Gotham's Retribution is the fourth film in the Nolan Batman series. It is part of a second trilogy called the Gotham Trilogy but it still takes place in the Nolanverse. It is directed by Zach Snyder and has Christopher Nolan as excecutive producer. 


Joseph Gordon Levitt as Robin John Blake/ Nightwing. Blake a.k.a. Dick Grayson is the protector of Gotham City. He is referred to as "The New Batman" often.

Isabella Leung as Poison Ivy. Ivy is a former botonist who got a fungal disease in the Amazon rainforest. She uses her disease, which is spread through saliva, to kill people harming the environment.

Gary Oldman as Comissioner Jim Gordon. Gordon became the GCPD comissioner and helped Nightwing protect Gotham from crime.

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. Fox used to be the head of the Wayne Enterprises board. He became just a member and kept helping Nightwing by providing him an armory.

Ellen Page as Harley Quinn. Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who was assigned the Joker. She realized that she needed to finish Joker's work, so she became Harley Quinn.


Attack on Daggett Industries/Unconfirmed Sighting #2

Main Article: Unconfirmed Sightings of The Batman A man was sitting at a computer. He was the head of the home section of Dagget Industries. He was looking for places to build two story condos. A woman knocked on the door. He got up and opened the door. "If you're here about the oil spill, it was an accide-" "Im not here about that." said a woman. She had red hair and was clearly wearing a lot of makeup. "Are you the audit manager or something?" said the worker. "I am here for something else. I am here about your building locations." she said. "Our building locations?" he said. "Yes, may I see your president?" she asked. "Who are you?" said the worker. "I am someone who cares. Someone who thinks instead of making new things, we should perserve the old." she replied. "I dunno what the hell that means, but I think you should not be here!" he said. "Oh but I should, I am only doing whats right!" she said and then she kicked him. She pulled out a taser from her pocket. The others backed up and put their hands up. "Go ahead, take what you want!" yelled one of the workers. "I'm not here for money, I need revenge!" she yelled and she went to the president. "Hey honey, wanna smooch?" she kissed him on the lips. Then she tasered him onto the ground. "You people are destroying things that Mother Nature gave us as gifts! Your company, like many others needs to stop making mistakes!"

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