Friend is the thirteenth episode of The Young Knight season one



  • Ext. Gotham City – (Night)

(Pan around a beautiful night view of the city)

  • Ext. Gotham Hill Apartments -

(Cuts to an old-like neighborhood then to an apartment complex as we view up to the fourth floor)

  • Int. Lucius’s Apt.

(Cuts inside as we see Lucius from a long time, is relaxing on his sofa, and the camera shifts to the coffee table as we see the puzzle box and a piece of paper saying “Reblix Cabua”)

(As Lucius heads to the back, we zoom to the puzzle box and we see it kind of glowing)

  • Ext. Alley

(Cuts to the dark alley as we see thugs entering and is somehow chatting)

Thug#1: We need to go!

Thug#2: Not yet!

Thug#1: Why not?

Thug#2: (Not saying anything)

(They suddenly hears a dark voice)

Voice: He ask you a question.

(They are stump and then look up as they see something)

  • Ext. Rooftop

(Shifts to the rooftop as we see a costumed figure with a steel-like mask covering the top his head and eyes and partial of his nose not his mouth holding a steel-like sledgehammer; he soon jumps down)

  • Ext. Alley

(Cuts to the same alley as we see the figure dropping down and then throwing the two thugs across the area as we see one thug into the dumpster, then to another hitting the steel fence)

(Shifts as we see the figure forcibly pushing the thug near the fence to the brick wall as we see him interrogating him)

Figure: Alright, like your friend said why you can't go?

Thug#2: I'm not saying anything.

Figure: Okay, so where is he!

Thug#2: I don't know?!

Figure: I'm not saying it again... (Getting angry) where is he!

Thug#2: I don't know!

Figure: (Shaking his head like it’s okay again; then he throws him into the dumpster like his other pal as the dumpster doors close on itself) Taken out the trash, not what I expect, but hey at least I did good in my cleaning.

(We soon see him jumps on the closed dumpster then jumps up to the rooftop, and he runs off screen)

  • Ext. Gotham Hill Apartments - Roof

(Cuts back to the complex as we see the same figure from the alley appearing on the roof then drops on the steel-stair railing near Luicus’s windows)

  • Int. Lucius’s Apt.

(Cuts inside as Lucius hears something)

Lucius: Hello?! (Seeing the windows) Anyone out there! (Thinking that something was there and suddenly he hears someone knocking the door)

(When the door is knocked again, Lucius hides the puzzle box and the paper with the major clue into a hidden place and then heads to the door; the doorbell knocks again)

Lucius: Coming. (Hurrying to the door as he opens it)

(The camera views a young African-American male)

Lucius: Hello?

Male: Lu, you don’t notice me?

Lucius: Lu, the only person who calls me that was my sister.

Male: Well it’s me John…John Henry Irons, your nephew!

Lucius: (Suddenly remembering) John, of course you’re my nephew! (Starts hugging him as he smiles)

John: Nice to see you Uncle Lu.

Lucius: You too, nephew. So what are you doing here?

John: I’m staying in Gotham for the weekend, because mom got a cruise and my little sister had to go with grandma.

Lucius: And my sister, let you choose to stay with me in this city.

John: I like it! Gotham has that sudden attraction to me unlike Metropolis there’s nothing super around there besides the Daily Planet.

Lucius: Well I’ll be honor to let you stay with me for the weekend. You’re hungry?

John: Yeah. (Holding his duffel bag and then drops it, and follows his uncle)

Lucius: I hope you really like Gotham.

John: Trust me uncle, you have no idea. (He gives a small smirk and walks off)

(As he walks off, the camera views his duffel bag and we see an opening and inside we see a steel-like sledgehammer revealing John is this mysterious steel sledgehammer-wielding avenger but what is he really here for…)

(The camera goes to the credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor - Next Morning

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Kitchen

(Cuts inside as we see Alfred already made breakfast as the camera sees pancakes, chocolate chip waffles, slices of toast, grits, eggs, bacon, orange juice, and fruits; then we see a still-tired Bruce appearing while still wearing his under t-shirt and sweat pants. Bruce then sees the wonderful breakfast, but doesn’t up to it)

Alfred: Master Bruce!

Bruce: (Seeing the food) I’m not that hungry, Alfred.

Alfred: You’re okay sir?

Bruce: I don’t know. It’s been about a week and she hasn’t call yet.

Alfred: I figure it was about a girl.

Bruce: It’s not what you think.

Alfred: Oh, well pardon me sir, but ignoring a flamboyant breakfast all because you did something wrong.

Bruce: Not did, done.

Alfred: Oh my. I wonder is this girl anyone I know probably Ms. Julie.

Bruce: (Not saying a word)

Alfred: I see.

Bruce: (Hesitating to tell him) I told her the real reason why the band came to Rave, and that I paid them and tell them to act like you getting coffee.

Alfred: (Shaking his head agreeing with him)

Bruce: Now Julie won’t even talk to me after I gave her almost nine phone calls in this week and not one has been answered back.

Alfred: All I can say Master Bruce, is that girls are like dogs, their bite is worse than their bark.

Bruce: (Looking at Alfred) I am going to go upstairs, because this is ridiculous… (About to leave, but thinking again) you know what, I think I can grab something to eat before I head out.

Alfred: (Smiling)

(Cuts off to Bruce)

  • Ext. Gotham Hill Apartments - Roof

(Cuts back to the complex as we catch what is happening inside)

  • Int. Lucius’s Apt.

(Cuts inside the apartment as we see John fixing some Hot Pockets in the microwave and then we see Lucius heading to work)

Lucius: I have to go to work, so are you sure you’ll be okay?

John: Uncle Lu, I handled my wild sister, I can surely watch myself. (Taking his Hot Pockets out and put it on the plate)

Lucius: Alright, so I will see you at nine.

John: Whoa, (surprised) I wonder where you work?

Lucius: I work at Wayne Industries.

John: I heard about the Waynes, great family.

Lucius: You should meet their son; he’s a delight. (Smiling and heading out)

John: (Talking to himself while he’s drinking his orange juice) I just might do that.

(Cuts off to John drinking his juice)

  • Ext. City Park

(Cuts to the park as we see Julie walking on the pavement and then sit on the bench as she is thinking about something)

(As Julie thinks of something and we see the camera flashes back to the previous episode, Gossip, where she was bullied by girls about a scandalous rumor)

  • Int. Flashback

(Flashes to the previous episode)

Girl: You.

Julie: Me?

Girl#2: Yeah, is your mother a wannabe leaver.

(Some of the girls laughing)

Julie: (Getting mad) Take that back.

Girl#2: What, the rumor is already beginning to spread soon enough Gotham High will have a no-sense motherless girl. (Smiling sinisterly)

Julie: (Pissed) You son of a… (Pushes her with the others)

(As the girl is pushed to the girls, she retorts and pushes Julie to the locker hard as she collapses on the floor)

Girl#2: Spoil motherless girl (Laughing)

(The other girls follow as we see Julie depressed then we flashes back to the present)

  • Ext. City Park – Present

(Flashes back to the present as we see Julie depressed about that rumor)

Julie: (Talking to herself) It’s not true. (Shedding a tear on her left cheek) It’s not true.

(Cuts off Julie)

  • Ext. Leo’s House – Leo’s Car

(Cuts to the view of Leo’s house as we see him walking to his car and then he gets a message on his Voyager phone)

Leo: (He opens the text message and it’s from Mr. Bryant “Where are you? I been seeking you for a week, where are you. We need to talk.” Leo reads and kind of have afraid and then we see him doing something; the camera sees him deleting the message; he smiles as he feels safe for doing what he just done and he proceeds to his car like originally planned)

(As we see Leo getting inside his car and driving off, unbeknownst to him the camera shifts to the other side of the street to another car as we see a man coming out from inside and its Mr. Bryant)

Mr. Bryant: (Calling someone on his phone) I’m pursuing him right now. Make sure you handle the other target now. (Hangs up as we see him looking at Leo’s house)

(Cuts off to Mr. Bryant’s intrigued face)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside to the hallway as we see Jason looking through files, and one of the files is entitled “Codename: Ironstone”)

(The camera shifts to another section as we see the costumed figure coming behind him and then when he tries to pull out his sledgehammer, Jason turns around; the figure grabs his dress shirt collar and starts threatening him)

Figure: You know where is he?

Jason: (Being afraid) I don’t know.

Figure: Good. (Letting go) How I did.

Jason: Seeming you handled those two thugs working for Thorn last night, you did great Ironstone. You found any reports of him?

Ironstone (John): No. (Putting his sledgehammer on his back, where unbeknownst to Jason, the camera views the sledgehammer magnetically attached to the back side of the costume)

Jason: It’s okay, you’ll find my father…trust me.

(The camera looks to who we know it’s John or to Jason as Ironstone then we shifts to Jason being pleased there is a way to find his father)

(Fades out)

[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts outside the Rave building)

  • Int. Bar area

(Cuts inside as we see Leo drinking his cold drink and then being joined by Bruce)

Bruce: (Worrying) What’s the big emergency you half to call me from the manor?

Leo: I think I’m being followed.

Bruce: You followed. (Laughing)

Leo: Come on. Remember the time I had to go undercover to uncover the Red Dragons.

Bruce: Oh, yeah the time you was at jail.

Leo: Funny, I think someone is following me ever since I made a deal with this guy…

Bruce: (Receiving a text message from someone)

Leo: (Seeing Bruce doodling on his phone) What is it?

Bruce: It’s Lucius; he needs me at Wayne Labs.

Leo: For what?

Bruce: I don’t know, but I am going to find out.

Leo: What about my crisis?!

Bruce: I got to go. (Heading out)

(Leo wondering if he made a very bad deal from the devil)

  • Int. Back

(Cuts to the back as we see Julie about to head to the front, instead she sees another strange note addressed to her; she notices the last one was about someone knowing her mother)

Julie: (She glances at it and the camera sees it as we glance at it we see it reads “Julie, your mother is not who you think she is. I understand. I know more about you.”)

(Cuts back to Julie as we see she has a stunned look on her face)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to the view of the building twenty minutes later)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside the hallway as we see Bruce heading to the labs, but he collides incidentally with another young male, who we know it’s John)

Bruce: Whoa, I’m sorry.

Male: Yeah, me too. (Seeing him and putting his hand forward) My name is John Henry Irons.

Bruce: My name is Bruce Wayne. (Shaking his hand)

John: Well, what you know. My uncle told me about your family and this company is cool.

Bruce: Thank you. In fact, who is your uncle?

John: Lucius Fox.

Bruce: Lucius, oh, well thanks for coming and maybe I’ll see you again.

John: I hope so too.

(Bruce then continues his path to the labs as we see John leaving the other way)

  • Int. Leo’s House – Leo’s Bedroom

(Cuts inside Leo’s house as we see him heading into his room and when he enters he sees it been ransacked)

Leo: What the hell.

(The camera views around his room that everything from his bed to his computer desk is all messed up)

Leo: (Trying to figure who could have done this and he thinks it could be part of the Red Dragons’ plan for vengeance and that they know where he lives)

(Cuts off Leo’s worried face)

  • Int. Wayne Industries - Int. Lab

(Cuts back to the building then to the lab as we see Bruce joining Lucius for something he needs to tell him)

Bruce: Hey Lucius, you know I just passed by your nephew…

Lucius: You know anything about Starlix.

Bruce: (Listening to what he just said) Yeah, a little bit. I notice it when I read a file from my dad’s office that Wilden took over after he died. What you need?

Lucius: Well, I need you to look at this for me.

Bruce: (Seeing Lucius’s computer)

(Cuts to the camera as we see a figure jumping on the rooftops in a steel-like armor costume, who we all know is John)

Lucius: I had the latest satellite from here to view on that thing. I tried everything from voice-analysis to a possible DNA discovery, but I did find this)

(Bruce sees what Lucius is talking about)

Bruce: Who is this guy?

Lucius: I don’t know, but you may need to talk to Jason about that.

Bruce: (Hearing what Lucius has to say and seeing Jason knows since he knows this figure is from PowerCorp)

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion – Int. Library

(Cuts to the mansion then to the library as we see Bruce ramming the doors to see what Jason’s deal about what he learned from Lucius)

Bruce: Jason, who’s Ironstone!

Jason: I don’t know.

Bruce: Listen, Jason, I know none of us have been acting the same from the past few weeks and I get it and I understand your problems, but…

Jason: But what?! I’m going be like my father, is that what you’re trying to say. And if not, say it!

Bruce: Well you know me just like I know you, your father is a parasite and don’t want his parasitic DNA to be in you.

Jason: I have been fighting against my father for day one, and you warning me not to be him. Trust me Bruce, I already am warned.

(John disguised as “Ironstone” appears to both of them)

Ironstone (John): You need me.

Jason: You're the key to find my father.

Ironstone (John): (Wondering) Am I?

Bruce: Is he?

Ironstone (John): (Seeing Bruce) Stay out of this.

Bruce: (Remembering the image he seen at the lab, he matches the description) You’re Ironstone.

(As we see Ironstone leaving, Bruce tries to follow and then we see Jason wondering about Ironstone’s status and we see him touching a button on his phone as we cuts off to Jason’s weird attitude)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries – Int. Lab

(Cuts to the building then back to the lab)

Lucius: (Tries to study more about the image, and then he uploads the info on King Arthur and Project Avalon)

(The camera shifts to see two masked shadowy figures appearing out of nowhere and attacks Lucius)

Lucius: Get off of me! (Screams) Help! Help!

(Before Lucius can scream help again, one of the masked goons covered his mouth with ether on a cloth knocking him out unconscious; as for the other goon, he heads to Lucius’s computer and injects his jump drive into the predecessor as it spread a parasitic virus downloading Lucius’s research; seconds later, he takes it out as he helps the other goon grab Lucius and disappears)

  • Int. Powers Mansion - Hallway

(Cuts to Bruce and “Ironstone” still kind of arguing)

Bruce: Wait!

Ironstone (John): (Not listening)

Bruce: Listen, Ironstone, or whoever you are…

Ironstone (John): I don’t care what you or Jason calls me; as of now, I work on my own.

Bruce: Wait, you think I am here to let you help me.

Ironstone (John): That’s what Jason needs me for; he seeks me to find his father.

Bruce: Listen, I can help you.

Ironstone (John): If you want to help me, you stay the hell away from me. (He then throws Bruce to the wall)

(We see Ironstone gone and Bruce laying on the floor semi-conscious)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries – Int. Lab

(Cuts to the building then back to the lab, as we see Ironstone taking off his mask, as we see John wanted to talk to his uncle)

Ironstone (John): Uncle Lu, Uncle Lucius?

(He continues to look around the lab room and Lucius is nowhere to be found)

(As hope is looming fast, he sees some kind of card with a strange address, John soon believes his uncle was kidnapped and now he must find him instead of Victor Powers; he puts his mask back on and checks on that address)

  • Int. Powers Mansion - Hallway

(Cuts back to mansion then inside the same hallway as we see Bruce about to awake as we see Jason looking at Bruce is okay)

Jason: Bruce are you okay, Ironstone did this?

Bruce: I don’t know, I guess I just fainted for a little bit. I got to go.

Jason: Bruce, wait! Bruce!

(We see Bruce running off screen as we cut off to Jason)

  • Int. Unknown Room

(Cuts to an unknown room surrounded by thick hardcore walls then we see John in costume breaking in from a open door looking for Lucius)

Ironstone (John): Uncle Lucius.

(Seeing a man sitting on the chair facing to the back)

Ironstone (John): Is that you. (As he turns the chair around…)

Man: (The man is not Lucius instead he’s a henchman goon working for an upper level, as he pulls his stun gun to Ironstone)

Ironstone (John): (Knocks the gun and grab his neck with his strength and starts choking him) Where is he? Where is Lu…?

(Before Ironstone/John say anything else or if the henchman will, we see an one stun razor attached to Ironstone’s armor as he feels it; then we see another stun razor, and another, and another; soon enough he falls to his knees and we see him being semi-conscious after all the stun hits he received the man he busted for not being his uncle hits grabs his gun and knocks Ironstone/John to the floor unconscious)

(Shifts to two shoes walking and stopping by the unconscious Ironstone and then as we look up to the mysterious man, we see its Bradson on his phone)

Bradson: (On the phone) We got him. (Listening) Understood. (He hangs up and look to the henchman, who knockout Ironstone) Bring him to me. (Smirking sinisterly and walks out)

(The henchman agrees and looks to Ironstone; as cut off to Ironstone, who we all know its John, still unconscious)

(Fades out)

'[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. PowerCorp – Int. Unknown Room

(Cuts inside PowerCorp to an unknown sector room as we see John/Ironstone tied down in a chair, and we see Bradson interrogating him while rolling up his sleeves)

Bradson: I have been looking forward to see you again.

Ironstone (John): Again? (Still waking after what happened to him) I don’t even know you.

Bradson: That’s the fun part because I know you. After all you should know me; I was the one who gave you the job to find Mr. Powers.

Ironstone (John): (Trying to remember) Wait...I do know you…Brad…Brad pin; Brad Pitt. (Smiling)

Bradson: You think it’s funny huh. (Grabbing a stun gun and shoots him with a stun razor)

(Ironstone feeling the effects)

Ironstone (John): (Feeling pain)

Bradson: (Smiling) That’s better.

Ironstone (John): What you want from me; I have someone to look for.

Bradson: Weird. It was supposed to be Mr. Powers you should look for, but it seems you are looking for someone else. I wonder who? Could it be Uncle Lucius?

Ironstone (John): (Seeing his face while having a very bad look to him)

Bradson: It has to be because you see, you been what I can say…distracted. You are supposed to look for Mr. Powers not a wash-up scientist.

Ironstone (John): You stay away from him.

Bradson: Face facts you will stay on your true course. (Hitting him again with the stun gun)

Ironstone (John): (Feeling pain again) Aghhhhh…

Bradson: You know this stun razor can really penetrate that armor of yours. I’m just wondering if you ever defy us again, what I can say you can end up as a trash, Ironstone.

Ironstone (John): The name is not Ironstone.

Bradson: Really?! Well let’s just see who’s really under that mask.

Ironstone (John): Well you forget one thing about me. (The camera sees his tied hands moving as his right touching his left barely)

Bradson: And what’s that?

Ironstone (John): I have a magnetic personality. (While Bradson is confused, the camera sees his right hand touching his left hand as we see him doing a magnetic pulse)

(The pulse commands his steel sledgehammer as it moves from a far table and flies like a iron bar to a magnet as Bradson sees it he dodges out of the way as the hammer barely misses John’s head and luckily hits two goons; John brings the hammer again this time, he pulls his arms up as the hammer’s force rips the ropes tying his hand; John gets up as he puts the sledgehammer on his back and before he escapes Bradson tries to stop him; John/Ironstone punches Bradson out)

Bradson: (Falls to the ground unconscious)

Ironstone (John): (Runs out and see two more henchmen seeing him escape)

(We see John/Ironstone exiting out the room and heading to the roof, unbeknownst to him we see Bruce seeing him escaping to the roof)

  • Int. Unknown Building – Room

(Cuts inside a steel-sealed wall room as we see Lucius waking up and see he is in this strange room)

Lucius: Hello? (Seeing a black tinted window) Whoever you are in there, please tell me what’s going on? Why I am here… (Realizing the men who attacked him at the labs has to do something with the mysterious face behind the glass)

(Shifts to the black-tinted window and then back to Lucius as out of the blue, the walls starts caving in)

Lucius: (Seeing it) What the…? (Trying to push the wall back, but it keeps on caving forwards)

(Cuts off Lucius’s concern look)

  • Ext. PowerCorp. - Rooftop

(Pan to view the of the building then we see John taking off his steel-like costume until he Bruce spots him)

Bruce (Voice): I should have figure it was you.

John: (Turns around and gets caught) Bruce!! (Acting surprise)

Bruce: I seen that look before, when I acted surprise to my father when I stolen his cigarette pipe...I believe I was five when that happened.

John: Nice memory.

Bruce: Thanks for telling me.

John: Listen, Bruce...

Bruce: So you are the masked avenger that has been taking down a lot of Thorne's men.

John: Well he or I have a new enemy to face.

Bruce: Who?

John: Starlix.

(Bruce gets stumped)

John: Seem like you heard that.

Bruce: You'll be surprise to know how much I remember that name.

John: Well since you know them, you should know I'm going to face those cold freaks because they kidnapped one person I cared about.

Bruce: Listen vengeance is not the answer, trust me I know.

John: How the hell you know!

Bruce: My parents were murdered when I was seven right in front of my eyes, I didn't do anything because I was scared and I was young. I didn't do anything.

John: And you stored that anger and that pain for years.

Bruce: Every year since they died.

John: (Feeling sorry) Sorry man for your loss, but I don't intend to have this person I cared about the most died in front of my eyes....

(John bypassing Bruce until Bruce grabs his arm)

Bruce: Let the proper authorities do it.

John: They did. They suck.

Bruce: But you suck more if you do this.

John: (Getting into his face) Listen Bruce, I know we don't go eye for eye, and I surely don't want to go fist to fist.

Bruce: What's that suppose to mean.

(All of sudden John tries to punch Bruce, but Bruce ducks, gets back up, and punch John in the face first, then we see John punching Bruce...all of the sudden we see Bruce spearing John on the floor and they go fist-fighting and before they get to it more PowerCorp security guards stopping them in the process and they both put their guns towards Bruce and John; as the men tries to get close, John gets up and punches one guy as Bruce punches the other guy)

John: Got to go.

Bruce: Wait, John! (Feeling Lucius is in trouble, he soon follows John)

  • Int. Unknown Building – Unknown Room

(Cuts back to the unknown room as we see Lucius about to be crushed as the walls of each side is about to cave in to him)

Lucius: (Still feeling helpless) I don’t have anything to do with you…whoever you are…just leave me alone! Help! (Trying to push the wall back, but to no prevail)

(The camera shifts to the black-tinted window as all we know there might be someone in there; shifts back to Lucius)

(Cuts off to a helpless Lucius as the walls are moving in faster than expected)

  • Int. Unknown Building

(Cuts as we see John redressed as Ironstone as he knows a human breaks inside and reaches to a steel doorwall and hears a voice barely screaming help as it has to be his uncle, so John/Ironstone uses his sledgehammer to ram it and hit it at the caving steel wall as the camera zooms out as we see him bashing the doorwall a lot with the hammer and we see plenty of sparks)

(Few attempts and he finally enters into the room as he stops the wall form caving in and saves his uncle from death)

Ironstone (John):

Lucius: (Feeling lucky, he then faints)

(A minute later the camera spots Bruce appearing over the opening John made, as he then enters the room and helps out John carrying a fainted Lucius)

Bruce: (Carrying Lucius’s left side) Come on.

Ironstone (John): Wait, let me do something. (He sees the black window that is probably hiding the men who kidnapped his uncle, then he throws his sledgehammer right at the window; the window breaks as the hammer not getting anything, but glass however John uses his magnetic pulse from his left hand as the sledgehammer comes back to him then he finally helps Bruce carrying his uncle)

Bruce: (Carrying Lucius’s left side) What was that for?

Ironstone (John): (Carrying his uncles’ right side) Taking care of business.

(We see Bruce and John carrying the still-fainted Lucius off camera)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. PowerCorp.

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Victor's Office

(Cuts inside Victor's office as we see a man wearing glasses, as he enters and sees Jason being determining about something)

Man: Sir….

Jason: Where is he?

Man: We tried sir. Everything, it seems that tracker we put inside his suit is gone.

Jason: You mean to tell me that I wasted money for a state-of-the-art GPS microchip and it’s suddenly gone from the grid.

Man: I will try my best, sir.

Jason: I don't care what it takes, doctor, find him.

(The man exits as we shift back to Jason as we see he is becoming a different person; and then we hear the song “Show Me What I’m Looking For” from Carolina Liar playing in the background)

  • Int. Leo’s House – Leo’s Bedroom

(Cuts to Leo’s house then inside his room as we see his room is back together and as the song continues we see Leo getting a text message on his cell from something)

Leo: (Wondering) What now. (He opens the message in the phone to see its form none other than Mr. Bryant. “This is what happen…” getting angry now knowing Mr. Bryant was the cause of his room being thrashed, he calls the number) You know what Mr. Bryant, screw you because if this a war you want…you got one! (He hangs up and throws his phone to the bed; he folds his arms and thinking he’s tired of running and now he is ready to battle)

(Cuts off to Leo as the song continues)

  • Int. Rave – Bar

(Cuts to Rave then to the bar as we see Julie still looking through the two notes she received and wonder who is this person who knows her mother and if she really is a wannabe leaver)

Julie (We see her turning the first note over and sees a three-digit number, and she wonders and when she turns the second one it reveals to have a four-digit number; she ponders and call the number on her Envy phone, and when she gets a connection she can only hear just a ominous background) Whoever this is, I wonder to know do you know my mother because if you do…I want, better yet I need to know…who is she.

(As the song continues, the camera cuts off from Julie)

  • Ext. Gotham Hill Apartments

(Cuts to the complex as the song continues)

  • Int. Lucius’s Apt.

(Cuts inside as we see John heading out with his bags and Lucius following him)

Lucius: I wish I could have spent more time with ya nephew.

John: I hope so too, but next time. I’ll make sure the next time I come here you are going to be my first.

Lucius: Didn’t this time was your first?

John: You’re right; my second. (Smiling)

Lucius: (Smiling) You should have seen the person who saved me back there at that place I told you about.

John: Oh, that person all dressed in silver armor.

Lucius: (Smirking) Not funny, but I hope you could have seen him.

John: Trust me, I will. (Heading out the door)

Lucius: Bye nephew. (Hugging him) It’s been good watching over you the best I can while you was here.

John: And the cease never amazes me. (Smiling while heading to the elevator) Bye Uncle Lu. (Waving bye as the doors closes)

Lucius: (Smiling and waving)

(Cuts off to Lucius)

  • Ext. Gotham Hill Apartments - Roof

(Cuts to the complex’s roof as we see John seeing the glimpse of Gotham City one last time and then Bruce appears and the song still continuing)

John: (Seeing him) You really like to show in those importune times.

Bruce: I am like a bat, even though I hate bats.

John: You afraid of bats.

Bruce: Well, what’s your fear?

John: (Not worrying) Well if you do want to know, I’m afraid of crammed spaces.

Bruce: You. Back at that room where we saved…

John: That was outside; we weren’t the ones who are being crammed into a tight space.

Bruce: True. Either way, you heading back home.

John: Metropolis yeah. It’s nice to go back home, even though I don’t know if there’s anyone waiting for me except my family.

Bruce: Wait, you didn’t have anyone you loved.

John: Well I did have a crush on someone; I think her name was Lana Lang.

Bruce: Weird, I heard that name before from a wedding clipping; she was married to Lex Luthor.

John: I heard, but a good friend of mines from the Daily Planet, informed me she left Lex for her true love…Clark Kent.

Bruce: Clark Kent, huh, maybe I might run in to him in the near future; who knows we may be partners.

John: That I’ll like to see. (Remembering something) Sorry about that fist fight we had earlier on, it just that…

Bruce: I know.

John: (Seeing he agreed) See ya Bruce. (Forwarding his hand)

Bruce: We will see each other again. (Shakes his hand)

(As the song reaches to its end, we see John about to head out)

Bruce: You know, you think I’ll see Ironstone again.

John: I hate that name.

Bruce: What about Steel?

John: (Thinking about it) that’s a good one. Yeah, you’ll see…Steel. Trust me. (Smiling and heads off camera)

(As the song “Show Me What I’m Looking For” ends, the camera cuts off as we see Bruce smirking happy and realizes he finally has a super friend by his side)

(Fades out) [Act V ends]


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