Perdition is the tenth episode of The Young Knight season 1.


Previously on The Knight, we first see the flashback of the day we see Thomas Wayne, Victor Powers, Robin Wilder, and Commissioner Woods talking about the blue crystal; then to Bruce meeting Gina and they both hang out; we see them making love; we see him saving her from thugs; then we see Julie gets kidnapped by Gina’s boss Kippler; Victor saves her and kill him; we see Victor helping Julie covering up the story then talking about his proposal as partners, as she tries to decide; we then see Bruce meeting Leslie Thompkins and talking about Project Avalon; and then we notice Wilden’s guard killing Wilden with a shot; and after that while we see a collage of many moments the past nine episodes from Bruce seeing over his parent’s grave to Julie needed help from being hurt by her youth-stealing coach and we sees Bruce saved her by the coach dropping off stage as his youth begins to decay rapidly then we see Jason’s former girlfriend jumping in the air then Bruce’s fight with Firefly-like Adrian to the fight with hypno-freak David’s along with Julie; then we see Leo stopping Alfred’s former friend, Marcus, from escaping; then we seen a dark background as we hear Julie’s voice, “This city needs a hero.” And we rapidly see more moments throughout the first nine episodes and then the faces of Comm. Woods, Det. Alder, Lucius, Victor, Leo, Jason, Julie, and finally Bruce…we then see the moment in Avalon where Bruce fights off Victor and he sees a blue crystal, as he about to touch it, Victor touches the other side and blast each of the men in opposite ways and it soon ends with a flashing white light covering the whole screen… and then we see another dark background as we overhear Bruce’s voice: “Well until that hero comes, I guess this is just half to do.”


  • Ext. Gotham Cemetery Park

(Pan to the park as we see a funeral already in progress; as we see closer we notice Bruce, Julie, Jason, and Leo as well other citizens of the city all dressed in black; shifts to the silver casket with flowers around it and everywhere as next to the casket is a big portrait of Victor Powers. As the event is already in progress we overhear the preacher/host)

Preacher: We are here today to pay tribute to the life of Victor Powers. Man of power; man of control, and man of fate. (We see the portrait and the casket) If anyone of you have something to share about his life: good and bad, please come on up and share.

  • Int. Unknown Dark area

(Cuts inside some structure as we see a metal device and all of the sudden it reveals to be a time bomb as the countdown begins: 00:30:20 and so on and on backwards)

(During the thirty minutes we see one of them one by one expressing their feelings about Dan first theft; we first hear Leo)

Leo: You can't trust him; can you blame the guy for what he done...he's crazy and vindictive.

(Cuts to see the time bomb as we see the codes 00:24:32)

Bruce: I never thought he was the man of the city...I think he's the villain. You can't trust him; he can hurt you, I never trusted him, why you?

(Cuts back to the time bomb as the countdown now goes to: 00:10:10)

Jason: I thought I believed in him. I once loved him, but I don't know if I can now...

(Cuts to the bomb as we see closer to the number dwindling down to 00:05:45; as we see Julie about to talk the bomb countdown instantly going fast from five to four to three to two to one minute left as the clock is ticking fast)

Julie: (Approaching the mic and then tell at least one thing) You can't judge people of how they act, neither how they talk. I trust him, can you?

(As Bruce, Leo, Jason, and Julie recount what they said...the preacher says one last thing)

Preacher: Are there anyone else to speak their mind about Victor.

(As everyone reflect, we see the bomb still unbeknownst to everyone is ticking to its last ten seconds as we see clock goes from 00:00:03 to 00:00:02 to 00:00:01 and the camera goes to the credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Pan to the mansion as we see the words on screen “24 Hours Ago” then cuts inside)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside then to the library as we see people everywhere and then Bradson; soon we see Jason entering)

Jason: What is this?

Bradson: Mr. Powers, this was just one of our searches.

Jason: You mean finding my father.

Bradson: Yes sir.

Jason: Didn’t last week the company officially declared him dead.

Bradson: Yes sir, but remembered you say after that announcement, you would want us to continue with the search. I’m just doing what you asked.

Jason: I don’t know if I care anymore; my father is gone and declared dead and my closest friend, Bruce is still in that deep sleep. I can’t believe my father and my friend both wind up like they were at the same time… three weeks. Now I have to setup my dad’s funeral tomorrow.

Bradson: Sir If I may, I can setup the funeral for you. I can cancel this current search and try later. (Excusing everyone to leave)

(As the others leave Jason responds again)

Jason: By the time of the funeral it would already be too late. I just to have to face it Victor Powers, my father, is dead.

Bradson: (Knowing he was one of the last people to see Victor alive three weeks ago at that warehouse were Project Avalon was at) Don’t worry sir, there is a answer.

Jason: And I think that answer is lodge within the only person I think saw him last… Bruce Wayne.

(We see Bradson a little shocked, knowing that Jason didn’t pick him; then we see Jason feeling someone know what happened)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Bruce’s Bedroom

(Cuts inside to Bruce’s bedroom as we see Bruce sleeping in his bed, then see the window’s binders being pulled apart by Alfred; as Alfred is opening the blinders to give sunlight, we see Bruce waking up)

Bruce: Alfred?

Alfred: Master Bruce! You’re awake!

Bruce: Why you’re so happy?

Alfred: Master Bruce, there is something I have to tell you.

Bruce: Good morning to you too. Why so jumpy? I thought I slept a good nite last night.

Alfred: Oh sir, that thing I need to tell you…

Bruce: Can I see the paper?

Alfred: (Hesitating) Alright Master Bruce. (Showing him the paper)

Bruce: (Seeing the paper’s date) Is this some kind of hoax? (Seeing it’s the third day of January)

Alfred: No sir, that’s one of the two things I need to mention to you. The reason that paper is days ahead are that you didn’t sleep just one nite sir; it was a mere three weeks.

Bruce: (Shocked and stunned) What?! Three weeks?

Alfred: In some strange way, you was in a coma. I was worry where you were and I notice Leslie mentioned you followed your heart.

Bruce: Leslie?

Alfred: Leslie Thompkins, your godmother. Unfortunately I’m not your godfather. (Seeing him bewildered) I thought…

Bruce: I don’t know this Leslie nor I remembered how I got here. From there to the last three weeks, everything went blank.

Alfred: You sure remember me…how about Julie, Leo, Jason…your parents?

Bruce: I remember everyone even Victor.

Alfred: (Getting to that moment) That right there leaves me with my other thing I need to mention to you…

Bruce: What?

Alfred: Look on the paper’s headline.

Bruce: (Reading) Victor Powers…dead.

Alfred: Consistently, the same time you wind up in a coma. The whole three weeks were total chaos when you two were reported MIA.

Bruce: I can’t believe this.

Alfred: Well believe it. Since you’re back, you can reunite with your friends.

Bruce: Thanks a lot Alfred.

Alfred: Anytime…I think?! (Leaves)

(We still see Bruce can’t remember what happened to him three weeks ago, but attends to talk to his friends about this traumatic event)

  • Int. Foster’s Residence – Family room

(Cuts inside Leo’s house as we see Leo watching tv and eating popcorn, and then he notices his best friend Bruce enters)

Leo: (Shocked) Bruce?

Bruce: It’s me.

Leo: I can’t believe it… (hugging him) welcome back!

Bruce: It’s good to be back, I think.

Leo: Now I can kill you. (Joking)

Bruce: What I done? I just got word I was in this three week coma and now you’re so pissed at me.

Leo: Because of my car.

Bruce: Wait that Chevy HHR out there.

Leo: No, that Malibu I had.

Bruce: I forgot you did have a Malibu, what happened to it?

Leo: What happened, the car look so bad weeks ago I had to get another car to replace my old one all thanks for you.

Bruce: Sorry Leo, I can’t remember what happened three weeks ago.

Leo: (Remembering) Wait, sometimes people who had a short-time coma strangely remembers what happened.

Bruce: Yet this one doesn’t remember at all. I don’t know even how I got into a coma.

Leo: Well sorry; I didn’t know you turned into a Jason Bourne.

Bruce: So where’s Julie, she wasn’t at her house.

Leo: She’s at Rave.

Bruce: Rave?

Leo: Oh yeah, while you was in that coma a week ago, Julie opened up the hangout and she called it Rave. Why that name is beyond me, but I do know all she wanted at the opening was…you.

Bruce: (Knowing whatever happened to him is causing a lot of changes to everyone else)

(Cuts off to Leo)

  • Ext. Rave – Old City Warehouse

(Cuts to the exterior of the used to be warehouse Julie brought, now turned into a teen hangout place known as “Rave”)

  • Int. Hangout Area

(Cuts inside as we see teens hanging out, drinking, and playing some arcade games. We see Julie at the bar getting drinks ready until Bruce arrives in the middle of the entranceway; all of this happening with the song, Lesley Roy – “I'm Gone, I'm Going”, playing in the background)

Julie: (She sees him and drops the jug of juice on the floor as most of the guests look at her)

Bruce: Hey!

Julie: (Forgetting the wasted juice, she runs up to Bruce and hugs him dearly) Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re awake!

Bruce: Yeah.

Julie: (Hitting his shoulder) Don’t ever do that again.

Bruce: Ouch, okay I won’t. (Smiling)

Julie: (Smiling too)

(The song continues)

Bruce: So this is Rave.

Julie: Seen the sign?

Bruce: Kind of. Leo told me about the opening day and that you…

Julie: I wanted you to be there. Well of course, I want to celebrate this fabulous moment in my life with all of my friends. And the one friend I wanted to share the most was in a coma—me thinking he would never wake up.

Bruce: Guess you think wrong.

Julie: (Smiling) I know you Bruce unlike everyone else. I felt your pain, I been there when you needed help, and I was there when you… you know slipped into the deep sleep.

Bruce: Sorry I wasn’t around, but something in me has changed.

Julie: What?

(The song continues to play)

Bruce: I don’t know. I can’t remember how this happened to me and unfortunately those three missing weeks it all just went blank.

Julie: So you now heard about the other person who just went blank.

Bruce: Yeah, Victor.

Julie: Victor indeed.

Bruce: Wait, I thought you usually call him by his last name; I never heard you mention his first name.

Julie: Things change. And since his father is dead, Jason needs all of our support.

Bruce: Guess I need to visit him. You want to come?

Julie: I wish, but Rave needs me since there’s no other helping hand.

Bruce: You’re sure?

Julie: Positive, go ahead. Jason needs you more than me so go. (Heading back to the bar)

Bruce: (Seeing something is wrong with her) Are you sure you’re okay?

Julie: I’ll be okay.

(Bruce leaves as we see Julie showing a tear and brush it aside while trying to go back to work; the song “I’m Gone, I’m Going” in the background ends)

  • Int. Powers Mansion - Library

(Cuts inside as we see Jason on the phone with Bradson)

Jason: Wait so you are saying these are the same two men?

Bradson (phone): They, those two same men in trench coats, were spying on the company.

Jason: Alright, I want you just to continue with your task.

Bradson (phone): But sir?!

Jason: No buts, I want…

(He is about to turn until he sees Bruce entering, he hangs up saying “Next time” and sees him)

Jason: Look whose back from hibernation.

Bruce: It’s good to be back.

(They both shared a friendship hug and daps each other hand)

Jason: I’m so sorry that you were pulled into this tragedy.

Bruce: I was pulled into what? I don’t even know what happened to me and why I was in this coma.

Jason: Wait you’re saying that you didn’t know about my dad’s mysterious death, your three-long week coma, and whatever else that happened.

Bruce: Once I woke up, my mind just went blank.

Jason: Sorry being you.

Bruce: No, sorry being you… well I know I’m you when you have to face the fact that your father is dead.

Jason: But you took it most tragically because you seen your parents died in front of your eyes. I had to let the stock creeps announce my dad’s death. Even the mayor idolizes his epitaph; your parents were the heart of Gotham…the mayor is using my dad as the mind of Gotham.

Bruce: What?

Jason: I know, I think he got caught into my dad’s deadly charisma. But both of us know my dad don’t think about the people of Gotham, he just care about the money.

Bruce: I don’t know what to think feel good he’s gone for good or maybe feel sorry for him.

Jason: You’re just like me. But, I think something else.

Bruce: You think he’s not dead.

Jason: I don’t know; I was judgmental of his death but after two more weeks after his disappearance the same time you was in a coma, the company announces his death.

Bruce: Because what, nobody don’t know where he is?

Jason: It’s just something doesn’t add up, and I’m going to find out the truth one way or another.

Bruce: I know wasn’t there those three weeks, but I’m here now.

Jason: (Feeling gratified his friend is there for him)

(Unexpectedly we see two men in trench coats barge into the room where Bruce and Jason are in; we notice these are the same two men that Bradson been warning Jason about; we also notice one is a Caucasian male in his 40’s and he’s the lead man; the other one is a tall Black man whose in his 30’s)

(Jason and Bruce sees them)

Jason: Excuse me! Who are you?

Man #1: (The Caucasian one) Are you’re Jason Powers, son of Victor Powers.

Jason: Yeah, who wants to know?

Bruce: Maybe I should go.

Jason: No it’s good Bruce, I can handle them.

Bruce: No it’s okay; I’ll be okay, we’ll talk later.

Jason: Alright.

(They daps each other hand and we see Bruce walking between the two men in trench coats and walks off)

Man #1: Wasn’t that Thomas Wayne’s kid?

Jason: Alright, you have me, you know me, so who wants to know?

(The men show him their badges…they each holds “Federal Bureau Investigation” badges)

Man #2: He’s Agent Cutter; I’m Agent Moulder. We’re the FBI.

Jason: (Stunned) Why are you here? My father has done something wrong?

Agent Cutter: No…see we’re here because we want… you.

Jason: (Shock and stunned)

(We see the two agents in their same position, and we cut off Jason’s worried look)

(Fades out)

[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to see the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts back to library as we left off last time seeing Jason getting interrupted by the FBI; we then notice Jason talking to the two agents about what they want)

Jason: What does the FBI want to do with me; I haven’t done anything wrong.

Agent Cutter: Actually you did one mistake…

Agent Moulder: And it’s going to cost you.

Jason: What mistake?

Agent Cutter: EuroTron.

Jason: (Stunned)

Agent Cutter: EuroTron is a set of secret governmental codes that holds millions of European transactions. What do you have in this?

Jason: I don’t know.

Agent Cutter: I think you know; you accessed the files with a personalized password.

Jason: (Thinking about the password, “Omega”)

Agent Moulder: We been tracking the access since 1998, and now we have the counts to bust you into jail.

Jason: (No knowing his father has been doing this since he was young) I didn’t access not once.

Agent Moulder: The last access was four months ago, a month after the Gotham lab explosion.

Jason: You think I was in this all alone.

Agent Cutter: No, but I do know is that you are one of the conspirators. And this is not the time to bust you, not yet; but don’t get your hopes up…after we go through another case of ours, your butt is all ours.

Agent Moulder: (Surprised that they are not busting him, but agrees with his partner all the way)

Jason: So what, you going watch me all day like you had been doing at my dad’s work.

Agent Cutter: Sorry about your father’s death, but if he was alive you have no idea how much the FBI want to bust him.

Jason: Yet you want to get him at his defenseless son.

Agent Moulder: Please…more like a liability.

Agent Cutter: (Smirking) We’ll be seeing you. (Leaving)

Agent Moulder: (Giving Jason a quirky look and leaves)

(We see Jason worrying that they got so close into busting him, but he wonders what else they are hiding away from him)

  • Ext. Rave (Old City Warehouse)

(Cuts to the exterior of the hangout)

  • Int. Bar counter

(Cuts inside as we see Julie working on the bills and is struggling with it; we then see Leo entering as we then hear the song Boys Like Girls-"Up Against The Wall" playing in the background)

Leo: Hey!

Julie: Hey back!

Leo: So, what’s you doing?

Julie: These bills had been killing since three weeks ago.

Leo: Whoa, I thought you finished those week old bills.

Julie: Strangely I had a benefactor that helped me, but now he’s gone and now I have to face this on my own.

Leo: That’s kind of not fair for you to burden all the hard work. Let me help.

Julie: It’s okay, but I do this. If I can run this club by myself, why not pay these bills.

Leo: What about your father?

Julie: He’s overseas; I’m staying with my aunt.

Leo: Bruce?! Now that he is back, maybe there’s a rekindle flame out there.

Julie: The only flame I see is your outpoint daydreams.

Leo: At least some of them work.

Julie: I’ll be fine. Go on and continue to play with your new car.

Leo: Okay...See you! (Heading out)

(Julie wonders why Victor is dead and that he’s the one who has been helping her out since their deal and then we hear the song ends)

  • Ext. Gotham Docks

(Cuts to the docks as we see Jackson, Wilden’s former bodyguard who was responsible of Wilden’s death, is standing near the dock platform; then we see a black limo entering the scene. A older man wearing a black fur overcoat comes out and walks to Jackson)

Jackson: He’s dead, boss. The mission is completed.

Man: I don’t know about that.

Jackson: What you mean?

(The man reveals unbeknownst to Jackson, but us where the camera views him pulling out a Walter PPK silencer out of his fur coat)

Jackson (Voice): I thought the task was to infiltrate Wilden and kill him.

Man: You see… I mean tying up loose ends.

(All of the sudden he shoots hitting Jackson point blank in the head; Jackson is dead immediately and we see the man put the gun back in his coat and enters back in the limo; two of the man’s goons throws Jackson’s dead body in the river and heads back to the limo while we see it exiting out the proximity)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor – Int. Study

(Cuts to the manor then to the study as we see Bruce relaxing on the chair while trying to remember what he lost those three weeks ago)

Bruce: (Looking around the room and notices the family portrait of him and his parents; he reminisces one minute and suddenly he remembers something… (then we flash)

{The camera flashes back to the Avalon scene where we see Bruce fighting Victor at the Alpine warehouse and eventually where the strange events started, then one last thing he sees is a blue glow}

(Flashes as Bruce comes back to reality as he sees Alfred with a drink of iced tea)

Alfred: A nice cup of tea can surely revive those toughest wounds.

Bruce: (Receiving the cup) Thanks Alfred.

Alfred: Always the pleasure Master Bruce. (About to leave)

Bruce: (Seeing him go) Alfred, you got a sec?

Alfred: Of course.

Bruce: Since being in that coma for three weeks, I was trying to find something to remember before I got into a coma. However just this past two minutes ago, a memory came back to me.

Alfred: Amazing Master Bruce, what was it?

Bruce: I had a fight with Victor sometime before I went to a coma and before he died.

Alfred: He died mysteriously…

Bruce: Either he’s dead or he has disappeared is beyond me.

Alfred: So do you know why you got into a fight with Master Victor.

Bruce: Have no idea; that’s all the memories I can remember before I got this coma.

Alfred: Give it time. In time, it will come back. I know it will.

Bruce: Alfred, one more thing… bring me to Wayne Industries.

Alfred: Not to intrude, but why sir?

Bruce: I need to see someone.

Alfred: I’ll get the herst ready. (Walking out)

(Bruce trying to remember more on what happened that fateful day)

  • Ext. Porch

(Cuts outside as we see Bruce walking out towards the limo and then we spot a car near the gates; in the car, we see Agents Cutter watching him and Moulder on the phone)

Agent Cutter: (Spying on Bruce with his binoculars)

Agent Moulder: (Listening on the phone) Yes, I will. (Hangs up)

Agent Cutter: (Still spying) Who was that?

Agent Moulder: Just my wife.

Agent Cutter: (Forgetting about him and focusing more at Bruce as we see Bruce entering the limo herst where Alfred is driving; soon the limo heads off) They’re going.

Agent Moulder: Let’s do it.

Agent Cutter: You go ahead; I have another person I need to see.

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Wayne Industries - Evening

(Cuts to the building as we see the view of as the sun is coming down)

  • Int. Lab Development

(Cuts downstairs to the lab as we see Lucius pacing back and forth; the camera views the puzzlebox and the clue “Reblix Cabua”.

Lucius: (Talking to himself) There’s more…I know there’s more. (Seeing the box then to the clue) Reblix…some sort of rebel. (Thinking about it and forgetting it) I know there’s more…I know it.

(Pans to Lucius trying to focus his attention on knowing more about the clues, but he got the death of Victor Powers on his mind; we soon see him paces off again)

  • Int. CEO office

(Cuts inside the office as we see Bruce entering it and notices Wilden is gone)

Bruce: Wilden? Where is he? (He is checking everywhere for something if Wilden left something then he bounces on the desk and a month’s load of paperwork collapses on the ground. Bruce picks it up and notices a file “codname: starlix”) Starlix? (He opens the file and notices several names and one name puts him at odds…

(The camera views Gina’s name on the paper and suddenly he receives another memory flashback as we flash back to the past)

{He meets her and suddenly dates her in Hunter scene; later on that episode he saves her from hired goons; they kiss then make out then in Missing, we hear her saying ‘I love you Bruce Wayne’ and we see them making love}

(Flashes back to the present as we see Bruce dropping the file and he looks out the window as he is harboring the memory of him fighting with Victor and now his relationship with Gina. He realizes his lost memories are coming back, but he needs something to trigger it)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts to a building near the GPD as we see Det. Alder walking closer to it until she is stopped by Cutter)

Agent Cutter: (Walking towards her showing his badge)

Det. Alder: FBI. What’s the feds doing here in Gotham?

Agent Cutter: For business, I on the other hand came here to see you, detective.

Det. Alder: If did something wrong, isn’t IA supposed to take care of that situation.

Agent Cutter: Not like that. I’m here to tell you if you know Victor Powers.

Det. Alder: I do. He’s a selfish, egotistic, self-nerve businessman. Why him?

Agent Cutter: He’s a person of interest. And so is his son.

Det. Alder: Jason? I know Jason; he couldn’t go that low like his father.

Agent Cutter: Whatever you feel about him, I don’t care. All I know is that the Powers are my persons of interest, and since Victor is no longer here, I guess his son just half to face the sins of his fathers.

Det. Alder: Everyone has to face the sins of that man; he’s not Thomas Wayne, and truly Victor is no saint.

Agent Cutter: Doesn’t matter. His son is the person I need and that’s all I want to know. (Heading off)

Det. Alder: One more thing, why you want to know about that and especially why me.

Agent Cutter: Need not to know basis. (Walks off)

(Feeling something is going on, Alder decides to investigate this matter of her own)

  • Int. Unknown Building

(Cuts inside as we see the blue crystal—the same one from last episode—and then we see a black glove putting the crystal inside a lead case and shutting the lid; while placing it inside a safe and locking it. We see the key as a form of a locket key as the mysterious figure placing the key inside the figure’s sleeve. Whoever it is walks off screen as we then see the safe glowing a bluish stare and then the camera fades away)

  • Gotham City - Next Day

(Fades again as we pan around the view of the city on the day of the funeral)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(We see the view of the mansion as we approach the morning)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside as we see Jason is no there, but we notice Agent Cutter walking in the library through the doors trying to search for more clues about the EuroTron access and plus more; then we see Det. Alder entering and spotting him)

Det. Alder: What are you doing?

Agent Cutter: (Showing his badge) FBI. (Seeing her) You.

Det. Alder: Like I said, what are you doing?

Agent Cutter: Where is Jason?

Det. Alder: He’s at the park getting ready for his father’s funeral.

Agent Cutter: I just need him for my true reason of being here.

Det. Alder: And what’s that?

Agent Cutter: Detective, do you know anything about Starlix.

Det. Alder: Star…who?

Agent Cutter: Starlix is a mysterious shadowy organization I been trying to hunt down for months. And now I have proof that the Powers are connected somehow; last week I found out about the Powers connection to two of Starlix’s agents, Kippler, who is dead, and Gina Faust, who is still missing.

Det. Alder: (About to say something until she gets a ring on her cell) Hold on. (She answers it) Hello?

Caller (phone): (Talking a very dark voice) Simple and straight, there's a bomb at Victor’s funeral...if they react....they go boom.

Det. Alder: (Stunned and shocked about his threat/warning) Who is this?

Caller (phone): If you do something stupid, they go boom...

Det. Alder: I am serious, who is this and how in the world you got my number.

Caller (phone): Tick, Tock, Detective…tick, tock. (Hangs up)

Det. Alder: Oh my god! You cannot just… (And all of the sudden the other line ends; seeing Cutter) I need to go.

Agent Cutter: Go where?

Det. Alder: To the funeral.

Agent Cutter: Why?

Det. Alder: There’s a bomb.

Agent Cutter: Dear god! I’m getting my men over there right now! I’ll meet you there.

Det. Alder: Alright. (She sprints towards the doors)

(Det. Alder runs off and then we notice two minutes later Agent Moulder walks in)

Agent Cutter: Moulder, what are…never mind, there’s a bomb where Victor Powers is being funeralized.

Agent Moulder: Oh my…we need to alert some backup.

Agent Cutter: Already on it. Det. Megan Alder, who I told you about, is going there right now. We need to arrange a bomb squad, notify the city’s mayor, the chief of police, and don’t alarm the press.

Agent Moulder: Of course.

Agent Cutter: (Turns around as he is calling backup and then out of nowhere, he is struck down)

(He collapses on the floor unconsciously as we see it was Moulder who hit him behind his back)

Agent Moulder: Sorry partner, I got a funeral to catch…it’s going to be a blast. (Smirking barely)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Gotham Cemetery Park – (Day of the Funeral)

(Cuts to the park as we see the preparations of the funeral minutes before it begins; we first see Jason looking at the steel coffin and his dad’s picture)

Jason: (to himself) Dad. Everyone believes you’re dead; and how much I want to agree with them I can’t because I feeling you’re not dead. I may have to agree with them, but hey who knows you can make a foil to everyone but not me.

(We see him walk off to relax then we see the reverend approaching the stage and we see the camera focus on people such as the mayor, Commissioner Woods, some police officers, and others approaching the stage-like funeral)

(The camera spots the Wayne limo here as well as Leo and Julie)

  • Ext. Alder’s car – Int.

(Cuts to see her car speeding of towards the park as we see inside Megan is getting another phone call from that mysterious voice)

Det. Alder: Hello?

Caller (phone): I hope you’re not doing anything stupid.

Det. Alder: One thing is to threaten a member of the Gotham Police, but then there is another to threaten to kill a lot of innocents.

Caller (phone): Victor Powers is dead!

Det. Alder: And you want to sacrifice innocent lives just for a late-grudge.

Caller (phone): He’s in his perdition now, and I think it’s time for everyone else in this city to face their perdition.

Det. Alder: Not unless I’m going to stop that.

Caller (phone): Let’s see. (Hangs up)

(Alder wondering how far this freak will go to kill innocents for his own sick grudge with Victor; she continues to focus on the road and hurry to get on the park at time)

  • Ext. Gotham Cemetery Park

(Cuts back to the park as the funeral is about ten minutes already started as we see everyone sitting; the silver casket with flowers around it and everywhere as next to the casket is a big portrait of Victor Powers; on the platform we see Jason and the reverend; we then see the reverend talking)

Preacher: We are here today to pay tribute to the life of Victor Powers. Man of power; man of control, and man of fate. (We see the portrait and the casket) If anyone of you have something to share about his life: good and bad, please come on up and share.

(We first see Leo approaching the platform)

  • Int. Unknown Dark area

(Cuts inside some structure as we see a metal device and all of the sudden it reveals to be a time bomb as the countdown begins: 00:30:20 and so on and on backwards)

(Cuts back to the park as we see Leo reaching the mic)

Leo: You can't trust him; Mr. Powers always like to manipulate people’s will in order for him to gain power. He’s selfish; can you blame the guy for what he done...he's crazy and vindictive. Who likes the guy, sorry he had to die, but hey one person he can’t stop is death. Thanks, surely I don’t know if Mr. Powers needs it. (He walks off the platform and goes back to the aisle where he is sitting next to Bruce and Julie)

(We then see Bruce standing up and approaching the stage)

Bruce: I never thought he was the man of the city...I think he’s more like a villain. Like Leo said, you can't trust him; he can hurt you, I never trusted him, why can you?

(The camera then takes that second to look at Julie as she remembers the deal she made with Victor a month ago then we see the time bomb as we see going down to 00:24:32 then we head back to Bruce)

Bruce: Just these past three weeks, I haven’t been myself; I was in a coma while Victor died the same time. I don’t know how that happened, but I do know its part of time. My destiny was probably stationary while Victor’s was already written; I may have forgotten some tidbits, but I do know like Jason who is really Victor Powers. I know two things, one he’s not Thomas Wayne, and second it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. (He then walks off the platform and walks back to the row by Julie and Leo)

(Cuts back to the time bomb as the countdown now goes to 00:10:40 then we see Jason stands up and then reach to the mic)

Jason: Quoting my friend Bruce that my father is no man of the city, or the mayor, he is the mind of Gotham City. Whatever you want to name him is fine by me; the only name I had to know him by is my father. Even though I despise him very much, I never had the chance to tell him I love him. Now that he is gone, I guess it too late. All I can say now is that if he was still alive, I would have wanted to renew our relationship… guess it’s going to be a standstill for now on. (And after that, he returns back to his seat)

(Cuts to the hidden bomb as we see it’s now 00:08:38 and then we head back to the preacher returns to see if anyone else wanted to speak their mind)

Preacher: Anyone else?

(Julie is hesitating then we notice others are not moving then we see the bomb is now on 00:07:00 and then we shift back until we see everyone else sitting in the stands aren’t moving, but then we see Julie just had enough and start walking)

Julie: (Approaching the mic) I like to say some few things about Victor. Mr. Powers was an interesting man that I never knew; I notice everyone before me have said negative things and you all figure if he has done anything positive in his life besides being a father to Jason. Before these three weeks and before he mysteriously died, he was the one that been helping me out with Rave, my hangout place.

(Jason is a little stunned and then we see Bruce and Leo at each other after that quote)

Julie: (Back to her) One thing he did changed my life forever because you see when the time I was kidnapped the story about me escaping while the kidnapper killed himself. That was false what really happened is that I was almost killed before Victor shows up and save me.

(Everyone starts talking, Bruce and Leo are shocked, Jason is stunned, and then all we pan to a shot of Victor’s picture then to Julie)

Julie: (Now knowing everyone knows their secret) He wanted me not to tell anyone unless something happens to him…You can't judge people of how they act, neither how they talk. I can trust him, can you? (She stops and starts walking back to the aisle)

(We see Julie back in her seat noticing Bruce and Leo are angry at her; the preacher returns)

Preacher: Anyone else?

(After what just happened no one else don’t want to stand up while we the preacher about to say something until we see Det. Alder running and yelling)

Det. Alder: Stop! Stop!

(Everyone looking at her and is wondering what is happening)

Leo: What in the world is going on?

(We see Commissioner Woods next to the mayor noticing Det. Alder’s weird attitude)

Comm. Woods: Megan, what is this? This is a…

Det. Alder: I know sir, but there is a big threat here.

Mayor: What threat?

(Everyone is now concern)

Det. Alder: There’s a bomb.

(Everyone starts screaming and freaking out; Bruce, Leo, and Julie are standing up)

Det. Alder: (Wanting stability) Everyone stand still! We need to find the bomb.

Comm. Woods: Start searching.

(Everyone starts surveying the area and then we see Jason, Bruce, Leo, Julie, and Det. Alder reaching to the coffin; they all doubt to open it because they don’t want to disturb the body as we see in a dark place the bomb is on 00:05:59, we return to the park as we see the gang about to open it, but when the coffin is open they see no bomb and no body)

Julie: Where’s Victor?

Det. Alder: Even more important where’s the bomb?

(As everyone search for it, Bruce has a feeling and goes behind the stage platform; behind the stage, Bruce sees a hidden compartment inside and notice a silver suitcase; he opens it to see the bomb and the time ticks to 00:05:45; he closes and feeling he don’t want to tell no one that he found the bomb he runs to the parking lot)

Bruce: (Running towards him) Alfred, how far is the docks?

Alfred: Just a mile away. Why you ask?

Bruce: Take me there immediately. (Getting inside)

Alfred: But… (Seeing the mysterious briefcase along with him, he soon joins) As you wish, Master Bruce. (Heading to the driving side)

(Back to the stage area as we see the others trying frantically to find the bomb, but to no prevail)

Comm. Woods: You found it?

Det. Alder: It’s nowhere to be seen.

Julie: We don’t know what is happening; the bomb is somewhere here, but…

Leo: Where’s Leo?

Jason: (Wondering about his father’s missing body)

Julie: Maybe we should check around the trash cans.

Voice: Maybe you should listen to me.

(Everyone turns to see Agent Moulder pointing a gun towards them)

Det. Alder: Who are you?

Agent Moulder: I’m…

Jason: Agent Moulder, he’s part of the FBI.

Agent Moulder: Let just say gone rouge.

Comm. Woods: Excuse me?!

Agent Moulder: Stop and drop your guns or this park is going to have a new redecoration setting.

(Alder and Woods don’t want to lose innocent people drop their guns and we see Moulder still holding his while everyone else is being cautious)

  • Ext. Wayne Limo – Int.

(Cuts to see the limo speeding up and then we notice inside as we see Alfred eager wondering what is inside that silver briefcase)

Alfred: I wonder sir, what is inside that case?

Bruce: It goes tic tock…tic tock…

Alfred: Oh, well all hands on the throttle.

(We see his foot on the pedal as the car speeds up as the bomb is ticking down 00:03:10 and fast)

  • Ext. Gotham Cemetery Park

(Cuts back to the park as we see Moulder holding his gun and everyone is still cautious and is in harm’s way)

Leo: Listen, we can talk about this.

Agent Moulder: You can shut up!

Det. Alder: You know where this bomb is now tell us, and no one can get hurt.

Agent Moulder: I don’t know where the bomb is, but I do know there is one can people will get hurt.

Comm. Woods: If not the bomb, your gun. Please.

Agent Moulder: Oh yeah, well let’s just test that theory. (Pointing the gun at Julie)

(Julie is shocked and stun-stiff while Alder and Woods are helpless to save her; Leo is stun-stiff as well, and Jason is helpless; Moulder about to shoot the gun to be a test run is all of suddenly knocked out from behind by none other than… Agent Cutter)

Agent Cutter: Sorry partner, its business.

(Everyone is safe while Alder and Woods get their guns and aim at Moulder if he ever wakes up)

  • Ext. Gotham Docks

(Cuts to the docks as we see the limo pulling up near the two wharfs and we then see Bruce getting out quick as he holds the bomb suitcase and heads to the edge of the docks)

Bruce: (Have no time to check what time is left and he leaves it all in chance as he throws it in the water)

(The bomb files and lies in the water; two seconds we see the bomb the last time as we see it countdown from 00:00:03 to 00:00:02 to 00:00:01then boom we see a huge splash and a small quake can be heard)

Bruce: (Smiles)

  • Ext. Gotham Cemetery Park

(Cuts back to the park as we see the others are picking up after what just happened with rouge agent Moulder then to the bomb still missing; and then they all hear a small shake)

Julie: What was that?

Leo: Might been the bomb.

Det. Alder: How?

Agent Cutter: Doesn’t matter at least we know everyone is safe.

Jason: (Seeing his father’s empty coffin and wondering there was no bomb, no body; we see a stern look on his face wondering he might have been right)

  • Ext. Gotham Docks

(Cuts back to the docks as we see Bruce turning to Alfred)

Alfred: Ha…the freedom.

Bruce: At least I know what I do remember.

Alfred: What’s that?

Bruce: Saving people is one thing I never forget.

Alfred: Just like your father.

Bruce: What you expect, it’s in the genes. (He walks off screen as the camera just see the dock)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Int. Unknown Room

(Cuts a room as we see the older man from before where he intentionally killed Jackson, Wilden’s former bodyguard, is sitting near a empty desk all except a telephone on top and we see it’s ringing)

(The man answers)

Man: Hello… (Listening to whoever) So, our double agent Moulder has failed us; it doesn’t matter. Jackson is dead as well. (Listening) I know. Victor Powers is the only one…no …. There was another who was with Victor those weeks ago. (Listening) I will take care of finding him; don’t worry, I know exactly who to call. After all, who can stop us…

(As the camera diverts from the man to the wall as we see a startling discovery…it’s a dark star and the words… Starlix)

  • Ext. Rave – Int. Bar

(Cuts to the hangout then inside as we see Julie looking at the place as we start hearing the song, “Save You” by Simple Plan, is playing in the background)

Julie: (Thinking about what just happened at the supposed-to-be-funeral, she understand that she told almost the entire city that she her kidnapped aftermath was a fake and that Victor was the one who saved her; she also is thinking about her friends and that she betrayed them and is figuring what could she do to restore it back)

  • Ext. Powers’ Mansion

(Cuts to see the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside as we see Jason on the desk looking for details about his father’s supposed death and we then see Bradson hanging up on something while entering the room as the song continues)

Bradson: Mr. Powers, I found something startling.

Jason: And what’s that.

Bradson: (Giving him the papers) I found the Medical Examiner’s results were falsified.

Jason: What you mean falsified?

Bradson: I mean we search the primacies of the Alpine Warehouse and there was no body found.

Jason: Well that means probably there was a fire.

Bradson: Sir, there was no fire; there was no cause of a body being erased; leading to the fact that the ME falsified his reports saying your father was dead.

Jason: This death certificate is a fake.

Bradson: The company wanted everyone to believe he was dead resulting to the coffin then the certificate.

Jason: That means my father is still alive… (Standing up) He’s out there…and I’m going to find him.

(As the song continues we see Jason’s determined face)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Bruce’s Bedroom

(Cuts near the bedroom window as we see Bruce looking out and then we notice Leo coming by as the song is reaching to its end its continuing to play in the background)

Leo: If I would have one word to describe this day, it would be crazy.

Bruce: You have no idea.

Leo: Yeah I know, the day after you woke up from that coma we get freak out by a bomb, a rouge FBI agent gone nuts, Victor is missing and probably fake his death, and then there’s Julie, who lied to us. See why I called this day crazy.

Bruce: And it won’t end, trust me. (Looking at him then looking out the window)

Leo: What’s the matter bro?

Bruce: (Reluctantly) I have feelings…

Leo: For me?

Bruce: No! I have feelings Gina…again.

Leo: (Realizing what he is saying and who) Oh….

(As the song continues to get to the end, we see Bruce thinking about Gina and knowing he has feelings for her again)

  • Ext. Outskirts

(Cuts to the highway as we see a sign saying Gotham City is the left as Star City is 20 miles from here; we then notice a old torn out motel)

  • Int. Motel

(Cuts inside as we see a man looking rugged heading to get a key from the motel guy as the song continues)

Motel Guy: Yes, you need a key?

Man: (The camera sees the man being asked the question as we see the man we know him as Victor Powers but has a rugged face) Yes, I need a key.

Motel Guy: Can I have your name?

Man: I don’t know; I don’t know who I am.

Motel Guy: You sure you don’t know who you are?

Man: No, whoever I was in the past or what I done in the past is gone, now I want start a new life.

(The camera leaves off to the man we know is Victor Powers as the song “Save You” ends)

(Fades out)

[Act V ends]


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