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"I think I have better things to do than babysit an overgrown brat."
―John Blake/Batman

Knife Trick is the second episode of The Caped Crusader, and the second of Season 1.

Appearing in "Knife Trick"

  • John Blake/Batman
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Commissioner Gordon
  • Bruce Wayne/The Insider
  • Selina Kyle
  • William Cobb/Talon
  • The Court of Owls
  • Damian Wayne/Robin

Summary for "Knife Trick"

At the crime scene, Batman throws back the tarp, revealing a man who resembles a human dartboard, stabbed more than 50 times. Batman collects some of the knives, noting the Owl symbol and their relation to the old bedtime story, the Court of Owls.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon arrives at the Police Station late at night, meeting up with Detective Harvey Bullock, a new recruit to replace John Blake. Bullock and Gordon briefly discuss the apparant return of the Batman, with Bullock suggesting that Batman survived the detonation. Gordon disagrees, claiming it is someone new behind the cowl.

It then cuts to 5 years in the past, right after the explosion that nearly destroyed Gotham City. Bruce Wayne pulls himself into the Batcave, only to meet Superman and Selina Kyle. When Bruce asks what happens, Superman simply replies that there was a war, and evil won.

Cutting to the present, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are living in Florence, though Bruce still has nightmares of his time as Batman. While staring out onto the ocean, he has a brief flashback of the first battle against Darkseid, and avoiding his Omega Beams.

John Blake returns to Wayne Manor, only to find Alfred unconscious. Before he can react, Damian leaps out of the shadows, attacking John, demanding to know where his father is. John is confused, and manages to get Damian in the Batcave, were he is able to use various gadgets to defeat him.

Damian then explains that he was born in the Middle East to Talia Al Ghoul 9 months after Bane's defeat. She had the League of Shadows train him to be a master killer, then released him to find his father and assist him when he could. He demands that since Bruce is dead, he should at least aid John. Blake agrees, and frees Damian.

Blake then begins analyzing the knife wounds, using a camera in the morgue to determine through scars that the victim was a trainer. He also notices that an engraved symbol on the man's tooth matches the owl symbol on the knives. Damian recites the Court of Owls tale, and Blake, catching something on it, leaves, refusing to let Damian accompany him, while telling Alfred to dig up Alan Wayne's crypt.

Meanwhile, in Florence, a man dressed in an owl costume approaches Bruce Wayne from behind, drawing a knife.


  • It's title is derived from the title of Batman Vol 2 #1, part of the New 52 event.

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