Here Comes Batman
Here Comes Batman is the first episode of Batman: The Looney Series.


Bugs must stop a manefesitation of bats from bothering Looney City and becoming a perminent pest problem.


It was a peaceful day in Looney City, and Bugs was chopping carrots into his cereal. "Good thing I started growing homegrown carrots," he said as he ate his cereal when suddenly Daffy jumped downstairs dressed up as Batman. "What are you doing?" asked Bugs. "Quiet! I'm Batman!" said Daffy as he tripped and fell over the couch. "Ah! My leg! I can't see!" cried Daffy as Bugs turned around and started finishing his cereal.

Bugs was finishing things up in the Bat Cave when he got a signal on his radio communicator. Some jerk was about to release a whole bunch of bats into the city. Bugs had to stop this quickly so he got into his suit and rushed to the bat mobile and hurried into Looney City.

There he was! Pete Puma, the town's zookeeper had a cage full of bats in his hand. "Okay, little fellas time to go home," he said as he started to open the cage. Bugs rushed quickly to the scene but it was too late! The creatures had escaped! So, up he went with his grappling hook. He saw the bats and chased after them.

Batman chased the pesky bats until he finally reached them. He grabbed a hold of one of the varmints and was lifted into the air. Even though Bugs repeatedly told him to stop, the bat did not listen. So, there was Batman dangling a hundred feet in the air with the only thing carrying him, a bat.

The bat eventually let go of him and just watched while Bugs fell to his death. But he didn't fall to his death. He fell in his own pool. He got out of the pool to realize his suit was gone. Daffy then walked outside. "Bugs, what are you doing inside the pool? I didn't see you come out here," said Daffy confused.

"Hey, Daffy? You wanna meet Batman?" asked Bugs. "Sure!" said Daffy. "Well, he's in your room," said Bugs. "BATMAN!" shouted Daffy as he ran up to his room. Bugs grabbed his batman suit, put it on and then grabbed a few of his carrots and set out for Looney City once again.

He finally reached Looney City when he held out all the carrots. The bats came straight down at him trying to eat carrots. Batman threw the carrots in the cage and the bats went straight into the cage locking them up. The bats were then returned to the zoo and Pete Puma was fired. "Ah, come on!" he said disappointed. 

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