Garfiel Lynns is an expert pyromaniac who was scarred in one of his own fires

Special Attacks

Flame Blast-Firefly fires a blast of fire at his opponent

Fire Bomb-Firefly throws a bomb at his opponent, which explodes into flame

Gasoline-Firefly poars gasoline on the floor (This allows for more powerful fire attacks)

Super Attacks

Level 1-Blazing Stream-Firefly shoots out a massive stream of fire

Level 2-Flame Rain-Firefly shoots balls of flame into the air, and they rain down upon the ground.

Level 3-Pyro Blaze-Firefly flies across the top of the field, back and forth several times, raining down flames on the enemies below

Finishing Moves

Area Incineration-Firefly shoots a jet of fire upwards, causing the area to colapse on his opponent.


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