Extraordinary is the fourteenth episode of The Young Knight season one



  • Ext. Gotham High

(Pan to the view of the school)

  • Int. History Class

(Cuts inside as we see Bruce, Julie, Leo, and Mari as well the rest of their classmates in history class as we see Mrs. Abby announcing them their assignment)

Mrs. Abby: Alright guys, today the lesson are about people out of the ordinary…

Leo: (Whispering to Bruce) That’s everyone in school.

Bruce: (Smiling)

Julie: (Hearing what Leo said; and shaking his head while smiling)

Mira: (Smiling then whispering back) I thought she was talking about you.

Leo: (Fake laughing) Ha…ha.

Mrs. Abby: (Continuing her lesson) Each person in this classroom, outside the classroom, over the school, around the city, across the world has different abilities. No one is not the same, this can trace back to your DNA. Everyone has different DNA; it doesn’t mean if one person done something terrible, you had to do it…

Julie: (Hearing what she is saying then pondering about her mother)

Bruce: (Hearing what the teacher is saying and pondering the tragic time with his parents)

Mrs. Abby: Everyone may share the same looks, but what we do is what tells us apart. And that is why you guys are going to write a three page essay about…

Mira: Three pages?!

Mrs. Abby: Yes, and like I was saying everyone is going to write a three-page essay about someone you know or don’t know who has this extraordinary talent. And before you say anything Leo, the catch is that you have to find that person you are writing about. Interview, or do anything to understand this gift he or she has; you can even focus on your own parents, best friend, any one doesn’t matter skin color or job title. It matters what that individual does is extraordinary, that is the key.

(The bell rings and everyone heads out)

Mrs. Abby: Remember, three pages due Monday. Have a good weekend guys!

(Cuts off to the teacher)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Bruce and Leo walking and then Julie and Mira walking as well; Bruce sees Julie and thinking it’s the right time to tell her he’s sorry)

Bruce: Um, Julie…

Julie: (Seeing Bruce) Yeah?!

Bruce: Sorry about what happened two weeks ago. I didn’t mean to pay the band, but I felt it was necessary…

Julie: Necessary? You’re joking. (About to go)

Bruce: (Holding her arm) At least share with me who you are going to report on?

Julie: (Not saying anything about it) If you want to know, that is not necessary. (Shoving his hand off, and walks away)

(Leo joins Bruce, but Julie walks away)

Leo: Ouch!

Bruce: (Seeing Leo) I tried…over the phone, and now talking and this thing still can’t go away.

Leo: It’s like a plaque, you can’t get off. I understand your problem.

Bruce: You do?

Leo: Yeah after all we’re best friends, besides who is Julie doing the project on anyway?

Bruce: Who knows maybe someone who don’t lie to her or disrespect her.

Leo: Well I guess, you won’t be a qualified candidate. What about you?

Bruce: I don’t know; maybe my father, but Alfred is a good choice.

Leo: Alfred?! The only talent he’s best at is sweeping dust. You need someone, like Mrs. Abby said, that do things out of the ordinary. Literally.

Bruce: Maybe I might do one of the freaks who’s been infected by that Phoenix chemical.

Leo: Are you joking these days? Are you like what the Joker all of the sudden. You can’t be seriously thinking reporting on one of those freaks. The ones we interacted with almost kill us.

Bruce: Well, there is someone out there that is not that mad-like crazy freak with a special power; there is someone out there who does good things with his or her powers.

Leo: Well if you find that person, let me know. I’m heading out.

Bruce: Where you going? And by the way who are you doing the project on?

Leo: I can’t say where I’m going, but the second part is maybe a historical person after all the teach did said it doesn’t matter who you’re doing on?

Bruce: (Smirking after what Leo said)

(Leo leaves off screen)

(The camera sees Bruce wondering about Leo and then focusing on that person with a power that can do good things, which he feels he know that person is out there we cut off to Bruce)

  • Int. Professor’s house – Living Room

(Cuts to a professor’s house then inside her living room as we see her walking while holding hot coffee in one hand and looking through research papers in the other; as she is about to sit a bunch of gas mask-intruder ambushes her)

(The female professor tries to attack back but a gas can explodes and releases some kind of knockout gas; the professor tries to leave, but the gas is strong enough that she falls unconscious)

(We see the men wearing the gas masks and they soon surveying something; we soon hears one guy talking to the other)

Gas-mask Intruder# 1: We need to survey the surrounding.

Gas-mask Intruder# 2: (Judging as the leader of the group) No! We got what we needed.

Gas-mask Intruder# 1: But Renard, we need to search for more…

Renard: Do you think I care of a ridiculous object; we have we needed. Bring her!

(The henchman agrees and carries the unconscious professor away; we shifts to Renard about to head out until he sees a portrait of the professor and someone else)

Renard: (Looking carefully while saying something to himself) I think I found my collateral damage.

(The camera sees the portrait of the professor and her boyfriend, who is a doctor; the camera then goes to the credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. PowerCorp.

(Cuts to a view of the PowerCorp)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts inside the CEO office as we see Jason then the camera zoom in to see his watch then the camera shifts to a European financer coming towards Jason)

Jason: Mr. Simmons, I glad you came.

Mr. Simmons: (Talking in a European accent) I glad you welcome me.

Jason: Mr. Simmons…

Mr. Simmons: (Smiling) Please, Mr. Sims.

Jason: (Smiling back) Mr. Sims…. I hoped you have that object I been looking for after all, we did discussed over the phone.

Mr. Sims: Yes we sure did. (Giving Jason a jump drive) On that jump drive, are countless transitions of many known vendors.

Jason: (Surveying the jump drive) I hope a name I requested to you is in here.

Mr. Sims: Yes, that name is under a special folder once you upload it.

Jason: Thank you Mr. Sims for everything.

Mr. Sims: Glad I appreciate it, Mr. Powers. I hope this served you for the full gratitude.

Jason: (Seeing a security guard) Please escort Mr. Simmons, I mean Mr. Sims out.

(The guard escorts Mr. Simmons out and then the camera shifts to Jason by the laptop as we see Mr. Simmons leaving, and no one looking at him, Jason plugs the jump drive in the USB port and the camera views the laptop screen; then all of sudden, ten folders pop up and we see Jason moving the mouse cursor to folder#3 as it has a name VP. He double clicks on it and the folder pops up to a financial scan of countless transition reports dating back since he was three. And then we he sees that VP stands for Victor Powers; Jason now understand what the FBI noticed when they came before speaking about this that his father been doing this since he was three. He then sees the last transition his father ever made was two days after his father reportedly died and stopped on the day of the supposed-to-be funeral. Jason realizes his father is out there somewhere still accessing the files, but he wonder if this report can be traced back to its original location—feeling this could be the place his father has been hidden over a month and a half. He then gets out his cell as he calls someone)

Jason: (On the phone) Listen, I need you to do something for me.

(Cuts off Jason and before he can say anything else)

  • Int. Elevator

(Cuts inside the elevator as we see Mr. Simmons, realizing his meeting was over, and all of the sudden he digs into his shirt and takes out a wireless recorder; he soon drops it and steps over it breaking it, but the recording with Jason has already been transmitted by someone out there who’s been listening)

  • Int. Gotham High – Mens’ Restroom

(Cuts to the school’s men’s restroom as we see Leo talking to someone on the phone)

Leo: (Talking to the phone) Listen, Mr. Bryant or whoever your real name is. I’m not going to let you take over my life; I don’t care who or what you working for, frankly I don’t care. But nevertheless, don’t call me or you will face the consequences. (He hangs up the phone and is about to leave until he sees the janitor)

Janitor: (Seeing Leo’s performance and is perplexed)

Leo: Don’t mind me; I was just talking to myself.

Janitor: (Still perplexed)

Leo: (Not any more to say, he walks into one of the three stalls, then he flushes the toilet and exits the restroom)

(Cuts off to the janitor still perplexed while seeing Leo walking off)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Julie near her locker and then seeing the two notes carrying parts of the phone number she can’t answer)

Julie: (She sees the number again, but realize she already call a dozen of times; before she walks away, she remembers what Mrs. Abby said about everyone containing different DNA; it doesn’t mean if one person done something terrible, that you have to do it; then she thinks about something and walks off screen)

  • Ext. Gotham High – Courtyard

(Cuts to the courtyard as we see Bruce eating an apple and then we see Mira)

Bruce: (Seeing her) Hey.

Mira: Hey! Sorry about Julie. I know you two are best of friends, but…

Bruce: Yeah, she’s going to some strange, tough times. Well as me, is still feeling the doubt.

Mira: Doubt? Come on how can a young male like yourself feels pressure that he has doubt. If you do have it, what is it?

Bruce: I don’t know. You’re the first person I’m saying this to, so I’m going to say this carefully. Ever since I was in a coma, I been acting strangely doing some things I’m not proud of.

Mira: I remembered the time you felt into a coma; I was rooting for you to wake up soon as possible. Yet what you mean you been acting strangely.

Bruce: Well not me, but everyone around me. When I’m near someone I’m close to, things happen so weird and so fast we can’t stop it.

Mira: Okay, tell me one.

Bruce: Remember the band Julie booked two weeks ago at Rave.

Mira: Yeah, the Plain White T’s; me and Julie love that band; why?

Bruce: Well because, she wasn’t the one who booked it, I was the one who paid them to do it for her.

Mira: (Stunned) No wonder you broke her heart, and to think I thought you two was an item.

Bruce: Julie and me an item?! I don’t know about that, we’re just friends; and friends period.

Mira: Sure, you’ll say that but what’s this? (Showing him the kiss they shared on Mira’s cell) Leo sent me that picture, so now what?

Bruce: I have no comment.

Mira: Funny Bruce, you’re hilarious. (All of sudden as she is still laughing, she fells kind of ill)

Bruce: (Thinking about the statements his friends are saying that he’s a joker lately) What is with me and these so-called jokes? I’m not joking. (As see Mira, he notices she is not feeling well) Mira are you okay?

Mira: Yeah, I think… (Before she can say anything else, she collapses on Bruce’s lap)

Bruce: (trying to wake her) Mira, wake up! Mira?! (Not knowing what to do either bring her to the school nurse or to the hospital, then all of the sudden he takes her to the hospital)

  • Int. Ext. Gotham Memorial

(Cuts to the view of the hospital)

  • Int. Lobby

(Cuts inside as we see him running with Mira who still unconscious; he seeks help)

Bruce: Help! (Screaming) Help!

(All of the sudden we see a doctor, who is the same person we saw in the portrait, coming to their aide)

Doctor: What’s going on? (Bringing her to a bed and flashing his light) What happened?

Bruce: I don’t know; we were talking about someone, and then she just fall out of nowhere. Can you help her?

Doctor: I shall see.

Bruce: What’s your name?

(The doctor brings Mira to the other room as nurses try to help and then the doctor, before heading to help Mira, hears Bruce’s question)

Doctor: My name is Dr. Bronsan. (Heading another hallway)

Bruce: (Thinking about the name and then he ponders about his first name)

  • Int. Secret Hallway

(Cuts to a hallway as we see Dr. Bronsan and all of the sudden his hands are glowing a yellowish-white light)

(As we see Dr. Bronsan confused and thinking no one saw him he walks away)

(Unbeknownst to him we see Bruce, seeing what he just saw and is amazed that maybe he’s the one he been looking for that person with a extraordinary talent)

(Fades out)

[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor - Evening

(Cuts to a view of the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts inside to the study as we see Mira waking up on the couch confused; then we see Dr. Bronsan)

Mira: What’s going on? (Confused)

Dr. Bronsan: You were unconscious; you was originally was in the hospital, but your dear friend, Bruce, offered you to recover at his house.

Mia: Bruce?! Wait a minute, what happened to me; what caused my unsettledness?

Dr. Bronsan: You have a quite, rare fever, but if you take this a matter of three times a week; your fever should die down and you will be back to your normal self in no time.

(Bruce and Alfred shows up)

Bruce: Hey, Alfred can you take Mira to the kitchen so that she can get something eat and drink.

Alfred: As you wish Master Bruce. (Showing her the way) Come this way, Mrs. Mira.

Mira: Thank you, Alfred. (Seeing the doctor) Thank you…

Dr. Bronsan: Dr. Bronsan. (Smiling)

Mira: Thanks. (Walking along with Alfred until she passes Bruce) Thank you, Bruce; I could have been more ill if it wasn’t for you. (Hugging him and kissing him on the cheek; then walks to the kitchen with Alfred)

Bruce: (Smiling after that kiss; then he sees Dr. Bronsan) I need to talk to you.

Dr. Bronsan: I did my job, so I have to go back to the hospital. (Heading to the front doors)

(Bruce seeing him leaving and must stop him before he goes anywhere else)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to the foyer as we see the doctor about to head through the doors until he gets stopped by Bruce)

Dr. Bronsan: What do you need? I have to go back to my work.

Bruce: I need to tell you about your ability.

Dr. Bronsan: I have a fascinating ability to help people; what’s so special about that?

Bruce: If you mean you have glowing hands, I understand.

Dr. Bronsan: What are you talking about?

Bruce: I mean you have a power in which I saw you when your hands glowed.

Dr. Bronsan: (Seeing his hands and knowing Bruce knows) You don't understand this power.

Bruce: I want to know.

Dr. Bronsan: I'm dangerous.

Bruce: You can’t be dangerous because you help people.

Dr. Bronsan: Yes, I do, but you don’t understand.

Bruce: Let me understand.

Dr. Bronsan: (Feeling guilty) I’m sorry Bruce, but I have to go. (Heading out)

Bruce: (Not willing to stop him this time as he thinks he should know why the doctor is so dangerous)

(Cuts off to the park)

  • Ext. City Park

(Cuts to the park as we see a man touching a note on the sidewalk bench about to head out and then we see Julie jumping out from the bushes being hidden)

Julie: (Petrified about something) No!

Man: Excuse me?!

Julie (looking at him in some kind of fear) What are you doing with that note?!

Man: I found it.

Julie: You can’t have it.

Man: I think I have the right to touch it and have it, unless it’s yours.

Julie: Its mines.

Man: You sure?

Julie: Well, I made that note so I can see who sent me some, with a number behind it.

Man: Number. Wait, your name is Julie?

Julie: (Stunned and surprised) How you know?!

Man: Well, I think that phone number you called is mines.

Julie: (Shocked)

(Cuts off to a shocked Julie)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of Rave and then we see Leo almost going to sleep near the sidewalk; he suddenly gets kicked and when Leo looks up he sees a young female)

Leo: Harley?

Harley: Yeah, but that’s my codename.

Leo: (Seeing her badge) Harley Quinn; are you serious?!

Harley: Listen, my real name is Lindsey Locke.

Leo: Okay, Lindsey you got what I needed.

Lindsey: Yes, (showing him an archive file) I searched everywhere in Gotham Times’ archive for it, and I think I finally found it. (Checking the surroundings) Why this place?

Leo: Thanks. (Looking at the file and shaking his head in agreement then he hears her last remark) I trust this place.

Lindsey: Hey… (Giving him her phone number) Here you go.

Leo: Wait, I already have your number.

Lindsey: That’s my work number; this is my cell. Call me sometime if you want go on for a date. (She blinks her eye and leaves)

Leo: (Seeing the file he wanted then Lindsey’s cell number on the piece of paper as he looks at Lindsey leaving; then he smirking)

  • Int. Powers Mansion - Library

(Cuts to the mansion then the library as we see Jason talking to a businessman)

Jason: You sure, Braxton?

Braxton: Sir, I checked a thousand times and that’s the location the last transaction made.

Jason: I want to say thank you, but I don’t know.

Braxton: You know what, I will check another time and I reach you again.

Jason: You do that. (Giving him back the file)

(As Braxton is receiving it back, two men in black suits shows up)

Jason: Excuse me?

Braxton: (Seeing them)

(The camera shifts to the black suited men then back to Jason)

Jason: Who are you?

Man#1: We're with the Government. (Showing his shield)

Jason: (Worrying) Braxton do that thing you need to do.

Braxton: (Agreeing with him) Yes sir. (Leaving)

Jason: Now, what you two gentlemen doing here and why the FBI is here again.

Man#2: We’re not with the FBI.

Man#1: We’re the FCC. And we have questions.

Jason: Questions about what?

Man#1: EuroTron.

(Then the camera looks at Jason afraid of something as if they know what he already knows and even know more)

  • Ext. Gotham Pier Boardwalk

(Cuts as we see Bruce walking down by the pier and then we see Dr. Bronsan walking to him)

Dr. Bronsan: Something’s wrong with Mira?

Bruce: No. She’s fine.

Dr. Bronsan: Wait, so why you called me here?

Bruce: You are here because I really want to know why you are so dangerous and why you afraid of that power, whatever that is?

Dr. Bronsan: (Realizing it’s about his power) I’m not afraid, it’s just I’m not ready to use it yet.

Bruce: And it makes you so dangerous.

Dr. Bronsan: You don’t understand.

Bruce: I’m not going anywhere; tell me.

Dr. Bronsan: (Can’t get nothing through his head, and he thinks about it and when he sees no one is looking at him) Think of something you want this instant like a dream wish.

Bruce: Even though I have the money for it, I really want a big yacht just out there.

Dr. Bronsan: It’s okay. (Closing his eyes and then he move his right hand towards the water and all of the sudden his hands glow)

Bruce: (Seeing it in amazement)

Dr. Bronsan: (He opens his eyes) There you go.

Bruce: What are you talking about…? (Before he says anything else he sees a yacht in the water) What the…

Dr. Bronsan: You say a yacht.

Bruce: (In pure amazement) How in the world.

Dr. Bronsan: My power….the power of projection.

Bruce: Wait, the glowing stuff is part of your power.

Dr. Bronsan: Yeah, the glowing stuff gives the position of where it goes, yet the catalyst is what I think of. I can think of anything in mind and I tap into my powers and make it possible. Literally, project what I want to come to fruition. Like that yacht. You gave me a thing to think about, I tap into my power, and there you go the power of projection.

Bruce: I’m literally shock. How you got this power unless you’re an alien.

Dr. Bronsan: No, but it happened three months ago. I was with my girlfriend, Rebecca Syber; she’s a professor in Anthropology. I was with her in a doctor similar hosted by Wayne Industries the day the Phoenix incident happened.

Bruce: And you were affected by the Phoenix chemical.

Dr. Bronsan: Yes, and after the similar the chemical unaware at the time got into me while I was thinking to marry Rebecca and thinking I don’t have a ring and then out of nowhere, my hands lit up and a engagement ring pops up.

Bruce: You proposed?

Dr. Bronsan: I didn’t have a chance; she left for a meeting that night. I never did, and I was wondering to do it now.

Bruce: Do it.

Dr. Bronsan: But that’s why I had been contracting myself, because this power makes me dangerous.

Bruce: You can overcome it.

Dr. Bronsan: I can’t; every time I think I can do it, I’m still trying to control it because anytime I can use it in a risky situation where someone might get hurt because of my power.

Bruce: Listen Dr. Bronsan, I have seen people with Phoenix-like abilities and they all abuse it making them almost killing others, but then there are good people like you that with these powers can suppress it and control it without them controlling you.

Dr. Bronsan: Thank you Bruce, but call me Ken.

Bruce: Okay.

Ken: Now you understand a bit more about why I think this power makes me dangerous.

Bruce: I do, yet I do know is that you are not like the ones I met; you’re good; you can use that power for good things like marrying your girlfriend.

Ken: Yeah, I think understand. Maybe it’s not too late to marry Rebecca.

Bruce: See that’s it.

Ken: Thanks Bruce. (Seeing the yacht) What about that?

Bruce: You don’t mind leaving it.

Ken: Alright. (Smiling)

Bruce: (Smiling back)

(They both walk off screen then the camera shifts far to a forested area as we see a shady guy across from the boardwalk with binoculars seeing them and like a spying hearing set listening to them, and then we see the guy is Renard)

Renard: (Overhearing their conversation) Good. Very Good. (Smirking)

(Fades out) [Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. City Park - River

(Cuts to the park near the river as we see Leo walking then he gets a call from Mr. Bryant)

Leo: (Getting angry and answers it) What the hell you want?

Mr. Bryant (Phone): You want to play war with me boy.

Leo: Let me see, hell yeah!

Mr. Bryant (Phone): Good.

Leo: What you mean good?

Mr. Bryant (Phone): You will see.

Leo: What are you talking about Mr. Bimbo?

Mr. Bryant (Phone): Go to your house. (He soon hangs up)

Leo: Hello? Hello! Hello! (He realizes he’s so angry)

(He then throws his cellphone in the river, and then he looks at it and walks off screen)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library as we see the two FCC agents still talking to Jason)

Jason: For the last time I don’t know!

FCC Agent#1: You half to know about Zephyr.

Jason: Do you think I need to know about a westerly wind.

FCC Agent#2: It’s a codename about a transaction focusing about EuroTron.

Jason: I have no clue ask my father; I’m sorry, he’s gone.

FCC Agent#1: We intend to since he was the one who stole the transaction from a terrorist communication group known as Zephyrus; they use Zephyr to begin EuroTron, short name for a European device that evaporates terrorist financial records and the one who uses it will keep the records under the codename Zephyr.

Jason: Wait, you saying that EuroTron is actually a device that literally destroys a terrorist finance.

FCC Agent#2: And let the user keep their money, like a deadly plaque. The Zephyrus group was supposed to be the people who undermine it, but your father stole their code and since then been destroying terrorist finances while keeping the money all to himself.

Jason: I don’t believe it.

FCC Agent#1: Don’t believe us, look at the jump drive. It’ll show you.

(As they about to leave)

Jason: Wait, you’re saying that Mr. Simmons was working for you.

FCC Agent#2: Actually he was bait, so we can know who was doing it and I realize your father is doing it.

FCC Agent#1: Tell your father, if he’s coming back, we’ll be seeing him.

(The two FCC agents then walk out)

(Then we shift to Jason as he bashes his fist on the desk, while feeling all this time the thing he thought EuroTron was is actually a device and he finally knows the truth about EuroTron and the real reason why his father was so obsessed about it)

  • Int. Rave – Bar

(Cuts inside as we see Julie and the man still talking)

Julie: And this is Rave.

Man: Rave, uh?! I wonder why you call this place that.

Julie: Well…

Man: You don’t half to answer that.

Julie: Okay; well tell me this, how you know my mother.

Man: (Hesitating) I can’t say, but…

Julie: You can’t answer that; you sent me two notes, each of its holding parts of your phone number I tried to call you and you didn’t answer.

Man: I tried to answer…

Julie: Why not.

Man: Because, I don’t want to say it.

Julie: So why in the world, you sent me those notes. What, you’re my father.

Man: No.

Julie: Good because my real father is overseas, and since you don’t want to answer you can leave now.

Man: Julie…

Julie: Until you tell me the truth of the reason why you know my mother, I want you out of here…out of my life.

Man: (Not wishing to stop her, he heads out and sees Julie one more time and then he heads out)

(As he heads out, we see Julie thinking she could have the answers she wanted, but he don’t want to tell it; we cut off to a surprised mother)

  • Ext. Leo’s House

(As we cuts to Leo’s house, Leo all of sudden feels anxious when he sees Mr. Bryant near his house)

Leo: (Seeing Mr. Bryant at the porch steps) Get out of here!

Mr. Bryant: I told you, watch out. And like what you said its war. (Smirking)

Leo: Whatever you said Sir Stinks-A-Lot.

Mr. Bryant: Just be careful, what you wish for; (he all of sudden punches Leo in the gut) you might get it. (Smiling and then walks away)

Leo: (Coughing and feeling the pain at the same time; he realizes his messing with this guy is dangerous than ever)

(Cuts off to Leo)

  • Int. Professor Syber’s house – Living Room

(Cuts to the professor’s house then inside her living room as we see Ken Bronsan entering and looking at the sudden disaster the room is)

Ken: Oh my god…what the hell happened? Rebecca! Rebecca! (Confused on where she is)

(He then sees a recording message on the messaging machine; he reaches to it and hears it; to us its Renard)

Renard (Machine’s voice): Hi, if this is Dr. Ken Bronsan, my name is Renard and I want to say thank you for letting me getting your girl, Professor Syber. She’s a delight…

(Ken getting angry)

Renard (Machine’s voice): If you want to know where is she, go to the Gotham Pier Warehouse tonight…I promise doctor if you don’t, let’s just say your darling professor will be singing her last swan song. (The message ends)

Ken: (Angry and worrying about Rebecca’s safety; he gets out his cell and call a number he trust right now) Yes Bruce, if you hear me meet me in the Gotham Pier Warehouse tonight; I need you. (He hangs up the phone)

(Cuts off to a worried Ken)

  • Ext. Pier Warehouse - Night

(Cuts to the view of the Pier warehouse as we see Ken walking around then, then Bruce arrives as he sees him)

Bruce: What’s wrong?

Ken: Rebecca was kidnapped by a thug named Renard and they are inside this place.

Bruce: Whoa, he gave you a message about it.

Ken: Yeah.

Bruce: Bad, we need the police.

Ken: Right now, the police won’t be here on time. I trust you more than them.

Bruce: I don’t have superpowers; I’m not a superhero.

Ken: You don’t have to have powers to be a superhero; all you need is your brains.

Bruce: Well right now, my brain is thinking for you to use your power to get her back.

Ken: Yeah, but I need a clear shot to think. Right now my mind is all over the place, I need to focus on a single thought, but I have a lot in my mind.

Bruce: Just focus… (Before he says anything else, we see Renard’s henchmen coming towards them)

(Bruce and Ken seeing them)

Ken: Run!

Bruce: (Agreeing with him)

(We see them running from the thugs, but gets crossroaded by Renard)

Renard: Well, well I presume Dr. Bronsan.

Ken: Where’s Rebecca?

Bruce: (Standing near him but gets surrounded by Renard’s men and their guns)

Ken: (Seeing there’s no way out)

Renard: Let’s go inside.

(We see Renard heading inside first then Bruce and Ken and then Renard’s men holding their guns in position)

  • Int. Warehouse

(Cuts inside as we see Ken and Bruce getting their hands tied by the thugs and then they push them towards where Rebecca, the professor kidnapped earlier, is locating)

Ken: Rebecca!

Rebecca: Ken!

(They kiss then try to hug each other until one of the thug henchmen pushes them back)

Bruce: Hey! (Seeing them)

(As Bruce tries to do something, the thug punches him and Bruce falls down on the floor)

Ken: Bruce! (Helping him along with Rebecca helping as well)

(The camera then shifts to Renard taking out his 9-mm pistol)

Renard: I guess this is where it came to be.

Ken: (Seeing the madman) What are you talking about?

Renard: I thought the professor was hiding something, but once I know you have a power (Smiling) Oh…oh…oh, this is going to be good.

Ken: (Realizing he knows his power) I’m not going to make myself falls to do what you want to do.

Renard: Good… (Pointing the gun at Ken) I’ll just take it away from you.

(The camera zooms to Renard’s gun and then as its currently points to Ken, but out of nowhere it points more to the right and when it fires the camera views speeding in slow motion, and the camera shifts as the bullet speeds and it heads to…. Bruce)

Bruce: (The camera views the bullet hitting Bruce’s chest right by his heart and lung and the bullet comes out from the other side; but we see Bruce then we see the wound the bullet caused)

(Seeing it happens so fast, Bruce didn’t have any time to react but to drop down to his knees spitting blood from his mouth)

Ken: Bruce!

Rebecca: (Closing her eyes) Oh my…!

(Bruce then falls on the floor upside front as we see him semi-conscious and the gunshot wound is weakening his body as he is hardly breathing and his heart not working properly)

Ken: Oh my god, Bruce! (Heading towards Bruce) I’m going to save you.

(Before Ken do anything, Renard shows up and hits Ken’s head from the back, pistol-whipping him)

Renard: Saving is for losers. (Signaling his men)

(One of his henchmen takes Rebecca she yells…)

Rebecca: Bruce! Ken, wake up! Get off me! (As the man keeps on holding her forcibly as her hands are still tied)

(Two of the henchmen picks up the unconscious Ken and carries him with his hands still tied; then we see Renard looking at an almost-dying Bruce)

Renard: Wasteless kid. (Scouring him then walking screen)

Bruce: (The camera views him fading away as his eyes closes and he is facing death by an instant)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Pier Warehouse

(Cut back to the warehouse)

  • Int. Warehouse

(Cuts inside as we see a dying Bruce Wayne)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we shift to Renard and his men still capturing Ken and Rebecca all heading out)

Ken: (Suddenly waking up after that hit) What… (Remembering Bruce is dying) Bruce, get off me! (Trying to get the henchman off him)

Renard: Why can’t you just shut up!

Ken: Make me.

Renard: Listen, the reason you are alive is that you have a power I want…thank goodness it wasn’t your pretty soon-to-be wife over here.

Rebecca: Wife? (Seeing Ken) You were going to propose to me?

Ken: Three months ago after the seminar, that’s where my power actually began. I think I still have the ring in my pocket, but what’s happening I’m all tie up in the moment.

Rebecca: (Smiling) So romantic, but not the time.

Ken: Yeah, let’s make the time.

(The camera sees Ken uses both his hands, tied up together, as like a one giant fist and knocks out one of the thugs; as another tries to help, Rebecca trips him and then moon kick him in the face knocking out that thug; the other tries to stop her, but Ken spears him to the floor knocking him out)

Renard: (Sees them and tries to stop Ken)

Ken: (Seeing Renard trying to punch and gets a licking, but he then sweep kicks him and then we see Rebecca kicks his face knocking him out momentarily) Let’s go and help Bruce, before he dies.

(Ken and Rebecca heads back to the interior warehouse to help Bruce)

  • Int. Warehouse

(Cuts back to the inside warehouse as we see Ken and Rebecca heading to Bruce; Ken seeing Bruce not breathing)

Ken: No! (He then bites the rope that is binding his hands, and once he tears it apart he hovers around the seemingly lifeless body of Bruce) You’re not going to die.

Rebecca: (Seeing the whole thing and biting her ropes successfully) Ken, why won’t you just use your power that you have.

Ken: I have the power of projection, I can’t just save him.

Rebecca: If I remember correctly, projection is what you want to think. If you thought of that engagement ring and you want it; it came true…it would do the same if you want to heal Bruce.

Ken: I just might… (Then he tries to focus as he hover both his hands by the gunshot wound and thinks he wants that damage to be repaired and Bruce alive)

(As Bruce is hovering near death, Ken’s hands suddenly glow that bright color and it seems it not working immediately)

Rebecca: What’s going on?

Ken: I don’t know.

(As his hands continue to glow near the wound to heal it, we see Ken doing it, but we then see all of suddenly Renard holding his gun aiming to back of Ken’s head; before Renard do anything, Rebecca takes a iron bar knocking the gun of his hand, and whacking him with the bar knocking Renard out again. The camera shifts to Ken as he sees what just happened, and then focus back on healing Bruce)

Ken: Come on Bruce…come on!

(The camera sees Ken’s hands still glowing over Bruce’s wound still not see any change; shifts to Rebecca holding the gun, Renard dropped, to Renard himself as he is getting up from that hit from the iron bar-the camera sees half of Renard’s face is bloody and bruised after the brunt hit from the bar)

(Rebecca steadily holds the gun, but we see Renard squeaking his eyes seeing Rebecca and seeing a chance to regain the upper hand)

(Shifts back to Ken as we see his glowing hands and then finally the wound heals, and in Ken amazement, we then see Bruce slowly opening his eyes; and out of the blue, rise up quickly getting a gigantic breather)

Bruce: (Taking a huge exhale and confused) What….what happened?

Ken: You almost…

Bruce: Don’t tell me. I was almost dead.

Ken: Yeah really quite close to the brink of death.

Bruce: (Figuring how he came back, but he then realizes how) Ken, you didn’t…

Ken: I did.

Bruce: You use… (Before he say anything else)

(The camera views Rebecca screams then we see Renard holding her as a human shield while sticking his gun to her head)

Renard: Move and she’s dead.

Bruce: (Thinking of something) Ken…

Ken: (Wondering himself) I know what you’re thinking.

Renard: (Confused on what they saying)

Ken: (Closes his eyes, and opens his hand as it starts glowing again)

(The camera sees Renard’s gun disappeared…)

Renard: (Stunned on what happened and is yelling) What!!

(The camera shifts to Ken retrieving the gun as we shift to Rebecca biting Renard’s hand)

Renard: (Screaming in pain as he pushes her) You b… (About to do something)

Ken: (Then he aims the gun and shoots it)

(Renard drops down as the bullet hits his leg; Rebecca running towards Ken as Ken throws the gun away and receives her hug; we then see Bruce getting up and is biting the rope off freeing his hands; he then survey where the bullet wound that literally almost killed him and it’s like the wound never appeared)

(The camera cuts off to Ken holding Rebecca around his arms as we soon hear police sirens from the outside)

  • Ext. Pier Warehouse

(Cuts to exterior of the warehouse as we see the police and then two ambulances; shifts as we see Renard partially-wounded being carried on a stretcher heading towards the ambulance; shifts to Det. Alder who sees Bruce getting a checkup)

Det. Alder: You’re okay?

Bruce: Yeah, it felt like I never had it.

Det. Alder: I’m not so sure.

Bruce: Why, I had a brilliant doctor.

Det. Alder: Yeah, Dr. Bronsan.

Bruce: Is…

Det. Alder: He and Professor Syber are fine and well. What really happened in there?

Bruce: (Seeing her as he’s not saying a word)

Det. Alder: Nevermind.

Bruce: (Seeing Renard in the ambulance) Where’s he going after his checkup?

Det. Alder: Well seeing that’s Renard Braun, a ruthless thug commander and his reputation precedes him, I say about life in prison once that flesh wound is healed. (Checking on something) I got to do this, you stay safe okay.

Bruce: Okay.

(While Megan is heading off screen, and then we see Ken heading towards Bruce)

Ken: You’re okay?

Bruce: Yeah you?

Ken: I feel fine…actually, not so well.

Bruce: What you mean.

Ken: My power to project something as I want, it’s gone.

Bruce: Whoa! It’s gone; how?

Ken: Wanting you to heal took a bunch of my energy into that power to do it; and the last of it was when I snatch the gun from Renard.

Bruce: You didn’t have…

Ken: I wanted to; I couldn’t let you died in my arms that make me as a doctor look bad not physically but definitely mentally.

Bruce: I wish I had powers, but I know I didn’t. I was on the brink of death and I couldn’t stop it. For a minute, I was in the same place my parent dealt with on the day they died.

Ken: I know that feel tough on you, and I understand. But to me, you have a life your parents wanted you to pursue and I won’t stand there to let you lose it.

Bruce: Thanks. (Smirking) And speaking of pursue, where’s Rebecca…I thought?

Ken: Well she thought yes.

Bruce: Wait, she agreed with you to marry her.

Ken: Yeah, it doesn’t take a power to commit to that. I love her, she loved me. And thank goodness we will finally be back together.

Bruce: (Smiling) You are the man, sort of.

Ken: Sort of, I have beaten those types of thugs before sometime.

Bruce: Wait, you faced thugs in your lifetime.

Ken: It was like a decade ago. And it seems in somewhat, I pass the torch to you. (Smiling)

Bruce: Just great, a doctor that projects things from his mind was a crime fighter in the past and now passing me some kind of torch.

Ken: One day ten years from now, I wonder who will say that statement.

Bruce: Who knows?! (Smiling)

Ken: (Smiling)

(Cuts off from Ken then to Bruce)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Rave – Morning

(Cuts to the view of the building then inside)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts inside as we see Julie cleaning the table then we see Mira coming inside)

Julie: (Seeing her) Hey, I heard about what happened. You’re okay?

Mira: Yeah, I’m feeling better. It’s okay if I skip work for the next three days.

Julie: Of course! You know I agree with workers’ health.

Mira: (About to leave) I forgot!

Julie: (Almost turning around returning in cleaning up the tables) What?

Mira: Some strange man passed me by before I entered here and told me to give you this. (She gives Julie a note, the same to the other two she received before)

Julie: (Reading the note and all it says “Trust me.” As she turns the backside of the note, there’s no number)

Mira: What is it? A secret admirer?

Julie: I don’t know, maybe someone who missed their morning coffee. (Smiling)

Mira: Okay, well I see you Monday. (Smiling and heading out)

Julie: Alright. (Minutes later as we see Mira gone we shifts back to Julie as she reflects on that note and ponders if sending that man off before even getting him a chance)

(As we cut off to a pondering Julie we can hear the song, Keri Hilson “Energy”, playing in the background)

  • Int. Leo’s House – Leo’s Room

(Cuts Leo’s house then into his room as we see Leo writing his paper on the person he is working on, and then we see the camera viewing whose he working on… an ultimate fighter, Forrest Griffin)

(Leo smiles and then we see him moves the mouse as he gets an IM, he ignores it and continues to work on his project smiling along the way realizing Mr. Bryant won’t be the only one who knows a knowledge of tough offense)

(The song continues as the camera cuts off to Leo smirking)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to a view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library as we see the computer screen with information about Victor’s transactions on EuroTron; shifts to Jason being very intrigued and angry at the same time; Braxton returns)

Braxton: Sir, I checked the area you told me and it I did everything from the whole alphabet soup; your father is there.

Jason: (Knowing the FCC agents were right along and hearing Braxton was right along) Are you positive?

Braxton: I checked almost a thousand times, he’s in or near Star City. Shall I contact Queen Industries…?

Jason: No. I want a jet ready in two hours.

Braxton: (Agreeing) Yes sir. (He heads out)

(The camera shifts back to Jason still doubting if this is true, but he knows his father is somewhere around there; cuts off to Jason’s doubted look)

  • Ext. Star City

(Cuts to the view of Star City, as the song continues to play)

  • Ext. Motel

(Cuts to a motel very far, but close to the city and then near the motel we see a Chinese takeout guy carrying food near a room door labeled “6”)

Takeout guy: (Knocking the door) Sir? (Knocking door after waiting a few more minutes) Hello? Anyone?

(After another few minutes, the guy drops the food and thinking he is going to leave; before he does anything else, the door slightly opens and a mysterious hand takes the food and leaves a twenty; the door closes as the takeout guy receives the money and on the flipside it says KEEP THE CHANGE.)

Takeout guy: Thanks! (Then he departs)

(As the takeout guy leaves, the camera zooms to the door and then cuts off as the song continues)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Back in Gotham we cut to the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts inside to the study room as the song continues we see Bruce looking at the lit fireplace being joined by Alfred)

Alfred: How was your day?

Bruce: Grim.

Alfred: Grim sir, you mean…what do you mean grim?

Bruce: (Hesitating) You know what Alfred, I didn’t mean grim, I mean it was awesome I got to meet an awesome guy who was Phoenix-infected.

Alfred: Ha, the horror?!

Bruce: No, not like that I mean he was good compare to the others who almost tried to kill us.

Alfred: Defined good.

Bruce: He had the power to think what he like and it comes true.

Alfred: Like a modern-day genie from the lamp; thinking of making him your subject for your school project.

Bruce: Yeah I will, but now he lost his power.

(The song reaches to the end)

Alfred: What you mean; how?

Bruce: He saved me.

Alfred: Save you sir, how?

Bruce: (Hesitating) I almost died.

Alfred: (Shocked and stunned) What sir?!

Bruce: Long story, but Ken, the person who has the power, used it to heal me.

Alfred: If he didn’t, you would have died.

Bruce: I know.

Alfred: You should be happy sir that you’re alive. Why you’re sad?

Bruce: (Seeing Alfred) I saw them.

Alfred: Saw the Angel of Death or God.

Bruce: No, when I was on the brink of death, I saw my parents.

Alfred: (Speechless)

Bruce: I saw them and they were trying to say something to me.

Alfred: What was that sir?

Bruce: (Trying to remember and hesitating at the same time, but finally mustering it out) Watch out.

(We see Alfred confused and still stunned on everything he just heard and then we shift back to Bruce as he sees Alfred in one minute, but turns to the fireplace as he gives a very stern look and as the song “Energy” ends; we cuts off from his face)

(Fades out)

[Act V ends]


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