Riddle Me This features various riddles that you have to solve to find Riddlers hideout. Each riddle also unlocks an Institution Story, usually about the subject of the riddle.


More TBA...

  • Riddle: "A crime commited by your favourite enemy... Oh sorry Batman, are you getting the CHILLS?"
    Answer: Scan the newspaper highlighting Joe Chills mugging in Altor.
    Story: Joe Chill
  • Riddle: "A historic number in the career of this detective."
    Answer: Scan the 27 scrawled on a large canvas.
    Story: Batman's Arrival
  • Riddle: "A mobster, a mafia don, a man who scarred Dent... a firearm manufacturer?"
    Answer: Scan the 'Sal's Guns' billboard.
    Story: Sal Maroni
  • Riddle: "A new reptile lurks under Altor."
    Answer: Scan the pile of bones under a storm drain.
    Story: Killer Croc II
  • Riddle: "Are you ABLE to find this crimelords most CROWNING work?"
    Answer: Scan the cut open teddy filled with drugs.
    Story: Able Crown's Youth Center
  • Riddle: "A riddle about a bat, well how about that!"
    Answer: Scan the bloody bat-symbol.
    Story: Bloodbat
  • Riddle: "Batman better WATCH out for these detectives"
    Answer: Scan the Watchmen logo.
    Story: Watchmen
  • Riddle: "Even the worlds greatest assassin needs to keep steady."
    Answer: Scan the tripod left on a building balcony.
    Story: Deadshot (Part 2 of 3)
  • Riddle: "For Quinzel, it was love at first fright."
    Answer: Scan the fake Joker tombstone with Mr. J in a heart scratched onto it.
    Story: Joker's 'Resurrections'
  • Riddle: "Guy Fawkes in Altor? Or is it just him?"
    Answer: Scan the discarded Guy Fawkes mask.
    Story: V
  • Riddle: "How many days hath September? Best ask this guy."
    Answer: Scan Calendar Man's cell.
    Story: Calendar Man (Part 1 of 2)
  • Riddle: "It's likely a SHOT will leave you DEAD"
    Answer: Scan the numerous shell casings on the top of a building.
    Story: Deadshot (Part 1 of 3)
  • Riddle: "It's the 23rd of January, don't let Julian get this!"
    Answer: Scan the wall-mounted Remington Model 760.
    Story: Calendar Man (Part 2 of 2)
  • Riddle: "Oink Oink! Lazlo best not forget this!"
    Answer: Scan Professor Pyg's discarded mask.
    Story: Professor Pyg
  • Riddle: "Sleepy time? Not without your medication!"
    Answer: Scan the poster for SleepNice Pills.
    Story: Moonstalker
  • Riddle: "Sometimes being JOLLY comes at a PRICE."
    Answer: Scan the Doctor Jolly billboard.
    Story: Doctor Jolly
  • Riddle: "This artist gets his paints naturally, from humans..."
    Answer: Scan the bloody handprints signed DB.
    Story: Doodlebug
  • Riddle: "This child prodigy is now just an anarchist."
    Answer: Scan the crudely drawn Anarchy symbol, which is signed Anarky.
    Story: Anarky
  • Riddle: "This former diver is no longer a KING of the seas"
    Answer: Scan the discarded King Kraken mask.
    Story: King Kraken
  • Riddle: "This lightweight criminal couldn't STRYKE fear into the heart of Batman, even at the APEX of his career!"
    Answer: Scan the Apex Chemicals flyer with Alfred Styker on.
    Story: Alfred Stryker
  • Riddle: "Try and find this stealth KING"
    Answer: Scan the discarded Orpheus helmet.
    Story: Orpheus
  • Riddle: "Vega has arrived in Altor..."
    Answer: Scan the Z slashed into the wall.
    Story: Zorro
  • Riddle: "You wouldn't want Floyd to miss his shot, would you?"
    Answer: Scan the bloodstain surrounded by numerous bullet holes.
    Story: Deadshot (Part 3 of 3)

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