Ivan Petrov

Full Name

Aleksandyr Ivanovich Petrov


Ivan Petrov, Boss Petrov, "The Joseph Stalin of Organized Crime"





December 3, 1972





Eye Color(s)


Hair Color

Light brown

Professional Information


Gotham City Neo-Communist Mafia
Russian Mafia (formerly)
Petrov Industries (formerly)


Head of the Russian Mafia

Base of Operations

His penthouse

Personal Information

Marital Status


Abilities & Tools


Skilled businessman


"Ivan Petrov. He was the head of Petrov Industries and was also Russia's most powerful gangster until one of his own guys turned him over to the FSB. Yet he managed to escape and go into hiding. Look's like we know where he's hiding now."
Commissioner James Gordon going over Petrov's official dossier.

Ivan Petrov is a Russian businessman and gangster operating out of Gotham City, and he becomes a recurring antagonist from season 4 onwards.

Originally hailing from Moscow, Russia, Petrov originally served in the Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) before becoming a freelance mercenary. Later, he decided to turn to a life in organized crime after hearing that there would be more money involved. In a famous event in organized crime, he personally assassinated the previous Don of the Russian Mafia, Boris Ostrovsky, and built up a massive criminal empire that lasted for several years until he was ratted out to the FSB by a member of his own inner circle. However, he was able to escape to the United States, seeking refuge in Gotham City, where he rebuit his empire, becoming one of Gotham's most formidible crime lords, his only rivals being Sal Maroni and Tony Zucco, the only survivors of the Gotham Gang War. He would continue to remain a prominent figure in Gotham's organized crime for many years.

He is portrayed by Neal McDonough


Before Knight of Gotham

Knight of Gotham

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