Real name
Jake Kingslian
The Joker


JLA (Formally)
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Hog was the name of a serial killer until joker saw competition and threw him into the same vat of acid that mutated himself, Hog comes out mutated with a pig nose, wolf claws, fangs, and snout, a devil tail, incredible size & super strength. He targeted Joker but Batman stopped him, by throwing him back in that vat of acid, mutating him so bad, he is a giant mindless behemoth. Unfortunly, Hog killed anybody he saw. He killed the Riddler, but was defeated by the JLA and accidently knocked into a vat of carbolic acid, which melted him into ashes.


During the Interdimensional Crisis, Raven accidently revived Hog, except in human form. He was revealed to be Jake Kingslian, an orphan reported missing in 1982. Hog helped the JLA escape outer space as Interlink was destroying it. When they reached the space shuttle, Red Robin sat down in a room with Hog to keep an eye on him, when they were attacked by aliens. Jake was sucked out an airlock and aten alive by the aliens. It is rumored in Gotham that he was revived somehow, but his current wereabouts are unknown.

In Other Media

Batman: Arkham Forever

See: Hog (Batman: Arkham Forever)

Batman: Last Arkham

In this film, Jake "Hog" Kingslian appears, portrayed by Tom Hardy, as a prisoner in Akham Asylum, instead of a mutated cannibal.