I Am The Night is the first episode of Gotham City.


At age 6, Bruce Wayne's parents are killed in front of him. Later, at age 18, Bruce is talked to by his dad's old friend, Lucius Fox. Bruce is close to enheiriting his father's company, Wayne Enterprises, but isn't old enough yet. Bruce just wants to forget his parent' deaths and get on with his life, but will never truly forget. The next day, when he finds out his parents' killer, Joe Chill, has been murdered, he visits his parents' graves. He decides to find the man who killed Joe Chill. He discovers that Joe Chill's killer is a mobster named Black Mask. Bruce puts on a mask and goes to find Black Mask. He finds Black Mask's thugs, and defeats them. When the police arrive, Bruce flees the scene with the two unconscious thugs. He ties them both to a search-light, knowing the police will find them. The search-light ends up leaving a bat-like signal in the sky, and the police dub this vigilante "The Batman".


  • Bruce Wayne/"The Batman"
  • Lucius Fox
  • Martha Wayne (flashback only) (dies)
  • Thomas Wayne (flashback only) (dies)
  • Joe Chill
  • Black Mask (mentioned only)
  • Black Mask's thugs

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