Lego Batman is an 2013 television series which will air on Cartoon Network in January 2013.It stars Troy Baker as the title character, and features Charlie Schlatter, Laura Bailey , and Rob Paulsen with Steven J. Blum as supporting characters.

Episode Guide: Season 1(2013)

1."The Return of The Joker"

2."Byrdy , Byrdy"

3."The Flip Side"

4."The Demon's Head"

5."The Rise of The Clayface"


7."A Night At The Theatre"


9."Riddler's Revenge"

10."The Return"

11."Big Time"

12."Weedkill Part 1"

13."Weedkill Part 2"

Season 2(2013-2014)

  • Cast
  • Troy Baker as Batman/Bruce Wayne,Two-Face
  • Charlie Schlatter as Robin/Tim Drake
  • Laura Bailey as Catwoman/Selina Kyle,Poison Ivy
  • Rob Paulsen as Clayface,Black Mask,Killer Croc
  • Steven Blum as Joker,Man-Bat,Ra's Al Ghul
  • Andrea Romano as Talia Al Ghul,Vicki Vale

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