The Francis Ford Coppola Batman series, featuring three movies, a graphic novel and a spin-off television series is directed by well-renown director Francis Ford Coppola, along with long time friend Larry J Franko, apprentice and nephew Alexandre Morel, and producer of Batman Begins, Charles Roven.

Francis Ford Coppola

Known for co-writing the script for Patton and directing The Godfather and Godfather II, Francis Ford Coppola born on April 7th, 1939 to a wealthy Italian family in Detroit, Michigan. He was influenced to be in show business by figures such as Martin Scorsese, Robert Altman and Woody Allen. In 1972, Coppola's greatest movie, The Godfather was released, followed by its sequel 2 years later. In 2012, he announced the beginning of a Batman film series reboot. The first movie appeared in 2013, the second in 2014, the third in 2015 and the television series appeared in 2016.


Into the Knight

As Christopher Nolan had finished his critically acclaimed Dark Knight Series, Coppola took the initiative to start something he'd wanted to do for years: A new Batman reboot. Growing up a fan of Batman, Coppola decided to take his film editing skills to make a new Batman series. He began writing the story for Into the Knight, along the way recruiting various film workers that have participated in Batman films. He also brought his protegee and relative, Alexandre Morel into the mix on stroyboard writing. The movie was released on October 28, 2013 after being postponed after a set fire back in 2010, which pushed filming back into late 2011-ealry 2012. Casting for the movie underwent many changes, especially with the role of Bruce Wayne, who was originally set to be portrayed by Eric Bana. But, due to prior disagreements and other opportunities, Bana left, resulting in Coppola finding Andrew Lincoln to star in the film.

Day of the Knight

Dawn of Knight


The Nightwing

The Knight: Resurrection

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