrong, so I’ll pick you up from your house at six; okay?!

Julie: Okay?

Bruce: Alright. (He then heads out from the front door)

(Shifts back to Julie and Alfred)

Julie: What just happened?

Alfred: I wish I knew, Ms. Madison, I wish I knew.

(Cuts off to Julie)

  • Ext. Old Abandoned Factory

(Cuts to the view of the factory in the middle of the woods)

  • Int. Factory

(Cuts inside as we see three scientists and then weird machines connected to the contraption that was last seen in Observer)

(Shifts to see Victor, Augustus Gibbs, and then Rupert Thorne and a couple of black suited men; we then see one of the scientists carrying the silver-lined container which the blue crystal is in)

(Shifts to the scientist as he puts the blue crystal attaching it to the contraption; the camera sees the crystal layered in an area surrounding with multiple rings—shaping like a sphere; the camera then sees the scientist heading to a computer which is on the side of the contraption and he then enters the flashdrive—file 64—into the j-drive and he soon types in a code and then the camera sees the computer screen as it logs on to a site where we then see several strange algorithms begins to formulate)

(Shifts back to the three men)

Augustus: This is where the fun really begins!

Victor: (Hearing what Gibbs said and then looks back the site)

Scientist#1: Phase 1 is complete!

Rupert: Prepare Phase 2! (Then sees Victor) Go Victor, it’s up to you.

Victor: (Hesitating for a bit)

Augustus: Think of Jason.

Victor: (Hearing that and has no other choice) Begin!

(The scientists finishing with the prep and then begins Phase 2 of Project Avalon)

(The camera then sees the device starts working and the crystal is circling in a spiraling position from up to diagonal to down and all over again)

Victor: (Feeling there’s no way to stop it now)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. 48 Street – House

(Cuts to the E. 48 St. and then behind it the house where we then see Lucius hanging around the car and then we see Det. Alder and the cops exiting out of the house)

Lucius: You found what you was looking for?

Det. Alder: You still around? Well anyway, no which is bizarre because it was a strange call.

Lucius: Maybe it’s a false alarm?!

Det. Alder: Maybe; (Talking to her cops) well let’s go because there’s nothing here.

(We see Det. Alder, Lucius, and the cops leaving the scene and then out of the blue…the house all of suddenly explodes; the force of the explosion knocks all of them on the ground hard)

Lucius: (Surprised)

Det. Alder: (Surprised and totally stunned) What the hell was that!

Cop#1: Detective, look!

(They see the house in total flames)

Det. Alder: Oh my god! Mr. Berlatti! (Screaming the homeowner’s name) Mr. Berlatti! Mr. Berlatti!

Lucius: Who is the guy?!

Det. Alder: I don’t know!?

Cop#1: Detective! I just got news from the precinct that Mr. Jim Berlatti is a Secret Service agent!

Det. Alder: What!

Lucius: (Confused about this and think this was planned by somebody)

Cop#1: And we did manage to get something from the house before the explosion; and is this… (Giving her a picture)

(Megan seeing it along as Lucius and they both are stunned…the camera sees the view of the picture as we see Mr. Berlatti, the Secret Service agent holding a silver-lined container and the blue crystal, they seen earlier, in it as Mr. Berlatti is giving the container to a man we already known as Augustus Gibbs; as we now figure out it was Berlatti who abducted Victor and brought him to the factory unaware to Megan and Lucius)

(Megan and Lucius look at each other in total shock as they cannot believe that this man who they just seen had the crystal they was looking for)

Lucius: What now?

Det. Alder: I have no clue!

(The camera views them in front of Berlatti’s burning house and the other cops calling for backup and a fire truck; then the camera pans across the street as the camera then lowers down to a view of the driver’s side of the black car and then a unknown man inside; the camera then lowers to the driver’s door as we see only a logo—a white circle only having a black star inside of it—and then the car mysteriously drives off screen)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside as we see Janice, the assistant, exiting out the library and heads out until she sees Bruce)

Janice: (Seeing him) What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here!

Bruce: Jason wanted me; and strange enough, he’s not here anywhere.

Janice: Well, I’m sorry if I couldn’t help.

Bruce: Technically you can, because you know where he’s going.

Janice: I’m sorry, but…

Bruce: Other than my house, I know this mansion inside out and I know there are cameras. And since you’re assistant; I feel you have access to them.

Janice: (Can’t say anything)

Bruce: Tell me, where’s Jason?!

(Shifts back to Janice then to Bruce)

(Cuts off to Bruce)

  • Int. Old Abandoned Factory - Factory

(Cuts to the factory as we see)

  • Ext. Woods

(Cuts hours later as we see Bruce driving his sliver Porsche and it continues to speed ahead as he already knows where he is going)

  • Int. Old Abandoned Factory - Factory

(Cuts back to the factory as we see the machine working and the crystal is circling in a spiraling position all over again)

(Shifts back to the three men)

Augustus: Now, prepare for Phase 3!

Scientist#1: Preparing Phase 3!

(We see the scientist activating another code onto the computer and then we zoom out to see the contraption holding the crystal and then four sub-machines circling it; then each sub-machine is prepping a sort of a blue light)

Scientist#1: (Seeing the thing as a go)

Augustus: (Looking at Victor)

Victor: (Seeing him and knowing what he has to do) Begin!

Scientist#1: Beginning Phase 3!

(Victor showing a face of discord then we see Augustus smiling and then to Rupert smirking sinisterly)

(The camera views the four sub-machines and then each of them beams out a blue laser beam to the center which the main machine with the crystal is on; we then see all of the four laser beams hitting into the ring-globe structure where the crystal is circling onto and all the beams hit precisely to the crystal)

(Shifts to the computer attached to the machine where the scientist is reading the temperature spikes)

Scientist#1: Up to 20%...

(Views the computer again getting higher)

Scientist#1: Up to 45%...

(Views the computer again getting higher)

Scientist#1: Up to 50%...

(Views the computer again getting higher)

Scientist#1: 75%!

(Views the computer again getting higher)

Scientist#1: 89%...

(Shifts to the three men)

Rupert: Now you see Victor, this is the dream you and Thomas have been waiting for.

Victor: (Knowing what he has done to the project) This isn’t we wanted.

Augustus: But this is what you dream!

Victor: Well not Thomas, he never wanted this! (Realizing it) Neither do me!

(Rupert and Gibbs seeing him and then we shift back to the computer where we almost seeing the temperature rising to 100% and…)

(We soon hear a gunshot and the bullet from that shot hits into the prime machine and then we see smoke and sparks)

(Everyone is stunned)

Rupert: What!

Augustus: What happened!?

(The camera then shifts to Jason with his gun pushing Bradson away)

Victor: Jason!

Rupert: (Getting angry) You good for nothing rotten brat, if I didn’t end your miserable life last week I would have done it myself!

Jason: Well I think your son would disagree with you!

Rupert: (Pissed off; he runs to Jason)

(Then out of the blue Victor tackles Rupert to the floor; Gibbs getting away; and as Jason about to catch up to him, Bradson knocks his gun down and punches him to the floor)

(Shifts to see a computer malfunction and the scientist and his other co-workers immediately flee as we soon shift back to Jason and Bradson fighting and then we see Rupert punching Victor and tries to escape, but Victor holds on to his foot and pulls him until we see Rupert falls down)

(Shifts back to see Gibbs running cowardly away and all of sudden, a silver Porsche rams into the factory wall and unknowingly hits Gibbs as he is running and he is forced to the ground; the car stops running as we see Bruce coming out and notices it is Gibbs)

Bruce: (About to see more of what just happened until he hears a huge noise; he runs to where he is hearing it)

(Shifts back to the area of machines, where we see the four sub-machines each lowering its powers and the camera shifts back to the main machine where the bullet pierce it is creating much harm than good and then we hear the computer’s voice)

Computer Voice: Malfunction!

(Shifts back to where Jason and Bradson are fighting and as Bradson is about to get the upper hand, Jason runs to get his pistol and fires two shots; the two shots hits Bradson in his chest; he soon falls down and dead on the spot; Jason gets up and figuring out what is happening to the machines and as he is trying to touch the machine, a force of energy knocks him down)

(Shifts to where we see Victor and Rupert battling)

Victor: (Seeing his son out cold) Son!

Rupert: I don’t think so! (He then punches Victor out)

Victor: (Falls down, but quickly gets back up) You son of a… (He then punches and then kicks Rupert in his gut very hard; and as Rupert is feeling it, Victor knocks him out cold) How’s that! (He heads towards his son)

(We then see Bruce seeing the machines and then he notices the crystal; he soon picks up a sledgehammer and he uses it to rams the crystal out of the machine’s hold)

Bruce: (Knowing he can’t touch with his hands, he grabs hold of a lead blanket near the setup lab and gets a hold of the crystal and heads to a safe place until he sees Rupert)

Rupert: That crystal is mines!

Bruce: (Seeing there’s not harm) You want it, you can have it! (Throws it to him)

Rupert: (Catching the crystal with his hands and soon a strange blue aurora-like light begins to glow and then glow brightly every second)

(Bruce already knows what happens when you touch the crystal and then we shifts back to where Rupert is holding the crystal as it glows brighter and brighter)

Rupert: What is this!

Bruce: Guess you’re going to the real Avalon.

Rupert: (Looking at him confuse)

(Then out of the blue, the crystal glows so brightly until a force of the glow explodes knocking Bruce across the factory; Victor trying to wake up his son, seeing the light and the light force knocks him out cold; and then we see a flash of light surrounding the scene and then it fades back to normal)

(After a little while, Bruce wakes up to see the machines totaled, Jason and Victor both knocked out, and both Rupert and the crystal gone without a trace)

Bruce: (Seeing what just happened and figuring out maybe that in-joke about Avalon may not be snarky at all)

(Cuts off to a stunned Bruce)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion - Night

(Cuts to the view of the mansion hours later)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside to the library as we see Victor about to set the fire in the fireplace and then sets up his scotch stand as Jason enters)

Victor: (Seeing him) Son!

Jason: Dad!

Victor: There are times I want to say thank you as a father, but there wasn’t; so here it is… Thank you, my son!

Jason: (Feeling happy a little, but then gets over it) And that’s it?

Victor: I think so, why?

Jason: Because just saying thank you isn’t enough. I saved you! And all you wanted to say is thank you?!

Victor: Well what you think I have to say to you in order to thank you for saving my life.

Jason: I can’t!

Victor: You can’t say it because you think I’m afraid of saying it.

Jason: (About to headout) I’m leaving Gotham!

Victor: (Stunned and confused) What! Where?!

Jason: (Before he heads out) Oh, and the reason why I can’t is because I can’t trust you to say it.

Victor: Say what!?

Jason: You love me. And since I’m leaving, it doesn’t matter anymore. (Heading out)

(Victor stunned and now is figuring his whole life is shattering apart)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Int. Jason’s Bedroom

(Cuts to see Jason packing his luggage for his trip; the camera sees the airline ticket marking one way to Italy; shifts back to him as he zips up the last bag and carries it out in the hallway as we soon hears the song, Bethany Joy Galeotti’s “Feel This” beat starts playing in the background)

  • Int. Julie’s House - Julie’s Bedroom

(Cuts to Julie’s house then inside in her bedroom as the song “Feel This” continues then we start hearing the lyrics as we see Julie putting on the last of her makeup and heads out)

  • Ext. Gotham High School Gym

(Cuts to the outside view of the school gym where the Spring Fling is about to begin; the song continues to play as we then see Leo waiting for Bruce and Julie, but don’t want to worry his date. He then decides)

Leo: (Looks as his date and gives her a arm gesture as Lindsey, puts her arm around him)

Lindsey: Come on, they are going to come…I know it!

Leo: (Agreeing with her) Alright!

(They soon heads inside however, Leo is looking back trying to find out to see where they are really?)

  • Ext. East Street

(Cuts to the East street as Julie is inside her aunt’s car, as the song continuing to play as they on the way to the dance stop at the red light on the intersect corner of 53rd Street)

Aunt Sue: (Stopping at the light and is giving time to talk to her) So are you sure I can’t pick up you and Bruce and bring you two at the dance; I feel like a pushy mom.

Julie: (Giggling) I just want to meet him there instead, and you Aunt Sue being a pushy mom... (Laughing)

Aunt Sue: (Laughing)

Julie: I want this to be a night to remember.

(The camera sees the light turns green as the song continues to play, and we see Sue moving the car)

Julie: (Looking at the car passing by as she then see something horrifying) Aunt Sue, watch out!

(Out of nowhere a pick-up truck rams into them and collides severely; the truck is crashed in the front as the passenger side of Aunt Sue’s car has been impacted a lot as the camera looks inside the crushed window and we see a bloody and unconscious Julie left to die, the song continuing to play in the background)

  • Int. Powers Mansion - Library

(Fades back to the library of the mansion with the song playing as we see the fireplace with fire flaming and we zoom out to see Victor holding a glass of scotch)

Victor: (Trying to think about everything that happened between Project Avalon 2.0 and the Excalibur crystal, and now including his son’s departure is really taking a toll on him; as he tries to concentrate drinking his scotch while looking at the flame, he hears something) Who’s there? (Turning his head slightly, and then hears the noise again and this time turns around completely seeing something)

(As the camera sees a gun pistol being held by a mysterious figure)

Victor: (Confused) Who are you?

(Then out of nowhere the gun fires as it successfully hits a bullet into Victor’s chest near his heart)

Victor: (Drops the glass of scotch as the camera sees the glass crashing on the floor in slow motion; he soon collapse on the floor on his knees stunned on what just happened; he looks at his other hand as he see blood, his blood and then collapses on the floor)

(As the song continues, we see Victor collapse on the floor then the camera sees his eyes probably starring at his shooter)

  • Int. PowerCorp Jet

(Fades inside the jet as we see Jason looking out the window as the song “Feel This” is getting closer to the end; he is then joined by a female stuartist)

Female: How’s your flight Mr. Powers?

Jason: (Looking at the sky while sitting on his chair, then look at her as he responds) Like I never left!

(She smiles and head off to the back as we see Jason looking at her then resuming looking back at the sky as the song is nearing to its end)

  • Ext. Sky

(Cuts to see a glimpse of the jet heading above the seas and skies going to Italy as the song continues we head downwards as we fade downward as we see the manor...)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of Wayne Manor)

  • Int. Bruce’s Bedroom

(Cuts inside to Bruce’s bedroom as the song is reaching to the end we see Bruce still getting ready for the dance as he putting on his dress shirt and buttoning up as we hear Alfred’s voice)

Alfred (Voice): Master Bruce, there is someone at the door for you...

Bruce: I’m coming! (Thinking it might be Julie, he hurries up and put his bowtie on, as he heads out while grabbing his jacket)

(The song is still playing to the end)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts downstairs as the song is to the very end and we see Bruce coming downstairs while putting on his jacket)

Bruce: (Thinking its Julie waiting) Julie, I’m sorry it’s just that today has been crazy and I’m almost ready... (He stops on the mid-stairs to see the person, and is shocked to see who it is)

(The camera reveals the person waiting is another girl, but we only see her back having long, dark brunette hair and has an accent in her voice)

Female: Hello, Bruce!

(As the camera shifts back to Bruce he is shocked and know who it is)

Bruce: (About to speak her name)...

(As the song, “Feel This” has reached to the end the camera cuts black to)


(Fades to the end credits)

[Act V ends]


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