Sandra Wayne was born on April 10th,1984.She was a beautiful baby girl and was lucky to be born in the wayne's family.She is the daughter of Bruce Wayne & Jessica Wayne.Her parents kinda argued abunch of times but they thought everything would've be ok when the years go by.Later in October 1st,1991,Sandra's mom has a baby girl and named her Sara Wayne.Then later on,her parents had a big argument still in the year and they both got a divorce.So,later in 1999,Sandra meets Edward Nigma and goes on a date with him,but on one date,Edward get's really abusive on her and rapes her.Then when her dad was going on a date with a women he met 3 weeks ago,he sees police at the drive-in and he get's really worried so he drives in the drive-in and sees his daughter all beat up and sees blood running down her legs.Later in 2000 of Janurary,she get's released from the hospital and she leaves Edward a voicemail saying:Edward,i think we shouldn't be together any dad thinks the same thing so...were through.Then later in the year,Edward has been trying to get to Sandra her whole life.Harvey Dent knew Sandra and Sara when they were born so later on,a court was held about the rape of Sandra Wayne.Harvey was Sandra's attorney.Then after the court case was close,Sandra won the case.Edward was sent to some juviniall school.Then the years passed and when Sandra heard Edward left juvinaill school,he turned into a freak.Then later in 2005 her dad was never there at night for some reason then he told her why he was never home at night and she asked her dad if she could be his partner.Then he trained her and she finally became a sexy,buttass kicking girl.Then later when she fount out that Harvey's left or right face got burned off,he became batman's and velvet's enemy.But what's so curious is that all the batman villians know her identy.So like all the villians and there goons are in love with her mostly cause she's young and sexy and all of crimanals,gangnsters and more want to just on her.So that's mostly it.

But while her battle against The Joker alone,she got shot 2 times in the stomach and was token to a closet hospital.Then later on in the years,she still fights crime and she is married to Officer Blake aka:Robin and has 2 twins and names them Robert Blake & Katie Blake.And they call her Velvet for a reason.

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