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Firefly is a very minor villain in Batman: Arkham Forever. His role is very important to the game, though. Batman finds him at Arkham Asylum attacking doctors under Hush's orders. Batman sneaks into the air vents to get behind him, then he jumps out and tackles him, knocking the flamethrower out of his hands. Batman gets Firefly to tell him whats going on. All Firefly says is that Riddler and Two-Face are planning something big along with Hush. This bit of info helps Batman on his mission to save Gotham and possibly the entire country from complete chaos.


Arkham Origins

Arkham Asylum

Arkham City

Arkham Forever

Firefly was one of the many villains on the bus to STAR Labs when it crashed. He escaped and was confronted by Hush and Two-Face. They convinced to join them. He was sent to kill doctors at Arkham Asylum, but little did he know they planned for Batman to defeat him, merely since he is no longer needed. After Hush found out Firefly gace Batman the information, he tricked Firefly into giving them his weapon so he will be helpless when Anarky attacks and kills him.


In the game, his profile says this:

  • Real Name: Garfield Lynns
  • Alias: Firefly
  • Status: Alive
  • Officially Insane
  • Side-notes: Garfield is a pyromaniac. During the patient interviews he claimed he wanted to burn Gotham City to the ground and slowly burn Batman to ashes. He has came up with several scenarios of how he'll burn Gotham and Batman. Garfield may be insane, but he is very clever and devious. HIGHLY DANGEROUS AND LETHAL! DO NOT LET HIM ANY WHERE NEAR ANY TYPE OF FIREARM!!!

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