Jokester by loonylucifer

"When the innocent can laugh in the face of the evil and terrifying, they will no longer hold any power over them"

The Jokester is a heroic version of The Joker.



The Jokester was abused as a child by his father, even though exactly what happened is a mystery. To prevent himself from going mad, he decided to use his abuse to motivate himself to become an optimist, and laugh in the face of the horrible.

Teenaged Years

At some point in his teenaged years, he was taken to an ophanage, and his father was sent to prison after his mother confessed to the police about the abuse. He realized that things can be just if someone were to just speak up. He decided that when he was older, he would become the defender of the innocent. He also met Rachel at this time. Later, he left the orphanage in order to make a living for himself.

Later Years

The Jokester took chemistry and self-denfense classes to train himself. Using the materials he could find, he created his gas gun and put on his suit and makeup. It was time to bring justice to the streets.

First Day as a Hero

The Jokester decided to start his career of heroism by taking down a man working for Carmine Falcone. Before he could stop the man, however, Owlman attacked the criminal, breaking both his arms. The Jokester tried to stop him, but he had his nose broken, and watched as Owlman snapped the man's neck. The Jokester had failed.

After this, The Jokester became depressed, and gave up his career as a hero. He went back to the orphanage to talk to Rachel.


The Jokester looks like his villainous counterpart, except he has purple hair, orange gloves and tie, a purple undershirt, and a green suit with smiley-face buttons.



The Jokester is an optimist who believes that the only way to stop a problem is by laughing at it.


The Jokester is an expert at chemistry and self-defense. He is also talented at the art of parkour.

Weapons and Paraphilalia

The Jokester uses a gas gun and gas bombs which causes his opponent to laugh, allowing the Jokester to attack or flee. He also throws cards with metal edges.


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