Hush by nuvaprime-d5hbpme

"I idolized you Bruce, but that was before I realized that you were filth"

One time friend of Bruce Wayne, Thomas Elliot, he went mad with envy after discovering that Bruce was Batman. After Bruce left him to die at the hands of The Joker, he assumed the indentity of Hush, swearing revenge against his former friend.



Hush was once the friend of Bruce Wayne, Thomas Elliot. Little is known about his childhood, however, his mother was verbally abussive and his father was physically abusive. His mother had a tendancy to insult him by comparing him to Bruce. One day, a car accident caused his father to die and his mother to be severely injured.

An Eventful Party

Years later, Elliot returned to find his friend Bruce, for he had been losing control of his anger and jelousy.





Thomas Elliot is a skilled surgeon, and has some formal martial arts training. He can also wield a handgun

Weapons and Paraphinalia

Thomas Elliot uses a scalpel, brass knuckles, and two handguns.


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