Ultimate deathstroke by shaunriaz-d5fn109
This is Slade Wilson, also known as Deathstoke, as he appears in Dark Knight: The Animated Series. Slade Wilson is the new leader of the League Of Shadows after the fall of Bane. He claims to be personally trained by Ra's Al Ghul.


Slade wears black and orange body armor, and a black and orange mask. He seems to have a little extra armor on his left shoulder.

Under his mask, he is a white man with black slicked-back hair and green eyes.



All that is known about Slade's childhood is that he was raised by the League Of Shadows and personally trained by Ra's al Ghul



Since Slade does not have extended emotional interaction, little is known about him. However, it has been proven that he is cruel and calcuating, and seems to lack emotional attachments. In addition, he seems to be highly competative and envious.


Slade is one of the world's greatest martial artists, and is skilled in many different types of weapons. He is also a master of stealth and sniping, and experienced with the use of bladed weapons.

Weapons and Paraphinalia

Slade wields a variety of bladed weapons, such as daggers and swords. He also uses a sniper rifle for ranged assassinations. When need be, he uses several small handheld firearms, such as handguns.


  • This version never adopts the name Deathstoke

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