List of episodes of the television series Knight of Gotham, sorted by season.

Season 1: Enter the Batman

No. # Title Description Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "Pilot" When Bruce Wayne witnesses his parents murdered by a petty criminal at the tender age of 8, he makes a vow to end crime, whatever the means. After spending ten years travelling abroad, honing both his body and mind, he returns to his beloved Gotham City, only to find it even more crime-ridden than before. After doing research, he decides to take the form of a bat, and dons a cowl and cape and takes the name...Batman. Dane Brenson Dane Brenson & David S. Goyer October 26, 2012
2 2 "The Message" Batman makes his first appearance in Gotham City and creates headlines when he stops a group of thieves from robbing the Gotham Art Museum. He later gets word of a dinner party hosted by Mafia kingpin Carmine Falcone consisting of the city's corrupt officials, among them being Police Commissioner Gillian Loeb. Batman crashes the party and sends a message that he would bring them to justice. Dane Brenson Frank Miller November 2, 2012
3 3 "Fly By Night" Batman tracks down Arnold Flass, the corrupt partner of Jim Gordon who also acts as one of Falcone's enforcers, and literally beats the location of Falcone out of him. Batman covertly gives Flass' location to Gordon, whose trust in Batman grows. Batman then attacks Falcone in his mansion, stripping him naked and tying him up in his bed after dumping his car in the river. Furious, Falcone swears vengeance on the mysterious vigilante and vows to make his life a living hell. Meanwhile, Sergeant Jim Gordon, one of the few honest cops within the GCPD, begins showing support of Batman because of his apparent intentions. Loeb, upon witnessing this, orders several dirty cops to assault Gordon, then blackmails Gordon into joining the task force assigned to apprehend Batman. John Sawyer Dane Brenson November 9, 2012
4 4 "Public Enemy" Hamilton Hill, the corrupt mayor of Gotham City and the puppet of city councilman Rupert Thorne (Falcone's right-hand man and leader of one of the underworld's leading smuggling rings as well as the operator of of the "Gladiators of Gotham" wrestling show) publicly declares Batman as a public enemy an authorizes the GCPD to use lethal force on him. Thorne and Commissioner Loeb stage a hostage situation in an abandoned building to lure Batman out; Batman only finds a trigger-happy SWAT team waiting for him. John Sawyer Jeph Loeb November 16, 2012
5 5 "Power of Attorney" Jim Gordon confides in Harvey Dent, Gotham City's newly-elected district attorney, that he trusts Batman. Dent replies that he trusts Batman too, believing his intentions to be good. Dent suggests that they provide evidence against Gordon's corrupt partner, Arnold Flass, to Judge William Henderson, one of Gotham's only honest judges. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne visits Lucius Fox, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and obtains some vital new equipment, including a grapple gun to travel across roofstops easier, a communications device for the inside of his cowl, and a shuriken-like weapon called a Batarang. John Sawyer Dane Brenson & Tim Conway November 23, 2012
6 6 "The Hunter and the Hunted" Batman resolves to begin his quest to bring down the Mob by investigating all the different components of Falcone's "Roman Empire"; upon receiving a covert tip from Harvey Dent, investigates Flass and learns that he was regularly taking bribes from a prominent drug baron acting as Falcone's drug supplier. Batman soon learns that the drug baron is none other than Lew Moxon, the man who ordered Joe Chill to murder Thomas and Martha Wayne. Dane Brenson Frank Miller & Tim Conway November 30, 2012
7 7 "All About The Information" Batman battles Lew Moxon and his thugs and is able to obtain a list of everyone working for Falcone or are on his payroll, including Flass, Mayor Hill, Commissioner Loeb, and Rupert Thorne. When Batman delivers this list of names to Harvey Dent, he and Gordon work together on capturing Moxon and putting him on trial. However, Loeb catches wind of this and blackmails Gordon, threatening to reveal his affair with fellow cop Sarah Essen to his pregnant wife Barbara if he presented the list to Judge Henderson. Moxon is brought in for a mock trial, and walks away free when a corrupt judge presides over the trial, in an public mocking of Batman. John Sawyer David S. Goyer December 7, 2012
8 8 "Alliance" Realizing that Gotham's corrupt lawmen have stacked the deck against him, Batman realizes that in order to get to Falcone, he needs to take down Thorne. Enlisting the help of Gordon, Dent, Judge Henderson, as well as Sarah Essen, Crispus Allen, and Renee Montoya (the only other honest cops on the force) Batman launches an investigation with the goal of revealing Thorne's link to Falcone and how he keeps Commissioner Loeb and Mayor Hill in his pocket; he begins with both Arnold Flass and Lew Moxon. Dane Brenson Brad Oliver December 14, 2012
9 9 "Between the Ropes" Batman's investigation takes him, literally, deep into Gotham's criminal underworld, where he learns that Thorne uses the profits from his wrestling show to finance his smuggling operations. When Thorne realizes that Batman has obtained this information, he forces Batman into the ring to combat his best grappler: a vicious hitman and ex-Marine known as "Killer" Waylon Jones. Dane Brenson Dane Brenson December 21, 2012
10 10 "The Hit" When Falcone learns that Thorne's smuggling operation has been compromised, he decides to take matters into his own hands, and sends his top two assassins to take out Batman. One of them is the estranged brother of Pastor Emilio Martinez, and the other is an expert saboteur named Jack Napier. Brad Oliver Jeph Loeb December 28, 2012
11 11 "En Dios La Confianza" Reverand Emilio Martinez confronts his brother Eddie about working for Falcone and Thorne and managed to get credible evidence from him. Furthermore, Emilio learns of Falcone's manipulation of the corrupt ministers of Gotham City to give offering to the Mob. After interrogating several corrupt ministers, Batman has more evidence against Thorne. Edward James Olmos Dane Brenson January 4, 2013
12 12 "Criminal Laws" Batman crashes a meeting between Falcone, Thorne, Moxon, Napier, and Flass and signals Gordon, Essen, Montoya, and Allen to make a move on them. Though Falcone and Napier manage to escape, the other three are not so lucky. Thanks to assistance from Dent and Judge Henderson, Moxon, Flass, and Thorne are captured and are placed in jail. Phillip Clarke Dane Brenson January 11, 2013
13 13 "The Good Doctor" When Thorne gets thrown in jail, Falcone realizes that he will need to do more than manipulating the law to bring down Batman. In his desperation, he speaks with Dr. Matthew Thorne, Rupert's brother and the notorious "Crime Doctor", who refers him to a friend of his, a mysterious psychiatrist by the name of Hugo Strange. Meanwhile, Batman begins investigating a new threat: a sociopathic serial killer named Victor Zsasz. John Sawyer Alan Moore January 18, 2013
14 14 "The Butcher" Batman continues his pursuit of Victor Zsasz as Zsasz's body count grows, and seemingly apprehends him; however, even after Zsasz is placed in Arkham Asylum, killings continue to happen, with all leads on how Zsasz is accomplishing this leading to a dead end. Tim Conway Dane Brenson & Tim Conway January 25, 2013
15 15 "A Serious House on Serious Earth" In order to figure out a lead on Zsasz, Batman infiltrates Gotham's Arkham Asylum disguised as an inmate. He finds Zsasz...and a hostile takeover of the asylum in progress. Alan Thomas Grant Morrison February 1, 2013
16 16 "The Edge of the Knife, Part One" After foiling Victor Zsasz's attempted takeover of Arkham Asylum, Zsasz has fled back out into the open to continue killing...and makes it personal when he targets Alfred Pennyworth during a Wayne Foundation sponsored charity event. Dane Brenson Tim Conway February 8, 2013
17 17 "The Edge of the Knife, Part Two" Bruce Wayne just manages to save the life of his butler after he has an altercation with Victor Zsasz. When he announces at a press conference that Alfred is still alive, Zsasz snaps and is lured back out into the open.... Alan Thomas Tim Conway February 15, 2013
18 18 "The Edge of the Knife, Part Three" Having slipped even farther into insanity, Victor Zsasz and several other serial killers hold Gotham General hostage, with Zsasz demanding that Bruce Wayne allow himself to be killed by him, or he would finish off Pennyworth, and his associates would kill the hostages....who happen to be Reverand Emilio Martinez and Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Alan Thomas Tim Conway February 22, 2013
19 19 "Something Strange This Way Comes" Hugo Strange officially begins his work with Carmine Falcone by being assigned to capture Batman. During an interview with Vicki Vale on Gotham Tonight!, Strange claims he has made a complete psychological evaluation of Batman, and even knows his secret identity. When a mysterious stalker seems to be following Bruce Wayne, this might be true.... Dane Brenson Alan Moore February 29, 2013
20 20 "Underground Auction" When a botched assassination attempt on Bruce Wayne seemingly goes awry, Batman investigates the attempt on his life. However, it proves to be an elaborate trap set by Hugo Strange, who indeed knows that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same. When he tries to auction off Batman's identity to the crime lords and criminals of Gotham, he gets a bit more than he bargained for... Brad Oliver David S. Goyer March 5, 2013
21 21 "Stronger Than Death" Despite being seemingly killed after being viciously beaten by Waylon Jones, Hugo Strange is revealed to be still alive, and approaches Jones to work for him after he was unceremoniously fired for his failure to kill him. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne visits Lucius Fox and obtains his latest tool to use in his war on crime: the Batmobile. Dane Brenson Dane Brenson March 12, 2013
22 22 "Body of Lies" With the lower echelons of the Roman Empire crumbling apart, Batman sets his sights on Carmine Falcone's inner circle, first targeting a money launderer named simply as "Mr. White". However, when Batman instead finds Mr. White dead and evidence incriminating him as the murderer, he once again finds himself on the run from the GCPD, and goes on a quest to find who framed him. Dane Brenson Dane Brenson & David S. Goyer March 19, 2013
23 23 "Coup d'état" Batman concludes that a mysterious vigilante known simply as "The Reaper" is the one responsible for the death of Mr. White, and launches an investigation to determine his true identity, with the aid of some new gadgets provided by Lucius Fox. Meanwhile, Carmine Falcone is betrayed by one of his own: Sal Maroni, who orchestrates a coup for control over Gotham's underworld. Tim Conway Tim Conway March 26, 2013
24 24 "The Predator and his Prey, Part One" With all the evidence of the Reaper killings continuing to point to Batman, the GCPD renews it animosity towards the Dark Knight, and forms a task force, by order of Commissioner Loeb, to apprehend Batman by any means necessary. In the midst of all this, Professor Strange comes forward and is appointed as a police consultant by Mayor Hamilton Hill to aid in the hunt for Batman. Shane Andrews Dane Brenson April 2, 2013
25 25 "The Predator and his Prey, Part Two" Professor Strange turns 80% of Gotham City against Batman in a successful smear campaign, much to the delight of both Commissioner Loeb and Carmine Falcone. While attempting to capture gangster Lawrence "The Squid" Loman, part of the task force assembled to capture him attempts to take him out, allowing The Squid to escape. Shane Andrews Dane Brenson & Tim Conway April 9, 2012
26 26 "The Predator and his Prey, Part Three" Desperate to end the GCPD's obsessive manhunt for him, Batman recaptures The Squid and arrives at the GCPD headquarters in broad daylight and offers him to Commissioner Loeb and Captain Jack Grogan (head of the task force) as a peace offering. However, they take this as a taunt against their competence and attempt to arrest Batman. Yet Gordon, realizing that Batman is still on the side of justice, arranges a meeting with him the rooftop of police headquarters by placing a Bat-shaped stencil on the building’s searchlight, and informs him that he uncovered evidence that the Reaper might be working with Strange, and that the best way to clear his name would be to find the Reaper's true identity. Dane Brenson David S. Goyer April 16, 2013
27 27 "Fear the Reaper, Part One" While attending a dinner party hosted by Mayor Hill, Bruce Wayne overhears that a wealthy socialite named Judson Caspian was seeing Professor Strange for stress therapy. Feeling like he might have a lead on Strange and possibly the Reaper, Batman follows Caspian to Strange's clinic, where he learns that Caspian is the Reaper, and is being hypnotized by Strange. Shane Andrews David S. Goyer April 23, 2013

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