Pamela Isley is a botanist who traveled the world looking for new plants. When Pamela was studying unclassified fungi in the Amazon rainforest, Isley contracted a fungal disease that could be spread only through her saliva. She decided to use her condition against people destroying the environment, even companies such as Wayne Enterprises. She is portrayed by Isabella Leong in Gotham Retribution (2016).

Early Life

Pamela was raised by strict parents who never let her do anything she wanted. They had plans for her, when she grew up she was going to be a violinist. But her parents disappeared, gone off the face of the Earth. No one knows what happened to them but Pamela was then raised by a foster family. In college, she majored in botany and became a botanist. Isley loved plants and she went to many different countries and studied the plant life there. Isley became famous for discovering the scelestus femina, a type of rare fungus that only grows in parts of the Amazon rainforest.

Trip to Brazil and Scelesto femitis disease

When Isley was studying in the northern Amazon rainforest, she came upon a wierd type of the scelestus femina. When she touched it, it felt different. She decided to look under a microscope and she s

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