Gotham Nights
Gotham Nights
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Created By

Keirain Nite and others(not decided)

No. of Seasons


no. of Chapters



Production Company(s)

Well, me and it will be on deviant art....CSI(congegation of spazing idiots) i guess


Release Date

IDK yet



Gotham Nights is a manga series that im going to do on deviant art based of of batman. It follows the life of bruce wayne as he becomes the vigilantee known as the batmman.


The plot loosly follows the nolan films, but also ads my two fanfilms that i am planning. It begins in a very simmilar way to batman begins, but doesn't show bruce training in the league of assassins. It then jumps to 1 yaer later in gotham city. Its shows two thugs running in the night on building tops. They get caught by batman.

Arrival Arc

This story arc revolves arround the first few months of batmans existance, and includes Ra's Al Ghul, Victor Zsaze, and Jonathan Crane.

Hero Arc

This arc includes Scarecrow, Deadshot, killer croc,and hints at the Joker.

Crimewave Arc

This story arc revolves arround,a mob boss known as the penguin, the upriseing of the joker, and has minor appearances of scarecrow.

White-Knight Arc

This arc revolves arround Harvey Dent becomeing two-face. It also fetures the Joker.

Dark Knight Arc/Exile Arc

This arc revolves arround batman becomeing gothams most wanted. Durring this time, we don't get to see much of batman, and it mostly revolves arround Commisioner Gordon and John Blake. The featured villains include Black Mask, Penguin,firefly,catwoman, and great white shark.

Riseing Arc

This arc follows the plot of Dark Knight Rises pretty much. Not many differances formt he movie ecept that John Blake acts more as a sidekick to batman. Fetured villains are Bane and Talia Al Ghul.

Nightwing Arc

This story arc revolves arround John Blake takeing up the mantle of gothams vigilante, known as nightwing. He uses his skills as a detective to track down a serial killer know as the riddler, and also a crazed maniac who belives that she was chosen by the joker to be the next agent of chaos.

Returns Arc

This is the 8th and final story arc and is loosly adapted from frank millers "The Dark Knight Returns". The only major differances between it and the origional DKR is that the female robin has been replaced with batgirl, and two-face (being dead in the nolanverse) is replaced with scarecrow. Also, batman truley does die at the end of this. Fetured villains are The Joker, Scarecrow, and Superman.


  • The first 4 are based off of batman begins and TDK, with extra stuff added.
  • Exile arc is based off of what many fans speculate happened in 8 years batman was retired in the nolan films.
  • Riseing Arc is absed of of TDKR
  • The last two are my nolanverse fanfilms that i will make


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