Shatter is the seventeenth episode of The Young Knight season one.



  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to a view of the city)

  • Ext. Sidewalk

(Cuts to a young male, Ryder Hawk, walking and stopping on the block as he looks at a building across the street; across from the street, it is the Johnson Jewelers; he smirks seriously and walks across the street to the store)

  • Ext. Johnson Jewelers

(Cuts to the view of the store as Ryder is heading inside)

  • Int. Lobby

(Cuts inside the bank as the song “Spoilin’ for a Fight” by AC/DC is playing in the background; to the lobby as we see a normal day of in the store; we then see Ryder entering the place)

Ryder: (Seeing the security guard near the back as he is holding his gun; Ryder notices and all thinking this through; he goes forward; he suddenly yells) This is a hold up!

(The jeweler, his four innocent shoppers, and the security guard all notices the young man’s threat and suddenly freaks out as then the guard approaches Ryder)

Guard: Stay calm kid!

Ryder: No, this place knows something

(The song continues as the camera pan around the scared customers wondering what was he thinking about)

Guard: I don’t know where your head is at kid, but this is a jewelry store.

Ryder: (Determined) This place has something that I want! I want it now! Where is it!

Guard: Listen kid, let’s talk about it…

(As the guard is about to put his hand around him, Ryder maneuvers his arms as its about to clap and the camera slows down as his hands are about to clap and when it does the camera spins around as a aurora of energy force surrounds it and then the camera views back normally as he clap a huge invisible-like, sonic energy wave that knocks the guard off his feet and throws him back to the back wall)

(Everyone screams and worries for guard’s health after they just witnessed that)

Ryder: (Still determined about something and maneuvers his arms again and clap another sonic energy wave so enormous that it shatter all the glasses from the viewing boxes to the vases to the cabinet glasses and including the glass door and windows)

(The camera views the damage Ryder just done)

Ryder: (Realizing this place doesn’t have what he wants, he sprints out of the store and heads off screen)

(The camera shifts back to the guard as he is still injured from Ryder’s first wave and as the camera pan around the destruction Ryder’s second caused, everyone including the jeweler and the injured guard are still stunned on what just happened)

(Cuts to the credits as the song “Spoilin’ for a Fight” ends)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Johnson’s Jewelers

(Cuts to the jewelry store again an hour later as we see the aftermath of what just happened and now we see the Gotham police are surveying the crime scene; we then notices the injured guard being taken away by gurney to the ambulance truck; and then notice Det. Alder and another police officer discussing about the scene)

Det. Alder: What happened, Officer Kim?

Officer Kim: It’s been one crazy day from hurdling up some street thugs five blocks from here to showing up to this place at least the last minute.

Det. Alder: You saw or catch the perp?

Officer Kim: No, but he did damage in his wake.

Det. Alder: (Seeing the shattered glass and notice all the jewelry is still intact) Did he take anything?

Officer Kim: No, which was the second most shocking thing; he didn’t take any high-priced jewels; everything was accounted for.

Det. Alder: I thought this was a jewelry store and he made gold…

Officer Kim: Guess we can’t underestimate what a thug can do in this city.

Det. Alder: Well I want you and the other cops to continue the perimeter and search for any prints he may have left.

Officer Kim: I can say it’s not at all that easy.

Det. Alder: Did I say any of this stuff is easy.

(The officer smirks and walks back inside)

Det. Alder: (She then heads to one of the eyewitness who saw everything that happened an hour ago) Excuse me…

Witness: (A female, being afraid of what happened) Yes.

Det. Alder: Can you tell me what you saw?

Witness: (Still confused) I don’t remember his face, but he said this place had something he needed and then the guard try to stop him, but he did something strange with his hands and all of suddenly the guard was knock out and then all the glass was shattered.

Det. Alder: And what he did next?

Witness: He left.

Det. Alder: Without taking any jewelry.

Witness: Nothing.

Det. Alder: (Thinking about what is this thug thinking) Thank you for your time.

Witness: You welcome! (She heads out to another ambulance truck to see if she is okay)

(As we see Megan continuing to wonder what the thug’s motive, the camera shifts to Bruce arriving near the other bystanders wondering what just happened)

Bruce: (Seeing Det. Alder) Detective Alder!

Det. Alder: Bruce! (Heading towards the bystanders being guarded by other cops, and orders one to let Bruce in)

(Bruce heads in the scene, but not close)

Bruce: What is going on?

Det. Alder: I thought a jewelry theft, but all what you see is just broken glass.

Bruce: Broken glass. (Seeing everything that was covered in glass shattered) What could have done this?

Det. Alder: It wasn’t a what, it’s who.

Bruce: The supposed to be theft, was the one who did this.

Det. Alder: Yeah, according to eyewitness reports, the thug wanted something and then done something to his hands and shattered all glass right before knocking out the guard, whose in the ambulance truck, as I speak.

Bruce: And no jewelry was stolen?

Det. Alder: Everything was in its proper place.

Bruce: Weird.

Det. Alder: That’s what I said. (Thinking of why he’s here) Speaking of, why are you here, Mr. Wayne?

Bruce: I was here to buy a gift for someone.

Det. Alder: Really?! Why this place?

Bruce: My family always came to here, but when my dad tried to lease it into Wayne Industries PowerCorp took it away from him. But we still come.

Det. Alder: Ummm. So who is this girl?

Bruce: Gina…Gina Faust.

Det. Alder: Ms. Faust? She’s back?! I really want to speak to her because of something she did a year ago.

Bruce: Whatever she done detective, she changed. A lot.

Det. Alder: I hope so, because I want to see it myself.

Bruce: What you mean?

Det. Alder: I’ll be watching her and you, because Bruce sometimes you need to watch out for the person you love the most. (Seeing another officer requesting her, she says bye to Bruce) I have to go, but remember what I said, I’ll be watching her. (She heads to where the officer is)

(The camera shift from her to the store then to Bruce as he feels Gina need to be safe again)

(Cuts off to Bruce)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts to the CEO office as we see a female assistant, Bianca, putting mail on Victor’s desk and then we see Victor Powers back in action working on a few files)

Victor: Bianca, remember Project Zephyr.

Bianca: Yes.

Victor: Where is the file I lay beneath my desk?

Bianca: The flashdrive you kept.

Victor: Yes. Where is it?!

Bianca: The last person who was in this room was your son, Mr. Powers.

Victor: My son?! (Pondering) That will be all Bianca.

Bianca: Yes sir. (She turns around and walks away)

(Victor continues to ponder why would his son need the flashdrive, but thinks something else)

  • Int. Rave – Bar

(Cuts to Rave as we see Julie cleaning up and then she is stopped by Leo as the song “Holding On” by Simple Plan plays in the background)

Julie: Hey Leo, what’s you been doing.

Leo: Trying to find a person.

Julie: Really, how’s that been doing?

Leo: Pretty well…actually it’s been nothing as well.

Julie: Well, you will find a way Leo, you always have.

Leo: Good. (About to leave) Hey…did Bruce come here after your confessing?

Julie: Oh you know.

Leo: I am Leo, I suppose to know.

(The song continues)

Julie: (Smirking) Right; actually, no after I said the L-Y word to him, he left and I never I saw him since.

Leo: Really? Did he call you?

Julie: No but someone else did.

Leo: Who?

Julie: The person who knew my mother, he was supposed to come three days ago, but he never showed. So I feel I got screwed both.

Leo: I don’t think so. (About to head out)

Julie: Leo, why did you ask me about Bruce coming back here?

Leo: Nothing.

Julie: Leo!

Leo: (Hesitating to say it, but)

Julie: Leo!

Leo: Gina’s back! Sorry…I got to go. (Heading out)

Julie: (Shocked and stunned) Gina?! (Pondering)

(Cuts off to a pondered Julie)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor as the song continues)

  • Int. Kitchen

(Cuts to the kitchen as we see Bruce walking and we see Gina working on lunch)

Bruce: (Wondering where is Alfred) Where’s…

Gina: Alfred?!

Bruce: Yeah! Where is he…I’m searching for him, but I can’t find him.

Gina: He went downtown to get some herbs he needed for soup; I wanted to do it, but he preferred himself as the honorary butler to do it.

Bruce: And you’re fixing lunch?

Gina: I can fix a mean and green lunch, buddy.

Bruce: (Coming towards her and hold her waist as he smiles) Yeah, I like a mean, green, and lean lunch.

Gina: (Smiling) I know you do.

(They both kiss as the song gets closer to the end)

(Shifts near to the kitchen entrance as we see Julie entering)

Julie: Bruce! I’m trying to find you and Alfred seem to be gone, but I need to know…

(Bruce and Gina lip locking in front of Julie’s eyes, and they both stop as they see Julie)

Bruce: (Surprised) Julie! What are you doing here?

Julie: (Surprised at what she saw as well) I was just…just…leaving. (She then heads out not saying nothing)

(Shifts seeing to Bruce depressed after what just happened)

(Cuts off to Gina as she feels threaten of Julie of something; then the song “Holding On” ends)

  • Ext. Alley

(Cuts to an old torn alley as we see Ryder, the young male thug from earlier, walking trying to remember something but he is blocked other thugs)

Ryder: Please, move out the way!

Thug#1: Yeah right!

Thug#2: What you going do about it? Huh! (Smiling)

(As the other thug smiles as well)

Ryder: (Getting angry; he bald his fists and then out of nowhere he claps maneuvers his arms again and clap another sonic energy wave)

(The wave then knocks both thugs to opposite sides, but both wines up hitting the brick wall—one then ends up in the trash bin as the other lands in several crates)

Ryder: (Seeing both of them knocked out and out of his way, he smiles and walks forwards as he still is on a mission to find something he wants)

(The camera sees him walking forward as we as well notice the two thugs trying to wake up after being forced throw to the walls)

(Fades out)

'[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Study Room

(Cuts inside to the study room as we see Gina sitting on the couch upset and Bruce following her)

Bruce: Gina…wait!

Gina: No, (sitting on the couch) I thought you told everyone that I came back.

Bruce: (Admitting) I kind of only told Alfred, Leo, and now Det. Alder.

Gina: And you didn’t tell Julie.

Bruce: The thought never came to me.

Gina: Well one of those three you told, told her and now she’s upset.

Bruce: You can’t think that.

Gina: Bruce, we can’t keep on having this relationship in secrecy. I want everyone to know about us…I thought you said….

Bruce: I know, we need to start over as a new us, and we will.

Gina: So can you at least tell everyone that we’re in a relationship so we can’t keep on having this under lock doors.

Bruce: Okay. I’ll start with Jason and then Julie, just in time for her to cool off.

Gina: I hope so.

Bruce: I know so.

(They kiss and he heads out as we then see Gina almost smiling)

  • Ext. GPD Headquarters

(Cuts to the headquarters as we see cops coming out and in)

  • Int. Desk area

(Cuts inside as we see a lot of detectives by their desks and we soon see Megan by hers still investigating about that earlier supposed-to-be jewelry crime at Johnsons’)

(As she continues to work on it, she gets mentioned by her fellow detective)

Det. Brown: Megan, hey I think you should know about this.

Det. Alder: What?

Det. Brown: (Giving her a folder) That jewelry non-theft you still probing around is actually one of several thefts this past week.

Det. Alder: (Surprised) I haven’t heard about this?!

Det. Brown: I know I thought those crimes have nothing in common, but when one of your eyewitnesses said a guy and shattered glass…the records blow up and now each crime of those several business attires from a electronic store to a bank to now a jewelry store, all their glass were shattered by some guy’s hands.

Det. Alder: (Still amazed) Donnie, I don’t know how you done it, but thank you. (Heading out)

Det. Brown: Did what?

(Cuts off to a confused Det. Brown)

  • Ext. Gotham Docks

(Cuts to the docks as we see Leo walking around the area where we saw the person who shot Mr. Bryant)

Leo: (Trying to find some kind of evidence the mysterious shooter left and then he notices at a bullet casing

(He grabs it and views at it, but notices something else is interesting particular about it….it has a letter)

Leo: (Don’t know what the letter is because of the shaping of the casing, but figure this is his best chance to at least find out who could have done it)

(Cuts off to the view of the bent bullet casing)

  • Ext. Rave - Back alley

(Cuts to the view of Rave then back to the back alley as we see Julie taking out of the trash)

Julie: (Still stunned about what she saw earlier, as she takes out the trash and put it in the dumpster she notices a street thug figure crouching near her; wondering) Who are you?

(The figure turns and we see its Ryder, and he then sprints off without warning)

Julie: (Confused on what she saw earlier and now)

(Cuts off to a confused Julie)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts into the library as we see Bruce coming in and thinking he sees Jason)

Bruce: Jason!?

(The figure turns around and we notice its Victor)

Victor: Bruce!

Bruce: (Shocked and stunned) Vic…Victor. I never knew you were back.

Victor: Well it seems I have the way of surprising people. (Getting a drink of scotch) So tell me, what are you doing here?

Bruce: (Thinking he remembers last time) Did you remember anything a year ago, you know the day before you disappeared.

Victor: No, not what I can think of.

Bruce: Everyone thought…even I thought you were dead and we just move on with our life.

Victor: Yeah I heard about that botch funeral in my honor, I was touch.

Bruce: (Thinking he don’t know what really did happen since he was the one who last saw him there) Where were you all this time?

Victor: Finding new life. (Holding on his glass cup of scotch while pacing) I was out of town, thinking to myself I don’t know who is Victor Powers, but I do know that everyone who knows me has a better way to say. So I travel from motel to motel, hotel to hotel, getting several temp jobs to get me some money and then there was a snarly reporter.

Bruce: Was that reporter named Dex Hampton?

Victor: Yes, how you know?

Bruce: Alfred told me he wanted me.

Victor: (Pondering) Weird, you know what, I will check this out okay.

Bruce: O...kay?! (Feeling awkward about this bond he is having with Victor; now remembering something) I just remember something; I need to check on someone.

Victor: Hey Bruce…

Bruce: (Turning to see him)

Victor: Nice to see you again, my son.

Bruce: (Trying to feel disgusted, but can’t get it out; he soon heads out)

(As Bruce leaves, Victor soon gets an call and answers it)

Victor: (Answering the phone) Yes…

  • Int. Dark Building

(Cuts to a dark building as we see a man figure by the shadows; he reveals by a spot of light to be a middle-age man, with a lite beard, and a tattoo by his bald head; he has a cell phone by him as he is the one talking to Victor)

Man: It’s me.

  • Int. Library

(Cuts back to the library)

Victor: I thought I told you to never call me.

  • Int. Dark Building

(Cuts back to the dark building

Man: I know, but the way of your disappearance the past months I wanted to know if this project was going to be stable.

  • Int. Library

(Cuts back to the library)

Victor: Well since I’m back, I hope it is.

  • Int. Dark Building

(Cuts back to the dark building)

Man: Yes, Project Vanish is still a go.

Int. Library (Cuts back to the library)

Victor: Is our first subject still aboard, doctor.

  • Int. Dark Building

(Cuts back to the dark building)

Man: More than you know.

Victor (phone): Excellent, continue as planned.

  • Int. Library

(Cuts back to the library)

Victor: (Hangs up and drinks his scotch)

  • Int. Dark Building

(Cuts back to the dark building

Man: (Turing around as he hangs up his phone and puts it away)

(He approaches to another part of the building as we then see a little boy crouching by the corner)

Man: My little friend, our relationship has only just begun.

(The boy crouches in fear as we then see the man smirking sinisterly)

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to see a view of Rave)

  • Int. Lounge

(Cuts inside as we head to the lounge and we then notices Julie sitting down trying to fix up the couches and then we see Bruce entering; we soon hear the song “Hometown Glory” by Adele playing in the background)

Julie: Bruce!

Bruce: I know what you saw kind of shock you.

Julie: Kind of, I was a bit mortified.

Bruce: Why?

Julie: Well maybe because I told you I love you.

Bruce: (Remembering that) You did…

Julie: Yeah and I was shock when you betray me.

Bruce: (Can’t believe what she saying) First off, you did say you love me, but the thing is I never say it back.

Julie: I know…you know you love me back.

Bruce: I can’t say.

Julie: What?

Bruce: I can’t say it because I’m in love with Gina.

(The song continues)

Julie: Whoa, now you say it. But this time you add her name.

Bruce: Listen, I don’t know what your problem is, or why you treating Gina like trash what she ever done to harm you.

Julie: Remember the time she had a part of when that psycho kidnapped me the same time she lied to you because she was sideling as a double agent.

Bruce: (Can’t know what to say next) I don’t know what to say to you…listen Julie, Gina isn’t what she was then, she’s completely different.

Julie: Oh, different huh.

Bruce: Yeah, so when you take your big ego and die it down a bit, maybe you have the courtesy to have the time to hang out with her.

(Julie feeling awkward about what she and Bruce are going through now that Gina is back in the picture as the song getting to its end)

(Bruce feeling that’s he have to say, he walks off)

Julie: Hey before you leave, watch out for a weird guy that has been creeping around here for a while.

Bruce: (Feeling something is weird about what she said) Yeah, whatever you say. (He heads out)

(Cuts off to a depressed Julie as the song “Hometown Glory” ends)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts back outside of Rave as Bruce left kind of disappointed, but he then notices the guy Julie was talking about and he then follows him)

Bruce: (Seeing the man) Hey!?

(The man we know as Ryder sees Bruce and runs away)

(Feeling something is wrong, Bruce follows him)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to see Jason entering after not being seen in a while and then he sees his father on the phone)

Victor: Son, how was your trip to Chicago.

Jason: Busy.

Victor: Sorry you just missed your friend Bruce.

Jason: He was here!?

Victor: Yup, and you just missed him by five hours.

Jason: So dad, how’s life being back in the big chair again.

Victor: I feel strong. I feel like a whole new person.

Jason: Are you sure you are my dad?!

Victor: I am…you just need to dial down. I’m back and never been better. (Smiling)

Jason: (Smiling too) I’ll be in my room going to sleep. The trip exhausted me.

Victor: Go on son, things never been badly since you were away and I’m here. (Smiling)

Jason: (Trying to smile after that, he heads out)

(Cuts off to Victor smiling)

  • Ext. Alley

(Cuts to an alley across from a hardware store as we see Ryder looking on seeing his next potential target but he then sees Bruce right next to him)

Bruce: Hey! What are you doing, why were you messing around with my friend’s workplace?

Ryder: Leave me alone.

Bruce: Hey! Are you that thug that almost robbed that jewelry store?

Ryder: (Looking at him and tries to get away)

(Bruce grabs Ryder’s arm trying to escape and Ryder getting pissed)

Ryder: (Feeling pissed) Listen, my brother was abducted by some guys in black suits.

Bruce: And you think they are hiding in community stores?!

Ryder: No their boss runs them, and I’m trying to find out who so they bring me to my brother!

Bruce: Listen, let the police handle this not you…

Ryder: (Getting mad; he takes arm away from Bruce’s grips and he then maneuvers his arms again and clap a sonic energy wave)

(The wave hits Bruce throwing him across the alley and hitting himself on the fence)

(Ryder feeling satisfied and realizing he’s on a mission—now relevant-- to find his brother; he heads out)

(The camera shifts back to a hurt and bewildered Bruce as he tries to get up)

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Foyer

(Cuts inside the manor to the foyer as we see Gina about to leave, but then she sees Det. Alder from the outside in her car)

(The camera sees Megan in her car carefully watching for anything suspicious since Gina is back in town; she then leaves)

(We cuts back inside in the foyer as we see that Gina is being careful now that the police is watching over)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to see Victor listening to music from his glass box radio and while drinking another glass of scotch)

Victor: (As he is drinking, he puts his glass down as he is relaxing)

(The camera views the glass starting to shake and then Victor catches on…and soon follows all the glass from the windows to the radio case to the door windows is shaking and then out of nowhere…all of it shatters)

(Victor ducks for not getting hurt or cut by the broken glass; as he opens his eyes he sees a man’s shoes next to him and then he looks up to see its Ryder)

Victor: What in the…

Ryder: (Grabbing him by the throat) You’re the monster I’m looking for. You got something I want!

Victor: (Being choked) What something?

Ryder: My brother! And you is going help me find him, if you like it or not.

(Cuts off from a angered Ryder to a suffocating Victor)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Leo’s House

(Cuts to Leo’s house)

  • Int. Leo’s Room

(Cuts inside as we see Leo looking very carefully at the bullet casing he found at the docks; he soon hears knocking from his door and he hides the casing away)

Leo: Come in! (Thinking everything is fine)

(Bruce enters and wondering about something)

Bruce: Leo I need you!

Leo: You do.

Bruce: Yeah since you know people with phoenix-like abilities; can you tell me if you found someone who has the power to shatter glass by the clap of their hands)

Leo: (Intrigued about that power) Interesting. Let me check.

(He gets up and heads to his laptop checking on potential hits and he then notices an Gotham Times article about a family)

Leo: I got something.

Bruce: (Seeing the article as well)

Leo: It says the Gilbert family was your typical family, but on the day of the lab explosion it was the same area where the Gilberts was driving from their vacation. The car crashed the same time…as the police reports stated the mom and dad died from the crash only leaving two sons…the oldest Ryder and his little brother CJ.

Bruce: Little brother?! Go on…

Leo: (Reading the file) The report goes on by the same time the brothers was interacted with the particles from the Phoenix chemical and reports say that because of a glass window shattering in his hands, the chemical gave him the power to shatter glass by the force of his hands.

Bruce: Where are Ryder and CJ now?

Leo: Ryder and CJ was reported to go to shelter, but CJ was accepted by another shelter and Ryder left in the streets.

Bruce: Maybe because CJ was never in a shelter; he was somewhere he didn’t suppose to be in.

Leo: So you telling me that Ryder is the thug and that he is doing the crimes because he all he wanted was his brother.

Bruce: No his brother is the object he wanted all along, the thefts was just a way to smoke out the person who has him. Leo check all the places that was robbed and tell me who owns them.

(Leo checking them on it and sees something interesting)

Bruce: What?

Leo: PowerCorp.

Bruce: (Figuring is Victor he is after) I got to warn Jason and Victor.

Leo: Maybe, you might catch Ryder in the process because the only other community company that has been owned by PowerCorp is a hardware factory down by the fields.

Bruce: Alright… thanks! (Heading out)

(As Bruce heads out, Leo grabs the casing out from hiding and wondering who could have shot the bullet)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of Rave)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts inside to the bar as we see Julie drinking a soda water bottle and she then notices someone coming in)

Julie: Sorry we’re closed!

(Gina entering)

Julie: You?!

Gina: Just saying hi or welcome back, is a good way to see someone.

Julie: I’m sorry, but the person who lied to one of my best friends and used him doesn’t really need to have a good salutation.

Gina: Listen, Julie I didn’t want to have that kind of talk, so I’ll be going. (About to head out)

Julie: Why you came back?

Gina: (Stopped, listen to that remark and turns around) What?!

Julie: Like I said, why you came back?

Gina: I came back to be a whole new person. Forget the past and begin a new future.

Julie: (Hesitating to say it) You and your boyfriend…Bruce.

Gina: Yeah, Bruce wanted to keep us a secret, but I insist to tell him that he needs to tell everyone about us including you.

Julie: I doubt it.

Gina: (Can’t understand) What is your problem?

Julie: My problem is you!

Gina: Me.

Julie: Yeah you; me, Bruce, and Leo were all fine until you showed up. You came out of the blue and trick Bruce to fell in love with you.

Gina: O come on! I didn’t trick him nor force him…he admitted twice that he loved me. I was the one who was doubtful. I led a dark path and when I saw Bruce, he showed me a new way to come back to the light.

Julie: I don’t believe it.

Gina: Julie, you can believe it or not, but I would not hurt Bruce.

Julie: Hurt him you did. You crushed his heart the first, (heading to her face) and I will not let you do that again!

Gina: I don’t want to hurt him, but last time was well you already know that; this time will be different.

Julie: How so, huh? Out of other double agents you can used to kidnap his friends.

Gina: Julie, I didn’t know that would happen. Kippler was a maniac.

Julie: But you do know him, which makes you guiltier as he was. (Heading back to the bar)

Gina: At least I didn’t kill anyone that’s what I heard when he held at your will.

Julie: If you get your hearing straight, it was Victor Powers who saved me and shot Kippler; you know the same man you tried to hunt while you were dating my friend.

Gina: Ok sorry about that, so unless there’s nothing else I am going.

Julie: Nothing else…no witty comeback.

Gina: Julie, I just came here to say that if you’re okay of me and Bruce being with each other. If not, I have nothing to say.

Julie: (Thinking of something) Where’s your parents?

Gina: (Stopped again and turns around) What about my parents?

Julie: You didn’t mention anything about them since you was here.

Gina: I don’t want to.

Julie: Gina, I just want to know…

Gina: They were killed! Alright!

Julie: (Stunned)

Gina: (Getting pissed and decides to talk about it) My parents were both agents of Starlix; they were the top of their class. The Powers to Be didn’t want any of their agents to be together, but it didn’t stop them. They fell in love…

Julie: (Listening to what she is saying)

Gina: …and one day they had a daughter. The powers were furious that they did that and in fact they had a child, so they gave my parents a mission to get into a plane. That was like the last time anyone saw them alive; days after days…months after months, I felt alone, but to the powers they think the child of two special agents is a good thing. (Showing tears) And since then to now, I been with them hunting, spying, and I don’t know what else just to make them happy. I wasted all my childhood to serving them learning what it takes to be a Starlix agent.

Julie: (Seeing her so upset) Gina, I didn’t know!?

Gina: (Crying a bit) What about you Julie, where’s your parents?

Julie: (Feeling sorry of saying it but can’t deny by responding) My father is away on seas, and I have a mother who’s been out of my life since I was three. There I guess we both are happy.

Gina: (Seeing her) Julie…

Julie: That’s okay; you and Bruce had both of yours then both of you lost them. Did you ever told him about your parents?

Gina: No, I felt his loss was more moving then mines.

Julie: Gina….

Gina: No, it’s fine Julie. For the first time, I actually told someone who hasn’t work Starlix that how parents actually died.

Julie: What did you told them?

Gina: They kill themselves because working with Starlix is like losing your soul to the devil, but for me I’m trying not to do that. I already signed the contract doesn’t mean I’m losing mines; in fact, the only way not to lose mines is to escape and that’s what I been doing since I broken up with Bruce the first time. I left him only because I needed to escape…it’s the only way and the only way to save myself then wining up like.

Julie: Your parents.

Gina: Exactly. (Heading out)

(Cuts off to Julie as she sees Gina leaving)

  • Ext. Fields – Gotham Hardware Factory

(Cuts to the view of the factory)

  • Int. Factory

(Cuts inside the factory as we see Ryder dragging Victor by force to the center as he threatens him to find his brother)

Ryder: Where is he?

Victor: I don’t know.

Ryder: (Yelling) CJ, where are you?! CJ!

(After a whole minute, we soon hear a voice)

Voice: You mean him!

(Ryder and Victor look above at a third floor catwalk as they see the man that who Victor talked to over the phone appearing with CJ by his hands)

Victor: Tadman!

Ryder: (Stunned and happy) CJ! Are you alright?!

CJ: (A little stunned) I’m alright.

Tadman: As he says he’s fine, now let Mr. Powers go.

Ryder: After you let my brothers go first.

Tadman: (Grabbing him by both arms) Let him go or I…!

Ryder: Let him go! Now! CJ…CJ...let him go, he’s only a kid.

Victor: He’s right Tadman, let the boy go.

Tadman: Not until he let you go, this project can still flourish.

(CJ getting afraid and seeing his brother worried about him, he musters up some strength and stomps on Tadman’s foot)

Tadman: (Hurting while letting CJ go)

Ryder: CJ! (Letting go of Victor; he heads to his brother)

(Victor got on to the ground, but notices he needs to get rid of the situation, he heads to where CJ is going)

(As CJ heads to the opposite side, Tadman tries to get him and out of nowhere Ryder jumps and takes Tadman down on the catwalk; CJ reaches to another spot to be in safety; and then we see Victor trying to grab CJ to either save him or harm him)

Victor: Come on CJ, come on! (Trying to show CJ the way to safety)

Ryder: (Seeing him thinking he is harming his brother) No! (Trying to maneuver his arms to hit a wave to stop Victor; as he tries to, Tadman grabs on his right arm)

(In a strange way, Ryder’s energy sonic wave lack focus and shakes the entire catwalk; everyone starts feeling the effects as the camera views the other side of the catwalk as the bolts are coming apart; Tadman tries to get away and then Ryder tries to tackle him down)

(Bruce showing up and seeing the chaos…but out of nowhere, the catwalk collapses splitting the side between Ryder and Tadman and then CJ and Victor; unfortunately, the side where Victor and CJ is on collapses and Victor is holding for dear life as CJ barely grips it and he falls)

Victor: (Trying to grab him but it was too late)

Ryder: (Seeing brother falling) No!!

(Bruce horrified trying to prevent him from splating on the ground)

(Shifts to CJ falling to the ground, and in a split second Bruce catch him just in the nick of time and they both roll to safety unscratched)

(Ryder seeing his brother is safe, he wants to hurry up to hug but he see Victor losing his grip and no one unable to get him in time, maneuver his arms again hitting Victor with a short blast that knocks him from .falling down to hit himself on a bunch of boxes)

(Tadman gets up and trying to escape, but Ryder again maneuver his arms in a clap and release a huge sonic blast that throws Tadman to the pile of crates)

(Bruce seeing Victor is out and won’t remember this, as he then helps CJ)

CJ: Thank you!

Bruce: No problem! Now, I guess someone else wants to thank me.

CJ: Who?

(Bruce pointing towards Ryder who is running towards them; CJ smiles ecstatically)

CJ: (Smiling) Ryder! (Running to him)

Ryder: CJ! (Smiling ecstatically as well)

(The brothers both rejoice in a hug and Bruce smiles at that seeing that family reunion)

Ryder: (Saying something to his brother quietly while both of them are still hugging) I’m here little bro and I won’t ever let you go promise.

CJ: (Responding) Promise.

(As they continue to hug each other, Ryder glances at Bruce and gives him a thumbs up signaling that he thank him for saving his brother)

Bruce: (Thumbs up as well)

(Cuts off from Bruce to Ryder and CJ, both rejoicing for being back with each other, are still hugging)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Power Mansion – Next Day

(Cuts to the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside as we see Jason grabbing himself a glass of scotch and then Victor entering with a bruise bandaged on his forehead)

Jason: So dad, whatever happen to the sweeter man that I saw three days ago?

Victor: I have no clue what are you talking about.

Jason: Well dad, I seen reports and something peculiar happened. A factory that PowerCorp owned just recently shut down today and I noticed that was something strange things going on there.

Victor: I don’t know where you get your source son, but I do know is that Dr. Tadman is in custody and has nothing to do with us. (He about heads to the door)

Jason: What about Project Vanish?

Victor: (Stopped) Just as the name says, it seems like it has been vanished out of nowhere. It’s only myth son, only myth. (Heading out feeling enthusiastic)

(Cuts off to Jason as the song “Broken” by Lighthouse starts to play in the background)

  • Int. Leo’s Room

(Cuts to Leo’s room as we see Leo still looking on that bullet casing and he finally finds a clue…the letter)

Leo: (Seeing the letter clear enough and he notices the letter is “B”; complex about it and wonders if this B belong to the shooter’s identity or that B also stands for Bryant, the person who was shot)

(Cuts off to a bewildered Leo as the song continues)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of Rave)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts inside as the song “Broken” continues to play in the background, we see Julie entering from the back room and as she is getting ready to take some orders she see Bruce from back and Gina at a table talking)

(Heads to the table as we see Bruce and Gina still talking as the song continues)

Bruce: I’m sorry about last night, I had to do something.

Gina: I understand…me to.

Bruce: You? Where you went?

Gina: Just saying hello again to a friend. What about you?

Bruce: I had a family reunion to go to.

Gina: You did?!

Bruce: Yeah. (Pointing behind her)

(Gina looks behind as we see Ryder, his little brother, CJ, and Det. Alder talking and heading to the front)

Gina: I thought you don’t have siblings.

Bruce: No, just friends. I kind of persuaded Det. Alder to give Ryder a chance since he was only acting as a vigilante only because he just wanted to find his little bro.

Gina: What’s going to happen them?

Bruce: Det. Alder is going to bring them to a foster home.

Gina: What if they don’t see each other again.

Bruce: I have a funny feeling what happened yesterday will. Excuse me. (Heading to where the brothers are at)

(The song continues)

(Bruce heads out and then as Gina about to drink her coffee she sees Julie coming to her)

Julie: Hey!

Gina: (Not surprised) Well, look who want to say hello.

Julie: Listen Gina, I just wanted to say I’m sorry.

Gina: It’s okay…

Julie: No, please let me say it. I’m sorry for what I said anything mean about your parents.

Gina: You didn’t, I was kinda mean when I force you to say what happen to your mom. I didn’t mean like that.

Julie: Fine. I just get overprotected for girls who want to date my friend…he just been through enough for years and I just didn’t want him to be in pain again to have his heart totaled.

Gina: I’m not like that girl. And to feel kind of awkward I think you’re the only girl in his life that has protected him too much, that I don’t he notice.

Julie: I had been thinking that like ever, and finally it’s good to see another person knowing what I’m going through.

Gina: (Smiling)

Julie: (Smiling as well)

(As the song continues as its reaching to its end we see Bruce heading back to see the girls)

Bruce: (Shocked to see them talking nice; confused) Okay, what’s going on?

Julie: (Trying to say something)

Gina: (Finally answers) We just had a normal girl talk.

(Gina looking at Julie and Julie doing vice versa)

Julie: Yeah, just a girl talk; nothing to shame about. (Heading out not to ignore their bonding) I have to go, sorry.

Bruce: (Feeling sorry for what he done) Julie listen, I was just…

Julie: No, I’ll be okay you two just do what you do best.

(She leaving as we see Gina noticing what just happened)

(She heads back as Bruce trying to forgive but instead sit back down next to Gina as they continue to talk)

(As the song reaching to the very end, we see Julie heading to the back and as she turns around she sees them talking)

(The camera shifts back to Bruce and Gina talking, smiling, and we see them holding hands on the table)

(Julie takes out her phone and notices the pic of her and Bruce kissing; she looks at it and we see a tear coming down her face)

(Cuts off as we see Julie heading forward to the back as we see the background is Bruce and Gina talking while holding hands)

(Fades out as the song “Broken” ends)

[Act V ends]


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