The Knight of Gotham is an American live-action television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, originally created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Developed by Dane Brenson in collaboration with Alfred Gough and Andrew Kriesberg and featuring Brenson and David S. Goyer as show runners and head writers, the series serves as a reboot of the Batman media franchise. It follows the adventures of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, who, after witnessing his mother and father's murder at the hands of a mugger, returns to his beloved Gotham City to wage a one-man war on crime, taking the identity of a masked vigilante known as the Knight. The series sticks close to the comic book continuity, and adds elements from both the comics and the Nolan films, as well as introducing new themes and characters, such as a religious element not usually featured in Batman comics and media with the introduction of new characters such as William Dent, John Watson, and Alicia Wayne. The show is set in the Arrowverse on Earth 55.


Main Cast

  • Andrew Lincoln as Bruce Wayne/The Knight
  • Erik King as John Watson
  • Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth/Outsider
  • Ben Mckeznie as James Gordon
  • Robert Buckley as Harvey Dent
  • Blake Lively as Catherine Klass
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne (in flashbacks)
  • Brette Taylor as Martha Wayne (in flashbacks)
  • David Mazouz as Young Bruce Wayne (in flashbacks)


  • Antonio Fagundas as Rupert Thorne
  • Paul Johansoon as William Dent
  • Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
  • Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock (in flashbacks)
  • Rila Fukushima as Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana
  • Luke Evans as Gabriel
  • Brenton Twaites as Dick Grayson
  • Victoria Justice as Alicia Wayne


Season 1 (2010-2011)

  1. "The Pilot"-Bruce returns to Gotham City after spending many years away studying science and martial arts. Bruce returns home deciding to join the Gotham City Police Department to be with Commissioner James Gordon, the only cop he trusts from the force. Gordon rejects Bruce since he was good friends with him and not wanting him to get hurt. Gordon's associate Sergeant John Watson hates Bruce since he dismisses him as a thrill-seeking idiot. Bruce reunites with his butler Alfred, cousin Alicia, and tries to rekindle his romance with Catherine Klass. Unfortunately, Catherine refuses to speak with Bruce due to Bruce leaving her and has started working at the District Attorney's office with Harvey Dent, Bruce's friend who is now the DA of Gotham. Bruce contemplates on whether or not he should leave Gotham City. Before he can do anything, Alfred calls him to report that John called him over to Thorne Chemicals. Arriving there, and noticing the green pool of hazardous chemicals, Bruce and Watson, only to learn neither one called the other. The access hatch closes and locks and water rushes in. In flashbacks, at 2 A.M. Thomas Wayne sits in the underground portion of his study, slowly realizing that he is hearing strange noises. After making a brief call to the police, he picks up a handgun and goes to find a ransacked study. Making his way to the foyer, Thomas encounters three masked men in Halloween masks. After a brief shootout, Thomas manages to kill one of the thugs and scare the others away. Just as Thomas believes everything will be fine, the thought to be killed intruder aims a gun at him.
  2. "Welcome Back, Bruce Wayne"-Working together, Bruce and John find a tunnel 20 feet overhead and using acrobatics, Bruce gets himself and John to safety. Both agree that someone wants them dead. Nearby, a mysterious man (Paul Johansson) is watching them. The next morning, Gordon calls and tells Bruce that Thorne Consolidated Middle Manager Lucius Fox discovered weekly shipments of hazardous waste. Bruce wants to meet, but Gordon tells him to stay. Bruce gets an idea, alarming Alfred. Later, Bruce arrives at Wayne Shippings, dressed all in black, and follows John, Gordon, and Jason Bard. Suddenly, the three encounter the bad guys. Bruce helps but stays out of sight the whole time. After defeating the last guy with a banana peel, he and Alfred leave. Bruce and Alfred meet Gordon, learning that the chemicals were drugs and that the head bad guy hung himself. Later, Bruce goes to a surprise birthday party where Alfred, Alicia, Gordon, and Lucius are. Thorne Consolidated CEO Rupert Thorne arrives and tells Bruce that their stock might take a beating if word gets out about the drugs. Thorne gives Bruce a book, "Business for Beginners", and after he leaves, Bruce tells everyone that he has a lot to learn and he's staying in Gotham which pleases Alicia. In flashbacks, just as Thomas is about to be killed, he is saved by Alfred. Harvey Bullock and his partner Amanda Wong arrive. Bullock flirts with Lacey White the newscaster and is chastised by Wong for it. Bullock and Wong meet with the Wayne couple and their butler. Bullock notes that Alfred is a sniper and Martha Wayne is quite attractive. The detectives depart from the scene believing that the break-in has nothing to do with the recent art thefts that have been plaguing Gotham.
  3. "Love American Style"-Bruce remembers seeing on the board that Gordon had in his office believing that Thorne Consolidated is responsible for all the crime in Gotham City. That makes Bruce decide to investigate Rupert Thorne by having Lucius convince Thorne to give him a job in the IT department where he meets Katrina Armstrong. Unfortunately, Katrina is disappointed since her fiance, who was illegally immigrating from Cuba, went missing which is why she asked her cousin Jason Bard to look into it. Bruce, showing sympathy for Katrina, decides to be a step ahead of Jason and investigate a salvage yard owner named Pete Cavallo and his mistress Susan Macguire. Bruce discovers that Pete and Susan have been murdering smuggled immigrants who cannot afford to pay for their freedom. Bruce frees the immigrants and sends the evidence he collects to Gordon which leads to their arrests. Alicia and her friends break into the school swimming pool for a night of fun, but when a member of their group nearly drowns, the school threatens to expel the person responsible for the break-in. Alfred finds out that Alicia is responsible and tries to get her to confess when it is causing tension between all her friends. Alicia admits her mistakes which please Alfred. In flashbacks, while in Gotham to meet with Bullock regarding the break-in, Thomas and Bullock deal with s new vigilante called Balloon Man appears in Gotham and kills a corrupt politician named Ronald Danzer as well as other corrupt officials such as Lt. Bill Cranston by tying them to weather balloons. Thomas and Bullock discover Balloon Man is social worker Davis Lamont, who wishes to clean Gotham of its corruption. Bullock gets taken hostage by him. Thomas rescues him and Bullock attempts to kill the Balloon Man the same his victims died only for Thomas to intervene. Thomas asks Davis who his next victim was, Davis tells him that it could be anyone since Gotham is corrupt. 
  4. "A Deadly Shot"-Bruce tracks down a corrupt millionaire named James Holder, who has been supplying defective fire alarms to people in the Narrows, which resulted in numerous casualties. When Bruce confronts Holder with the intention of giving him a chance to right his wrongs, Holder is gunned down by Lawton, calling himself Dead Shot. Bruce decides to play the spoiled billionaire playboy routine in order to cover suspicion on him which disappoints Selina. With assistance from his contact in the Whisper Gang, Bruce deduces that Lawton is Dead Shot and that he was assigned to kill businessmen, including Thorne at an auction. As the Knight, Bruce enlists the help of Gordon to prevent Lawton's plan while providing him with evidence that Star City businessman John Deleon, who is at the auction to bid for control over Unidac Industries, contracted Lawton. Gordon then has Deleon arrested. Bruce stops Lawton, apparently killing him. However, Watson is shot during the fight after saving Rupert Thorne from being gunned down by the assassin. In order to save Watson's life, Bruce is forced to reveal his dual identity to him. In flashbacks, Thomas asks Alfred for the condition of Nigel the gate guard for Wayne Manor, who was knocked unconscious during the attack on Wayne Manor and hospitalized. Thomas brings up the possibility that Nigel was involved in the attack which angers Alfred due to his previous association with Nigel. Thomas later discusses the event with his son Bruce, who has a growing anger with injustice and believes that the solutions to the problems in the world are math and science which Bruce prefers over literature at school. Before Bruce leaves, he asks to take boxing lessons from Alfred which Martha rejects. Martha brings up the possibility that the robbery was an inside job, which grants Thomas an idea.  
  5. "Father's Day"-Bruce offers John a chance to fight at his side and help the city, which the latter refuses. A new drug has been released into the streets of Gotham called Viper which endows their user with superhuman strength but makes them unstable and out of control. One of the users is a man named Carl Linnaker, a convicted rapist who would abuse his daughter Jodie and wife Joanne. Carl kills his wife only for Jodie to escape through the window and go into hiding with two prostitutes named Fever and Louise. Carl tracks his daughter down where he kills Louise and before he could kill Fever to get to Jodie, they are both rescued by Bruce as the vigilante. Catherine gets involved since she prosecuted Carl while Fever is detained by Watson for having illicit substances in her apartment. Catherine gives Fever legal protection in exchange for her help in finding Jodie and Bruce concerned for her safety after learning about this which is why he follows them. Catherine goes to the chemical plant where Carl takes Jodie when pursuing them. Carl attempts to kill her only for Bruce to arrive and break his neck in front of his daughter. Carl's corpse falls and is run over by the vengeful Fever. Jodie, misunderstanding everything, blames Fever for what happened when Catherine saw the whole thing. After taking Jodie into the custody of her grandparents and giving her access to support services, Catherine tells her father what she saw and that the vigilante is a monster. Alicia begins her first day at a high school and meets some new students, one of them, a popular student council president named Tim Otis, gives her an illicit substance with a fear toxin that causes her to hallucinate. John meets with a woman named Imam Avesta, who is an agent of SPYRAL, to discuss Bruce and Avesta tells John that the FBI has a file on Bruce due to having been away from the country for years. Back at the GCPD on that same afternoon, Harvey and Amanda get to the Forensics Department to find some more answers about the man that was killed by Alfred Pennyworth. Edward Nygma quickly explains the background of the intruder after a quick riddle relating to the man's name. The intruder Byron Stone had been a former inmate of Blackgate Penitentiary after being released only two weeks prior. Harvey quickly remembers the time he was arrested, and how Stone had worked as a freelancer for just about every faction around, Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone included.   
  6. "Rough Seas"-Judge Faden wishes to sentence Alicia to a long period of time in prison feeling that being tough on the new wave of drugs is best to reduce people taking them. Bruce decides to get involved hoping that Judge Faden will go easy on Alicia. There is a news report on Tim being dead when trying to rip his eyes out after taking ecstasy only for him to die, saddening his parents Steve and Andrea Otis. This prompts Bruce to act after learning from Alfred that Tim went to Alicia's school before he died and Alicia admits to getting the drugs from Tim. Catherine, showing sympathy for Alicia despite the fact that she dislikes Bruce, asks her father, Mayor Wilson Klass, to use his political influence to get Alicia to do community service. Bruce and Alfred work together to discover that Warren White is smuggling the drugs in by ship. Bruce intervenes as the Knight only to be captured and almost unmasked by White only for Bruce to activate a sonic scream. Bruce takes out the thugs only for White to escape when Alfred starts firing at the ship while in the submarine. White is able to escape and meets Thorne, who is upset that this has happened and orders White to be locked in a freezer. White then pleads for Thorne to not do this when dragged away by his thugs. John meets with Bruce and Alfred agreeing to work with them to protect Gotham due to knowing that the legal system doesn't always work. In flashbacks, Thomas recruits the services of James Gordon, a former GCPD detective turned private investigator, who had been kept on a retainer by Thomas for the past 10 years as a way of helping keep Hugo Strange and his machinations in check. Thomas remembers the awkward years where he allowed Strange to operate unchecked, followed by the years after, where he funded the various victims of Strange's experiments who over time either died of sickness and natural causes or just gradually disappeared. Gordon points out that Thomas should check up on Karen Jennings, the only living survivor of Pinewood Farms. Thomas agrees and after a brief discussion about the break-in, he heads home. But after a series of attempts to contact Karen on the phone fails, he breaks off and heads toward her hideout instead.    
  7. "Mr. Freeze"-Bruce prepares to target one of Thorne's criminal operations, but John and Alfred argue that Bruce should expand his work by helping the police when they investigate a kidnapping and murder spree, unaware that a scientist named Victor Fries and his colleague Ferris Boyle are the culprits. Fries has been killing people to see if they're organs are a perfect match for a woman he is obsessed with reviving named Nora Fields (Kristen Hager). Boyle determines that Nora needs an organ transplant, but due to her rare blood type there are no suitable donors available. Fries declares that they will use live donor, even if it means the donor will die in the process. Boyle is at first reluctant to kill an innocent girl, but Fries offers Boyle more money that will put an end to his financial problems. Catherine Klass is a perfect match, and Fries learns from her father Wilson that Catherine is on a date with Harvey. Fries then attacks the restaurant and kidnaps Catherine, taking her to an abandoned oil rig where he and Boyle are. Bruce tries to rescue Catherine only to get injured and sent to the hospital. In flashbacks, Thomas and Gordon locate Karen Jennings, a former Blackgate inmate on whom experiments were performed at Pinewood Farms, a Wayne Enterprises facility, by Hugo Strange. Thomas decides to take her out of the country only for Strange to send Fries to kill her. Jennings sacrifices herself to save Thomas, whom she has come to view as a father and Thomas swears revenge on Strange and the man who killed her.     
  8. "A Dead Man Feels No Cold"- Upon learning that Nora is still at Thorne Consolidated, Victor Fries builds an armored suit. Fries arrives at the asylum and, after fighting through security and the police, manages to escape with Nora. Elsewhere, Bruce tries to find clues to where Catherine might be by searching Fries' house. Officer Dick Grayson appears and asks Bruce what he is doing, and after a fist fight until John arrives to break it up and lies to Dick that Bruce came looking for him so that they can play basketball together. Despite this, Dick gets suspicious. Bruce deduces that Fries is at the oil rig and goes there to save Catherine. Fries and Boyle explain the situation to Catherine, who claims that she is willing to help Nora for the "blood transfusion", but not at the oil rig, prompting Fries to keep Catherine chained to a bed. When the time for the operation comes, Catherine realizes that they are lying when they say she will need to be put under for a mere transfusion. She escapes with the help of Koonak. Boyle gives pursuit and almost catches her, before Bruce arrives as the Knight. Fries arrives, and in the ensuing confrontation, Boyle accidentally shoots one of the fuel tanks and starts a rapidly spreading fire as Fries traps Bruce. Fries insists that Boyle perform the operation, despite the oil rig blazing and ready to explode, but Boyle betrays Fries and attempts to escape, only to be killed by falling wreckage. Bruce, John, and Catherine work together to save Nora and Koonak. Unfortunately, Fries is killed in the explosion despite Bruce's efforts to save him after he and Laurel take the other two to his boat. Bruce feels that he hasn't seen the last of Victor Fries and convinces Thorne to revive Nora with an organ transplant operation funded by the company. In the end, Fries is pleased with this while in hiding at the Arctic and Catherine promises John that she will keep his alliance with the vigilante a secret.     
  9. "The End of The Year"-Prometheus attacks and hospitalizes Thorne, injecting him with a tuberculosis vaccine developed by Roland Daggett, a corrupt pharmaceutical manufacturer. Bruce investigates Daggett and discovers that he is financing a TB epidemic, then raised the price on his drug to boost his company's profits. But Daggett then gets killed by Prometheus upon Bruce trying to kill him. Investigating Prometheus on his own, Dick sends information he discovers to John just before the villain captures him. The information turns out to be a project that was thought to be extinct. Bruce deduces that Dick is at Daggett's former office building and goes there alone. Prometheus' experience and weaponry (including guns) prove too much for Bruce, who is left bloodied, broken, and forced to flee before he is killed. Upon returning to Wayne Manor, Wayne angrily admits that his best was not enough, and that perhaps the only way to confront a killer like the Prometheus is by using something he is loath to do: use a firearm in crime fighting. Wayne retrieves the gun that was used to kill his parents and begins to prepare for the coming battle. Prometheus allows Dick to leave and is revealed to be the mysterious man who watched Bruce and John survive the incident at Ace Chemicals. In the meantime, to get everyone back to the holiday spirit, Bruce decides to throw a Christmas party in Wayne Manor. In flashbacks, Gordon questions Strange about his activities while Strange is running a few tests on an inmate named Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). Strange declares him sane and releases him from Arkham, all the while stating that he still has "deeper plans" for him. Cobblepot visits his mother Gertrude's grave, meeting his father Elijah Van Dahl, who had an affair with Gertrud when she served his wealthy family, who forcefully separated the pair. Dahl welcomes Cobblepot into his family, with his wife Grace Van Dahl and her children Charles, as well as Sasha, despising Cobblepot.    
  10. "Call of The Cobblepot"-Warren White is released from his icy prison and swears revenge on Thorne which is why he goes to Oswald Cobblepot, owner of the Iceberg Lounge and the criminal known as the Penguin to explain a secret that Thorne has. Cobblepot then kidnaps a young girl named Olivia who comes from a family of bakers and Thorne tries to rescue Olivia since Olivia is his grand-daughter after Cobblepot tries to get Thorne to sign over his businesses over to him. Meanwhile, Alicia is horrified by her friend's boyfriend is slut shaming her to the rest to the school and when he refuses to stop, she and her friends try to find evidence linking him and his friends to the shaming. Bruce tries to rescue Olivia only to fail and is found in a dumpster by Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Leslie takes Bruce to her apartment, tends to his injuries, and removes his mask,  discovering his true identity. Bruce anticipates that Cobblepot is searching the apartment building, giving Leslie time to hide Bruce and convince the man that he knows nothing. Bruce realizes that Cobblepot distrusts Leslie and overpowers him as the Knight, taking him to the roof. Bruce and Leslie torture Cobblepot into revealing Olivia's location before Bruce pushes Cobblepot into a dumpster, breaking his legs. Bruce as the Knight, enters the building where Olivia is being kept and kills the guards to rescue Olivia. With help from Alfred, Alicia finds evidence and uses it to get her friend's boyfriend and those involved removed from the football team. In flashbacks, Oswald reveals his criminal past to Dahl, who forgives him. Dahl learns from his physician that he has little time to live. After several failed attempts to expel Oswald and claim Dahl's fortune, his wife Grace and her children Sasha and Charles poison a drink for Oswald to ingest. However, Dahl drinks from the bottle and dies, after stating to Oswald his intentions of changing his will in favor of him.    
  11. "In The Blood"-Bruce is unable to find any record of Cobblepot, and so he continues to interrogate criminals, searching for answers. Cobblepot becomes upset at his failure to takeover Thorne's empire and attempts to stop the man in black once and for all. In the hospital, Cobblepot tells his goons about Thompkins and sends his men to kidnap her. Thompkins manages to contact Bruce in time to alert him of her kidnapping. The mob attempts to torture Bruce's name out of Thompkins, only for Bruce to arrive and kill all of them. John and Dick don't get along very well when Dick is questioned about a shooting incident involving John and a suspect. John claims that he fired in self-defense, but his story doesn't add up. Rojas contemplates what he should do and opts for what he thinks is right, so he reports his actual observations, the forensic evidence, and the discrepancies with John's story to Internal Affairs, even though this will brand him as a rat. It turns out that the man John killed was a former Haitian terrorist militia member of the Tonton Macoute, whom he had encountered while in the army during Black Ops in Haiti, and John knew the suspect had committed awful crimes. In the end, the whole situation gets kicked under the rug. Dick, becoming suspicious of Bruce and John, decides to hire Ben Singleton, a private detective to investigate Bruce. In flashbacks, Following Dahl's funeral, Cobblepot is bullied by Grace and her children. However, when he discovers evidence that they killed Dahl, his mentally-unstable self returns and he kills the trio.    
  12. "Childish Things"-Cosmo Krank escapes from Slabside Maximum Prison and goes to Gotham to kill Harvey's father William Dent (Paul Johannson) to get revenge on him for stealing his toy ideas. William is then given protection from Krank by the FBI. A Daily Planet reporter named Clark Kent comes to Gotham to do a story on Krank and saves William as the Blur and goes to Bruce for help, revealing that they are old friends. Tensions arise between Harvey and William when William wants Bruce to sign a document for Dent Corp. Bruce meets with Harvey, who demands that he does not sign the papers. While this happens, Harvey gets two phone calls from his mother and his father, with him playing both sides. All of a sudden, Harvey's mood swings and he tells Bruce to sign the papers. Bruce then changes the subject to talk about Catherine. Krank goes to kill William when he is being awarded for being Gotham's White Knight. Krank threatens to kill the other guests with bombs he has planted. Bruce and Clark manage to save the guests while William kills Krank. In the meantime, Dick and Watson have dinner with Watson's mother. Watson reveals to Dick that Singleton was a corrupt cop in Narcotics that Gordon worked with Internal Affairs to bring down and Dick contemplates whether or not he should trust Singleton and begins to question his actions in hiring him. Harvey destroys the papers that Bruce was told to sign. In flashbacks, Thomas decides to send Bruce and Martha away for their safety while trying to investigate Hugo Strange. Alfred takes Bruce and Martha to meet his old friend Johnathan Kent, whom he served in the army with before coming to the States. There, Bruce befriends Johnathan and Martha Kent's adopted son Clark. Bruce dismisses Clark as a nice kid from the sticks, before realizing that there is something odd about the farm boy and seeks to find out what it is.    
  13. "Therapy"-Watson and Gordon investigate a series of unexplained suicides involving wealthy and powerful women such as Judge Janet Surillo and Regina Zellerbach. Bruce and John both realize that Surllo, Zellerbach, and all the other female victims were seeing a doctor named John Deegan, a doctor at Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane in Gotham City. When John goes to see Deegan, he begins to suspect that Deegan might be crazier than the inmates he treats. When John is under hypnotic therapy, John begins to remember his painful experience at war. Alicia gets mugged by a group of thugs in the Narrows when doing work for CNRI and gets rescued by Dick. Dick and Alicia become smitten with each other despite the fact that Alicia is sixteen and Dick is twenty-one, which is something Leslie Thompkins promises to keep secret when she is injecting a needle into Dick, who has a phobia of that. Dick then recognizes Alicia as Bruce's cousin. Bruce realizes that Deegan has been urging those women to be suicidal and kills him. Bruce even sends the footage of his crimes to the GCPD as an anonymous tip, prompting the entire staff at Arkham Asylum to be under investigation. John tells Bruce that he has a darkness inside of him and that is why he decided to work outside the law knowing that Bruce likes to kill. Bruce denies it and John leaves to think about what just happened. Dick tries to stop Singleton's investigation and Singleton agrees to it but is later revealed to have photographs of Bruce, suspecting him of being the Knight. In flashbacks, John was married to Irma Avesta and working as a private security contractor in Nigeria helping to protect an all-girls school. John is captured by terrorist organization Boko Haram, prompting Waller to send in the Suicide Squad (former psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel, pyrokinetic ex-gangster Chato Santana, opportunistic thief Digger Harkness, genetic mutant Waylon Jones, and specialized assassin Christopher Weiss) to save him. John becomes enraged with the Boko Haram leader kills one of the girls, named Mesi, that he has become fond of and kills him in cold blood with an ax John then decides to end his relationship with Avesta due to a feeling that the darkness has consumed him.     
  14. "Back From The Deadshot"- Bruce kills an assassin named Anthony Monetti and realizes that Monetti's target is not yet protected. Rupert Thorne and his co-conspirator Warren Powers hires a woman named Syonide, leader of the 100s branch in Gotham, to kill William Dent after Monetti's death and Syonide recruits Lawton, who is revealed to have survived Bruce's attack, by giving him a cybernetic eye-patch. The cybernetic eye-patch has been upgraded by Thorne to act as a sniper rifle scope and also possesses thermal imaging. William holds a fundraiser for Wilson Klass and the Klass Administration, which Catherine and Harvey, who has to keep up with appearances, are attending. At the last moment, Bruce realizes that William is the target and races to the event to save him. Although he is almost caught by Gordon, Bruce manages to get William away from Syonide. Lawton shoots William with one of his poisonous bullets, and Bruce is forced to reveal his identity to Harvey so that he can save his father's life. William and Harvey reconcile. William later contacts Thorne telling him his belief that someone from an organization called Tempest ordered the hit on him. William then tasks Thorne to find out who the traitor is. Dick feels betrayed when he discovers that Singleton signed out surveillance equipment under his name and tries to find him, but to no avail. In flashbacks, William tries to fight crime in the Narrows as Prometheus. William first attacks one of Carmine Falcone's operations and injuries corrupt Detective Arnold Flass. Flass' superior, Commissioner Peter Pauling (Peter Scolari) then sends out a task-force after the mysterious archer. Feeling that the Narrows is beyond saving, William forms a group called Tempest to cure Gotham. William compiled a list of the names of people responsible for allowing the city to become as it was under their control, with the exception of Falcone, and used that list as collateral. William tries to recruit Thomas in the group, but Thomas rejects his offer due to wanting to deal with Hugo Strange.     
  15. "Spirit of The Goat"-Two years before Bruce returned to Gotham, a masked killer calling himself the "Spirit of the Goat" targets the firstborn of Gotham's elite, leading Watson and his partner Dix to investigate the case. They find the killer Randall Milkie, who is arrested by Watson after Dix falls through a trap door and is badly injured. In the present day, Harvey is still struggling to accept the fact that Bruce is a serial killer and is doing good at the same time such as saving his father's life. John begins to suspect that Milkie might kill again and contacts Bruce and Harvey for help. Harvey follows Milkie, and is forced to get involved when Milkie traps his latest victim in a Minotauran labyrinth. Bruce manages to save Harvey and John arrests Milkie. Milkie admits to the murders, but the case is dismissed on a technicality when one of the police officers assaults him. Bruce goes to kill Milkie but is captured and trapped in his labyrinth. Bruce manages to escape in time and captures Milkie. After turning the fires of the cremation vault on, as if ready to kill him with the flames, Milkie screams over and over about how he's going to kill Bruce. He jokingly mocks him, eventually using the stake he had in hand to pierce his heart and kill him. Outside, Bruce meets with Harvey and tells him the news. Harvey then watches smoke come out of the chimney with a look of awe. Bruce asks Harvey how that made him feel and Harvey says he is grateful, before asking what the makes him. Bruce simply says "human" and Harvey begins to feel that Bruce being a vigilante is a necessary evil. In the meantime, Singleton discovers Bruce's secret and takes the footage to Dick, believing that Bruce is the Knight. Giving him the last of his cash, Dick tells him to back off, due to falling in love with Alicia and aware hiring Singleton was a betrayal to her. Singleton, however, refuses, believing what he stumbled on could revive his career and embarrass Gordon. Singleton offers to show Alicia what her cousin was up to. Enraged, Dick pins Singleton to the door and tells him to never come near Alicia or himself. Unafraid, Singleton laughs at Dick's attempt to scare him and walks away, leaving behind the surveillance equipment that he took.     
  16. "Grundy's Night"-A real scare comes in store for the people of Gotham when Solomon Grundy, a zombie legend Gotham, comes to life and begins going after the descendants of those who founded Gotham, such as the Waynes, Kanes, and the Crownes. As Bruce, John, and Alfred work to stop him, Bruce becomes concerned when Solomon Grundy is robbing the descendants and taking everything they own and begins to suspect that Grundy is not at all what he appears to be. Singleton kidnaps Bruce and takes him into a black van, driving him to a secluded location where he intends to have Dick make the bust for him. After overhearing a phone conversation, Bruce discovers that Dick no longer supports Singleton's investigation and Singleton is the only one who wants to make a profit from it. Singleton shows Bruce digital footage he captures using hidden cameras on his laptop, but admits that he did not have the legal right to obtain any of it, so none of it could be used in court. However, he offers Bruce a deal: if Bruce gives him a full confession, Singleton promises to leave John and Alfred out of everything. After procuring a video camera, Singleton stands up begins to videotape Bruce again, when he is suddenly kicked in the face and sent flying towards the front seat of the van. Despite having his hands and feet bound, Bruce manages to struggle with Singleton, who pulls a knife to tries and kill Bruce with it. Bruce, however, is able to turn the blade enough to force it slowly into Singleton's chest while responding in self-defense. Singleton resists at first, but as the knife sinks in deeper his eyes widen and he is unable to struggle any longer. He dies quickly. Dick then arrives at the scene just as Singleton takes his last breath and checks the van (which is locked in the front, then on the side doors by Bruce himself). Dick even tries calling Singleton's phone but Bruce cancels out the call so that he can't be found out. Dick gets frustrated and gives up, but before he walks away a drop of Singleton's blood leaks out of the van and lands on his shoe, though Dick fails to notice. After Dick drives away, Bruce emerges from the van. Though he says he does not have time to deal with Singleton's body, he does take the time to remove the tape from Singleton's camera and take his laptop with him. John discovers that Bruce was right and that Grundy is actually a criminal known as Basil Karlo who is secretly a Meta-Human known as Clayface. Clayface manages to fake his own death. Bruce tells John and Alfred what happened with Singleton and destroys the laptop. The police find Singleton's body and Gordon orders Dick to be taken into custody after seeing a drop of blood on Dick's shoes as well as because Dick made several phone calls to Singleton before his death. In flashbacks, Gordon is framed by Basil, whom Strange granted shapeshifting abilities by splicing his DNA with "octopod DNA", for the attempted murder of Lucius Fox. Thomas vows to do everything in his power to get Gordon out of prison.     
  17. "Prisoners"-Another masked vigilante calling himself Citizen appears in Gotham City and kidnaps one of Bruce's targets, a slumlord named Jubal Slade who attempted to blow up one of his buildings, killing a couple as well as their infant son who refused to leave. Citizen kills Slade over a live broadcast. The Citizen then kidnaps Alison Kim for administering illicit performance enhancers to place the bets in her favor. Bruce fails to get to the farm in time to stop Kim from getting her arms and legs ripped off when Citizen ties them to four horses. Bruce contemplates letting Dick rot in prison only to discover that he was in a relationship with Alicia and they truly do care for each other. Wanting Alicia to be happy, Bruce has John switch the blood found on Dick's shoe with another false sample in order for Gordon to eliminate Dick as a suspect. The Citizen then kidnaps Dick believing that him getting released is police corruption. John finds out that the Citizen is using an abandoned subway car, and Bruce is able to catch the car and kill him. Dick later meets with Bruce apologizing for his actions and hands over copies of the evidence Singleton gathered proving that he is the Knight. Alicia refuses to see Dick upon hearing Dick's confession over the live broadcast that he hired Singleton to investigate Bruce. William contacts the 100s to find the traitors. Thorne turns over his co-conspirator, Warren Powers, to William. As Prometheus, William uses his chokuto to stab Powers in the back. Prometheus tells Thorne that William Dent will award him for his loyalty and announces his plans to kill Powers' family. Thorne, showing some humanity, pleads a request for no harm to come to Powers' family by pointing out that they are innocent. Prometheus complies to it and leaves. Thorne is then disturbed by everything and looks to see Powers' blood on his hands. In flashbacks, Gordon Gordon is adjusting to life in Blackgate Penitentiary. Commissioner Peter Pauling announces to Gordon that he will be transferred to the gen-pop quarter dubbed "the World's End," part of Pauling's plan to kill Gordon. He's constantly aided by guard Wilson Bishop (Marc Damon Johnson). Later, he is defended from attackers by convict Peter "Puck" Davies (Peter Mark Kendall), who is beaten and sent to the infirmary. In an attempt to save Gordon, Thomas meets with Carmine Falcone, remembering that time when Thomas saved Falcone's son Mario from a gunshot wound administered to him by Salvatore Maroni. Gordon's death is successfully staged and he and Puck escape. Puck dies from his injuries, while Gordon is given a safe house by Falcone so he can clear his name.     
  18. "The Damage That A Man Can Do"-After Dick is rescued from the Citizen by the Knight, he, Bruce, and John are called by Dent and Gordon to question them about the incident. Dick admits to hiring Singleton to investigate Bruce but denies killing him. John explains that this is because of the misunderstanding that happened when John told Bruce to meet him at a crime scene to pick him up for a game of basketball. Gordon reluctantly allows the two to leave and decides that Bruce should be a suspect in Singleton's murder while hoping that Bruce didn't actually do it. Bruce offers to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence, which he passes. While Bruce is throwing a party, he has Dick pose as the vigilante and stops a Russian arms dealer who is in the city to sell automatic weapons to U.S Army General Timothy Slaycroft. Slaycroft vows to get even with the Knight while Bruce is confident that he has created reasonable doubt of being a vigilante. John and Alfred work with Avesta to frame a corrupt CSI named Jim Corrigan for killing Singleton by making it look like Singleton was looking into him as a side project in an attempt to get reinstated into the GCPD. Corrigan was under the suspicion of being in a rape case, but the situation was kicked under the rug due to forensic evidence being sabotaged. The plan works because of Spyral having several agents in the GCPD and Corrigan is charged for his crimes. In flashbacks, Thomas goes to visit Lucius in the hospital trying to convince him that Gordon is not responsible only for Lucius to refuse to listen. Bullock finds Gordon as Gordon is trying to clear his name and saves him when he is shot by Flass. Bullock takes Gordon to Wayne Manor and Thomas decides to keep him there until his name is cleared.     
  19. "Venom (Part-One)"-Bruce works with John to save a girl from a group of kidnappers only to save her from drowning. Disappointed by his failure, Bruce goes to the girl's father, chemist Randolph Porter to apologize for his actions as the vigilante. Porter seemingly shows understanding toward the Knight and shows him that he was developing drugs to enhance human potential which is why the kidnappers tried to exploit him of his research. Porter convinces Bruce that he needs his pills to increase his strength and prevent another innocent life from being lost because Bruce did not have the physical strength to save them. Bruce gives him and begins taking the strength enhancing pills from Porter. Bruce becomes a mind-numbed addict to the pills. Porter is revealed to be in league with General Slaycroft. The two men are aware that Bruce is the vigilante and are testing the effects on him since Slaycroft wants revenge. They are also revealed to have kidnapped Porter's daughter in an attempt to make Bruce feel guilt for failing to save her. John and Alfred become concerned with Bruce's behavior as he becomes more arrogant and unstable because of the pills as he is fighting crime. When Bruce needs more, he goes to Porter and Porter tasks him to assassinate John, whom Slaycroft fears will uncover his crimes since it is revealed that Slaycroft was John's commanding officer during his tour in Afghanistan. Bruce impulsively agrees and goes to kill his friend. In flashbacks, Bullock arrives with a warrant to inspect Strange's office. Strange is, unfortunately, one step ahead of Bullock since he shredded the documents before they arrived and points out that the warrant only covers his office, not Arkham. Thomas is disappointed when he is told by Bullock and Gordon that there isn't enough evidence to imprison Strange.     
  20. "Venom (Part-Two)"-Bruce goes to John and rather than kill him, he tells him about Slaycroft and Porter working together as well as being behind the kidnapping of Porter's daughter. Bruce goes into seclusion to fight effects of the addiction while John and Alfred travel to Santa Prisca to stop Porter and Slaycroft, who have fled there to continue their work in creating a small band of mind-controlled-super-soldiers. Porter and the General manage to use their mind controlled subjects to subdue and capture John and Alfred and lock them in the dungeon of a Spanish fort. Porter then leaves the pills with the duo, pointing out that the only way to move the massive stone door preventing his escape would be to use the pills to enhance his strength once again. Porter also notes that he has improved the formula, making them far more addictive. Porter is also revealed to be addicted to pills he developed to boost his intellect and numb his emotional responses began to take over. General Slaycroft begins to fear that Porter is unreliable and has him tortured in order to obtain the formula. Slaycroft kills Porter and is attacked by John and Alfred, who have escaped without the pills. In the melee, John manages to turn Slaycroft's son against him by playing a voice recording of Slaycroft giving the out-of-context command, "kill me". The robot-like Timothy Jr. then has no choice but to obey his father and snaps the General's neck. Back in Gotham, while Bruce is in seclusion, Dick reconciles with Alicia and admits to having nothing to do with Singleton's death in order to cover up the fact that Bruce killed him. In flashbacks, Thomas meets a thief named Selina Kyle who was attempting to steal his wallet and gives her an offer she cannot refuse.     
  21. "Velocity"-Upon returning to Gotham, John meets his colleague Detective Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) and his girlfriend Iris West(Candice Patton), who come to Gotham seeking help to locate Iris' younger brother Wally West (Keiyan Lonsdale), who has started street racing. As Bruce is recovering from the events of consuming Venom, he lies to Alicia that he was away in Detroit at the time seeing an old friend. Bruce and Alicia are nearly hit by a couple of streetcars and Bruce discover that the person is Wally, whom John asked Bruce to do research on. Eddie and Iris confide in John that Wally is Joe West 's son and that they haven't told Joe yet. When Wally refuses to throw a race, Nathan Finch and his bodyguards beat Wally up and threaten to kill the West family if he doesn't come up with the money. John then asks Bruce for money. Bruce warns John that if he pays off thugs once, they will be back for more, so Bruce hatches a new plan by using an armored car that Lucius developed. Wally will offer the car to Finch as the prize in a race against him. If Finch wins, the car is his. If Wally wins, the debt is settled. Wally will drive the Mustang he always races. Finch has never lost a race, so John plans to sabotage Finch's engine. Wally is excited about the plan, but Iris is angry about taking items from Bruce and doing various unethical things to get her brother out of trouble. Finch makes plans to cheat during the race by placing a bomb in Wally's car that will explode when he reaches 100 miles per hour. Bruce causes Finch to die in a terrible crash. John urges Iris to tell her father the truth about Wally. Although Wally promises that this will never again, Iris is not ready to forgive and forget, but will tell Joe the truth. Bruce later returns the vehicle to Lucius, who was aware it went missing. Lucius tells Bruce: "If you don't want to tell me exactly what you're doing, when I'm asked, I don't have to lie. But don't think of me as an idiot." Bruce then realizes that Lucius knows his secret. William throws Harvey a fundraiser when he learns that Thorne plans to throw one for him. In flashbacks, Murray Dent was Harvey's older brother. The two brothers had a tense relationship and Murray proved to be a temperamentally difficult child whose constantly misbehavior got Harvey in troubles. When Murray dared his brother to play with matches in the Narrows, the fire got out of control. Harvey couldn't put the fire out, got scared and went into shock. Murray died as a result of the arson blaming his younger brother. This tragedy destroyed the Dent family. Harvey's mother Lucy committed suicide by slitting her wrists when taking bath and William leaves Harvey under the care of the family butler to travel to Nanda Parbat, a place where he would never get hurt again.     
  22. "Selina Kyle"-While responding to a break-in at the Gotham City Hall, Bruce engages in combat with a group of mercenaries and Catwoman, the latter having broken into Mayor Wilson Klass' safe and stolen a drive. During the fight, Bruce steals the drive whilst she manages to escape. Bruce then goes to Dent Manor where William is holding a fundraiser for his son. At the party, Bruce meets his childhood friend Selina and they both deduce each other's identities. Bruce intimidates Selina into giving him the address of a meeting place with her employer: a warehouse at the Gotham City docks. Investigating as the Knight, he finds the location to be the site of a shootout between the GCPD and the same mercenaries from City Hall. Believing Thorne to be involved, Bruce also finds evidence of an earthquake being stored there. After finishing decryption of the drive, Bruce discovers evidence of Thorne's criminal organization while being confused as to how Klass got it. Bruce hands the drive over to Gordon and confronts Thorne as the Knight to interrogate him about the shootout. Thorne admits to having had Wayne Enterprises build the device, but denies involvement in the shootout. After brutalizing Thorne in front of the horrified press, Thorne tells him that he made the device for William, who plans to use it in the Narrows. Bard arrives to arrest the Knight only for Watson to stand in the way prompting the police to not fire and for Bruce to escape. In flashbacks, Thomas decides to go off with Selina to find a way into Arkham. Selina accepts because Thomas paid her, but insists she go in on her own. Selina begs to be Bridgit's servant, making use of Bridgit's alter-ego. Thomas is troubled after Selina fails to meet with him and learns of her capture.     
  23. "Darkness On The Edge of Town"-William kills Thorne and the scientists who worked on the device. Bruce's team break into Dent Corp for more information. Klass continues to disapprove of Catherine's feelings for Bruce, who realizes that he could cease being the Knight if he stops William from carrying out his mad plan. Thus, Bruce reconciles his romance with Catherine and the two make love, which is witnessed by Klass. William has the device moved. The vigilante attempts to kill him, who reveals that he is Prometheus; the two fight until William gets the upper hand, discovering Bruce's secret. In flashbacks, Thomas is troubled after Selina fails to meet with him and learns of her capture. Thomas, Gordon, and Fox visit Arkham to execute their plan, but their motives are revealed and all three are captured. Thomas and Fox are put in a chamber and interrogated by Nygma on Strange's behalf. Meanwhile, Gordon is brought into another room with Strange and re-introduced to Basil.     
  24. "Life Sentence"-William imprisons Bruce, but later manages to escape because of Watson. Bruce decides to increase the people in the Narrow's chances of survival by holding a press conference and making a false revelation that he has been in league with William to destroy the Narrows. Bruce is arrested by Bard while William confirms his claims to Harvey and reveals that he is Prometheus. Alfred, with help from Lucius, is able to dismantle the device while Dick goes into the Narrows looking for Alicia. Watson, Gordon, and the Strike Force head to Dent Corp to deal with William. Harvey gives Watson permission to kill his father. Watson defeats William and hesitates at the last moment. When Harvey stabs his father in the back with a sword, it activates a deadman's switch activating the second device in the Narrows. The device then begins to level the west side of the Narrows. Catherine is trapped in her office, but Mayor Klass arrives and helps her escape before being trapped himself. Gordon arrives too late, as Klass had already been mortally wounded by debris. Before he dies, Klass asks Gordon to look after his daughter, which Gordon agrees to. Klass dies, leaving him grief-stricken. Later, at a press conference, Harvey resigns from being the district attorney so he can run Dent Corp in order to make amends for his father's actions and Acting Mayor David Hull promises to make Gotham better as Klass would have wanted. Bruce is taken by the FBI to Slabside Maximum Prison, where he is greeted by several violent inmates. Before Bruce is arrested, he leaves behind a video for Dick, John, Alfred, and Lucius, urging them to continue fighting for Gotham and to look after Alicia. In flashbacks, Disguised as Gordon, Basil pulls the GCPD off of Arkham; however, Barbara later exposes Basil as an impostor. Strange prepares to detonate a bomb beneath Arkham and tells Ms. Peabody to transfer the patients to another facility. Strange starts the bomb's countdown under the White-Haired Lady's orders. With Nygma's help, Gordon and Lucius stop the bomb. Strange is arrested, and Thomas becomes shocked when all the people experimented on are not found and tells Lucius of his plans to locate this secret council . A homeless woman opens the abandoned bus, unwittingly releasing the monsters upon Gotham; among them is a boy identical to Bruce.

Season 2 (2011-2012)

  1. "Inmate 1939"-Five months after falsely confessing in taking part with a terrorist act made by William and into his sentence, Bruce tries to maintain a low profile in prison in hopes of getting a reduction to his term, an effort that is complicated when Tobias Whale (Marvin Krondon Jones III) becomes vengeful towards Bruce for trying to get him into trouble with prison guard Delmore Redhorn (John Cena). Whale has a grudge towards Arnold Etchison (John Lithgow), a serial killer who slaughtered his family believing that they were pure evil and started to become a serial killer known as Abbatoir, where he believed that he has absorbed their life force at his demise. Etchison focused his attention on his brother's son Henry Etchinson who was also an up and coming politician running for president. He turned up when Henry was at an election rally and killed Henry's wife in cold blood with a gun, shooting everyone else in the frenzy and attempting to kill Henry before he was subdued by the FBI. Etchinson has been insulting Tobias Whale's albinism which led to the two men to constantly be at each other's throats prompting Whale to start digging a tunnel in the wall which separates his and Arnold's cells. Whale finishes his tunnel and, with a punch, brought on by another one of Arnold's insults towards his albinism, breaks the wall and starts strangling Arnold, who dies before guard Delmore Redhorn could do anything after being alerted by Bruce, who is trying to get his sentence reduced. Meanwhile, Alicia refuses to do have anything to do with Bruce due to him endangering so many people and Dick resumes being the Knight in order to deal with dismantling arm trafficker Carleton LeHah. Dressing up as the Knight, Dick steals money from LeHah and gives it to the city's poor. Dick decides to continue being the Knight to protect Gotham while Watson, Lucius, and Harvey work to find a loophole to get Bruce released. In flashbacks, Thomas and Lucius call a meeting with the Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors, whom Thomas threatens with disseminating his alleged evidence pertaining to the cabal in charge behind the scenes unless they contact him. The cabal sends an enforcer to kidnap Thomas. 
  2.  "City of Heroes"-Dick learns that a group of vigilantes, dressed like the "Knight", are killing others as retribution for the earthquake. The vigilantes target Harvey twice before kidnapping Alicia. Dick saves her without killing anyone and leaves the vigilantes for Sgt. Watson to arrest them. John arrests a man calling himself "Zaardon the Soul Reaper" (David Fierro) when he wreaks havoc and takes him to Arkham, where blue gas spills from his mouth, which makes everyone in the room unconscious. A woman and her guards appear in Arkham, kills the guards and subdues Harleen Quinzel, Jeremiah Valeska, Roman Sionis, Aaron Helzinger (Stink Fisher), Robert Greenwood (Dustin Ybarra) and Arnold Dobkins (Will Brill). The woman, Silver St. Cloud (Anna Sophia Robb), brings them to her cousin Jean-Paul Valley (Justin Chatwin). Valley plans on using them as a group to wreak havoc in Gotham in a yet-unknown plan. Sionis refuses the offer and tries to leave with Harley, but Silver strangles him with her whip. In Slabside, Tobias meets with his lawyer Millo Match who had been trying to appeal his case. Match informs Whale that his appeal was denied because of him murdering Etchison and if the federal judge were to grant him one, he would more than likely face the death penalty for all his crimes. This prompts Whale to release his anger towards Bruce, blaming him for the incident. Whale and several thugs ambush Bruce when he is taking a shower, only for Bruce to be defended by fellow inmate Sasha Bordeaux. When Dick and Watson are informed by Gordon of the break-in at Arkham Asylum, Bruce then thanks Sasha for helping him out and they become friends. In flashbacks, Thomas is brought before a woman named Maria Powers, whom he recognizes as the owner of the Powers Hotel. In exchange for the safety of his friends and family, Thomas agrees to cease all investigations into the secret council and Wayne Enterprises.
  3.  "Anarchy"-Having kidnapped Acting Mayor Hull and locking him inside a metal box, Valley makes Hull call his secretary and tell her that he left Gotham. Meanwhile, on the rooftops of editorial Gotham Gazette building, Machin and many other group members kill a number of people and drop them from the rooftop so their corpses can form the word of their group: "Maniax!". In the GCPD, Commissioner Gordon gives orders for the Maniax to be arrested with Watson leading the investigation. In Slabside, Bordeaux convinces Bruce that to survive, he must form an alliance with Whale and Whale will only agree to it if Bruce kills Redhorn. Bruce hesitates killing Redhorn due to him being an innocent man despite Redhorn being arrogant towards him and tries to find information on him only to fail. Tensions begin to arise between Machin and Robert Greenwood (Dustin Ybarra) about the leadership of The Maniax. The Maniax hijack a bus filled with cheerleaders, planning to burn it down. The police arrives and when Machin escapes, Dobkins (Will Brill) turns on the fire but Watson manages to drive the bus away from the fire. He then arrests Dobkins and upon questioning him about who hired them, Silver kills Dobkins with a rifle in distance. Out of options, Bruce stabs himself and blames it on Redhorn which gets Redhorn fired despite Redhorn denying it. In the GCPD, Gordon obtains a call from Harley, who turns out to be in the building. Gordon follows her to an alley but is attacked by Helzinger (Stink Fisher) and is then taunted by Harley about something happening in the GCPD. In the GCPD, the Maniax arrive dressed as cops and spread a massacre, killing nearly everyone in the building. Machin kills Greenwood for saying his lines. Gordon returns to the GCPD and discovers the massacre. Gordon, Dick, and Watson later watch a videotape showing Machin moments before fleeing the building, stating "they have not seen anything yet". In flashbacks, Thomas calls Bruce and Martha back home. Bruce's doppelgänger breaks into Wayne Manor and asks him for help.
  4.  "Final Curtain"-Dick and Watson search for Machin, but discover Machin's mother already murdered, Valley reveals that his family built Gotham and he is seeking revenge on those who tarnished his family name. Valley attends a charity event that Alfred and Alicia also attend, which turns out to be an elaborate ruse wherein Valley kills Machin and is perceived to be a hero; he announces his candidacy for mayor. Several Gotham citizens see Machin's actions on television and begin having mental breakdowns. Back in prison, Bruce meets Tobias Whale's sister Tory Whale. Tory meets with a Muslim leader wishing to donate her organs. Tory then meets the blind man who is to receive her eyes and enters a van to go to the hospital with Bruce comforting Whale when he is upset. The television news later announces that Tory died while trying to escape from the moving van. Becoming fond of Bruce, Whale reveals that he was contracted to kill him by an inmate known as 'The Demon' and that the Demon is incarcerated on Level Two, prompting Bruce to injure a guard to get transferred there. In flashbacks, Bruce takes in his doppelgänger, Subject 514A a.k.a. "Five", who demonstrates impressive fighting skills and an imperviousness to pain. Five later impersonates Bruce and takes an oblivious Thomas and Martha Wayne.
  5.  "Strike Force"-With the help of Dick and Watson, who Gordon makes his new second-in-command, Barnes recruits several aspiring police trainees from the Police Academy in order to form an alpha team strike force to help set his goal of protecting Gotham into motion. With Acting Mayor Hull still missing from the public, Councillor Janice Caulfield (Saundra Santiago) and teamster boss Randall Hobbs (Michael Mulheren) begin to run for office as a new mayor election begins. Valley kidnaps Cobblepot's foster son Martin, an emotionally unstable deaf boy, and blackmails Cobblepot into murdering all of the candidates so that Valley can run for office unchallenged. After Cobblepot kills Janice Caulfield, Randall Hobbs escapes death at the hands of a hitman with the help of the GCPD strike force. TBA