Hush as Orange Lantern by bkno

Hush as an Orange Lantern

Character Type

Special Attacks

Scalpel Attack-Hush creates a scalpel with his ring, which he shoots at his opponent.

Energy Beam-Hush fires a beam of orange energy out of his ring

Dual Pistols-Hush uses his ring to create two pistols, which he shoots his opponent with

Super Attacks

Level 1-Recharge-Hush performs the orange lantern oath, increasing his power

Level 2-

Level 3-Fist of Greed-Hush creates a giant fist with his ring, and uses it to squeeze his opponent

Finishing Moves

Organ Greed-Hush creates 2 scalpels with his ring, and uses them to remove all of his opponent's organs. Then he finally takes off his opponent's face

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