Jason Kane is a member of The Sons of Bane
Tom hardy as bane by salvation series-d37o0d1


Kane is known to sport a rather small penis which he aggressive shoves it into the unwilling mouths of his enemies. Once the penis is in his enemies mouth at a certain level of arousal it starts to grow into a 450 lb behemoth in which catwoman was once quoted to say "it's too much to handle". Kane's archrival is robin, both metahumans are matched evenly in terms of penis size and hate each other very much for it. Kane's last appearance in the batman comics was when the dark knight himself showed up to a gay club on official batman business and found Kane dead with his pants arounds his ankle and wearing lipstick.

Kane is a angry person because of his small penis

Weapons and Abilities

Extremely small penis, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction

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