TV Movies/Specials

Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Rise of the Caped Crusader Sci February 13, 2016 001
Bruce Wayne goes across the planet to train, and returns to Gotham to save it from Black Mask. He becomes a Silent Guardian, A Watchful Protector, a Caped Crusader.

Season 1: Fear

Title Written by Original airdate Production code
The Man in the Mask Sci March 12, 2016 101
Two Months after the Disaster in Gotham City, the Batman is back and is ready to fight crime. He spots a bank robbery, to find a crazed man in a mask... and his victims keep muttering one word... Scarecrow... Scarecrow..... BTCC 101
Creatures of the Dark Sci March 19, 2016 102
One Night, a mysterious creature is introduced into Gotham. When Reporter Vicki Vale mistakingly says its the Batman, a man hunt is issued for Batman after the " Man-Bat " attacks. Can he use his detective skills to solve this Batty Case? BTCC 102
The Butcher and His Knife Sci March 26, 2016 103
A mass murderer strikes terror into Gotham City, killing multiple people. When he makes a threat againest Gordon, what will it take for the Dark Knight to defeat his new foe? BTCC 103
Terror of the Hatter Sci April 2, 2016 104
The Batman, James Gordon, Harvey Dent, and a girl named Alice is trapped inside a Mad Man's House. They must escape the traps and horrors within, and save Alice from a fate worse then Death. BTCC 104
Croc in the Sewers Sci April 9, 2016 105
A bunch of things and people begin to go missing, and Batman finds his biggest clue in the Sewers, where the Killer Croc A.K.A Waylen Jones lives. When he threathens death upon Batman, the World's Greatest Detective must find a way to stop him. 
BTCC 105 -2
Scarface Sci April 16, 2016 106
In a Mafia like episode, it centers around Salvatore Maroni taking control of Organized Crime, and sending Arnold Wesker, a violent criminal suffering from a dissociative identity disorder that leads him to follow "orders" from his dummy, a tiny wooden gangster known as Scarface to kill Batman. But things will go terribly wrong.
BTCC 106
The Reaper, Part 1 Sci April 23, 2016 107
After the Previous Episode, the mysterious new vilgiante, the Reaper as they call him, is attacking organized crime, but now killing them. After Salvatore is found dead, Gordon is left with no choice but to start the hunt for Batman. Can the Caped Crusader defeat the Reaper? And What is the Reaper's connection to Bruce's past?
BTCC 107
The Reaper, Part 2 Sci April 30, 2016 108
In the continuation of the previous episode, Bruce's old love is back in Gotham and Falcone is freed from Blackgate. However, the Reaper heads to Falcone, warning Batman that " He Ruined Our Lives, So Let Me Ruin His ". In a final clash, old love is brought back, painful memories remembered, and a battle for the fate of Carmine Falcone begins.
BTCC 108
Anarky Sci May 7, 2016 109
Fear Sci May 14, 2016 110
The Man Who Melted Sci May 21, 2016 111
The Nightmare of Gotham, Part 1 Sci May 28, 2016 112
The Nightmare of Gotham, Part 2 Sci June 4, 2016 113

Season 2: Darkness


Season 3: Redemption


Season 4: Revelations


Season 5: Endgame

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