Moral is the eleventh episode of The Young Knight season 1.



  • Ext. Gotham City - Night

(Pan around the city landscapes and a beautiful sky and we pay attention to something in the alley)

  • Ext. Alley

(Cuts to the alley as we see three men dressed in dark clothes and each wearing ski masks. We then see them heading away from what is believe to be a electronics store)

(The men head to their getaway car; they all enter and proceed to escape)

  • Int. Thugs’ car

(Inside the car we see the thugs communicating)

Thug#1: This was stealing candy from a baby.

Thug#2: More like microchips from a electronic store.

Thug#3: Let’s bust this joint.

Thug#1: Right; wouldn’t want the boss to be upset.

(The car heads out of the hiding place and head on their escape route)

  • Ext. Street

(As the car filled with the thugs and the stolen microchips are heading out, the camera shifts to a nearby police car noticing what is happening right now)

  • Int. GPD Police Car

(Cuts inside the car as we see the cops noticing the suspicious car leaving)

Offcer#1: (Seeing that suspicious car leaving from an alley) Does that look funny to you.

Offcer#2: Let’s check it out.

(The police car soon head close from the car with the thugs)

  • Int. Thugs’ car

(Inside the car we see the thugs thinking a perfect getaway is approaching glimpses at the police car)

Thug#1: (Checking the rear-view mirror) Great!

Thug#2: What?

Thug#1: The cops.

Thug#3: Let’s make them go after us.

Thug#1: The boss won’t like this.

Thug#2: Doesn’t matter, do it anyway!

Thug#1: I don’t know.

Thug#2: Do it!

(The first thug proceed stepping on the gas pedal as the car speeds out of the view of the cops)

  • Int. GPD Police Car

(Back to the police car)

Officer#1: They’re getting away.

Offcer#2: Let’s pursue them.

(The police car then goes ahead for the pursuit)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts to the street as we see the thugs are getting away from the cops…then all of a sudden we see a car chase is starting right now where the song Jet Black Stare-“Ready to Roll” starts to play in the background)

(We see the cars zooming through dozen of streets and then we notice they are reaching to out of city limits)

(As the song continues to play we see the case still going strong; the camera views the chase as we see the thugs’ car trying to lose the cops)

  • Int. Thugs’ car

(Inside the car again as we see the thugs)

Thug#1: Ooh, the boss won’t like this.

Thug#2: Stop being paranoid and continue driving.

Thug#3: I have an idea. (The camera views the red dragon tattoo) Let’s loose them.

Thug#1: I have a bad…

Thug#2: Do it!

Thug#1: But….

Thug#3: Do it!

Thug#1: Let’s do it.

(The song continues as the camera views all the three thugs’ red dragon tattoos and as we see the cars still chasing, the tattoos starting to glow and then we something happens)

  • Ext. City Limits

(Cuts to the area as we see the thug’s car fading and as the police car increase the speed, the thug’s car instantly fades away as the police car swerve to a ditch)

(The cops get out of their car and noticing the car they were after suddenly vanished out of thin air)

Cop#1: You want to tell the commissioner or should I.

Cop#2: You tell me.

(And out of nowhere, the thug’s car appears from the sky, lands on the pavement, and drives off. The cops are stunned in amazement as they just saw a strange occurrence)

Cop#2: You’re right; let both of us tell the commissioner.

Cop#1: What the hell was that?

(As the cops are still stunned, the camera shifts to the thug’s car as we see one of the thug’s tattoos and we see the glow fades away as the song ends)

(The camera goes to the credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Leo’s House – Next day

(Pan to the exterior of the house)

  • Int. Leo’ Room

(Cuts to the room as we see Leo already woke up and he heads to his computer as we see on the screen articles and one of them is the theft last night)

Leo: (Running through the articles and see the electronic store theft last night; as he read it, he notices it’s similar to other crimes he read before as he pulls up the other crimes that are similar to this one. He continues to read each article and thinks these similar crimes were hit by the same thieves. He notices the time on the alarm clock as it 8:15; he is stunned since he has 20 minutes to get to school before he is tardy. He heads out immodestly as he leaves the article screen open)

  • Ext. Gotham High School

(Cuts to the view of the school)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Bruce and Leo talking)

Leo: What you’re thinking about…Gina.

Bruce: Shh! Don’t talk about that loud, I just want to keep that low please.

Leo: Okay.

Bruce: What about you?

Leo: I’m doing fine.

Bruce: Oh yeah. You missed almost half of my phone calls.

Leo: I did. You called, I haven’t notice.

Bruce: I want to know what you been doing missing those phone calls like that.

Leo: I was kind of busy.

Bruce: Busy, with what?

Leo: Let’s just say it’s personal.

Bruce: Oh. You can mock my love life, while your life is in premature mode.

Leo: Listen Nash Bridges, I’m not in a midlife crisis, so can you please back off.

Bruce: (Confused a little) okay?!

(The camera views Julie coming towards them)

Julie: Hey…

Leo: Speaking of a person in a crisis. I got to go. (Passing Julie by and heads off)

Julie: Hello to you too; (to Bruce) what was that?

Bruce: I don’t know, but I do know he’s not the only one that’s been acting strange lately.

Julie: (Understanding) If you mean, what happened a week ago at that fake funeral…

Bruce: Yeah, the funeral was a fake, but what you said wasn’t.

Julie: Listen, I know how much you and Leo felt betrayed that I lied about the kidnapping. And especially what happened to you, I felt I broken your heart more than ever.

Bruce: You didn’t break my heart. Betrayed yes; heartbroken no; One thing I can’t stand are people who stab me in the back…

Julie: Just like Gina did.

Bruce: No, just like what you did. (Filled with anger, he walks away)

(We see Julie upset and feel she really did betrayed Bruce)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion – Int. Library

(Cuts to the manor then inside the library as we see Jason walking through the room reading the latest file sent by Bradson)

Jason: (Reading the file he sees there were no recent credit checks under Victor’s name, but he did see this file about Tim Shaw; as Jason gets deeper to the story, a 60-year-old figure shows up by the door; Jason turns around to see the person) Who are you?

Man: (Speaking in a German accent) My name is Dr. Rochon, I just arrived a day ago in Gotham and I been trying to find Victor Powers. This is his house, but I can’t find him.

Jason: It’s going to be hard for you to see him because you see he’s M.I.A.

Dr. Rochon: Well sorry for your inconvenience, I guess I have to go back to my home Dresden.

Jason: Dresden?

(As the doctor is leaving, Jason remembers something about Dresden)

Jason: Wait!

Dr. Rochon: (Turning around to see what Jason is talking about) Yes…

Jason: Stay, Dr. Rochon, I need you to help me.

Dr. Rochon: About what?

Jason: About my grandfather.

  • Ext. GPD Headquarters – Evening

(Cuts to the police station)

  • Int. Comm. Woods’ office

(Cuts inside the office as we see Comm. Woods working on a few files and we see Megan walking inside)

Det. Alder: Sir, you found anything among those crimes like last night.

Comm. Woods: There were some similar crimes, but no concrete evidence. The only thing we have for actual evidence were the two cops that saw a strange car leaving a alley where the electronic store was reported stolen last night.

Det. Alder: That’s not good enough.

Comm. Woods: That’s what I said. And that’s why you are the lead detective on this case.

Det. Alder: But sir, there are…

Comm. Woods: There are, but I went through the whole alphabet. You’re the one, and I want you to find me some concrete evidence so that we can bring these punks to justice.

Det. Alder: Yes sir. (Exits the office)

  • Int. Squad

(As Megan leaves the office, she runs into Leo)

Det. Alder: Leo?! What are you doing here?

Leo: School was over two hours ago, and I decided to come here to help with some of those electronic store robberies.

Det. Alder: That is none of your business.

Leo: But…

Det. Alder: No Leo, I don’t need a civilian to be in harm’s way. This is police work not a school project. (Walking away)

Leo: It’s not a project; I want to help stop these freaks before another store gets robbed.

Det. Alder: (Heading out) Not your business Leo.

(Leo gets a little mad and notices an arrested thug going to the holding cell room but a small flyer drops out of his pocket. Leo heads to the flyer and sees an announcement “Come and Part Tonight at Club Zeta!” Wondering why a petty criminal would have this flyer and now he sees this an opportunity for him to prove Det. Alder wrong)

Leo: Guess this is my business.

(Cuts off Leo’s determined face)

  • Ext. Club Zeta - Night

(Cuts to a view of the nightclub known as Club Zeta as we see people all dressed formal are getting in and we’re seeing bouncers doing their job as we hear a song playing inside)

  • Int. Club

(Cuts inside as we see one of the people entering inside is Leo and then we hear the song that is playing in the background)

  • Int. Dance Floor

(Cuts inside as we see different color spotlights shining throughout the club; we see people dancing as the song Flo Rida - “In the Ayer” playing in the background; then we see the same thugs from before heading to the VIP lounge upstairs)

  • Int. Lounge

(Cuts upstairs in the lounge as the song continues, we see a young male, who seems to be the one in control, hanging around with like bodyguards and some females; the thugs appear and the male notices them)

Young Male: (He notices them and speaks to the rest) leave me.

(The others left all except the thugs)

Young Male: You got a lot of nerve to appear in my club and in fact you want to tarnish the Red Dragons for a stupid stunt. I like that!

Thug#2: Thanks boss.

Young Male: My father told me, when there’s a crime, there’s a masterpiece. One thing he also tell me, don’t mess with a Thorn. (He pulls out a silver gun and shoots Thug 2 and 3) I hate losers.

(As thug 1 gets sparred, he looks at his boss)

Thug#1: What now boss?

Young Male: We start fresh. (He stands up as he notices what is going on the dance floor and notices a another male having a good of a time) It’s time to start fresh, and he’s going to do exactly that.

(We see the man noticing to the man he is seeing as the camera views him and it’s Leo)

(The camera sees Leo just hanging around unbeknownst that the man upstairs is aiming at him to help him start a whole new crime; the camera shifts back to the man upstairs as he is seeing Leo intrusively as the song continues)

(Fades out)

[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to see a view of the manor at night)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside as we see Alfred heading to the front to open the door and see its Julie)

Alfred: Ha, Ms. Madison!

Julie: Good evening Alfred. Do you know Bruce is here?

Alfred: I’m sorry he left to go to library for something I can’t remember.

Julie: (Forgetting what she wanted to say) Well that’s okay, I’ll see him tomorrow…see you later Alfred.

Alfred: Wait, Ms. Madison.

Julie: (Listening)

Alfred: If you tell me, I can probably help you.

Julie: (Hesitating) Okay Alfred seems your words always get me. (Heading to the study)

Alfred: Guess I got that way for some people. (Smirking while closing the doors)

  • Int. Club

(Cuts inside as we see head back to the nightclub and we notice Leo heading to the bar; the young male who’s in control of everything heads to him as the song Flo Rida – “In the Ayer” continues playing in the background)

Young Male: Hey?!

Leo: You’re talking to me.

Young Male: Yeah. My name is Kane…Kane Thorn.

Leo: (Handshaking) My name’s Le…Lee.

Kane: Well hello Lee.

Leo (Lee): Nice club.

Kane: I know; I own this club.

(The song continues)

Leo (Lee): Oh…

Kane: Listen, Lee, I have a booth upstairs…if you ever need a breather from this environment my space is always open.

Leo (Lee): Well see, I got to get back home.

Kane: Why? How old are you?

Leo (Leo): I’m seven…twenty-seven years old. That’s right.

Kane: Doesn’t matter, I accept seventeen years as well, so you don’t half to lie about your age.

Leo (Lee): Oh, okay.

Kane: (Smirking)

(Another guy shows up and gives Kane a note)

Kane: (Looking at it)

(The song reaching to the end)

Leo (Lee): (Faking looking around, but is trying to see what Kane is looking at)

Kane: Well Lee, I got to take this. If you ever need anything, (giving him his cell) call. (About to leave)

Leo (Lee): I sure will.

Kane: Remember Leo, if you need anything…

Leo: I’ll call you.

Kane: (Smiling while walking away)

(Leo seeing the number while just looking around the club and puts in his pants pocket while the song “In the Ayer” fades away)

  • Int. Powers Mansion – Library

(Cuts inside the mansion then to the library as we see Jason and Dr. Rochon is drinking coffee and is talking about something)

Jason: So do you know my grandfather, Julius Powers.

Dr. Rochon: I heard of that name. I remember some of my other colleagues mentioned that name when we were talking about Omega.

Jason: Wait what’s the Greek word of end has to do with my grandfather.

Dr. Rochon: You didn’t suppose to hear that. All I can say is that your grandfather was a man with reason; he always intrigued us to work behind him and to find new discoveries.

Jason: Like Omega? Tell me doctor, why is that…

Dr. Rochon: All I can say is that don’t mention that word to me again. It gives me chills.

Jason: Alright, so why do you need my father if you all the way in Germany.

Dr. Rochon: Your father seeks me to reindeer a experiment for Project Avalon.

Jason: Tell me everything my father told you about this Project Avalon.

(The camera views Dr. Rochon then to Jason as he is determined to get what answers)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside as we see Alfred walking Julie out until Bruce enters the house)

Alfred: Master Bruce…

Julie: Oh, hey.

Bruce: What’s going on here?

Julie: I came to see you, but you went to the city library.

Alfred: Well, I guess my services are done tonight. I’ll be upstairs. (Heading upstairs)

Bruce: About what I said before…

Julie: I understand, you’re angry and I respect that. I know I betrayed our friendship and I hope I can revive someway…that’s why I came here so there could be a chance to leave the past the past.

Bruce: I hope so, but sometimes you can’t get away from the past.

Julie: I know. I made a deal with Victor and I know some, well actually most of the city hated him.

Bruce: I still can’t understand why you could make a deal with that man and you know he’s…Victor.

Julie: I know, I know, but it was when I was vulnerable and in the fact he saved me from that Kippler guy.

Bruce: You deserved a better hero.

Julie: And you think you can do it.

Bruce: Well who saved you from that aging-coach or that hypnotizing freak?

Julie: I thought what happened to the coach was a freak accident.

Bruce: Maybe it was, but hey things can happen.

Julie: I wonder. Who saved you?

Bruce: That’s not the question.

Julie: Yes that’s the question. Who saved you when you lost your way? Who saved you after Gina turned out to be a spy? Who saved you from you?

Bruce: (Not answering back)

Julie: When you answer those questions, you know where to find me. (Leaving the manor)

  • Ext. Leo’s House

(Pan to the exterior of the house)

  • Int. Leo’ Room

(Cuts to the room as we see Leo entering his room and is about to get into bed forgetting everything that just happened, but as he is doing it, his father appears)

Lewis: What time did you come home?

Leo: Um…um…9:05.

Lewis: I see. Well next time check your alarm clock since its 11:45.

Leo: (Realizing the alarm clock is a little bit more accurate)

Lewis: I’ll be cool for now, and let you go this easy. Next time won’t be so lucky. (Heading out)

Leo: (Understanding) Night Dad.

Lewis: Night.

(Leo about to head to bed until he remembers Kane’s number; he takes out his cell and starts dialing)

Leo: (On his cell) Hey Kane, This is Le…Lee. I’m in.

  • Int. Club Zeta – Kane’s Lounge

(Cuts to the club lounge as we see Kane listening to what Leo has to say; as we see him, we then see another man walking nearby)

Kane: (Listening)

Henchman: What now?

Kane: We wait…he listens. He just did it. We just waited, and he speaks.

Henchman: So, he’s in.

Kane: Call my father; tell him he has a new friend. (Smirking sinisterly)

(The man walks off as we see Kane is still smirking)

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Int. GPD Headquarters – Squad room

(Cuts inside the headquarters then to the squad as we see Megan working on her case at her desk)

Det. Alder: (Still working)

Cop: (Appearing) So I hear you got the electronic crime spree case.

Det. Alder: Yeah, I guess that’s right.

Cop: Any new developments.

Det. Alder: Not now, but if I get something, I let you know.

Cop: Okay. (Leaving)

Det. Alder: (As she see the cop leaves, she gets a text from an unknown source; she checks out the message and it gives her a sudden look as the camera views her stunned face after reading the message)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor – Int. Bruce’s Bedroom

(Cuts to the manor then to Bruce’s room as we see him thinking what happened an hour ago)

Bruce: (Thinking about what Julie told him as he tries to answer the questions; as he tries to answer it in his mind, he tries to call Leo on his cell; on the phone calling Leo) Hello… Leo! Leo?! (Hearing the other line as his message comes, he hangs up) Where is he?

  • Ext. Q’s Electronics

(Cuts to the exterior of the store as we as see Kane and his goons standing out by the street; then the camera spots Leo as he heads towards them)

Leo: Kane, hey it’s me Lee.

Kane: I knew that was you.

Leo (Lee): So why are we here (seeing the exterior) at a electronic store?

Kane: I need something they had.

Leo (Lee): And what’s that?

Kane: A special item. That’s all you need to know.

Leo (Lee): You sure?

Kane: (Holding Leo’s arm) I’m positive.

Leo (Lee): So why do you need me?

Kane: That’s a good question. (Standing by his car) And that is why I have your answer (looking at the alley near the store).

Leo (Lee): (Looking at what Kane is seeing)

(We see thugs wearing ski masks heading to break in)

Leo (Lee): You need me for a job…

Kane: More like a request. You’re in?

(We see Leo confused and noticing what Kane just said, Leo has a huge choice: join and be a thief or leave and be dead, because he’s noticing Kane is the man behind all of the robberies; as we see Leo thinking we cut few minutes later…)

  • Int. Store

(Cuts few minutes later as we see the thugs breaking in and starts ransacking the stuff)

(The camera views the items being knocked out of its position; some crashed while others are being taken away. One of the thugs sees their jackpot)

Thug#1: Jackpot!

(The camera sees what they been looking for… microchips. All of the sudden they start stealing how many microchips they get)

  • Ext. Q’s Electronics

(Cuts back outside as we see the men escaping with the microchips and about head out until we see one of them revealing to be Leo; one of the still-disguised thugs spotted his look)

Thug#2: What the hell are you doing?

Leo (Lee): I’m trying to get some air.

Thug#2: Whatever you’re trying to do stop it, Lee and come on.

Leo (Lee): (Putting his mask back on)

(As they about to leave cops surprised them)

Cops: Hands up! (Threatening them with his gun)

Thug#2: Crap. (He starts bolting)

(The others joined as they tried to elude the cops; the cops soon pursued them. Minutes later the camera views most of the thugs escaping except two; as the two about to escape, one of them betrays the other and pushes him to the cops while bolting out; the cops apprehend the other and brings him to the streets)

(The camera shifts to the streets as we see cops everywhere and Megan standing by her car. Megan heads to the apprehended thief)

Det. Alder: Got you now! (About to pull the mask and when she does the camera reveals a shocking revelation)

(The camera views the mask being taken is off and what a shock as it reveal to be Leo)

Det. Alder: Leo?!

Leo: (Depressed; can’t say nothing)

Det. Alder: (Depressed as well) Sorry Leo, but I have to place you under arrest.

(We see Leo being handcuffed and is being brought inside the cop car; as we see a depressed Leo we also see Det. Alder heading to her car as both cars leaving; unbeknownst to both of them as people surround the area…Julie is one of them and she just saw what just happened)

Julie: (Getting her phone out she calls someone special) Bruce, you won’t believe this.

(The camera then shifts to the cop car as we see the car heading out and as the camera zooms to the rear window we see Leo looking back as he felt his undercover work is over and he is in serious trouble)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Int. GPD Headquarters – Jailhouse – Leo’s Cell

(Cuts inside the police station as we see inside one of the jail cells is Leo laying his head down in disappointment)

Leo: (Getting up and pleading by holding the cell bars and screaming he’s not guilty) I’m innocent! I’m innocent!

Cop: Whatever!

(Leo heads back to sit down and we see him still upset; the cop reappears to tell him something)

Cop: You got visitors.

(Bruce and Julie appear to Leo’s cell)

Bruce: Leo!

Leo: (Returning to the steel bars while addressing to his friends) Hey guys, man I'm glad to see you guys.

Julie: I have seen you getting arrested for a crime…

Leo: I didn’t commit.

Bruce: Please don’t tell me that you went undercover.

Leo: Sorry for not asking you guys, but this was my decision.

Julie: Yeah, your decision that landed you in jail.

Leo: It was the only way. The police sure didn’t got nowhere, and when I had a clue…

Voice: This!

(Bruce, Leo, and Julie see where the voice is coming from; the camera shifts to Det. Alder as she is showing them the Club Zeta flyer)

Det. Alder: I seen this and I figured that you had to see this.

Leo: Sorry that I, but hey I had to do it.

Det. Alder: Leo you don’t understand; I know you were just trying to help, but you almost got yourself in trouble. You would have been killed.

Leo: It was a risk I’m going to take.

Julie: Listen to yourself. I know I wasn’t myself these weeks just like Bruce, but we’re trying to fix this. As for you…

Bruce: You’re putting yourself in danger. I thought we talk about this stuff.

Leo: I guess not.

Bruce: Well maybe you need to relearn.

Leo: We’re best friends man.

Bruce: Yeah, but keep on putting yourself like this and I think our relationship is going to take a hit.

Leo: You mean our friendship.

Bruce: Keep it up and soon we’re not going to be the best of buds anymore.

Det. Alder: (Getting the cell keys and opening the cell door) I’m letting you go Leo because of the lack of evidence, but don’t do it again because next time I won’t be so easy on your actions.

Leo: Lucky. Actions. I know what to do now.

Julie: Leo.

Leo: No, you guys feel that I can’t do things on my own. Fine then.

Bruce: Leo.

Julie: Leo.

Det. Alder: Leo.

Leo: Whatever. (Ignoring everyone, he walks off angry and leaves the squadroom)

Julie: I’ll see if I can catch up to him. (Running after him)

(Det. Alder kind of depressed so she heads to her desk; Bruce feeling suspicious about something follows her to her desk)

  • Int. Squad Room

(Cuts as we see Bruce heads to Alder’s desk and seeks her to research something)

Bruce: I know Leo has nothing to do with that robbery.

Det. Alder: I know that Bruce, but Leo went with the wrong side and I had to react to what I put my ethics in. If you were in my position, you were going to do the same thing.

Bruce: I don’t know, but I do know Leo is innocent. His undercover work maybe sloppy sometimes, but he knows if something is not right. He usually is right about these things; and speaking of, can you research Club Zeta.

Det. Alder: I don’t know if it could change things but…

Bruce: Trust me.

Det. Alder: (Seeing Bruce, she types it in to get some results) I see that there is only one Club Zeta in downtown Gotham; the owner is…I should have known.

Bruce: What?!

Det. Alder: Kane; Kane Thorn. He is one son of a… (taking some breathing) I been after this guy for months and everytime him and his gang of red heads goes by themselves as the Red Dragons. Seeing their motives I could have known they were the ones who might have been involved in those electronic store robberies.

Bruce: Leo could have known Kane at the club and I guessed he went undercover to be one of them in order to learn the truth.

Det. Alder: Well unless he learns it already, I have to find this guy. He always have a escape plan and I don’t like it when Kane likes to outsmart us.

Bruce: (Thinking about Leo and what he said before) Wait a minute…where’s Kane now?

Det. Alder: How should I know? The guy slips in and out like a godfather version of Houdini.

Bruce: Unless you access Club Zeta’s shipments.

Det. Alder: (Liking the idea, she accesses the files and see one place that is doing it) I have one place…

Bruce: (Seeing Doc 41 in the computer screen, he all of the sudden sprints off)

Det. Alder: (About to finish her statement and see Bruce gone) Bruce?!

(Julie comes back and see Bruce gone as well)

Det. Alder: (Seeing her) Any good luck catching up with Leo.

Julie: Never had the chance. Where’s Bruce?

Det. Alder: I don’t know.

(Cuts off Julie’s wondered face)

  • Ext. Docs – Doc 41

(Cuts to the docs then to 41 as we already see Leo spying on a group of thieves near a couple of Hummer limos; the camera sees the mob-like group and then we notice the head of the group-- as we notice its Rupert Thorne and then we shift back to Leo sneaking around the corner still checking or spying on them)

(As we see Leo trying to get closer in order to learn more info, he gets hit from behind as he falls unconscious; the camera reveals the person who knocked him is none other than the thug—Kane’s goons—who set him up with the police in the last act)

  • Int. Docs 41 Warehouse

(Cuts inside the warehouse as we see Leo being captive and being tied up as the camera shifts to see Kane walking down from the other side of the building)

Kane: Lee. Lee. Lee. Or who can I call you?

Leo: Your worst nightmare.

Kane: (Laughing; then he punches Leo) Now that’s your worst nightmare.

Leo: (Facing the hit)

Kane: What now?

Leo: Suck you, yet I don’t want to go that way with you.

Kane: (Getting pissed, he takes his gun out and threatens Leo by forcing it to his cheeks) Mock me one more time genius.

Leo: (Feeling the gun on his cheeks) What are you going to do with those chips?

Kane: Glad you asked…you see these chips aren’t for me, but for my father.

Leo: Father?

Voice: Me.

(The camera shifts to see Rupert Thorne approaching Leo)

Rupert: So you are the client I had much interest for turning out you’re nothing more than an undercover whatever you are.

Leo: Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and seeing you…I know those apples are kind of stiff (smirking)

(Kane getting angered again; he takes his gun and pistol-whips Leo to make him shut up)

Kane: Boy, this isn’t your day.

Leo: (Feeling the blow and the camera sees his lip bleeding) I guess I deserve that.

Rupert: You know son, remember what I told you about spies and liars.

Kane: Yeah, (pointing the gun at Leo) don’t miss.

Rupert: (Smiling) That’s my boy.

(We see Kane getting ready to shoot Leo and his goon—the one who actually left Leo to the police—is holding him)

(As the camera zoom into the gun about to fire, shift to a long steel shelf as it is being titled over to them and then it starts to fall on top of them; Leo kicks the goon and dodges out of the way; Kane and Rupert both get out of the way and each of them fall on the ground unconscious; as for the goon, he is caught underneath the fallen shelf)

(Leo gets up to see it was Bruce that did it. Bruce runs up to him to untie the knot that was binding his hands)

Leo: Thanks, friend.

Bruce: (Not that proud) Yeah.

(As they are about to escape, Kane tries to get up and Leo noticing he’s getting up; Leo all of the sudden knocks him out after Kane been attacking him the past few mintues as we see Kane unconscious again)

Leo: (Getting his blow) Too bad, Kane guess this wasn’t your day. (Seeing Bruce) See now I can do things by myself.

Bruce: (Not happy and proud at all) Whatever man. (He walks out)

Leo: (Suddenly getting upset and seeing Bruce not happy with him at all; he walks out depressed)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Rave – Int. Bar (Next Day)

(Cuts to Rave then inside as we see Julie near the bar)

Julie: (As she walks to the back, she discovers a letter. She retrieves it and notices the handwriting is addressed to her; she opens it to see a weird message)

(The camera views the letter and glance to the writing: “Dear Julie, I know your mother.” And then there is no acknowledgement of who sent it)

(Shifts back to Julie as she is dumbfounded and is confused on who could have sent her this letter, know where she was, and know her family particularly her mother)

(Cuts off Julie’s surprised face)

  • Ext. PowerCorp – Int. Victor’s office

(Cuts to the building then inside Victor’s office as we see a figure pulling out files and we notice the figure is Jason)

Jason: (Pulling out all the files from his father’s office as he is determined to find one thing and he then notices the thing he been after since yesterday)

(The camera shifts to the object, the folder file named Project Avalon and then we see a huge “ABORTED” mark on it)

Jason: (Skeptical about it, he looks inside to see some interesting details and notice the Dr. Rochon was right and he sees one thing really interested the last date of updates from this project was the same day his father mysteriously disappear)

(Cuts off Jason’s intrigued face as we hear the tune of the song Forty Foot Echo-“Monster” playing in the background)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor – Porch

(Cuts outside the manor as we see Bruce about to head out along with Alfred, but they see Leo at the bottom of the outside steps waiting for something as we still hear the tune of the song)

Leo: Can we talk?

Bruce: (Seeing Leo want to talk, looks at Alfred)

Alfred: (Seeing that face) I’ll be inside fixing dinner. Good day, Master Leo. (Heading back inside)

(Bruce sits and soon Leo sits next to him as we hear the lyrics of the song starting to play)

Bruce: Let’s get this over with because I have to go somewhere.

Leo: Can’t tell me.

Bruce: Maybe, but I don’t know you didn’t tell me about your little undercover operation.

Leo: I didn’t want to startle you nor Julie.

Bruce: Startle. Julie lied about her kidnapping ordeal and didn’t tell either of us that Victor was the one who saved her.

Leo: And what about you, you stole my car about to talk to somebody who gave you a cryptic message and all of the sudden I found my car trashed and you lied in a coma for three weeks. Trust me Julie and I aren’t the only ones to show our latest actions.

Bruce: Not to be all I told you so, but if I wasn’t there at that doc last night you would have been a pancake.

Leo: I don’t need you to save me.

Bruce: Fine by me.

Leo: Fine. (Standing up and heading out)

Bruce: And by the way if you want to know the whereabouts of your new friend Kane, he’s gone and so is his father, but the rest of the Red Dragons that was part of the electronic store crimes was captured.

Leo: Thanks.

Bruce: (Surprised) For what?

Leo: For what you just said; my dad was angry and putting myself in jail because of my actions was punish enough.

Bruce: Lying to your friend that’s also punishing enough.

Leo: I’m not going to say sorry for how I done it, yet I know why, but I can’t tell you that.

Bruce: So is like that.

Leo: (Figuring what’s ahead for both of them) Are we okay?

Bruce: I wish I knew. (And with that shocking statement he heads back inside without saying bye)

Leo: (Knowing Bruce is angry and himself is also angry, he just walks away)

(We see Leo walking off the opposite direction as the song is continuing to play)

  • Ext. Unknown Building

(Cuts as the song continues to see Dr. Rochon approaching the building and he sees a note on the floor specifically for him; he opens it to see nothing but two words: “Come Inside”; he questions that action, but follows it and enters the building)

  • Int. Unknown Building

(Cuts inside as we see Dr. Rochon entering and as we see him getting futher into the dark interior, the door shuts)

(The camera suddenly sees a unknown man coming from behind him and injects a poison from a syringe gun and then we see the doctor collapsing in spasms and soon he stops as he stops breathing; the camera sees his hand dropping the note and then all of the sudden we see a symbol within the note, the Omega symbol. All we then see is the unknown man’s hand taking the note as the song “Monster” ends)

(Fades out)

[Act V ends]


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