Gotham Knight Season Six is the sixth season of Gotham Knight. It deals with the aftermath of Brant Jones being Hush and with the Bat Family going up against a cabal of villains led by the mysterious Owl-Man and Justin Tanner who forces Bruce to reconsider his relationship with his "family".

Main Cast

  • Andrew Lincoln as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Fives/ Lincoln March / Owl-Man
  • Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth
  • J.K Simmons as James Gordon / Batman
  • Blake Lively as Catherine Klass / Catwoman
  • Jamie Foxx as Lucius Fox Jr. / Mr. Terrific
  • Dan Stevens as Jason Todd / Red Robin
  • Josh Segerra as Judge Adrian Chase / Vigilante
  • Omari Hardwick as Cisco Blaine / Ronald Houston / Guardian

Recurring Cast

  • Paul Johanson as Victor Marlowe/Prometheus
  • Milo Ventimeligia as F.B.I Special Agent Victor Sage / Richard Kazanthakakis
  • Jeffrey Combs as the Question
  • Robert G. McKay as Commissioner Frank Pike / Vigilante II
  • Stephen Amell as Gabriel
  • Karen Fukuhara as Ellen Yin
  • Ray Stevenson as Draco Kosov
  • Sydelle Noel as F.B.I Special Agent Alexandria Davis
  • Julian Richings as Justin Tanner/The Master Planner
  • Corina Akeson as Celia Kazanthakakis/Athena
  • Michael Douglas as Rupert Thorne
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Lady Shiva


  1. "Fallout"-Months after the defeat of Hush, Adrian Chase has been appointed to be a judge and Adrian accepts thinking he would be much happier in the role while grieving for the loss of his wife Doris. Bruce continues being the CEO of Wayne Enterprises with James Gordon by his side as his vice-president. However, due to Catherine being in a coma because of Jones, Gordon spends most of his time visiting her in the hospital. Julie has allowed Damian to stay with Bruce for a while as a means of visitation. Batman continues protecting Gotham with assistance from Guardian, Red Robin, Static, and Mr. Terrific. Poison Ivy and her men initiate a crime war and begin killing various members of gangs. She then kidnaps one of Rupert Thorne's most valuable gang member. Ivy almost kills a member of the Red Fists. Rupert manages to escape, which further angers Ivy. Lucius Jr. provides Bruce with information about the Red Fists and learn that Ivy once worked with Thorne but Ivy really infiltrated it so she can take over and believed that Thorne should be dead. Thorne sends the remnants of his gang to defeat Ivy which leads to an all-out war in the city. After the Red Fists are taken down, Bruce goes home to play watch Oliver Twist with Damian. However, Alfred calls Bruce over to the media where a photo of Bruce being Batman has been leaked, thus, concerning Damian. In Flashfowards to 10 years, Bruce Wayne has been living a normal life with his wife, Kate Kane. However, Jason goes to Bruce for help on investigating a new villain known as Cornelius Stark. Bruce decides to return being Batman again, and helps Jason, who has formed a new identity as Nightwing and they defeat Stark and his enforcers. A man named Eduardo Flamingo arrives at Stark's prison and kills him for failing.
  2. "Persona"-Bruce publicly denies being the Batman, however, he faces an investigation by FBI Special Agent Alexandria Davis along with Damian's concerns that he will lose a parent. Adrian struggles to prevent a Triads member named Lau from a sniper attack by an individual, as Lau is released from prison due to bribing the judge. To Adrian's horror, he discovers that the person is dressed and sounds like Vigilante. Adrian subdues the impostor through hand-to-hand combat and is shocked to discover he is actually Frank Pike, who is out of the hospital and has stolen Adrian's suit. Pike attempts to assassinate Lau when Lau is meeting with Susan McGuire on a television interview to pretend to be innocent, Pike attempts to kill him again only for Adrian to prevent it from happening with help from the team. Lucius Jr. discovers the photo is false and leaks it to the media. Despite this, Alexandria Davis tells Bruce that this does not change anything and that she will not drop her investigation despite Bruce being optimistic. Chase meets with Pike demanding to know why he is doing this and Pike admits this is because he has lost faith in the system. Chase then watches helplessly as Pike vanishes into the night. Blaine resigns from his position in the FBI enraged that they don't trust him enough to inform him that they were sending Davis because of Blaine having met Bruce before and also because the FBI wants to bring down the Batman. Bruce chooses to be a parent over being a vigilante and asks Gordon to take the role of Batman for him which Gordon reluctantly accepts.In Flashfowards, Blaine returns to Gotham City, after it was revealed that he had Thomas and Lucy move to Bludhaven since Lucy was seriously injured. He asks if Bruce and Jason could work with him to go after an old friend of his named Frank Sixty who broke out of prison. Blaine decides return to being Guardian temporarily and together, Batman Guardian, and Nightwing take down multiple thugs. The trio then manage to stop Sixty, and he is delivered to the D.E.O.
  3. "The Worst Idea In The History of Gotham City"-Gordon takes up the mantle of the Batman using a mech style suit. Gordon notes that this is "the worst idea in the history of Gotham", as he suits up but agrees to the offer when Bruce argues that Gordon has dealt with super criminals long before he has become Batman. As Batman, Gordon helps to arrest the deranged Jeremiah Valeska with assistance from his team. At Wayne Enterprises, Davis arrives with FBI agents Blake and Avesta. Davis believes that Batman has someone else wearing the cowl, however, Bruce and Gordon act like they don't know what Davis talking about. Avesta also makes note that Bruce has been associated with certain people over the years such as Rupert Thorne, Edmond Galavan, Jeremiah Valeska, and Trigon Smyth. However, Bruce dubs all of those to be coincidences which Davis refuses to believe. When the Mayor is welcoming Markovian delegates into Gotham City, they get kidnapped by Draco Kosov and the Whisper Gang, demanding a ransom. Believing that Draco leaked the photo, Bruce decides to take back the mantle of the Batman tempoarily to confront him. Lucius Jr. tracks the hostages, three of which whom the Bat Family saves while Draco escapes with one. Draco tells Bruce that he has come to Gotham to get revenge on Adrian Chase since Chase killed members of the Whisper Gang two years ago when training with Natas on Lian Yu. Draco injects the hostage with a drug that will kill him soon. Detecting the toxin and acquiring the antidote, Bruce injects it into the hostage, but Draco kills him anyway. He escapes after telling Bruce that he did not leak the photo and explains that despite his status as a mafia leader, he is an honorable man. Gordon is given a batarang firing crossbow invented by Lucius Jr because the only reason Davis suspects Batman has someone else wearing the cowl is because that there were no batarangs fired at the scene when Jeremiah Valeska was arrested. In flashfowards Bruce continues to train Damian to become a vigilante but must reconsider his plan when a new generation of Royal Flush gang members target the mayor. Batman, Guardian, and Static take down the soldiers with them and the team successfully defeats the leader. Lucius Jr. returns to visit his fathers grave and a mysterious villain only known as The Flamingo is revealed to have found out Bruce's secret watching him from a camera he installed from the Batcave.
  4. "Rescinding"-Poison Ivy begins killing seemingly unimportant individuals while Lucius Jr. is approached by Barbara, who tells her that Justin Tanner is planning something with hundreds of millions of casualties worldwide. They meet black market dealer "Athena" to buy a "ghost drive". Feeling concerned, Bruce intervenes and attacks the thugs, angering Athena while Lucius Jr. steals the drive. As Batman, Gordon tracks Ivy with assistance from the Bat Family, to the Pandora facility, with the former revealed to be working for Tanner and criminal Celia Kazantkakis AKA Athena, who tasks her men to kill Lucius Jr. and Barbara who is critically shot during the rescue by The Bat Family. Gordon is revealed to be Barbara's uncle. Lucius Jr. learns that Tanner has stolen the victims' fingerprints, necessary to enter the International Domain Name Directory (IDND), the global internet infrastructure. Believing that Tanner intends to destroy the internet, The Bat Family attacks his party at the IDND, where Lucius Jr. manages to breach through the firewall to stop Tanner's apparent attack, with help from Adrian, who is serving temporarily as tech support. Tanner is revealed to have intentionally lured Lucius Jr. into breaking the firewall so that he can have secret access and cover his tracks. Meanwhile, Blaine is still not willing to rejoin the F.B.I but has started learning more of the ropes at the D.E.O and has begun to see things more clearly from Lucy's perspective and the tough calls she has to make, but understands she doesn’t just make Waller-based choices unless she is left with no other option which has allowed them to make more amends over Tanner. Tanner takes control of the computers at the D.E.O and appears on them accusing Lucy of corruption and intents to get payback for his wrongful imprisonment. Several D.E.O agents then turn out to be Pandora spies and kill several other agents and Lucy is fatally shot, fortunately, Blaine stops the double agents from killing Lucy. Lucy is taken to a hospital in Star City for extensive surgeries but Blaine is surprised when Deputy Director Kathy Kane informs Blaine that he is next in line to be the director of the D.E.O, approved by Lucy herself. Though feeling unready to take on a role like this Blaine doesn’t refuse out of respect for his wife’s wishes and reluctantly becomes the man charged with protecting the world. In Flashfowards, Kathy gets targeted by Deathstroke, who somehow manages to infiltrate the D.E.O. Commissioner Catherine Klass organizes her new police force to help Bruce stop Slade, but refuses to don the Catwoman costume again.  
  5. "# Team Gabriel"- When a member of a satanic church is killed in Los Angeles, Gabriel is greatly disturbed that anyone would kill in his name and asks Bruce for help in finding the culprit. It turns out that Notting, a corrupt cop with the GCPD who was brought back from the dead, is responsible for the killings. Gabriel threatens torment but then he and Bruce are interrupted by Amenadiel, who allows Notting to escape. Bruce and Gabriel fight Amenadiel until they are stopped by Mazikeen, a demon who holds the form of a young woman and is Gabriel's best friend. Meanwhile, Gordon is revealed to have leadership problems when rogue CIA operatives begin hunting down a former member in order to silence him. Adrian asks Bruce to return to the team. Bruce convinces Gordon of his competence. the Bat Family tracks down a rogue group of mercenaries led by Onyx Adams to a hotel and engages them, defeating them all and saving the civilians from a biological weapon. Elsewhere, Draco Kosov goes after Adrian. Draco is arrested and jailed after Adrian lures him into a shoot-out at a rival Colombian bar. Adrian later visits Draco in prison asking if this is over. However, Draco denies it and tells Adrian that he hates him for killing Konsantine Kovar on Lian Yu and that he liked Kover.
  6. "Send me Back To Hell"- Yin saves Gabriel from being arrested by the LAPD and they have a talk. Yin apologizes to Gabriel for leaving him during Trigon Smythe's attack on Gotham City since she did not want to put her children in danger and the only reason she has not contacted him was because she figured Gabriel would never give up what he is doing. Gabriel promises Yin that he will give up his dangerous life for her children after he and Bruce stop Notting from killing people. Mazikeen saves the dying Amenadiel with the feather she kept from Gabriel's wings. Ellen Yin helps by seizing Notting's money and Notting retaliates by kidnapping her and Gabriel's child. At the exchange, Bruce is fatally shot when he tries to save Yin and Gabriel's child. Gabriel prays to God offering to return to work for him if he saves Bruce if God revives Bruce and helps Gabriel kill Notting. Yin decides to let Gabriel come to visit their child often when Gabriel is tasked by God to hunt for a soul that has escaped from Hell. Bruce returns to Gotham City and Gabriel tells Bruce not to blame himself for what has happened. In the end, Catherine's heart is recovered by Victor Sage and she wakes up from her coma. In prison, Draco defends himself when several vengeful Colombian mobsters attempt to kill him in the showers. Draco contacts Tanner asking him for a special favor.
  7. "For The People, By The People, Of The People"- After stopping an attack being made at Wayne Enterprises by the Cabal, Gordon discovers that Cobblepot has joined with Owl Man. Stealing a phone from the attackers and after Lucius Jr. processes it, Bruce discovers that Mayor David Hull has been involved with Cobblepott and was the one who ordered the attack towards Thorne. When Gordon gets injured during the mission, Bruce decides to confront Hull as Batman and warns him to back off against Thorne. Cobblepot, dressed as the Penguin and the Cabal attack Hull's debate. The Bat Family stops them and during the attack, The Penguin has Susan inject Hull with a drug and unveils that Hugo Strange, as well as several scientists from Wayne Enterprises before Rupert Thorne, took over,and drugged Oswald's father Elijah Van Dahl causing him to become a patient into Arkham Asylum. Pike steals the blood evidence linking Draco to the shootout, prompting Adrian to have Draco released from prison. Flashfowards show Bruce interrogating Slade about The Flamingo, who states that he wants to show Gotham City that "legends never die, and that the city is his." Bruce then decides to go undercover in his organization but the team disagree with the decision.
  8. "Crisis On Two Earths (Part-Two)"-  In S.T.A.R Labs, a captured interdimensional villain from Earth-44, Leatherwing is revealed to be a parallel universe doppelgänger of Bruce Wayne. After he cruelly taunts Blaine about killing his brother, Overman, Jack the Ripper, and Eobard Thawne steal a sublight generator, the Prism, from research company Palmer Tech; Bruce, Clark and Wally and the others believe that Overman seeks to build a neutron bomb with it to aid his conquest on Earth-One. After a series of battles, most of the heroes including The Bat Family are in captivity at S.T.A.R. Labs after the Crime Syndicate forces infiltrate it, and Bruce, Wally, Jason, Stein, and Selina are transported to a prison, but Clark is moved to S.T.A.R Labs. Wally is determined to kill Thawne after his capture. The villains reveal that Overman is dying and Super-Woman plans to use the Prism, charged by S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator, to produce artificial red sunlight that would weaken both Clark and Overman's respective invulnerability, allowing a heart transplant for Overman but killing Clark in the process. In flashbacks, on Earth-44, a young Bruce Wayne's doppelganger becomes brainwashed by Ra's Al Ghul and kills Alfred by stabbing him in the chest. As it turned out, Ra's wants Bruce to be his heir and his daughter Nyssa is immediately attracted to him.
  9. "Thanksgiving"-Bruce, Damian, Gordon, Alfred, Julie, and Kathy organize a Thanksgiving food drive to raise money for a new GCPD Precinct. Unfortunately, Bruce is promptly arrested by FBI Agent Davis under charges of vigilantism for being the Batman. Adrian informs the imprisoned that the evidence Davis has is a witness to his vigilantism which makes Bruce have Lucius Jr. tracked. Bruce's trial is then delayed. Eventually, after speaking with Judge Faden and District Attorney Vernon Fields, Adrian informs Bruce that the witness is former Bat Family member Melanie Walker, prompting Blaine to resume being Guardian to try to rescue Melanie due to a softness he has for her. Bruce and Blaine eventually take on Detective Frank McDonald and a group of cops in league with Rupert Thorne, who is holding Melanie hostage. However, they manage to rescue Melanie. Lucius Jr. leaves the Bat Family, unable to trust anyone. Adrian , Jason and Virgil also resign from the team out of disgust for Bruce having spied on their comrade. However, Adrian does promise to do all he can to prevent Bruce from going to jail because of Agent Davis. Agent Davis meets with Bruce and calls the Batman a coward for hiding his face behind his mask to not own up to what he does. However, Bruce rudely tells Davis to leave repeating his plan to sue her once this is over. Davis leaves for Washington but promises to return for Bruce's trial. Later, Justin Tanner is meeting with members of his cabal: Draco, Ivy, Cobblepot, Victor Sage, Celia, Frank Pike, and Rupert Thorne. The team then discusses their next plan to take down the Bat Family with Celia feeling vengeful towards Bruce for killing Arthur Claybourne and pinning the blame on Hugo Strange while Victor goes along with his mother. Flashfowards show Bruce taking the identity of a mob boss with help from Kathy and the D.E.O to go undercover in Flamingo's pact. In the meantime, Jason acts as the Batman while Bruce learns what The Flamingo is planning.
  10. "Divide & Conquer"-Bruce continues being the Batman while refusing to have Adrian, Lucius Jr, and Virgil help him. Justin Tanner arrives with Poison Ivy, Red X and Rupert Thorne to visit Carmine Falcone's son Mario Falcone, demanding he hand over Falcone Imports over to them, which Mario refuses. Mario refused the cabal's demands and was similarly incapacitated, with Justin Tanner giving him 48 hours to make a decision while threatening his daughter, who studied in Keystone City. Desperate to find a way out, Mario baits Batman by damaging the security signal uplink in the block between 74th and Jansen. When Batman arrives, Mario met him personally, commenting on how hard it is to find the vigilante. Explaining his situation, Mario asks if Batman knows of Justin Tanner's group and proposed an alliance to defeat their common enemies. Mario and his goons decide to agree to Tanner's demands for the sake of life of Mario's daughter. As they are about to leave the docks, Batman intercepted Mario's van and reminds him of the alliance proposal, saying that he will help Mario get his revenge on Tanner if he followed his orders exactly. Mario's goons were supposed to bring in the Red Lions, a death squad from Chechnya, but something went wrong. As a result, Mario's much smaller group and the Batman are overpowered by Draco Kosov's Whisper Gang, Rupert Thorne's Red Fists, Celia Kazanthakakis' Network assisted by Vic Sage/the Question. After Batman is defeated by the Question, Tanner offers Mario a chance to live if he turns on Bruce. Apologizing to Batman, Mario aims a gun at him and hesitates long enough for Batman to escape. Mario hands his company to Tanner, however, Draco uses a screwdriver to stab Mario in the eye, with Tanner commenting that he'd let Mario's daughter live, but wouldn't suffer such betrayal otherwise.Celia congratulates Vic for his work and Vic leaves telling his mother he is late for date and goes to spend time with Catherine, who is unaware Vic Sage is the Question. Bruce apologizes to Virgil, Adrian, and Lucius Jr. However, they refuse to return to the team and decide to form their own, with Bruce wishing them luck. Lucius Jr. shows Adrian and Virgil their new hideout. In flashfowards, Jason begins to investigate more murders where Flamingo's team leaves their signature. As Batman, he saves Derrick Powers from getting shot when Eduardo targets him so they could reveal the truth about Powers. Bruce is hired to kill a rival drug dealer, who snitched on him which led to him getting arrested.
  11. "We Fall"- Justin Tanner attacks the city’s critical Internet infrastructure, causing numerous casualties including police lieutenant Angel Rojas, before demanding ransom payment of $10 million dollars a day from Bruce to prevent a deadlier attack from happening. Tanner reveals details of his vendetta against Bruce; a misfired bullet believed was from the Batman killed his son Owen Post a year ago. However, Bruce knows that he is not responsible because he was in Hub City at the time, therefore there is another suspect. Victor claims that he is undercover with Tanner’s cabal, and he gives Catherine, Adrian, Virgil, Lucius Jr. and Jason some Intel. When one of Tanner's attacks endangers Damian and his class during a field trip, Bruce is forced to reveal to his son that he resumed being the Batman when rescuing him. Gordon sets up safe zones for citizens following the attacks, eventually Tanner's cabal targets them. Bruce and his former team put aside of their differences and stop James’ party's attack on the safe zones' occupants. Despite Damian being hurt by Bruce's lies, Alfred helps Damian and Julie to see it was for good intentions and gets him to accept his father’s duty. Unable to find proof of his innocence before the deadline, Bruce gives into Tanner’ demands to buy time to find it. Victor tells Catherine of him infiltrating Tanner's cabal and him being the Question in order to bring down his mother. In Flashfowards, Batman (Jason), Damian and Guardian (Blaine), continue protecting the city while Bruce has managed to maintain his cover. Bruce and the Pact commit a major heist, to with The Bat Family go after him. Meanwhile, Catherine gets captured while she is at work, knocked out by someone who looks like her adoptive father Gordon as he kicks her in the head knocking her out.
  12. "All For Nothing"- Bruce is almost out of money to pay Justin Tanner. Fearing he will detonate the bomb, Victor, who infiltrated Tanner's organization, agrees to download data that could lead the two vigilante teams to find where the bomb is located. Victor transmits the data to Catherine and s then caught and tortured by Draco. The location of the bomb is revealed, but Jason, Lucius Jr., Adrian, Virgil and Catherine decide not to follow Bruce in order to save Victor. However, Tanner anticipates this and used Penguin as bait. Catherine is immobilized because of rubble collapsing on top of her and is forced to watch as Poison Ivy executes Victor. Lacking the manpower, Batman and Guardian are unable to retrieve the bomb before it's moved to a new location, however, they manage to subdue Athena and turn her over to the DEO. However, they retrieve the falsified proof that shows Batman killing Tanner's son; the video was edited using the same technology that was used to forge the picture that exposed Bruce as the Batman, implying another adversary is operating behind the scenes. Tanner meets with a woman named Lady Shiva who is revealed to be alive. Shiva threatens Tanner into not trying to kill Batman and Tanner agrees. When Tanner leaves, Shiva is seen coughing blood from her mouth. In flashbacks, Martha Wayne and Celia were friends and both renowned for their beauty. They had a good friendship until Martha discovered that Celia burned down one of her charities to cover the fact she was embezzling money from it. Celia makes mention to Claybourne of their son which is why Claybourne pays to have them in hiding. However, Martha threatens to expose Celia if she ever returns to Gotham.
  13. "The Devils Greatest Trick"- Justin Tanner threatens to set the bomb off at midnight. Barbara and Blaine are able to decode the video of Bruce killing Justin's son, proving it was someone else, and clearing Bruce. With help from Wally West, Bruce is able to delay Justin from leaving town by showing him the new evidence. Justin concludes that it was someone in his group who is behind it and asks for his former allies to be brought to him or he will set off the bomb. The team brings Ivy, Earth-12 Stephanie, Thorne, Pike, Cobblepot, Draco, and Celia to Tanner, but Ivy says she was behind his son's death and her actions allow everyone but Tanner to escape. At the DEO, Celia demands to know from Sage why he would side with the man who killed his father. Bruce explains to Celia that Victor hated the monster that Arthur Claybourne was and that he is ashamed of his mother for setting fire to an orphanage years ago when Celia and Martha Wayne were friends. Celia explains that Claybourne loved him, however, Bruce reveals that Claybourne had plans to disown Victor because of his mental condition and because Bruce killed him, that never got to happen. Celia refuses to believe this until Bruce shows her footage of Claybourne meeting with his attorney, discussing plans to disown his son due to believing him to be a sociopath. Bruce then leaves his mother to suffer in her prison alone. Meanwhile, a man who resembles Bruce Wayne approaches Justin in custody, revealing himself as the person responsible for the death of his son and that he has the Detective McDonald on his payroll, killing Justin as Owl Man before he leaves. In Flashfowards, the mysterious person who kidnapped Catherine is revealed to be John Marlowe, who is revealed to be in league with Flamingo. He then tells her that didn't want her to get involved and that it's time that vigilantes were eradicated from Gotham City. Meanwhile, Bruce's loyalty starts to falter when he is forced to kill an old business rival, in order to prove his worth to the Pact. Bruce manages severely injure the suspect which earns Flamingo's trust. He then reveals Bruce hsis plans for Gotham City, and Bruce secretly contacts Blaine and reveals to him their plan for the city might be starting soon.
  14. "Civil War"-Jason, Lucius Jr, Catherine, Virgil, and Adrian analyze the latest place Ivy was seen and manage to determine that she was dragged away by somebody. It turns out Gordon took Ivy to a secure cabin to allow her to heal, which Barbara eventually finds out and informs Bruce. Bruce demands the return his money, which Ivy promises, if they get her out of the country. Catherine learns of where Ivy is hiding and goes with her team to bring Ivy down. Gordon refuses to let Catherine kill Ivy by explaining that Selina will hate her for killing Ivy since Selina has always protected Ivy in her youth. The two teams fight, with Virgil eventually getting injured, and Bruce knocks Catherine out. Ivy then escapes. At the hospital, when Blaine and Gordon come to see Virgil, Catherine, Adrian, and Lucius Jr. turn them away, saying they want nothing to do with them anymore. Ivy meets with Rupert Thorne and Draco Kosov where Ivy hands the money over to Thorne. In Flashfowards, Bruce and Blaine formulate a plan with the D.E.O to take down the Pact, but Flamingo's bodyguard discovers Bruce's secret mission. The two have a major fight, with Bruce reluctantly killing him. Meanwhile, John decides to free Catherine and persuades her to leave everything she holds dear the most in Gotham City to escape The Flamingo's wrath.
  15. "Helter Skelter"-Adrian goes to the Big Belly Burger to pick up food for his friends while they are waiting for Virgil to recover. However, Draco attempts to gun down Adrian only for Adrian to duck down in time while saving civilians. Thorne betrays Draco by convincing the Whisper Gang to turn against their leader, believing that Draco's obsession with killing Chase is bad for business. Blaine ends his partnership with Bruce feeling that it was his fault the team broke up. In a desperate move, Draco goes to Bruce for help and even kidnaps Alfred. Blaine goes to Adrian apologizing for Bruce's actions but informs him of Alfred's abduction. This then prompts Blaine and Adrian to work together to kill several thugs sent by Thorne and the Whisper Gang to kill Draco. Bruce goes to Thorne demanding that he call off the hit. Thorne agrees to it only if Bruce will beat his associate Jackson Chappell, who is using Venom to boost his strength. Bruce defeats Chappell, however, Thorne subdues Bruce with a taser. Later on, Thorne tells Bruce he's having his trial moved up and has him arrested. Draco eventually learns that Adrian was helping him and reveals how he and Kovar were lovers. When Adrian apologizes, Draco pulls out a gun and points it at Chase only for Chase to make Draco feel responsible for Kovar's death similar to what Adrian felt when his wife Doris was killed by Hush.
  16. "Justice on Trial"-Blaine and Kathy go to Peru to rescue an unknown individual from a group of terrorists, explaining that they needs his help. District Attorney Vernon Fields meets with Detective Frank McDonald, who reveals he has obtained evidence that Bruce Wayne is Batman which are plans for the Batmobile from Wayne Enterprises that he found while searching Justin Tanner's files while Bruce takes a polygraph test that he successfully passes. Several witnesses are called to Bruce's trial to testify about the identity of the Batman including Blaine, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Jason, Gordon, Alfred. and Lucius Jr. Thorne forces Jason into saying Bruce Wayne is Batman at the trial by threatening his little brother in front of him. This angers Blaine and Catherine which is why they go after Thorne outside and where Blaine pushes Thorne down a flight of stairs. Before they could act, Detective McDonald and several policemen hold them at gunpoint. D.A. Fields is able to dimish all credibility that the witnesses have when they claim Bruce Wayne is not the Batman. When Bruce takes the stand, the Batman crashes through the skylight, revealing himself to be John Marlowe who faked his own death. Marlowe is then taken into custody but escapes with help from Adrian, who is surprised that it actually is Marlowe. Detective McDonald takes the stand, however, he angers Thorne and Fields by confessing to having gathered the evidence against Bruce without a warrant. Bruce is found guilty by the jury under orders from Thorne. However, Bruce's lawyer Kate Spencer moves for a judgment notwithstanding the verdict and Judge Faden surprisingly agrees to it which upsets Agent Davis, who is attending the trial, and orders for McDonald as well as Fields to be brought up on charges. Bruce returns to Wayne Manor and discovers that his friend is actually alive, Christopher Chance was impersonating Faden, and that McDonald has betrayed Thorne because of Thorne threatening Jason's little brother. McDonald accepts Blaine's offer for protection. Thorne is enraged at this and orders for Marlowe, Faden, and McDonald to be killed. However, Owl-Man ambushes Thorne and slashes his throat with a sword telling him that his failure is unacceptable. Flashbacks show Victor reviving John with one of the Lazarus Pits and training his son to calm his mind and heal his emotional pain, while also mastering control over physical pain.
  17. "A New Squad"- Becoming angry with the fact that John Marlowe took the fall for being the Batman for Bruce and since John escaped, Davis decides to form her own squad to go after Batman. She forces Catherine to get involved or she will have Gordon arrested for aiding the Batman. Agent Blake and Avesta meet with Batman to hand over dirt on Davis. She has done things that are questionable and illegal such as accepting evidence from Justin Tanner about Melanie Walker, telling Fields about it, and Fields then kidnapping Melanie without Davis' knowledge. In the FBI, Davis was responsible for the disbandment of SANCTUS and its various operations, though would salvage its research to help the FBI's operations, even keeping some of their human test subjects for further monitoring. At some point, Davis would arrange the disappearance of two former SANCTUS researchers who were to testify against her. Davis also began to look into the prospect of recruiting criminals with unique skills for the FBI's use, developing a project codenamed "The Devil You Own" that would oversee the creation of a specialized shock collar that could be used to control such criminals and researched others methods that could be used as leverage and collateral to entice these criminals to better follow orders. While Davis did well to cover her tracks on these more unethical and illegal projects, she nonetheless developed a somewhat notorious reputation as a hardened and stern leader of dubious nature, deeply respected by some and feared by others. Jeremiah Valeska, otherwise known as the Joker, returns to Gotham City and becomes a murderous vigilante deciding that Davis should be executed for "failing the city." Bruce decides to work with Blaine, the D.E.O. and John to rescue Davis, since Valeska is too dangerous to handle alone. Davis and her team, along with Catherine deduces Batman's arrival so she prepares them to attack. Batman and the D.E.O clash with Valeska and his goons, as does Davis' squad. Catherine's collar is removed by Davis when they When he defeats Valeska, Davis announces that she will still go after Bruce even though he saved her. Bruce then blackmails Davis with the evidence into not coming after Melanie before leaving. Bruce and Catherine later reconcile and Catherine promises to talk with the team, now called the Outsiders, to forgive Bruce. Flashfowards show that Bruce and the D.E.O along with Jason as Batman simultaneously go head to head against the Pact. During the fight, Bruce hesitates in killing Flamingo, he escapes but not before he injures Kathy. In the end, Bruce meets with an old friend to help him in his war to defeat Eduardo Sanchez who has infecting half of Gotham with his serum.
  18. "The End of Batman"-Bruce gives Avesta a job at Wayne Enterprises when Avesta wants nothing to do with Davis anymore. Avesta even admits to deducing Bruce was Batman through a psychological assessment and informing Davis of it. Regardless, Bruce still forgives her. However, he soon has to leave to fight members of the Red Fists. Elsewhere, Davis is visited by Deputy Director Ralph Bundy, who wants to dismiss Davis from the FBI since she accepted evidence from Justin Tanner, a cyberterrorist. Bundy even tells Davis that there is a reasonable doubt that Bruce Wayne is Batman because of his polygraphic test, the photo being falsified, and John Marlowe's confession. Bundy then orders Davis to pack her things and leave and tells her that he will be taking a look at all the cases she was involved in. An explosion happens when Bruce is fighting the Red Fists, leaving no survivors. John and Alfred, fearing for Bruce's life, goes looking for him. When Davis is leaving the Gotham FBI field office, she is ambushed by Owl-Man, who drugs her. When Davis awakens, she is in a cabin at the woods. She becomes shocked when Owl-Man removes his mask revealing to an individual who resembles Bruce. Davis demands an explanation and Owl-Man reveals to Davis his real name is Fives and explains to her his origins. In flashbacks when the Court of Owls is decimated by Ra's, Ra's meets with Fives and decides to recruit him into the League of Shadows, where Fives meets Shiva. When Davis demands what Owl-Man is going to do with her, Owl-Man tells Davis that he has not decided yet and Davis begins ordering Owl-Man to release her because she is an FBI agent and the Bureau will come after him if he does anything. However, Owl-Man dismisses Davis' threat knowing she was fired and admits to leaking the photo of Bruce. John and Alfred return to Wayne Manor to find Bruce safe and sound. Bruce promises Alfred that he will never leave him. Owl-Man gets a call from Shiva ordering him to kill Davis by setting the cabin on fire. Owl-Man does by igniting propane tanks. Davis attempts to escape, however, she is blown up when she attempts to turn off the stove. Owl-Man calmly watches this and drives away.
  19. "Inquisition"- The police discover Davis' body in the woods after being informed of it by campers. The FBI is handed over the case with Agent Blake in charge. Blake confesses to Avesta that he told Bundy about Davis accepting evidence from Justin Tanner which creates a conflict between them since Batman promised not to expose her. Meanwhile, Adrian confronts Pike about being Vigilante and Pike admits that this is because he lost faith in the system and that Lady Shiva threatened his daughter Zoey Pike. It was Draco's idea for Pike to take the Vigilante identity away from Adrian. Owl Man ups his ante on the murders in Gotham City, by having his corrupt police officers try to capture Batman. Adrian, Lucius Jr., Catherine and Jason engage the corrupt cops while Batman goes after March who had Susan kidnapped. The Batman breaks in and fights his way through the remnants of the Cabal, and rescues Susan with back up from Gordon.  Draco has been hiding at Wayne Manor. He goes to a gay bar and Adrian tracks him down. Draco explains to Adrian that Kovar, the man he killed on Lian Yu, was his lover. Chase tries to convince Draco that killing him would not bring Kovar back, however, Draco still holds his grudge on Chase and asks him to leave, which Chase does after leaving money behind to pay for Draco's drink. In the end, Susan is revealed to have seen Batman unmasked as Bruce Wayne, which makes her angry at the fact that he lied to her.  In Flashfowards, Bruce decides to reclaim the Batman mantle, and teams up with Brant Jones AKA Hush who has reformed. The two vigilantes take down the thugs who expose the virus to thousands of people, with John realizing that he made a big mistake in helping Flamingo. Blaine decides to take John to the D.E.O where they discover information that may help the team stop the "Spectre" virus from taking over the city. In order to honor her father, Catherine decides to become the Catwoman again and engages the thugs with the help of The Bat Family. John later asks Catherine for protection, realizing that they never had closure before he died in the first season.
  20. "Bloodlines"- Susan McGuire , angered at everything that has happened and consider Bruce to be the poison tries to expose him for being the Batman. Susan's hatred for Bruce increases even more after learning that Bruce is in a relationship with Kathy . Susan tries to expose Oliver’s secret. However before she could, Susan wants to know how and why Bruce is the Batman. She calls the GCPD and threatens to publish the article if Bruce does not meet with her to discuss it. Lucius Jr. contemplates having Alfred frame Susan again for plagiarism, however, Bruce refuses and tries to talk Susan out of it. However, surprisingly, when Bruce is meeting with Susan, they are both attacked by Nyssa Al Ghul, who seeks to kill Susan.  After Nyssa is defeated and placed in the Batcave, the team discovers that while Nyssa was on the hunt for Lady Shiva, Shiva captured Nyssa and brainwashed her by killing Nyssa and then resurrecting her in rapid succession, leaving Nyssa to be virtually broken from the trauma of dying again and again in so short a time. The only reason that Shiva wants to kill Susan is because she realized that Susan is a descendant of an old opponent of her step-father’s. Shiva, anticipating that Susan would be hidden in the Batcave, orders her assassins to attack in order to kill her. However, those assassins are taken out by the Original Bat Family and the Outsiders with help from Draco and Red X, who is released from her cage and finally decides to make the right choice. Flashfowards show that Flamingo continues his murder spree across the city, with Bruce contemplating on if he should have killed him when he had the chance. Catherine swears that Bruce was in the right for sparing him and that justice is all that matters, but Brant claims that in order to defeat a monster, you have to become one.
  21. "The Fall of Civilization"-Owl Man brings Pike, Deathstroke, and Ivy to Lady Shiva where Lady Shiva reveals herself to be the stepdaughter of Ra's Al Ghul and asks everyone to work with her to destroy Gotham. Deathstroke and Ivy agree out of respect for Ra's, however, Pike refuses until Shiva reveals that she knows the whereabouts of his daughter and will Owl-Man or the Guild kill her unless Pike cooperates. Pike then reluctantly complies. Later, Owl-Man appears on every screen in Gotham City urging the people of Gotham to fight back against the government by leaking sensitive details about them that Justin Tanner gathered before his death. This begins to spark a full revolution with Owl-Man shutting down the city's power supply. The FBI, DEO, and GCPD then struggle to deal with the chaos in Gotham while Bruce is hurt that Owl-Man exposed the true face of the city that Gordon felt never would have happened if Thomas and Martha Wayne hadn't been killed. Owl-Man messages Lucius Jr. thanking him for releasing Justin Tanner because this would never have happened without him and Lucius Jr. vows to make it right after some encouragement from Draco. Eventually, Bruce and Alfred track down Owl-Man with help from Lucius Jr. while the team tries to help deal with the chaos. When they locate Owl-Man, he reveals that he enjoys seeing Bruce suffer and reveals to have Damian as his hostage. Bruce and Alfred outsmart Owl-Man which leads to Bruce fighting Owl-Man while Alfred kills Lady Shiva's mercenaries to get Damian back. When Alfred does, Owl-Man tosses a knife at Damian only for Alfred to stand in the way on purpose and get stabbed instead. Owl-Man vanishes and Bruce rushes to Alfred's side with Alfred telling Bruce that when he was born, he would do anything for him no matter what after holding him in his arms. Bruce tearfully tells Alfred that he is going to be fine, however, Alfred dies in Bruce's arms, devastating him and Damian. Flashfowards reveal that Gotham City is in a major war which is tearing the city apart. The D.E.O, The Bat Family and the GCPD struggle to contain the violence as Kathy decides to go after Flamingo herself. Blaine saves her as Guardian, not wanting Bruce to lose someone he cares about again. Eduardo works with The Joker, who begins causing more chaos. The two murder John, as the team are left devastated.
  22. "Death In The Family"-Alfred is given a funeral for her heroic sacrifice with Bruce feeling vengeful, Susan feeling sorry for Bruce's loss, and Damian feeling guilty for what happened despite Bruce blaming everything on Fives. Bruce takes Damian and Julie into the custody of the D.E.O while everyone plans their next movie next Lady Shiva. Blaine locates Lady Shiva and prepares to attack that place. Lady Shiva anticipates all of this and has her team ready themselves as the Bat Family and the D.E.O. storm their hideout. As the teams confront each other Bruce surprises them when Nyssa and members of the Bat Family vengeful for Alfred's death arrive also. Both sides clash with each other in a brutal battle to the death. As Adrian fights Pike he discreetly tells Adrian why he’s helping Lady Shiva, and that there is a bomb her assassins have spent the last several months building an underground radio detonator set to explode in a few minutes to unleash the Lazarus waters against the world that will kill everyone. Owl-Man only wanted to use Justin Tanner as a means to show Bruce the "true face" of the city he protects, but her endgame was to always destroy the city itself in front of Bruce while they are both killed as well. Bruce tells Lucius Jr. and Draco to diable it but Lady Shiva goes after them. Catherine fights Ivy but Catherinebarely comes out on top and Ivy begs Catherine to kill her and end her suffering but she refuses, and tells Ivy to wake up and realize what’s right in front of her. Meanwhile Blaine fights Deathstroke and after an emotional fight Deathstroke finally realizes how far he’s fallen, once reminded of his son and told of Lady Shiva's plan. Owl-Man gets killed when Adrian and Pike gun him down together. Draco and Lucius Jr. disable the detonator. Gordon notices Lady Shiva and pursues her to the roof where she has been fighting Nyssa for some time and eventually injures her and Gordon intervenes. With only hours left until the effects of the Lazarus Pit kills her Lady Shiva fights Gordon empowered by sheer rage for her stepfather but as she tries to deliver the killing blow, she is knocked over by Red X. Gordon and Red X team up against Shiva and defeat her as everyone arrives in time to see. Gordon tells the beaten and crippled Shiva, now coughing blood from her declining health, that he does not regret saving his daughter, however, he regrets training with the Guild. Lady Shiva tempts Bruce into killing her. Bruce refuses and tells Lady Shiva that he will not save her. Pike, Slade, Draco, and Ivy get their revenge on Lady Shiva by torturing her until the effects of the Lazarus Pit finally kills her as Nyssa watches with relief. In Flashfowards, the team hold a wake for John as Catherine swears that they will defeat them no matter the cost. The D.E.O manage to arrest Flamingo's men with the help of Catwoman, Jason and Damian (who has finally become Robin) while Batman manages to kill him for the murder of John.
  23. "Aftermath"-Gotham becomes restored and Barbara decides to stay with Gordon and Catherine rather than return to Pandora. Slade visits Alfred's grave aplogizing for what he as done and promises to make Alfred proud of him. Damian, still blaming himself from the death of Alfred, decides to go to a private school in Switzerland that Bruce and Julie eventually allow. Bruce helps Agent Blake, the Bat Family, and the FBI as Batman mount a final attack on the corrupt GCPD with Bruce obtaining the list of people who was in league with Rupert Thorne, liberating Gotham City. During a press conferrrence, Pike as the police commissioner tells the good news to the public and promises to continue making Gotham City free of the corruption and have it be a place people are glad to call home as the FBI are arresting the city officials and employees in league with Thorne. Susan leaves a message for Bruce thanking him for saving her life and promises to keep his identity a secret as well as be an ally to the team and Bruce hands John the mantle of the Batman. Agent Blake's employer, Director Lemack, is revealed to know Bruce is Batman while investigating the death of Alexandria Davis and forces Bruce to fake his own death to join Spyral in order to avoid having Adrian sent to prison. As Blaine, Kathy, and Thomas greet Lucy when she is out of her coma in the hospital, everyone watches in horror on the news when Wayne Manor is set on fire. This even horrifies Draco and Lucius Jr. as they secretly spending time together with Lucius Jr. showing Draco his tech projects at Wayne Enterprises. Flashfowards reveal that when the Batman killed Flamingo, it set off a bomb which killed millions of people including Damian's mother. Damian quits the team, wanting nothing to do with his father anymore and leaves to join a group of "Titans." In the end, a Spyral leader kidnaps Bruce Wayne as he wakes up on an Island full of criminals that he might have to escape from. Bruce then sees people who look oddly similar to his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne ending in a cliffhanger. Catherine burns her costume stating that she'd rather enjoy the rest of her life without being a vigilante. Bruce urges her to move on, and she decides to leave the city for good.