Limb is a batman villian injected with Venom in all of his body except his right arm. Limb is known for holding hostages at ransom, and if said ransom is not paid, he will rip off the hostages right arm. 


Louis Armington was a regular family man in gotham city with a wife and a son. Armington was an alchoholic which caused his wife to divorce him. During the divorce he lost his house and son, causing him to go beserk. Looking for work, he gets hired by Rupert Thorne to do some small time bank robbing. During one of the heists, Armington ends up shootng 3 hostages who try to run out the door. The police arrive and arrest Armington who is later sentenced to a life sentence at Blackgate prison. One year into his serve at Blackgate, he was bought (illegally) be a man named Dr. Jason Woodrue who was trying to come up with a formula to make a human being ten times stronger (Venom). Woodroe kept Armington prisoner in a cell inside Woodroe's lab. On Woodroe's final experiment, he strapped Armington down and connected tubes with Venom to every major limb. The tube on his right arm snapped making him ten times stronger and more muscular in every limb but his right arm. Infuriated, Woodroe drugged Armington and threw him back in his cell. When Armington regained consiousness, he found with his newfound strength he could rip open the bars of the cage and escape. When he escaped, he went back to Rupert Thornes hideout looking for more work. Thorne and all his men were disgusted by the one defunct arm and humiliated him about it saying they couldn't have freaks in their mob. Angered, Armington ran away. He found a sharp piece of metal at a scrap yard and cut of his right arm in one clean cut. He returned to the mob who still said he could not join. Infuriated, he slit all their throats (Except Thorne)  with the metal avoiding gunfire left and right. He finally reached Thorne and cut off his right arm watching him slowly bleed to death. Armington started kidnapping people off the streets for a ransom of around $150,00 dollars, and if the ransom wasnt paid, he would cut their right arm off and send it to the hostage's family. Police started addresing him as The limb serial killer, which later just became limb. Limb once captured Commisioner gordon one night and held him hostage for $1,000,000 dollars. Batman was able to find out where batman kept the hostages (Thorne's old hideout) and took down Limb right as he was cutting Gordon's arm off. Limb sometimes works with other villians such as Bane, Riddler, and penguin and is normally their assistant.       SPECIAL THANKS TO: Sleepingwiththefishes

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