Gotham City Imposters 2: Gangwar is a MMORPG game featuring 10 gangs, including the 2 gangs from the first game, The Bats and The Jokerz. There are new modes and weapons. The main plot is that there is a machine underground that can control Gotham City's electricity, water supply, etc., etc. Word gets out about the machine and The Jokerz want it all for themselves, but The Bats find out, and soonword gets out to the entire Gotham City underworld, and everyone wants it.


Name: Based Off: Weapons: Transportation:
The Bats Batman Batarangs, Smoke Bombs Grappling Guns, Batmobiles
The Jokerz The Joker Joker Gas Bombs, Knives Spring-Shoes, Clown Cars
The Riddlerz The Riddler Canes, Question Mark Bombs Riddler Vans, Jet-Packs
Team Penguin The Penguin Machine Guns, Umbrellas Limmos, Umbrella (Gliding With It)
The Scarecrows The Scarecrow
Crocs Killer Croc
Team Bane Bane
The Gotham City Two-Faces Two-Face
Meow Mistresses Catwoman
The White Rabbitz Mad Hatter

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