Roman Sionis was the founder of Sionis Steel Mills Inc. He became one of the richest men in Gotham after the "death" of Bruce Wayne.  He decided to help a little man named Oswald Cobblepot ressurect the mob. He is played by Javier Bardem in Gotham Trilogy #3.

Early Life

Sionis was born in Gotham City to a spanish speaking family. His parents fought often so he liked to play outside. He tried to make friends with the kids at the park but no one was nice to him, except for a boy named Thomas Elliot. Thomas befriended Roman and introduced him to Bruce Wayne. When Bruce's parents died Thomas spent more time with Bruce, and Roman got jealous. He snuck into Wayne Manor one night with a knife in his hand. Before he could kill Bruce Wayne an arrow hit his hand. Alfred Pennyworth walked out of the darkness carrying a crossbow that he used in London as part of the British Secret Service. Roman was scared to death. Alfred dragged him to the front door where the cops were waiting. He spent fifteen years in the Gotham City Juvinile Hall. He met a boy there named John Blake who wanted to be a cop. When Sionis's family was found they were dead. Stabbed at their house by Victor Zsasz. Roman wasn't as upset as he should have been. When he was eighteen he was let out into the world to be free.

Sionis Steel Mill Foundation

Roman found out that only inherited a few hundred dollars. He needed more money so he

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