Owlman by Superheroics

"Freedom is what's wrong with this world. We can only have peace once everyone is in chains"

Owlman is a villainous version of Batman



After his parents were murdered, Bruce Wayne began to believe that freedom is what causes people to cause evil acts, and that it was up to him to create a society where nobody would ever commit an evil deed again.

Later Years

Bruce Wayne decided to fake his own death, when in reality he moved to a small asian nation in order to punish the nation's criminals. After a defeat at the hands of the criminals he sougth to punish, Ra's Al Ghul came to him, offering a chance to get the revenge he wanted.




Owlman is a skilled martial artist

Weapons and Paraphinalia

Owlman uses Owlrangs, modified razor-sharp disks. He wears a bullet-proof suit of armor which protects from most blunt-force attacks.

In addition, he uses a grappling hook, gas bombs, and a gun.

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