The Batman is a upcoming 2014 American Superhero film directed by Bryan Singer and produced by Zack Snyder. It is the third Batman film to be rebooted. It is the first film in a planned trilogy.


  • Nathan A. Navarrete as Bruce Wayne/Batman:

A masked vigalante intended on protecting Gotham City from the criminal underworld.

  • Martin Sheen as Alfred Pennyworth:

Bruce's butler and loyal friend.

  • Clive Owen as Roman Sionis/Black Mask

A crime-lord bent on destroying Gotham City and killing Batman.

  • Patrick Dempsey as Victor Zsasz

A serial killer who works with Black Mask.

  • Jennifer Lawrence as Vicki Vale

Bruce's loyal friend and love-interest of Dick Grayson.

  • Anton Yelchin as Office Dick Grayson

A young police officer who works with the Gotham City Police Department.

  • Kevin Bacon as Commissioner James Gordon

A police Commissioner.

  • Adam Brody as Harvey Dent

Gotham's white knight and tragic hero.

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