Gossip is the twelfth episode of The Young Knight season 1.



  • Ext. Business Company

(Pan to a view of a company building)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside a hallway as we see a figure walking; the camera views closer to see the unknown person’s legs walking and we also see it’s a female the way she walks and the way the camera sees her black shoes clanking on the floor)

  • Int. Office

(Cuts inside the office as we see a business-like male tycoon working on a few files, and we then notice the female figure from before entering in)

Man: Hello… Who is that?

(All of the sudden we see a silencer gun as its shoots three bullets; the camera shifts to the male but instead we see him dead on the desk; then we see the female figure walking near his desk checking on the folders and then she soon checks on the files as she see is checking about something and then she finds it)

(The camera views the file as it reads “Victor Powers—Alive or Dead” as well a picture of him; and then she takes the file off screen as the camera is left to view the dead tycoon)

  • Ext. Hills – Road

(Cuts to see a 2008 Ford Focus driving around as hear a song playing inside)

  • Int. Car

(Cuts inside the car as we see a teen female driving it putting “Misery Business” by Paramore on the radio. As she continues driving, she gets distracted by her iPhone as she receives a new message)

(She opens the message to reveal it’s from Kat; the camera zooms to the message as it says “From Kat Talk: Kat here, rumors swirling that Rebecca is pregnant. And trust me I thought she was fat, but now I know she’s carrying Tom Kean’s baby. Go Baby Go!”; the camera zooms back to Rebecca’s shocked face)

Rebecca: That’s not true! (Saying to herself)

(As she is distracted by the rumor, her car mistakenly swerves and goes off the road)

Rebecca: (Screaming)

(The camera views the car rolling down the hill as it hits to a ditch as the song continues to play, but as we see closer Rebecca is out conscious and her iPhone is goes to another section of the hill as we see it still works and we see another message from Kat “From Kat Talk: I hope Rebecca doesn’t hears about it or believe me it’s going to be a crash.” Soon the song “Miser Business” ends as we go to the credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to Rave as we see people entering and exiting and then we notice a sign on the door “Now Hiring Servers”)

  • Int. Rave

(Cuts inside Rave as we people hanging out and then we see Julie near the bar working a few things; as we see another person talking to her while we hear Plain White T’s “What If“ in the background)

Mira: So I heard there’s an open position for Rave?

Julie: Well there are some position spots still open, I already sold two, I just need two more.

Mira: Well consider it done deal.

Julie: Great!

Mira: (Smiling; then look hearing the song) Plain White T’s I love them.

Julie: Me too. I tried and tried the very best to find songs, and I luckily I did it but it will never be what I always wanted.

Mari: What’s that?

Julie: A band to perform at Rave.

Mira: You don’t have the contacts or the money.

Julie: Well frankly, I have some contacts, yet I don’t have enough money to get a band.

Mira: Well at least we’re hearing a band.

Julie: Over a speakerbox.

(Shifts to we see three females walking in slow motion then back to normal as they reach to the bar, as the song still continues to play in the background; one of the girls is Kat from the scandalous rumor mill, Kat Talk)

Kat: (Feeling bratty approaches Julie and Mira) Well, well, look what we have here girls.

Mira: Not for one to talk, Bratty Chatty.

Kat: Nice pickup line Alice, got it from Wonderland like your clothes.

Mira: No, might be my personality. How about you, Cheshire Cat, talk much?! Or maybe TweedleDee and TweedleDum over there provide your audience.

Julie: (Smirking)

Kat: (Growling a little at Mira then see Julie) What are you smirking about bar hop.

Julie: Whatever, Kat.

Kat: (Getting annoyed by the both of them) You know, I guess Starbucks is better than here anyway. Let’s go girls. (Snapping her fingers they follow)

Mira: (To Julie) She meows, and they listen.

Julie: (Smirking)

Kat: (Almost about to leave) Oh, and Julie, I like the idea of having a band. If you can get one, maybe I might start coming and hanging out. (Leaving like that, she heads out)

Julie: (Shocked and stunned) How in the world she knows that! It was just between us.

Mira: They don’t call her the “Black Cat” for nothing.

Julie: Thank goodness you are here.

Mira: I still got the job.

(Both of them start laughing)

Julie: Of course.

(As the song cuts off, the camera cuts off to Mira’s smiling face)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor – Int. Study

(Cuts to the view of the manor then inside to the study as we see Bruce checking on something with some books)

Bruce: (Continues to look through several books for something)

(As we see him, we then notices Alfred entering)

Alfred: Sir, I might ask what are you doing?

Bruce: I’m checking on something…more like an interest.

Alfred: Interest? (Seeing one of the books; the camera sees it about hallucinations) Sir, can I say, are you thinking about images from your mind?

Bruce: Alfred, I keep on getting these visions of my parents ever since their anniversary of their death where I had series of flashbacks of their death.

Alfred: And you think these sudden visions are connected to those flashbacks.

Bruce: Maybe, I been reading and looking through series of books about optical illusions to hallucinations to anything that is dealing with images.

Alfred: Any success?

Bruce: None. (Sitting in the chair) I don’t know what to do now Alfred. I tried contacting Leslie, but it seems she’s not answering.

Alfred: I’ll see about that sir, and as for these visions, the only thing I can say is to look deeply sir. You will never know what will happen.

Bruce: Thanks for the advice.

Alfred: Always there to be in your service, Master Bruce. (Heading to the back)

(The camera sees Bruce concentration on a thought and wonders about these precarious visions)

  • Ext. Street - 2008 Ford Taurus

(Cuts to the street near Rave as we see a Ford Taurus driving)

  • Int. Car

(Cuts into the car as we see Kat and her clique)

Female#1: What now?

Kat: (Well you two don’t do nothing)

Female#2: Well how you get your info.

Kat: FYI, I don’t care and my lips are sealed.

(As the two friends confused and getting really obnoxious as usual, they ignore her; then we see Kat thinking she hear something and out of nowhere the camera views to her right ear as the camera slows down while we see her hearing a male voice)

  • Ext. Street – Sidewalk

(Cuts to the sidewalk as we see Leo walking towards Rave, and talking on the phone the next)

Leo: Listen Mr. Bryant, I don’t know about this. (Listening) Maybe.... I should (Listening) Alright, well…

(Before we hear anything else the camera views back to Kat and her super-hearing ability)

  • Int. Car

(Cuts back inside the car as we see Kat finally found some interesting news about Leo)

Kat: Girls, you know Leo Foster, well I guess I just found a new target for my rumor mill. Watch out Leo, Black Kat has some scandalous news for you.

(As the girls look so confused, we see Kat again with a bratty smirk)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to view the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside to the library as we see Jason talking with someone on the phone and then we see Bradson entering)

Bradson: Sir?!

Jason: (Seeing him) I got to go. (Finish with the phone, he hangs up; he wonders what Bradson is doing here) I thought you were supposed to be at the company?

Bradson: I was sir, but I had startling information about an impatient, overzealous reporter who wants to blandish your family’s name and your father’s name.

Jason: Due no respect Bradson, but my father isn’t dead.

Bradson: But his memory should keep up to your knowledge. Anyway, I am just here to warn you about that reporter; not to insult you sir, but who was that on the phone?

Jason: Oh, well since you want to know… (Seeing the person who he just talked too on the phone right behind Bradson) Turn around.

Bradson: (Turns around to see a female)

(The camera views a Caucasian female, with black hair and has a tag on her skirt collar; we know her because she was the one in the teaser unbeknownst to both of them)

Jason: Well Bradson, I’ll like you to meet… Helen Greene… the reporter you branded as an impatient, overzealous seeker who wants to blandish my family’s name.

(Bradson turns around in a shocked and not-expecting expression on his face when he looks to Jason)

Helen: I hope I’m doing a good job.

(We see Bradson with a disgust look, then to Jason smirking a little as he folds his arms, and then the camera cuts off Helen smirking a lot)

(Fades out)

[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Gotham High - Quad (Lunch room) (The Next Day)

(Cuts to the school quad as we see Bruce eating his lunch and then we notices Kat approaching him)

Kat: Well, well Bruce Wayne, the hottest billionaire boy in the world.

Bruce: Thanks for that Forbes update.

Kat: Woo, got a sense of humor too. Whew…you are so hot.

Bruce: What do you want Kat?

Kat: You know that I run Kat Talk, and I wonder is there any rumor about the hottest boy in the world.

Bruce: (Seeing she tries to seduce him to answer)

Voice: Please I heard that from a cheesy movie.

(We hear a voice and when Kat turns around we see Julie)

Kat: Julie, you don’t want me to dig anything about you.

Julie: Or what, you going be afraid and melt away.

(Bruce smiling)

Kat: (Smirking and heads out)

Bruce: I never see an ice queen like that gets burned.

Julie: No matter, she’ll melt anyway with that cold mouth of hers. So let’s talk something else.

Bruce: Speaking of, those questions you asked me about who saving me?

Julie: Yeah?!

Bruce: I still can’t figure who can save me.

Julie: Give it time; we all know everyone has a guardian out there protecting us and hey maybe they can guide us to our future.

Bruce: We can all hope.

Julie: I sure do.

Bruce: (Seeing her)

Julie: I got to do something.

Bruce: Alright. (Seeing something about her is troubling him)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion – Int. Library

(Cuts to the mansion then to the library as we see Jason trying to solve all of these riddles his father has laid and is still stump over his mysterious disappearance)

Jason: (As he tries to move on to something else, he gets a call from Helen) Hello, Helen? What do you want?

Helen (phone): I came to see if I can get the exclusive.

Jason: Not now.

Helen (phone): Always now, Jason. I can be on you like a fly stuck in honey.

Jason: I’m confused you’re the honey or are you the fly?

Helen (phone): (Ignoring) Like I said Jason, your father has the answers I seek and I am going to seek them.

Jason: How?

Helen (phone): You know Eric Silverman…

Jason: Gotham’s mass media mogul; what do you want him for Helen?

Helen (phone): Let’s see. (Hangs up)

Jason: Helen…Helen! (Hangs up) Just great. (Realize he has to outfox her before Silverman or his father is caught in their sudden attraction of riavrly.

(Cuts off Jason’s concern look)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor – Int. Basement

(Cuts to the manor then in the basement as we see Alfred approaching a room he never got finish cleaning; he goes down the stairs and attempts to clean the basement, but notices he forget something)

Alfred: Oh no, that no good duster. I guess I misplaced it in the foyer. (He retraces himself back upstairs but when he tries to open the door, it’s locked on the outside)

Alfred: Oh no! (He tries to open it, and barges it, but to no use he now realize he never checked on the basement door in a while and in a ironic twist, the doorman is coming tomorrow in order to do his normal check up)

(Realizing he’s stuck and that Bruce is at school, he’s all alone stuck in the basement)

Alfred: Oh this is just great, where’s my spinach when I need it. (He sits on the bottom of the basement stairs pondering about his new dilemma)

(Cuts off Alfred’s depressed face)

  • Ext. Street Alley

(Cuts to a street as we see Leo knowing he just skipped school and notice something by his car; he then walks into the alley and is wondering about this job Mr. Bryant has been discreet to him about; however all of the sudden he gets grabbed by a couple of thugs and is getting beat up; as we see him trying to escape, he gets kick by his nose and he lays kind of unconscious; the thugs run away and we then see Mr. Bryant, a tall white man)

Mr. Bryant: It’s a shame boy, you’re weak. Too bad, this job would be worth a million.

(The camera sees Leo then we see Mr. Bryant as he walks away and all of sudden the camera zooms to see a black star on the back of his neck…alluding something, but who or what would have a black star?)

  • Ext. Silverman Corporation

(Cuts to the view of the media building, as we notice it’s the same corporate building we saw in the teaser)

  • Int. Office

(Cuts to the same office in the teaser, as we see Jason entering trying to warn Mr. Silverman about Helen, but in a surprising twist the figure turns around and we see it’s Helen)

Jason: Helen? Where’s…

Helen: Mr. Silverman. Let say he is unavailable.

Jason: What you mean; he is one of the hardest working figures in Gotham he usually never gets a break surely a long one.

Helen: Well he got one now. Until further notice, he left me in control.

Jason: (Getting angry) That’s bull and you know it.

Helen: Alright, I am going undercover as his personal executive assistant.

Jason: The only title you are is a lying ungrateful reporter.

Helen: I thought I was an impatient, overzealous seeker?

Jason: That too, but hey look on the Brightside you can stop all of this by leaving me and my family name alone.

Helen: I don’t attend to blandish it, but I can tell you I will do anything to get the story. And I mean anything.

Jason: (Understanding her position) Now I understand why you going undercover as a media mogul’s assistant. You are going use the media to access my father’s files, my files. Why?

Helen: I can stop it, along as you give me what I want.

Jason: What’s that your freedom?

Helen: Nice, I mean answers for your father’s disappearance, your father’s mysterious access to EuroTron transitions, and the real answer on what PowerCorp is truly covering up?

Jason: That’s a lot of questions a good reporter ask, and here is my answer. (Walking out)

Helen: Don’t test me Jason, you know me!

Jason: I do, or I thought I used to; you ask me. But if you want to do this Helen, I am warning you. (Serious)

Helen: (Crossing her arms and giving a cold-hearted stare) Bring it on! (Truly giving a cold stare)

Jason: (Seeing that this is going to lead to a brutal war of the words, he heads out)

(Cuts off to Helen’s cold-hearted stare still crossing her arms)

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Gotham High

(Cuts to the view of the school)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside as the school is resuming we see thousands of kids looking at someone; the camera then viewing each of them looking at someone all in disgust)

(We discover it’s Leo who has a busted lip and a bruised nose; Julie discovers him)

Julie: Where have you been?

Leo: I had been in the streets.

Julie: I can tell. You skipped school for what?

Leo: I didn’t skip.

Julie: O yeah, Kat and her talking catastrophe of a program rumors you skipped school because you think you have a huge job offer.

Leo: I thought it was a good opportunity, yet turn out it was a catastrophe. That’s okay I’ll heal and why is everyone looking at me not because of my looks.

Julie: Actually, it was because people see you as a smart guy but you skipping school for a street job…

Leo: I see.

(Bruce appears and is apparently shock to see his friend like this)

Bruce: You’re okay?

Leo: Yeah.

Bruce: Now I don’t what had happened, but that rumor Kat keep spreading around is vicious.

Leo: Well hey I standup in front Victor Powers, what could she do that can be any worse.

(The camera shifts a group of girls spreading another rumor)

Julie: See.

Leo: Maybe that’s not me.

Julie: We’ll see. (Approaching to them) Excuse me, but what’s this new rumor all about.

(The girls not looking at each other, but one girl steps up)

Girl: You.

Julie: Me?

Girl#2: Yeah, is your mother a wannabe leaver.

(Some of the girls laughing)

Julie: (Getting mad) Take that back.

Girl#2: What, the rumor is already beginning to spread soon enough Gotham High will have a no-sense motherless girl. (Smiling sinisterly)

Julie: (Pissed) You son of a… (Pushes her with the others)

(As the girl is pushed to the girls, she retorts and pushes Julie to the locker hard as she collapses on the floor)

Girl#2: Spoil motherless girl (Laughing)

(The other girls follow)

Leo: (Helping Julie) Don’t worry about them; I’m sure the trash collectors forget about them.

Bruce: (Helping Julie) Are you sure you are okay?

Julie: I’m okay.

Bruce: Julie…

Julie: I said I’m fine. (Heads off trying to forget what happened)

Leo: What is going on?

Bruce: All our lives are crashing and Kat is somehow controlling some part of it.

Leo: (Pondering) She sure is? I got to go, I need to do something.

Bruce: Okay?! (About to head to locker and when he opens it we see a photo booth picture of him and Gina; we hear him saying something by himself) I miss you Gina. (He puts the photo back in the locker, closes it, and heads out)

(Unbeknownst to him, the camera shifts around the corner as we see Kat just listened to a interesting rumor)

Kat: (After using her powers) Now this is good.

(Cuts off Kat’s sinister smile)

  • Ext. PowerCorp. Helipad

(Cuts to the roof as we see a helicopter flying down and we see Jason getting off it and heads inside, but gets sidetracked when he sees Helen Greene waiting by the roof access door)

Jason: You can't have this story.

Helen: This is only the beginning.

Jason: I don't think so.

Helen: You haven't seen anything yet.

Jason: Bye, Helen.

Helen: Just watch!

  • Int. Victor’s Office - Hallway

(Cuts inside as we see Jason about to join Bradson in the office until Helen won’t stop with her pursuit)

Jason: Why can’t you stop?

Helen: Why can’t you listen? See we’re two of a kind.

Jason: The only two-face around here is you. (About to head to the office)

Helen: Well you didn’t say that seven years ago.

(Jason turns around and suddenly we flash back to the past)

  • Int. Flashback (2001)

(Shifts to the flashback seven years ago in 2001 ironically in the same building and the same area as we see a young Jason and young Helen sharing a kiss)

Jason: I like that ponytail.

Helen: You do.

Jason: Yeah

(We hear Victor’s voice)

Jason: (Worrying about his father)

Helen: Don’t worry about your dad.

Jason: Thanks. What about yours?

Helen: Well, let’s not say.

Jason: Parents.

Helen: Parents.

Jason: You know Helen; I wanted to say something to you…

Helen: What’s that?

Jason: I… (Before he can say anything else…)

(The camera shifts to Victor’s office doors and we see Helen’s father storming out)

Mr. Greene: Screw you, Victor!

Helen: Dad?!

Jason: Mr. Greene,

Mr. Greene: You stay the hell away from my daughter. (he pushes him on the floor) Let’s go Helen.

Helen: Dad…

Mr. Greene: Helen, now!

Helen: (Seeing Jason, and opens her mouth as we see her moving it trying to say I’m sorry and she heads out with her father)

(We see a depressed and bewildered Jason, and then we flash back to the present 2008)

  • Int. Present Day (2008)

(Flashes back to the present as we see, Jason still confused on what happened five years ago and between them)

Jason: (Remembering what just happened seven years ago)

Helen: You heard me?

Jason: (Trying to get back to reality) What? Helen what are you talking about?

Helen: Well while you were in a past progression of yours, I said your father screwed mine father, and now I’m going to do the same thing. I am going to expose the Powers for who they really are, EuroTron, Starlix, everything.

Jason: Helen…

(And with that note, she storms off as Bradson appears from the office)

Bradson: Sir? You’re okay?

Jason: Yeah, I’m okay.

Bradson: Want me to let someone follow her.

Jason: No.

Bradson: I’ll be inside. (Heading back to the office)

(Cuts off to Jason still bewildered of the flashback)

  • Ext. Rave – Int. Rave

(Cuts to Rave then inside as we hear another Plain White T’s song “If I Told You” playing in the background as we see Julie trying to cleaning up some of the tables and then she sees five guys entering the place; the camera shifts to the guys as we notice they are the Plain White T’s. Julie turns around and drops her stuff as she is shocked to see Tom, Dave, Mike, De’ Mar, and Tim)

Tom: You’re okay miss?! (Kind of smiling)

Julie: (Gasping and then talks in a funny voice) I’m okay; I’m sorry but it’s just weird seeing a band like you guys here in Gotham and surely enough at Rave.

Mike: We heard this place serve the best coffee.

Julie: Kind of, I maybe…wait Rave don’t sell coffee.

De’ Mar: You sure?

Julie: Yeah, we sell underage drinks and treats like muffins and that stuff. But since you guys just told me this, maybe I should add coffee on the menu.

Tom: Doesn’t matter. But hey, thanks for the service.

(They all about to leave)

Julie: Wait!

9They turn back)

Julie: Do you guys really half to go back home so soon.

Tom: Probably we might stay here in Gotham for another night, yet….

Julie: (Seeing her opportunity) You guys don’t mind playing a little concert here tonight.

(Tom and the others look at each other and they decided)

Tom: We like the idea, but…

Julie: (Hesitating) But what?

Mike: But nothing, we will be here.

Tom: Where exactly?

Julie: Great! (Seeing where) Well here is a place near the bar, I can setup as a stage and it take like about two hours.

Tom: Perfect, we can help and we can do our sound checks at the same time.

Julie: Great!

(As we see Julie and the band about to setup for tonight, the song “If I Told You” ends)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor - Porch

(Cuts to the manor as we see Bruce about to head inside, but see a message on his phone)

Bruce: (Discovering it is from Kat Talk, as the camera reads “Hey Kat here and all you Katfanatics out there, rumor is that hot billionaire boy Bruce Wayne is hooking up with a girl, trouble is it’s not all who we think she is. All I can say is that her last name isn’t true at all if you catch my drift. See ya”. We see Bruce downright mad at her because she knows somehow that he has feelings again for Gina Faust)

  • Int. Basement

(Cuts to the basement and after hours we still see Alfred still stuck and realizing it’s getting hot in here)

Alfred: Can someone help me! Anyone! Master Bruce! Master Foster! Anyone! (Feeling the heat) Whoa, is it me or… (Trying to cool down, he hits his foot on the tool box) Ouch! Help, oh dear. (He falls on the floor and just look up in the ceiling to notice and waits for his miracle)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Rave – (Night)

(Cuts forward in night to the exterior of Rave as we see a banner that says “Plain White T’s Tonight Live!” and we soon hear live music)

  • Int. Stage

(Cuts to the hangout stage near the bar as we see the Plain White T’s already performing live as we hear the song “Natural Disaster” playing; we see everyone dancing, yelling fanatically and others just having a good time)

  • Int. Bar

(As the song continues we shift to the bar as we see Julie and Mira making drinks and giving out treats for free and seeing everyone wants some of it, they know it’s going to be frantic)

Julie: I can’t believe we did this!

Mira: You did this my friend.

Julie: I know!

Mira: (Smiling and listening to the band)

(We notices Bruce and Jason appearing)

Bruce: You’re excited.

Jason: She’s more than excited.

Mira: Triple excited.

Julie: (Smiling) You guys are making me blush!

Everyone starts to smile and then we see Mira trying to help with some other customer as the others are listening to the band)

  • Int. Stage

(Cuts back to the stage as we see the band still performing the song and the camera view each of the members playing the song)

  • Int. Near Entrance

(Shifts to the entrance as we see Leo entering unbeknownst he brings Kat along)

Leo: What are you doing Kat?

Kat: Don’t you see I’m partying, so why can’t you.

Leo: Because I don’t dance with a snitch cat.

Kat: I’m not a snitch.

Leo: Well unless otherwise you’re a witch, yet take away the w and add a b, but surely you are a witch.

Kat: (Stunned after that statement) Fine then. (She pushes Leo off the side and walks off screen)

Leo: (Feeling okay now, he heads to the bar counter with the others)

(As the camera stay to the entrance we see Helen wearing a silk green dress has also appeared, knowing Jason is here, she will expose his father to everyone unless she gets the story, and now the party really begins)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts back to the bar as we see Leo coming)

Leo: Sorry guys.

Jason: Why?

Bruce: I hope you didn’t get beat up again.

Leo: Oh no. I may have a bruised nose and ego, but I’m still the same Leo.

Julie: (Seeing Leo) Leo, you finally came. How you like the Plain White T’s.

Leo: I love them; I got most of their songs on rhapsody in my VCast phone.

Bruce: You’re not the only one.

Jason: (Laughing and notices something weird in the crowd)

(Jason suddenly sees Helen in the crowd)

Jason: Excuse me guys. (He heads out into the crowd)

Julie: He got a date.

Bruce: He didn’t tell me.

Leo: He’s a playboy boy; of course he will have dates.

Julie: Well whoever, he surely aiming for that woman with that silk dress.

(In the crowd we see Jason and Helen)

Helen: Hey.

Jason: What are you doing? (Grabbing her left arm and drags her to the back)

(The others are little confused on what just happened, but they just ignore it and continue with listening to the music)

  • Int. Stage

(Cuts back to the hangout stage as we see the Plain White T’s finished playing “Natural Disaster” then take a 10-second break and begins performing their second live song “Take Me Away”)

  • Int. Floor

(Cuts to the area where we see the crowd dancing and enjoying one good time; then out of nowhere, we see Kat appearing)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts to the bar again)

Julie: Great the Wicked Witch of the Pest is back.

Leo: Don’t worry, I know her strength and how she is creating these rumors.

Bruce: What’s that?

Leo: She is a phoenix-freak…

Julie: Once you said that, now I know it means trouble.

Bruce: Okay so Kat was an originally rumor-spreading queen, how?

Leo: When the explosion happened, the chemical got into her radio; she got into her ear while listening to something on the radio…

Bruce: What!

Julie: What! Leo!

Leo: Her weakness, she needs her super-hearing to find her new rumor target.

Bruce: And how can that be a weakness?

Leo: You don’t understand radio sound waves are much louder and abrupt than human sound waves.

Julie: So I don’t get it.

Leo: Turn the volume up and she goes deaf.

Julie: So let’s do it.

Bruce: But we need to make her find a target.

Leo: I think I got one.

(Bruce and Julie confused)

Leo: Just go as I say.

(As the song continues, we shift to Kat about to dance and gets bumped by Leo)

Kat: I thought I was witch.

Leo: Hey sometimes witches can cast some kind of love spell, and speaking of I heard Bruce and Julie is a couple.

Kat: What?! There’s already a rumor about Bruce and another girl.

Leo: That’s not what these other girls been telling me.

Kat: If you don’t know, I’m Kat Hardy; I am the queen of all rumors. Excuse me.

Leo: (Noticing she is taking the bait)

(The camera sees Leo makes some kind of gesture, and we see Julie and Bruce heading to the backstage; Kat realizes this and notices the sound equipment will interrupt her so she heads closer to the back)

  • Int. Backstage

(Cuts to the back as we see Bruce and Julie forming a couple stance)

Bruce: We need to spice things up.

Julie: I agree.

Bruce: Yeah we should…

Julie: (Hiding those feelings of hers, she does something unexpected)

(Julie and Bruce then lip lock in a huge moment)

(As Kat about to use her super ears for something devious, Leo all of sudden turns the master volume to the max)

(All of the sudden the sound makes a huge screeching noise as the Plain White T’s band and the crowd are abrupt with hearing the scratching noise; cuts back to the backstage as Kat hears it and literally screams and then Leo put the master volume adjustment back to normal and everything is back to the right sound; the band got shaken a little bit)

Tom: I hope everyone is alright. (As he holds his mike he announces to the others) What was that?

(The others are confused)

(Cut back to the backstage as we see Julie and Bruce being okay too, and each notices they just kissed for a quite a while)

Bruce: (Seeing Julie)

Julie: (Seeing Bruce)

(They look back to see Leo coming)

Leo: You guys did it.

Julie: I thought so too.

Bruce: Where’s Kat?

(The camera shifts to Kat holding both her ears as she sees the others, and feeling embarrassed she runs out)

Leo: Is this me or is that in the end she lost her hearing.

Bruce: A painful price to make rumors.

Julie: Long live the queen no more.

(Cuts off to them then we the song “Take Me Away” ends)

  • Ext. Back Alley

(Cuts to the alley behind Rave as we see Jason taking Helen to this area and finally want to stop her)

Jason: Will you just stop!

Helen: I won’t.

Jason: Why are you just so ignorant?

Helen: Me, you’re the one for a father to ruin my life.

Jason: What?!

Helen: You know what I’m talking about. Your father ruin my father’s life, his business was bankrupt, our house was foreclosed, and (starting to cry) my dad had to spend my college tuition as last resort. I didn’t finished college because your goody Scourge McDuck of a father made sure my life was a living hell. I had to spend seven years of my life like a rat waiting for a moment to get vengeance on that bastard of a father of yours.

Jason: I have no idea.

Helen: Yeah, you didn’t. Remember what I told you about us being two of a kind we’re not.

Jason: Listen Helen, I know my father was the devil incarnated and trust me we shared a few round punches before he disappeared.

Helen: Good. (Pulling out her gun with the silencer) I want to know the truth and I want to know now.

Jason: Helen…Helen…put the gun down now!

Helen: (Threatening Jason) Tell me the truth now! Now!

Jason: Helen…

Helen: Now! (Pointing the gun at him) I swear to god I will shoot this gun I not playing!

Jason: Alright, alright! The truth is I don’t know.

Helen: What! (Trying to put it down but put it towards him again)

Jason: I’m serious! I don’t know where my father is; I don’t know anything about EuroTron; I don’t know about Starlix, and I don’t even know what is Starlix.

Helen: I understand.

Jason: (Realizing) Well give the gun to me…

Helen: You want it, now have it…

Jason: (Confused) What you mean for me to have what?

Helen: I always love you….

Jason: (Stunned after that statement)

(All of the sudden she turns the gun on herself and fires two shots and collapsing on the ground)

Jason: (Shocked) No!

(Jason forcibly grabbing Helen in order to put some air in her system, but to no prevail the bullets she fired on herself hit the very thing she wanted Jason to have, her heart)

(The camera zooms out as we see Jason cradling the dead Helen Greene)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Basement

(Cuts inside as we see a determined Alfred trying to get out the room the best way he can and pulls out an old coat rack and tries to barge the door)

Alfred: (Attempting, he lunge, but he trips on his own foot as the coat rack bust door, but no budge however the rack is destroyed and Alfred has given up all hope)

(All of the sudden, in a strange miracle the door mysteriously creeks open; Alfred sees it and with no haste, sprints to his view of freedom)

  • Int. Kitchen

(Cuts to the kitchen as Alfred successfully come out of the basement still in pact)

Alfred: What a day, now I need a nap. (Heading upstairs to go to sleep)

(Unbeknownst to Alfred the iron board was pinned with the mop, and strange way it’s back to its original position, and we suddenly hear the song Chris Cornell – “Scream” playing in the background)

  • Int. Leo’s Car

(Cuts inside as he stops on a red light, he sees he sent something to both Bruce and Julie, and before the red light turn green and he is about to put away the phone he discovers a new message from Mr. Bryant texted “This isn’t over, my boy.”)

(Cuts off as we see Leo’s surprising reaction as the song continues)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside the library as we see Jason created a fire in the fireplace and as the song continues to play, we see him grabbing a portrait from the past; the portrait is young Jason and young Helen; he sees it then looks at the fire and all of the sudden he throws the picture and the frame in the fire)

(As the song continues, we see Jason noticing now how deceptive and cruel his father can really be especially to his almost first love, and all of the suddenly he pulls out his cell and calls Bradson)

Jason: (Determined while talking to Bradson on the phone) Bradson, listen to me, I don’t care how, why, when, and where…we’re going to find my father no matter what. (He hangs up and all he can do now is to look into the flames of the fireplace)

  • Int. Rave - Bar

(As the song continues, we cut to Rave as we see the band have left and the concert is totally over all who is there is Julie and Bruce)

Bruce: (Seeing Julie) What a day.

Julie: I know. (Smiling) This is what I mean almost all of us have hope; all that the guys gave me was a signed cd of their new album.

Bruce: You did say that.

Julie: I wonder if Kat is still going to be her witchy self, now without her ability and hearing.

Bruce: Even though she’s deaf, she can still spread a rumor about herself.

Julie: (Laughing)

Bruce: (Laughing as well)

Julie: (Remembering the kiss) We pulled on hell of a knockout team back there.

Bruce: We sure did. And speaking of that…

Julie: What?! What is it?

Bruce: Remember you said that the Plain White T’s came here because they just wanted coffee and that you offered them to perform here at Rave.

Julie: Okay…?

Bruce: I was the one who paid them to come to Gotham and to perform, because I kind of brought them new equipment. I’m sorry.

Julie: (Depressed, angry, and heartbroken at the same time) I can’t believe you did this to me; you made me believe I did this on my own and you gave them money.

Bruce: (Trying to clear up things) Julie…

Julie: (Starting to cry) No! I thought that was just a favor from a good fan, but it was about money. (Bruce trying to explain) It’s too late, I guess money solves everything. (Angry at him, she heads to the back)

Bruce: (Realizes that he did that just to see if their relationship have any potential and after the sudden surprise kiss, he still thought it could happen guess not)

(The camera shifts to a cellphone with the pic of Bruce and Julie kissing, and we zoom up as we see its Julie holding her phone and crying now knowing her chance to hook up with him is about to crumble because he lied to her about booking the Plain White T’s)

(The song “Scream” ends as the camera cuts off to see Bruce’s sadden face)

(Fades out)

[Act V ends]


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