Joker is a villain on the animated version of Birds of Prey, B.O.P.


Joker has told various tale's of his origin. One is that he was a car salesman who was fired. Without money he tried to commit suicide by leaping into a vat of chemicals but all it did was mutate him and drive him insane. Another is that he was a gangster who was board with life and became the Joker to spice things up.


After the Womens Society of Evil were defeated by the B.O.P Joker gave them advice on how to defeat Batgirl. In the resulting battle Ivy used this information to cripple and capture Batgirl. Joker told her two of his origin stories. Afterwards the B.O.P attacked the base. Joker tried to shoot Batgirl but Black Canary used one of her screams to throw Joker out a window. He crashed through a bilboard and landed on a yacht. He tried to escape on it but Superwoman pursued. He held the owner at gunpoint but neglected to steer the the boat and it hit a rock. The boat flipped in the air. Superwoman saved the owner but Joker hit the rock and flipped over. He was admitted to Arkham Asylum with a broken neck, severed right am, cracked ribs and a broken right leg.

Phsical Apperance

Joker normally wears an orange shirt with a purple tie. He wears a purple coat with a green and pink patch. He wears long purple trousers and red clown shoes. His skin is white and his hair is short and green. His eyes are yellow and his lips are red. His teeth are green.


  • In W.S. he breaks the fourth wall. When his boats about to crash he grabs the camera and yells at the viewer     "Someone call Batman!" 

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