The Robert Bussing-Jones Batman trilogy is the second reboot of the film franchise directed, written and produced by Robert Bussing-Jones and in part by Nathan Blake.

The Batman

About a year after the release and subsequent closing to Christopher Nolan's critcally acclaimed take on the Batman character, everyone returned to the drawing board. Famed directors such as Darren Aronofsky, Joel Shumacher and Zack Snyder all expressed interest in interpreting their own versions of Batman into a new series, but formerly independent director Robert Bussing-Jones was ultimately attached to directing, producing and writing the new Batman reboot along with fellow director Nathan Blake, who had worked with Bussing-Jones previously.

The goal that the duo set was for Batman to be relatable, and not to be overly fantastical. Bussing-Jones stated that "Batman has always been written as a dark hero with a dark past, and his past is what we want to cover for this series, much like how Spider-Man was remade to cover Peter Parker's origins and rise to fame as a superhero." In the pre-production stages, the various titles for the reboot were Batman Ascends, Rise of the Caped Crusader and The Bat.

The Knight

Before production on The Batman was even finished, Robert Bussing-Jones confirmed that he envisioned the reboot as a new series that would be connected to a potential Justice League film. Shortly after The Batman was released to theaters with widespread critical acclaim, Bussing-Jones announced that the sequel would be titled The Knight. Many rumors circulated about the possible villain(s) in the new film, and it was revealed several months after the release of The Batman that the Riddler would be the new antagonist.

Caped Crusader

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