"I endured years of people bringing me down for 'not being smart enough'... isn't irony just splendid?" -- The Riddler

The Riddler
Alias The Riddler, Edward Nygma, E. Nygma, Enigma
Real Name Edward Nashton
Age 42
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Location Gotham City
Enemies Batman

Edward Nashton (legally changed to Nygma) was computer technician and part-time civil engineer who harboured deep resentment over the questioning of his intellect. He spent much of his childhood gathering as much information as he could, obsessed with puzzles and solving riddles. Anyone who considered him 'stupid' would set him over the edge and make him go into a mad frenzy. Years later, he became a serial killer named by the press as the Riddler, trapping people in highly intricate and elaborate traps that they could only be freed from if they answered Nashton's riddles correctly - or else, suffer a painful and violent death at the hands of his machines.




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