Keirain Nite is a freelance detective who doubles as the vigilantee ScareCr0w.


As Keirain: He is hot headded and impulsive. he will argue almost any point to the point of anoyance. He is a good detective and has reasonable deductive skills. However he hates being wrong.

As Scarecrow: He is an insane criminal genius. He is a sadistic psociopath who would do unspeakable acts of crime if keirain werent there to control him. He lacks compassion and guilt and other such emotions(includeing fear).


Keirain's parents divorced when he was only 5. His father was an abusive alchoholic and beat keirain when ever he missbehaved. At school, he was always picked on for being scrawny and nerdy. He was incredibly shy, but would hide his true self behind a mask of false insanity. Eventually this insanity became real to the point of him developing bi-polar dissorder and createing the alternate persona of scarecrow.scarecrow had an obsession with flipping coins to decide things, so keirain began carrying arround a double headded golden angel coin to stop scarecrow from doing evil. When scarecrow found out, he burnt half of keirains face to "mimmic his two-faced lying nature". Keirain graduated from colledge with a degree in psychology. He decided to become a PI and a Bail Bond Agent (BOUNTY HUNTER) so he could carry out his vigilantism leagally.


Crimminal mind

he uses this to predict what criminals will do next and uses this evil for the greater good.

Dual Guns

He weilds dual guns to help him fight crimminals.

Psychology Degree

He is an expert on the human mind as well as fear. He uses this to his advantage while fighting criminals.


  • He is the Two-Face character in my parody
  • His alternate persona is the Scarecrow character
  • I combined two characters into one for this
  • In some ways, he is like Rorschorch from watchmen and shares a simmilar relationship with The Nightshade as Rorschorch does with Nite Owl.


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