A new franchise has been born. On August 14th, 2012 the first movie has been confirmed. With Batman: Dawn of the Legend being set to release in early 2015 with major plots.

Movies (Unconfirmed)

  1. Batman: Dawn of the Legends
  2. Batman: Trapped Beneath the Hood
  3. Batman: The Gotham War


  • Ryan Gossling-Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Logan Lerman-Dick Grayson/Robin
  • Joesph Gordon Levitt-Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  • Daniel Radcliff- Jason Todd/Robin ||
  • Emma Stone-Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
  • Brittany Murphey-Batwoman
  • Kate Beckinsale-Catwoman
  • Jensen Ackles-Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Johnny Depp-The Joker
  • Helena Bonham Carter-Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel/Harley Quinn
  • Brad Pitt-Harvey Dent/Two-Face
  • Bradley Cooper-The Flash/Barry Allen
  • Viggo Mortenson-Ra's al Ghul
  • Ron Pearlman-Mr. Freeze
  • Will Smith-Lucius Fox
  • Angelina Jolie-Talia 'Al Ghul
  • Dwayne Johson-Bane
  • Amy Adams-Poison Ivy
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman-The Penguin
  • Deadshot-Colin Farrell
  • Vin Diesel-Firefly
  • Kevin Grevioux-Killer Croc
  • Harrison Ford-David Kane
  • Guy Pearce-The Riddler
  • Edward Norton-Victor Zsasz
  • Matt Damon-The Mad Hatter
  • Zachary Gordon-Young Bruce
  • Liam Neeson-Joe Chill

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