The Knight of Gotham is a 2010 American TV series developed by Michael Green. It is the reinterpretation of Batman as the show focuses on Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham, and creating the Batman persona. Episodes airing on The CW on Friday nights at 8:00 pm. The show is set in the Arrowverse on Earth 41.

The series are very much inspired by Batman Begins and Arrow. The series will delve a lot into the Batverse and there are a lot of villains from the DC comics introduced.

Bruce, Alfred, the Waynes, Lucius Fox, Katrina Armstrong, John Stewart, Harvey Dent, Selina Kyle, and James Gordon will be the only comic book characters to be featured in the main stars. Other main star are series-created characters such as William Dent and Taylor Wayne.


Main Cast

  • Jon Hamm as Bruce Wayne/The Knight/Batman
  • Erik King as John Stewart/Guardian
  • Shantel Yvonne VanSanten as Katrina Armstrong/Oracle
  • Michael Cain as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Gary Oldman as James Gordon
  • Robert Buckley as Harvey Dent
  • Blake Lively as Selina Kyle/Cat Woman


  • David Zayas as Angel Rojas
  • Albert Brooks as Rupert Thorne
  • Jack Black as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
  • Tommy Lee Jones as Carmine Falcone/The Roman
  • Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
  • John Barrowman as William Dent/Prometheus/Ra's Al Ghul
  • Jaden Smith as Virgil Hawkins/Static
  • Colton Haynes as Jason Todd/Robin
  • Rila Fukushima as Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana
  • Luke Evans as Gabriel

Confirmed Plot Lines For Season 8

  • The mysterious woman's identity will be revealed for the eight season.
  • The Joker will be the main villain.
  • This will be the final season.
  • There will be a storyline similar to the arc Knightfall except that Bruce's back will be broken by someone else other than Bane and someone else other than Valley will replace him as the Batman until Bruce's back heal.
  • There will be another four way crossover.
  • Lew Moxon will make an appearance.
  • Jason will reunite with his little brother.
  • A new character named Athena will appear and she will try to maintain the legacy of her fallen commander William Dent. She sees anyone once associated with Dent to be a threat, including his son Harvey.


Season 1 (2010-2011)

  1. "The Pilot"-Bruce returns to Gotham City after spending many years away studying science and martial arts. Bruce returns home deciding to join the Gotham City Police Department to be with Commissioner James Gordon, the only cop he trusts from the force. Gordon rejects Bruce since he was good friends with Thomas Wayne and doesn't want him to get hurt. Gordon's associate Sergeant John Stewart hates Bruce since he dismisses him as a thrill-seeking idiot. Bruce reunites with his butler Alfred, sister Taylor, and tries to rekindle his romance with Selina Kyle. Unfortunately, Selina has begun a relationship with her new boss District Attorney Harvey Dent upon Bruce leaving her. Bruce contemplates on whether or not he should leave Gotham City. Before he can do anything, Alfred calls him to report that John called him over to Thorne Chemicals. Arriving there, and noticing the green pool of hazardous chemicals, Bruce and John, only to learn neither one called the other. The access hatch closes and locks and water rushes in.
  2. "Rough Seas"-Working together, Bruce and John find a tunnel 20 feet overhead and using acrobatics, Bruce gets himself and John to safety. Both agree that someone wants them dead. Nearby, a mysterious man (John Barrowman) is watching them. The next morning, Gordon calls and tells Bruce that Thorne Consolidated Middle Manager Lucius Fox discovered weekly shipments of hazardous waste. Bruce wants to meet, but Gordon tells him to stay. Bruce gets an idea, alarming Alfred. Later, Bruce arrives at Wayne Shippings, dressed all in black, and follows John, Gordon, and Jason Bard. Suddenly, the three encounter the bad guys. Bruce helps but stays out of sight the whole time. After defeating the last guy with a banana peel, he and Alfred leave. Bruce and Alfred meet Gordon, learning that the chemicals were drugs and that the head bad guy hung himself. Later, Bruce goes to a surprise birthday party where Alfred, Taylor, Gordon, and Lucius are. Thorne Consolidated CEO Rupert Thorne arrives and tells Bruce that their stock might take a beating if word gets out about the drugs. Thorne gives Bruce a book, "Business for Beginners", and after he leaves, Bruce tells everyone that he has a lot to learn and he's staying in Gotham which pleases Taylor.
  3. "Love American Style"-Bruce remembers seeing on the board that Gordon had in his office believing that Thorne Consolidated is responsible for all the crime in Gotham City. That makes Bruce decide to investigate Rupert Thorne by having Lucius convince Thorne to give him a job in the IT department where he meets Katrina Armstrong. Unfortunately, Katrina is disappointed since her fiance, who was illegally immigrating from Cuba, went missing which is why she asked her cousin Jason Bard to look into it. Bruce, showing sympathy for Katrina, decides to be a step ahead of Jason and investigate a salvage yard owner named Pete Cavallo and his mistress Susan Macguire. Bruce discovers that Pete and Susan have been murdering smuggled immigrants who cannot afford to pay for their freedom. Bruce frees the immigrants and sends the evidence he collects to Jason Bard which leads to their arrests. Taylor and her friends break into the school swimming pool for a night of fun, but when a member of their group nearly drowns, the school threatens to expel the person responsible for the break-in. Alfred finds out that Taylor is responsible and tries to get her confess when it is causing tension between all her friends. Taylor admits her mistakes which please Alfred.
  4. "The Reporter"-When a masked thief with superhuman strength steals a centrifuge from Thorne Consolidated, A Daily Planet reporter from Metropolis named Clark Kent (Tyler Hoelchin) arrives to help the investigation since he was sent over by Perry White to help do an exclusive on the theft. Bruce recognizes the thief as a zombie called Solomon Grundy, who was created by the working class citizens of 19th century Gotham City to wreak havoc on the rich landowners that polluted the local lake with industrial waste that converted it into Gotham Swamp. Bruce is able to track down Solomon Grundy as the vigilante only to be injected with a fear toxin administered by Solomon Grundy's master the Scarecrow. Clark discovers Bruce's secret and takes him to Alfred for help. Meanwhile, John and Rojas investigates the murder of an officer, who was working undercover investigating drug baron, Franco Bertinelli. John is personally involved in the case since he was having an affair with the officer's wife, who was also attacked in the process.
  5. "All Fear The Scarecrow"-Clark manages to save Bruce's life, but Bruce is angry to find out that Clark found out his secret as he regains consciousness. Bruce and Clark are able to locate Solomon Grundy. The Scarecrow is revealed to be Taylor's high school biology teacher Jonathan Crane, whose wife died in a fire that he was too scared to rescue her from; believing fear is a human flaw, he is now harvesting adrenal glands in order to create a serum that makes people confront and overcome their greatest fears. As the Scarecrow, Crane attempts to test the serum on Taylor until Bruce arrives as the Man In Black to stop Solomon Grundy, simultaneously destroying the centrifuge and the remaining serum. Bruce then injects Crane with a serum as revenge for nearly killing his sister. Crane is rushed to the hospital, but the serum has sent him into a state of constant terror, and he may never stop hallucinating his greatest fear: animated scarecrows. Meanwhile, Elsewhere, John continues to harass Bertinelli, as a group of renegade police officers led by Jason Bard decides to take matters involving Bertinelli into their own hands.
  6. "There Was A Crooked Man"-Bruce discovers a connection between Peter Declan, a prison inmate, and Palmer Cokes. He enlists the help of Selina to prove Declan's innocence. Working together, the pair uncovers the truth, but Cokes has his mercenaries stage a prison riot so that they can have Selina and Declan killed before the truth is revealed. Bruce sneaks into prison dressed as a guard and saves the two. Declan is exonerated while Cokes is arrested. John and Rojas don't get along very well when Rojas is questioned about a shooting incident involving John and a suspect. John claims that he fired in self-defense, but his story doesn't add up. Rojas contemplates what he should do and opts for what he thinks is right, so he reports his actual observations, the forensic evidence, and the discrepancies with John's story to Internal Affairs, even though this will brand him as a rat. It turns out that the man John killed was a former Haitian terrorist militia member of the Tonton Macoute, whom he had encountered while in the army during Black Ops in Haiti, and John knew the suspect had committed awful crimes. In the end, the whole situation gets kicked under the rug.
  7. "Home Invasion"-Selina represents the Moore family who are suing a corrupt businessman, who puts a hit on the family, and the couple's young child is the sole survivor. Selina takes the boy into her custody and is saved by the vigilante from the hitman's attempt. Selina suggests that they go to Bruce's for protection. The pressure on John begins to escalate when Bertinelli's associates begin tailing him. Bruce forces the businessman Edward Rasmus to confess his crimes, leading to the latter's arrest. After killing the latter, the hitman comes to the Wayne Manor to kill all remaining witnesses, but Bruce defeats him. John is kidnapped as soon as he gets home by Bertinelli's men. As Bertinelli moves in to finish John off, Jason Bard and the police burst in and arrest them. Using him as bait was the plan all along. Harvey decides to end things with Selina since he feels that Selina has feelings for Bruce.
  8. "Dead To Rights"-Bruce takes out a hired gunman and realizes that the latter's target is not safe yet. Rupert Thorne hires Lawton to take out William Dent (John Barrowman) after the previous gunman's death. William asks Harvey to attend an award ceremony where William will be receiving a humanitarian award. At the last moment, Bruce discovers that William is the target and races to the event to save him. Although he is almost caught by Hall, Bruce manages to get Malcolm away from Chien's men. William is shot with one of Lawton's poisonous bullets, and Bruce is forced to reveal his identity to Harvey so that he can save William's life. William and Harvey reconcile. The former tells his associate about his belief that someone who knows about Project Avalon attempted to kill him. Selina confronts Harvey about their breakup and Harvey reveals that he knows how Selina still loves Bruce, a belief that he confirms.
  9. "Years End"-Prometheus attacks and hospitalizes Lucius, injecting him with a tuberculosis vaccine developed by Roland Daggett, a corrupt pharmaceutical manufacturer. Bruce investigates Daggett and discovers that he financed a TB epidemic, then raised the price on his drug to boost his company's profits. But Daggett then gets killed by Prometheus upon Gordon trying to arrest him after Bruce anonymously sends the evidence of Daggett's plan to him. Investigating Prometheus on his own, Jason Bard sends information he discovers to Katrina just before the villain captures him. The information turns out to be a project that was thought to be extinct. Bruce deduces that Prometheus is at Daggett's former office building and goes there alone. Bruce kills Prometheus, only to discover he has actually killed a gagged Jason, whom the real Prometheus set up as himself to trick Bruce. Katrina starts to mourn Jason's death and Bruce decides to give up being the vigilante since he feels guilty for murdering Jason.
  10. "Avalon"-Six weeks after his fight with Prometheus, Bruce avoids any activities as his vigilante out of guilt for killing Jason Bard, despite insistence from Alfred. Gordon visits Lucius in the hospital and Lucius tells Gordon about a secret project that was thought to be extinct, but things get more bizarre when it traces back to Thomas Wayne and Thorne Consolidated. Bruce discovers this and tries to piece together everything. Bruce meets his godmother Leslie Thompkins who believes that the project may have had something to do with Bruce's parents' death and William was one of the creators of the project. Bruce hunts William for the real truth even though he's placing himself in mortal danger.
  11. "Perdition"-After the events of Project Avalon weeks ago, Gotham City is stunned with the surprise death of William Dent, but did he really die? Meanwhile, Bruce wakes up from a long slumber and has no memory of what happened; Harvey is being investigated by two FBI agents, and everyone will find a surprise that will be a blast when a rouge FBI agent has to be dealt with. William checks into a motel at Metropolis and is revealed to have Prometheus' costume in his briefcase, thus revealing that he was the archer all along.
  12. "Oswald Cobblepot"-Selina tries to prosecute millionaire Martin Somers, who is also one of Bruce's targets. Alfred hands Bruce a card from his childhood friend, Oswald "Oz" Cobblepot (Jack Black), whom he has not seen in 20 years. Bruce contemplates whether or not he should trust Cobblepot after learning that he is one of Carmine Falcone's thugs. Both men reunite with one another at Cobblepot Park, where Oswald reveals that he is testifying in court against Somers for his crimes. The Triads, because they were contacted by Somers, sends the assassin Hideo Katsu to kill Oswald. Bruce saves Oswald from Katsu; he later obtains Somers' confession and gives an audio recording of it to Gordon. Meanwhile, Alfred comes to Taylor's aid at a party when an egotistical sex-addicted teenager is attempting to rape her. Harvey learns more about William's disappearance. Cobblepot visits Thorne to reveal to him a secret about Falcone that can bring him down.
  13. "Gossip"-A snooty reporter, Alice Greene, tries to find some newsworthy story, and she soon discovers a case about William Dent; with her dubious skills, she will stop at nothing to get what she wants and Harvey is determined to stop her. Meanwhile, Taylor is horrified to her friend's boyfriend is slut shaming her to the rest to the school and when he refuses to stop, she and her friends try to find evidence linking him and his friends to the shaming. Meanwhile, Rupert Thorne arranges for his son Randall to kidnap a boy named Alberto who comes from a family of immigrants. Taylor's psychologist Delbert Billings gives her the evidence she needs and gets her friend's boyfriend and those involved removed from the football team.
  14. "Cut Man"-After failing to rescue Alberto, Bruce is found in a dumpster by Dr. Mario Calvi, the son of Carmine Falcone. Taylor and Billings continue to get closer to one another which results in the both of them having a sexual relationship. Mario takes Bruce to his apartment, tends to his injuries, and removes his mask, discovering his face. He refuses to reveal his name, but does anticipate that Randall Thorne is searching the apartment building, giving Mario time to hide Bruce and convince the man that he knows nothing. Bruce realizes that Randall doesn't trust Mario since he is well aware that Mario is Falcone's son and Bruce overpowers him, taking him to the roof. Bruce and Mario torture him into revealing Alberto's location, before Bruce pushes him off the roof and into the same dumpster. He barely survives. Bruce enters the building where they are keeping the boy, defeats the guards, and rescues him. Meanwhile, Falcone confides in Hill that Alberto is secretly his illegitimate son when Hill pressures Gordon and the entire police force to find the boy.
  15. "Burned"-When an employee of the singer Cassidy is murdered in a fire, Bruce suspects that he is murdered. Tracking down the suspect, Bruce is overpowered during the confrontation, but discovers that the murderer is Cassidy's former boyfriend Garfield Lynns, a special effects engineer working on her tour. Cassidy didn't show any sensitivity when she ended the relationship, and Garfield became violent and obsessed with her. She had hoped they could still work together as colleagues, but that was too much to ask from Lynns. Shortly before one concert, the two came to blows, and Cassidy fired him. Lynns shows up at Cassidy's concert in order to kill Cassidy. As the vigilante, Bruce saves Cassidy before Lynns commits suicide. The media calls the vigilante a hero. Meanwhile, Cobblepot continues to gain more loyalty from Falcone by saving a bag of money in a restaurant when the previous manager is murdered during a robbery. Cobblepot later on kills the three masked robbers who had attacked Falcone's resturant, who is turns out had been hired for just that by purpose by Cobblepot himself, by serving him poisoned cannoli.
  16. "Friend"-While learning more about the final clue, Lucius soon learns from Rupert Thorne that the charismatic businessman Ted Kord has come to Gotham City for a business conference in hopes that Thorne Consolidated would do business with Kord Industries. However, what Lucius doesn't know is that Ted Kord is actually an armored crime fighter known as the Blue Beetle. Cobblepot sends the Irish hitmen to kill Falcone, but it is a setup designed by Cobblepot to frame Thorne and start a war between the two mob bosses Bruce and Ted are at odds with each other since Ted doesn't like Bruce because of his methods. Harvey thinks that Ted can help him find his father. Bruce and Ted are forced to work together to stop a group of criminals plotting to steal information. Falcone begins attacking Thorne's men, and Gordon calls all GCPD officers to remain on duty during the upcoming gang war.
  17. "All Happy Families Are Alike"-The mob war between Thorne and Falcone escalates. Cobblepot attempts to kill Falcone himself and take his place, but John intervenes. As Mayor Hamilton Hill and Thorne's men approach, John and Rojas bring Falcone, Cobblepot, and Butch to a safe house, but Randall Thorne shows up to capture them with help from Carlton Duquene (Terry Crew)'s new crew. Cobblepot manipulates him and Whale into a dispute over mob leadership. Whale eventually shoots Randall dead. John, Rojas, and Falcone escape in the chaos with help from Bruce, who was posing as a gangster known as Matches Malone. Cobblepot fights and kills Whale by throwing him off the roof into the water, becoming Gotham's new crime lord. Meanwhile, Alfred discovers the affair that Taylor is having with Billings and threatens to bring Billings to court. However, Billings then decides to resign from his position.
  18. "Eyewitnesses"-While out clubbing, Taylor gets arrested by the police. Taylor learns she is being accused of killing Deputy Mayor Harrison Kane. Bruce learns about it and searches for the real killer. Selina is put in a tough spot when she learns that the prosecutor Thomas Quinn wants to convict Taylor for life, until Bruce probes Quinn's pat and discovers something quite shocking. Bruce and Gordon discover that Harrison Kane was never shot, but stabbed. The M.E's report was supposed to go to John and Rojas, but Quinn intercepted it. Bruce then took a look at the tape of Taylor killing Kane and realizes that the video is fake because of the static interference that happened before showing Taylor kill Kane. Gordon discovers that Kane is actually being impersonated by Delbert Billings, who has a grudge on Taylor for when their affair had to end. Taylor's name manages to get cleared in the end and Billings is sent to prison, however he still has possession of his ring that can create illusions.
  19. "The Odyssey"-Bruce is critically shot by Thorne when confronting him as the vigilante and escapes. He exposes his secret to Katrina, and asks her to take him to Wayne Manor. With Alfred's help, the bullet is removed and Bruce is stabilized. Bruce contemplates telling Katrina the truth about him being responsible for the murder of Jason Bard. Bruce does and Katrina surprisingly shows understand to Bruce since she blames it all on Prometheus. Flashbacks show what happened on the night that Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered. Thomas and Martha were being threatened by Thorne. Thomas was angered at Martha for asking William to threaten Thorne into backing off since they were no longer friends because of Project Avalon. This serves as a motivation for Bruce to stop Thorne and William when he wakes up from his coma. Harvey tries to find his father after killing Sal Maroni with his Big Bad Harv persona and gets surprised when William shows up alive.
  20. "Talisman"-The search for the blue crystal sparks a war between William Dent and Rupert Thorne and the people of Gotham City falls right in the middle. Distracted by his dream, Bruce gets a cryptic message and must learn the true origins of the crystal before all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, Harvey's life is in danger resulting to a life-altering decision; Lucius and Gordon learn the solution of the puzzlebox.
  21. "Excalibur"-As the battle for the control of the crystal begins, William attempts to finally stop Rupert Thorne and the Red Fists by reviving Project Avalon again and the outcome won't be pretty. While, Hamilton Hill High is putting a Spring Fling dance and Taylor as well as her friends are desperate to find a date. Meanwhile, Alfred takes a sabbatical.

Season 2 (2011-2012)

  1. "Mr. Freeze"-Five months following the disappearance of Rupert Thorne, the board of directors at Thorne Consolidated decides to appoint Thomas Morgan as their new CEO until Thorne can be found. John and Rojas begin investigating a kidnapping and murder spree, unaware that a scientist named Victor Fries (Nathan Darrow) and his colleague Ferris Boyle are the culprits. Fries has been killing people to see if they're organs are a perfect match for a woman he is obsessed with reviving named Nora Fields (Kristen Hager). Boyle determines that Nora needs an organ transplant, but due to her rare blood type there are no suitable donors available. Fries declares that they will use live donor, even if it means the donor will die in the process. Boyle is at first reluctant to kill an innocent girl, but Fries offers Boyle more money that will put an end to his financial problems. Selina Kyle is a perfect match, and Fries learns from her friend Joanna de la Vega that Selina and Bruce are on a double date with Harvey Dent and Bethany Ravencroft. Fries then attacks the restaurant and kidnaps Selina, taking her to an abandoned oil rig where he and Boyle are. Bruce tries to rescue Selina only to fail.
  2. "A Dead Man Feels No Cold"-Upon learning that Nora is still at Thorne Consolidated, Victor Fries builds an armored suit. Fries arrives at the asylum and, after fighting through security and the police, manages to escape with Nora. Elsewhere, Bruce tries to find clues to where Selina might be by searching Fries' house. Unfortunately, John appears and asks what he is doing, and after a fist fight, a civilian threatens to call the police if they continue. John tells Bruce that he knows that he is up to something, and says he will be watching him. Bruce deduces that Fries is at the oil rig and goes there to save Selina. Fries and Selina explain the situation to Selina, who claims that she is willing to help Nora for the "blood transfusion", but not at the oil rig, prompting Fries to keep Selina imprisoned. When the time for the operation comes, Selina realizes that they are lying when they say she will need to be put under for a mere transfusion. She escapes with the help of Koonak. Boyle gives pursuit and almost catches her, before Bruce arrives as the vigilante. Fries arrives, and in the ensuing confrontation, Boyle accidentally shoots one of the fuel tanks and starts a rapidly spreading fire as Fries traps Bruce. Fries insists that Boyle perform the operation, despite the oil rig blazing and ready to explode, but Boyle betrays Fries and attempts to escape, only to be killed by falling wreckage. Bruce and Selina work together to save Nora and Koonak. Unfortunately, Fries is killed in the explosion despite Bruce's efforts to save him after he and Selina take the other two to his boat. Bruce feels that he hasn't seen the last of Victor Fries and convinces Morgan to revive Nora with an organ transplant operation funded by the company. In the end, Fries is pleased with this while in hiding at the Arctic and John decides to start following Bruce thinking he is the vigilante.
  3. "Everybody Has A Secret"-It has been thirty-six days since Bruce's last encounter with Victor Fries, John begins following Bruce around suspecting that he was involved in the murders committed by Fries and that he was involved in the disappearance of Rupert Thorne. Gordon and Harvey Dent investigate the sudden release and reinstatement of Arnold Flass by Mayor Hill. Rojas reveals that Hill had former-Commissioner Carlson Grey collect information on police officers who have committed mob murders; in Rojas' case, Hill forced him to falsely confess to providing illegitimate evidence against Flass. Investigating a triad bookmaking office and interrogating Grey's former partner, Gordon learns that Hill and Grey had ties to Carmine Falcone, being in his pocket. With the help of Oswald Cobblepot, who is looking into recovering those files so he can have more power, Gordon and Rojas investigate Grey's uptown farm, where they find Grey's psychotic daughter Juliet (Nicholle Tom) being kept in the attic. After Juliet confesses to the murder of her mother, Gordon uses that information to terminate Rojas' case by visitingGrey, who is now in retirement. Meanwhile, Gordon's friend Leslie Thompkins has a discussion has a discussion with Selina out of concern that she might be experiencing psychological trauma due to being kidnapped by Victor Fries, but she is surprised by Selina's statement that the experience she had made her feel alive.
  4. "Damaged"-Gordon works to rid corruption from the force, however several masked officers attack him, including Flass, who threatens Selina. Bruce tries to get John off his trial by throwing a prison-themed party, maintaining his bachelor playboy facade. He has Alfred pose as the vigilante and stop a German arms dealer who is in the city to sell automatic weapons to a dangerous street gang led by FP Todd called the Blackgaters. Unfortunately, John doesn't buy the act and still decides to keep investigating Bruce since John thinks he is dangerous. John also kills a man sent by an unknown person to kill Bruce. John goes to meet his ex-wife Lila Michaels later on and learns about a file that the FBI has on Bruce since he was away from Gotham for so long. Selina meanwhile undertakes martial arts training from Ted Grant.
  5. "Lone Gunman"-Bruce breaks into the house of a billionaire pedophile named Lawrence Tanner in order to collect evidence against him, but Tanner is killed by an assassin known as Dead Shot (Michael Rowe). Bruce decides to build a new dance club above his hideout as a cover for his nighttime disappearances. While comparing the competition, he finds Taylor, and starts to become more concerned than ever at her behavior. Meanwhile, Bruce uses the assassin's M.O to learn his true identity, Floyd Lawton, and his assignment given to him by Thomas Morgan to kill businessmen bidding for control over Goth Corp. As the vigilante, he enlists the help of Gordon to prevent Lawton's plan. Bruce succeeds in defeating Lawton, but John is shot during the fight. In order to save John's life, Bruce is forced to reveal his dual identity to him against Alfred's insistence. Meanwhile, Selina continues to train with Ted, and reveals to him the real reason that she is learning to fight.
  6. "Guilty"-Bruce offers John a chance to fight at his side and help the city, which the latter refuses. Meanwhile, a murderer begins taking out gang members; and when a body shows up in Ted's gym, he becomes a suspect. Ted reveals to Bruce that he was once a vigilante who retired after a drug dealer was beaten to death by accident. Ted reveals the murderer was his former protégé Isaac Stanzler, who was responsible for the death of the dealer, but is bested by Bruce before escaping. Isaac kidnaps Ted and Selina; but Bruce to successfully stop him. John meets with Bruce and agrees to work with him so that he can both protect the city and protect Bruce from losing his humanity. Ted decides to continue training Selina. Isaac is confronted by a criminal named Jerome Valeska.
  7. "The Last Laugh"-Jerome murders Isaac and leaves his body dressed up as the Knight. Flashbacks show a young James Gordon (Ben Mckenzie), a young Lee Thompkins, and Captain Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) investigating the murder of Lila Valeska, a snake dancer with Haly's Circus, and the Flying Graysons and the Lloyds are suspects. Gordon determines that Lila's son Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) is the killer; when questioned, Jerome admits he killed his mother for being a "nagging, drunken whore" and laughs maniacally. In the present, Gordon and Rojas search for Jerome, however they find that his father Paul Cicero is already dead. Bruce realizes that Jerome is going after people he has a grudge on and finds himself on a race against time before his other victims share the same fate as his father. Several citizens start to see Jerome's actions on television and begin having mental breakdowns.
  8. "Smile Like You Mean It"-Investigating the discovery of a briefly reanimated corpse, John and Rojas pursue ex forensics scientist named Dwight Pollard (David Dastmalchian) as he prepares to resurrect another corpse: Jerome Valeska. Meanwhile, Selina receives a mysterious letter in the mail and Bruce believes that it's connected to the one that she got months ago. When the reanimation seemingly fails, Dwight cuts off Jerome's face and wears it as a mask as he leads a cult of Jerome fanatics to take over a news station. GCPD stops the cult, but Jerome awakens belatedly at GCPD Headquarters and abducts Dwight. Bruce and Selina both discover that the person responsible for writing the letter is Selina's mother Maria Kyle, but Selina is angry at Maria for abandoning her a long time ago. After reattaching his face, Jerome ignites explosives that kill Dwight and knock out Gotham's power, causing a citywide blackout.
  9. "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies"-During the blackout, GCPD struggles to contain riots committed by both Jerome's followers and random citizens gone corrupt. Jerome kidnaps and brings Bruce to a carnival, planning a theatrical execution in front of his followers. Accompanied by Alfred, Gordon, John, and Rojas lead the GCPD Strike Force to the carnival. Bruce escapes death and fights Jerome in a house of mirrors, but resists the urge to kill him; Jerome is defeated by Gordon and sent back to Arkham Asylum, and order is restored to the city. Selina meets with her mother and begins to start trusting her again, however Taylor spots Maria meeting with FP Todd in an alleyway outside of a diner she and her friends are at. Before Taylor could tell Selina, she gets abducted by a mysterious masked man who calls himself Black Mask.
  10. "See Through"-It's been weeks since Taylor has been abducted. Bruce has been attacking criminals as the vigilante hoping to get more information to Taylor's whereabouts. This starts to become more of a concern to Alfred, Katrina, John, and Selina since Bruce's fatigue continues to worsen and because Bruce seems unable to meditate. John is forced to withdraw from taking care of Bruce when he has to investigate the murder of a woman named Felicia. John tracks down her missing husband Ted Gaynor. Ted tells John to stall the investigation until he can sail to Cuba. Ted admits to killing his wife after she found out he was in a group of serial rapists. John kills Gaynor and realizes that they may have abducted Taylor. Taylor meanwhile is abducted by Black Mask and his men. Black Mask orders Taylor to be disposed of, however Taylor gets rescued by Jason Todd (Colton Haynes), a street-savy young man from Old Gotham.  
  11. "One Day One Room"-Bruce feels guilty for what happens to Taylor and Taylor refuses to speak to him as he is receiving treatment in the hospital. Mario Falcone tests Taylor positive for an STD and admits she has very recently been raped, she refuses to be treated by anyone but Mario. Meanwhile, Bethany Ravencroft's ex-boyfriend arrives in town intent on winning her back, but when she turns him down, he stabs her, prompting Harvey to take the law into his own hands. John and Katrina meanwhile take a look at the photo that John took from Gaynor. John and Katrina realize that Lawrence Tanner and CSI Stuart Rawlings are some of the boys in the photo. The only thing common is that Lawrence Tanner was a pedophile and Rawlings was a CSI who was suspected of tampering evidence in a serial rapist case that went cold weeks ago.  
  12. "Enter Black Mask Exit Penguin"-John continues to look into Rawlings' past, so that forces Rawlings to devise a plan to get him suspended from the police force. Taylor decides to get her revenge on Selina since Taylor feels that Bruce cares about Selina than her which is why she tells Selina about the meeting her mother had with a member of the Blackgaters. Selina confronts her mother about the entire situation and discovers that she owes money to the criminal FP Todd. Cobblepot discovers that some of the victims of the Barrel Girls case were members of his night club and arranges a meeting with Black Mask in order to get him to stop what he is doing, however Black Mask's goons kill all of Cobblepot's men and Black Mask forces Cobblepot to give up his criminal empire in order to live. Rawlings breaks into John's house to kill him. Bruce and John both defeat Rawlings causing him to be turned over to the police department.  
  13. "Welcome Back, John Stewart"-Before John could question Rawlings about his involvement in the Barrel Girls Gang and a serial rapist case, however he gets murdered while under custody at GCPD. John comes to suspect Detective Arnold Flass is behind this, and which is why Jason asks his father FP Todd for information on Flass. Bruce agrees to pay Maria's debt to FP, but Selina becomes furious upon discovering the whole thing was a con Maria and FP ran together, and that Bruce even suspected this but didn't want her to learn the painful truth. Nygma gives Kristen Kringle a romantic greeting card, but Flass finds it and mocks him; Kringle later apologizes to Nygma and admits she found the card thoughtful. FP makes Jason give John the evidence that exposes Flass' involvement in the Rawlings' death, and Flass is arrested. Cobblepot meets a man named Elijah Van Dahl (Paul Reubens) at his mother Gertrude's grave and discovers that Elijah is actually his biological father and not Tucker Cobblepot.  
  14. "Beasts of Prey"-John and Rojas investigate a cold case murder. Upon Nygma discovering a painting of a broken heart as the key evidence, John realizes that the serial killer called "The Ogre" (Milo Ventimiglia) is behind the murder. John then states that everyone who tried to investigate Ogre lost their loved ones. A flashback of a victimized girl reveals the killer's motives and him keeping her prisoner for some time, until he realizes she isn't a fit for his desire, so he kills her. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, Cobblepot reveals his criminal past to Dahl, for which Dahl forgives him. Dahl is told by the doctor that his heart defect is infected and he has little time to live. Upset that Cobblepot may receive what they perceive to be "their" inheritance, Dahl's wife Grace and her children Sasha and Charles poison a drink for Cobblepot to ingest. However, Dahl drinks from the bottle and dies, after stating to Cobblepot his intentions of changing his will in favor of him. Selina meanwhile has a hard time trusting Bruce because of what happened which is why she ends things with him permanently after having to bail him and Harvey out a fight. John discovers that he was set up by Mayor Hill, but John still goes after the killer and warns Hill that he will be next.  
  15. "Under The Knife"-The Ogre calls John threatening to kill someone he loves if John does not stop the investigation. Bruce decides to follow Alfred's advice to not focus on Selina by organizing a baby shower for Taylor, however William approaches Alfred in private demanding that he reveals to Taylor that he's her biological father. Following the death of his father, Cobblepot is bullied by his step-family. However, when he discovers evidence that they killed his father, his former self returns and he murders his step-family. Investigating the Ogre's first victim, John, Rojas, and Gordon identify the killer as Jason Lennon, who saw John with Harleen Quinzel (Margot Robbie) at the Charity Gallery some time ago before she started a relationship with Rupert Thorne, meaning she is the target. The Ogre approaches Harleen at the Ball and brings her to his home.  
  16. "The Anvil Or The Hammer"-Jason "The Ogre" Lennon holds Harleen captive and forces her at knifepoint to choose his next victim. William continues to pressure Alfred into revealing the truth about him being Taylor's father prompting Alfred to get rid of William by sending in the League of Assassins after him. The only reason that the League of Assassins want William dead is because he violated their code by trying to revive Project Avalon. Bruce discovers the truth about Jason's father being a gang leader and orders him to not go near Taylor after revealing it at the baby shower. John and Rojas locate Lennon's apartment, but he and Harleen have already left for her parents' mansion. There, they find Harleen's parents dead, and John kills Lennon after a standoff. Bruce convinces John to let Harleen Quinzel see Mario Falcone for therapy and everyone makes a surprising discovery that Black Mask may be the illegitimate son of Charles Sionis.  
  17. "In The Shadows"-Bruce and Harvey are attacked at Wayne Manor by a man dressed like in black. William reveals that the man Al-Owal, is a member of the League of Assassins, which William is revealed to have been a member of, and is targeting William because of him violating the League's code of conduct. William tries to get Harvey to leave Gotham with him, but Harvey refuses since he wants nothing to do with his father. William kills Al-Owal and sends a warning to Ra's. Afterwards, William decides to leave Gotham to keep his family safe. Alfred tells Bruce the truth about Taylor being William's biological daughter and Bruce decides to keep this a secret because of Taylor's pregnancy. Meanwhile, John gets surprised when his investigation is taken over by Lieutenant Mallory Haywood (Patricia Isaacs), whom he knew from Narcotics. However, Harleen escapes when Haywood is questioning and goes to Mario for trauma counseling. Unfortunately, it turns out Harleen was driven insane by her ordeal with the Ogre; she reveals she killed her parents and attacks Mario, who neutralizes her in self-defense.   
  18. "Fun and Games"-Harvey attends department store owner Robert Dansforth's party with Bethany while Bruce is there with Taylor. However, Harvey gets targeted by Toy Man, who uses children's toys and games to cause violence. The only reason that Toy Man is after Harvey is because a long time ago, Toy Man's boss Chester Dunholtz stole his toy designs and William helped Dunholtz keep his ideas. When Toy Man couldn't fight back, he tries to kill Dunholtz only to kill other people instead, and end up going to jail. Now Toy Man is back for revenge and if he can't get William Dent, then he'll get his son. Bruce decides to ask Clark to come to Gotham to protect Harvey since Clark has dealt with Toy Man before. Meanwhile, Alfred flies John to Metropolis so that John can meet Black Mask's alleged mother, however she refuses to help him. Rojas gets approached by Haywood with an offer to replace John as sergeant only if he helps Internal Affairs with investigating John.    
  19. "Heroes of Today"-When a drunk driver accidentally causes a truck containing barrels with victims of the Barrel Girls Gang, Gordon has Robert Dansforth and his secretary Lola Bauer since the truck is registered to Dansforth himself. John thinks that Dansforth might be involved and sends Bruce to check Dansforth's office at night in his department store for clues. However, Bruce gets attacked by a bounty hunter from the future who calls himself Chronos. Fortunately, Bruce gets saved by Static, War Hawk, and Batman AKA Terry McGinnis. Bruce then tries to help the three heroes from the future stop Chronos from acquiring a stone that Professor Carter Nichols has which can transport people throughout time. Meanwhile, Harvey meets the replacement CEO of Dent Global Group whose name is Jim Mason. John reveals to Rojas the vendetta that Haywood has against him back when they were in Narcotics.    
  20. "Heroes of Tomorrow"-Bruce and War Hawk follow Chronos through a time portal, they both are sent to a very different future version of Gotham City. When War Hawk goes missing, Bruce tries to find him, but gets caught by police forces led by Commissioner Barbara Gordon who are actually working for the leader of Neo Gotham, Damian Dahrk (Neal McDonough). As the mystery of how the future changed gets clearer, Bruce must rely on help from a resistance group led by an older version of Taylor's son named Damian Wayne (Michael Keaton), retrieve the Tempus stone, and find a way back to the present. Meanwhile, John starts to suspect that Dansforth has Bruce and takes matters into his own hands by showing a photo of him and Lola Bauer to Taylor. Taylor only identifies Bauer as the person who watched her get raped which is why John goes after her. Harvey discovers that Jim Mason is actually a clone of his deceased brother Murray Dent.    
  21. "The Big One"-Bruce's situation grows desperate when he, John, and Alfred discover that Taylor has been captured by Black Mask. Despite knowing that he's being baited into a trap, John risks his life to save Taylor. Bruce goes to one of Black Mask's camps where Taylor was first assaulted, however his car flips over a backhoe on the road. Following his crash, Black Mask and Bauer locates Bruce and ties him up alongside Taylor. However, Black Mask is unaware that Bruce has a knife on him, which Bruce uses to break free and stab Black Mask on the foot. Black Mask is revealed to actually be Robert Dansforth, whose real name is actually Roman Sionis. Despite Bruce's pleas, Taylor kills him and Bauer in anger when Sionis mocks her about the rape and that he is the father of Taylor's child. John and Alfred find Bruce and Taylor. John learns that Taylor is dead and decides to pin it on the Knight in order to protect her. Taylor leaves for a monastery in the Himalayas that Bruce suggests to her. Meanwhile, Harvey and Bethany get married.    

Season 3 (2012-2013)

  1. "The Calm"-The newly appointed Captain Haywood assembles a task force against the Knight for being a vigilante. Elsewhere, Rupert Thorne, who has returned to Gotham, attempts to kill the Knight in a bid to raise his profile. After losing the first battle, Bruce and John are able to stop Thorne, along with some help from Selina. It is also revealed that Mallory Haywood only become captain after blackmailing Mayor Hamilton Hill into promoting her with evidence of his corruption. Meanwhile, businessman Jim Mason successfully acquires Thorne Consolidated under a plan of rebuilding Gotham City. Bruce and Katrina go on a first date, but Bruce ends it explaining how he cannot be both the Knight and Bruce, although he acknowledges loving her. Selina is shot in the chest with arrows by an unseen figure before falling from a rooftop to her death. Harvey is stranded on a deserted island, with the world believing him to be dead. At the mansion, Jim accuses Bethany, revealed to be alive, of killing Harvey.
  2. "Selina"-Alfred takes Selina's body to the team. John alerts Bruce to another archer in the city killing people. Bruce follows a lead and is able to identify the archer as Simon Lacroix. The team learns of Lacroix's next target and intercepts him. The team begins to suspect that Lacroix killed Selina since he was not present in Gotham at the time of her death. The team buries Selina; and they decide not to tell Gordon that she is dead. Katrina decides to work for Jim. Harvey returns home to the shock of Bethany. He quickly learns that Bethany attempted to kill him, and takes measures to ensure that doesn't happen again. 
  3. "Identity"-Jason fails to stop a truck robbery committed by Hideo Katsu. When Bruce attempts to convince Jason to stop being a vigilante, the former discovers that medicine being sent to Leslie Thompkins' clinic in Old Gotham is being stolen. Bruce sets a trap for Hideo Katsu, who escapes having his clawed henchman Ben Turner fight him; the police arrive and the two escape. Meanwhile, John poses as the Knight when breaking into Selina's apartment to find clues to who may have killed her. However, John is forced to escape when he is discovered by Captain Haywood, who mistakenly believes the vigilante is connected to Selina's disappearance. Bruce manages to stop Hideo Katsu and Ben Turner when they try to perform another robbery. Leslie Thompkins reveals to Bruce that when Taylor was born, Thomas asked her to do a DNA test on Taylor to see if she was his daughter. Thomas did know that Taylor wasn't his daughter, but despite that, he still loved her as if she were his own. John meets with a woman named Holly Robinson, someone that Selina was suppose to meet at the night of her murder. John protects Holly from her abusive boyfriend.  
  4. "Fishing"-Bruce goes looking for Taylor at the monastery in the Himalayas where he meets Talia Al Ghul. Talia reveals that Taylor has left the monastery after meeting with William Dent, whom she now knows is her biological father. Meanwhile, Gordon tries to identify a body, which John recognizes as that of the drug dealer Fish's girlfriend, Jenny Howard (Jelly Howie). Realizing that the Fish may have killed her, John assumes the Fish is still in town and races to find him for revenge on causing a cop in Narcotics to die from one of his drugs. Flashbacks show John's time in Narcotics with Mallory Haywood and Detective Briggs. Haywood developed a personal vendetta towards John for allowing Briggs to be consumed by an addiction from Fish's drugs which resulted in the officer in question shooting a man, paralyzing him from the waist down and then shooting himself in the head. John decides that Fish might never be convicted which is why he and Alfred take Fish to the docks and murder him. Bruce later on goes to Bhutan looking for William and gets himself thrown into a prison for theft.  
  5. "Survival of The Fittest"-While serving time in prison for theft and after being sent to solitary for attacking several prisoners in self defense, Bruce meets Nyssa Al Ghul (Katrina Law), who invites him to join the League of Assassins in exchange for his release from prison. Meanwhile back in Gotham, John is upset when he realizes that he may be partially responsible for Fish's skinned doorman, Marc Owens (Marc John Jefferies). Bruce goes on a trip searching for a blue poppy in order to gain entry into the League of Assassins while being alone for the first time. Bruce finds himself unprepared for the many dangers that await him, but ends up finding a poppy in the end. Katrina suggests to John that police officer Dorian Chase might be responsible for killing Marc Owens due to a grudge that he has on him for being released on a case he worked on. While tailing Dorian, John observes him attack a man and shove him in the trunk of his car. He calls Gordon and the two of them watch Dorian torture one of Fish's former hemp suppliers. They see Dorian release the man, proving his is not the one responsible for the murders. Gordon then arrests Dorian only for his brother Adrian Chase to call in a favor to have his brother released. Bruce finally meets Ra's Al Ghul (Matt Noble) and presents the blue poppy to Nyssa. Katrina decides to work for Jim.  
  6. "Vigilante"-A new vigilante appears in Gotham City, one who kills criminals in cold blood. Bruce wonders if he should just leave the League of Assassins and continue looking for Taylor, however Nyssa refuses to let him leave. Becoming a vigilante known as Guardian, John intercepts the Vigilante during a bank robbery, but he gets away, so does the head of the robbers. Harvey Dent forces one of the robbers to reveal the leader's location and Guardian saves him from the Vigilante. Bruce and Nyssa continue to grow closer as they train. John poses as a bank robber to lure out the Vigilante, who again escapes even after John defeats and nearly unmasks him. Bruce and Nyssa both work together when they try to stop rouge League of Assassins member Kyodoi Ken, who is using his teachings for darkness.  
  7. "Brave and The Bold"-While training with Ra's Al Ghul, Bruce begins torturing Kyodoi Ken to effectively get information. John, Alfred, and Katrina track down the home of Digger Harkness, the boomerang-wielding murderer, but they only find A.R.G.U.S operatives looking for the same man. Clark arrives to Gotham City to help Katrina investigate Selina's death. Digger attempts to kill John's ex-wife Lyla Michaels; however John and Clark arrive to stop him. Later, Lyla reveals that Digger was part of the Suicide Squad. John's extreme interrogation methods lead Clark to question how emotionally stable Clark is. Digger traces Bruce's hideout, where he wounds Lyla before escaping. In order to leave town, Digger plants 5 bombs around the city. While John captures Digger, Clark uses both him, Katrina, and Alfred to defuse the bombs at the same time. Digger is sent to an A.R.G.U.S prison.  
  8. "Savage"-Professor Virgil Swann of S.T.A.R Labs sends Katrina the DNA results of who might have murdered Selina Kyle, and it appears to be Bruce's D.N.A. Realizing something is not right, John begins to suspect that Taylor may have killed Selina. Bruce learns from torturing Kyodoi that Kyodoi is associated with a warlord named Vandal Savage. Against Ra's orders, Bruce travels to North Africa to stop Vandal Savage (Casper Crump). Realizing that Savage is much tougher than he expected, Bruce seeks help from Lana Lang, who is now a vigilante known as the Angel of Plateau, to stop him. Jason, learning that Taylor might still be in Gotham, gets an offer from Captain Haywood to use as bait to capture the Skinner in exchange for her help in finding Taylor.  
  9. "Al-Sah Him"-Ra's prepares to grant Bruce Wayne membership into the League of Assassins for taking down Vandal Savage and Kyodoi Ken. Ra's recounts his time in a tribe of nomads in a desert somewhere in Arabia, near a city whose inhabitants' ancestors had journeyed to the Arabian Peninsula from China. Developing an interest in the sciences at an early age, Ra's abandoned his tribe to live in the city where he pursued life as a researcher. He subsequently became a physician and married a woman named Sora. However, Sora was killed by a prince whom Ra's had cured upon discovering the Lazarus Pit and Ra's was given blame for her death by the sultan. Ra's eventually managed to get his revenge on the Sultan and then went on to found the League of Assassins. After completing his training and purging his fears, Bruce learns that the League intends to destroy Gotham, believing it to be corrupt and beyond saving. Bruce rejects the League's cause and burns down their temple during his escape. Ra's is killed by falling debris, while Bruce saves the unconscious Nyssa. John discovers that The Skinner is a tree-trimmer named Victor Zassz and Gordon discovers that John never had Jason registered as an informant.  
  10. "Corto Maltese"-Bruce returns to Gotham and learns from Katrina that Taylor might have murdered Selina which is why Bruce decides to bring Taylor home. Katrina tracks Taylor to Corto Maltese. Taylor initially refuses to return. While he waits to convince her, Bruce assists Lyla on a mission for A.R.G.U.S to ascertain the whereabouts of one of its agents, Mark Shaw. Mark is revealed to have broken into the A.R.G.U.S. database and stolen information to sell on the black market. Bruce and Lyla manage to stop him, who convinces Lyla to tell Director Amanda Waller that he is dead. After a last minute plea and revealing how Thomas was aware that Taylor wasn't his biological daughter but still loved her as if she were his own, Taylor agrees to return, which William allows. John realizes that Jason has been kidnapped by The Skinner, whom the police believe to be Victor Zassz (Jesse Borrego). Unfortunately, the only witness, Zassz's employee Marcus (Jerry Zatarain), is too afraid to talk to the police.  
  11. "Dodger"-Bruce learns of a jewel thief named "Dodger", who uses hostages tagged with bomb collars. Katrina suggests that Bruce bug the phone of Captain Mallory Haywood, an old friend of Bruce's, to gain information on the Dodger. She also convinces Brue to ask Haywood out on a date so that he can have some down time. Through the wire tap, Bruce is able to determine the Dodger's next location, but is stunned by a bomb thrown by the thief, who gets away. To draw out the Dodger, Bruce donates antique jewels to an auction. It works; but when Katrina confronts the thief, he places a collar on her to ensure his getaway. Bruce manages to stop the Dodger and deactivate the collar. John visits Rupert Thorne at prison and discovers that Thorne is still managing his criminal enterprises while behind bars. Thorne was the one who ordered Victor Zassz to start killing people in order to find the drug dealer Fish, who owes Thorne money. However, Thorne is unaware that Fish is actually dead because of John. Bruce gets abducted later on while leaving Thorne Consolidated.  
  12. "Suicidal Tendencies"-Bruce, while in the trunk of the car, manages to free his hands of the tape when the car comes to a stop and prepares to fight his way out. The trunk opens and Bruce swings and hits Katrina, squarely in the eye. As it turned out, Bruce was only abducted by his coworkers to celebrate the fact that Bruce is employee of the month at Thorne Consolidated. Waller recruits John and Lyla for a Suicide Squad mission to rescue Senator Evan Gregory from a kidnapping. The kidnapping turns out to be a ruse by Gregory, to help his bid for President. The team rescues the hostages, but Lawton seemingly sacrifices himself so everyone can get out safely. He is announced responsible for the kidnapping, and Gregory's involvement is covered up. The police issue a warrant for the the Knight. Bruce discovers that someone is impersonating him when it was actually assassins sent by Nyssa. In his B.L.U.E B.E.E.T.L.E suit, Ted locates the Knight and uses facial scans on him. Gordon refuses to accept Ted's evidence against Bruce. Ted engages Bruce in a fight, but Bruce disables Ted's suit. Bruce convinces Ted that he is being set up. Ted later visits Harvey Dent, Gordon, Jim, Haywood, and Mayor Hill to convince them that the Knight is being framed. However, an assassin dressed as the Knight kills Hill and aims his gun at Katrina.  
  13. "Survivor Syndrome"-Jim takes the arrow for Katrina. Haywood issues an arrest warrant for the Knight, with shoot to kill orders in effect. Ra's kidnaps Haywood and reveals the Knight's identity, which is why Haywood visits Rupert Thorne with an offer that he cannot refuse. Bruce and Ted later on work together to locate a missing Olympic athlete named Tom Dalton. Alfred wants John to help, but John wants to bring down Victor Zassz and Rupert Thorne. As it turns out, Dalton is actually impersonating the Knight since he wants to takeout the gangster Pete Galavant, who shot his fiance a long time ago when he was at war with the Bertinelli Crime Family. Bruce manages to save Galavant, but Dalton dies and the police start to suspect he was the Knight.  Meanwhile, Jim is revealed to have developed a deadly thrombus that has no known cure. Ted reveals to have nanobots that can destroy the clot. Katrina injects them and saves him by the help of Leslie Thompkins.  
  14. "Knightfall''-Alfred, Ted, John, and Katrina plants evidence to steer Haywood and Gordon's investigation away from Bruce. Meanwhile, Rupert Thorne, is unexpectedly released on parole, and Bruce plots to bring him down once and for all. Bruce enlists Ted's help to stop a meta-human killer named Jake Simmons. After a failed first attempt, Bruce and Ted sync their movements through a neural network, but when the network malfunctions during the battle, Ted defeats Simmons himself, and places him under S.T.A.R. Labs' custody. Bruce attempts to kill Thorne after realizing that he would never be convicted, but discovers that he is being set up by Haywood, who pulled strings to have Thorne released from prison in hopes that Bruce will go after him. Bruce reluctantly lets Thorne go so he can escape but Haywood deduces what was about to happen when she sees the killing room.  
  15. "The Damage A Person Can Do"-Haywood has Bruce arrested for killing Rupert Thorne, who is in fact still alive, but is forced to let him go when forensics provides evidence proving Bruce is innocent. This turn of events only strengthens Haywood's resolve to arrest Bruce, even as her career teeters on ruin. Meanwhile, Thorne orders Victor Zassz to interrogate John to see what he knows so far and to then kill him. Zassz intenda o torture and skin John for information, but instead John effectively stripes him of his control (by revealing the truth that Fish is long dead), then breaks free. In a brutal fist-fight, John breaks Zassz's neck, killing him. Bruce arrives to save John only for John to drop Zassz's body in front of his car. William, who has returned to Gotham, is stunned at Harvey's reaction after Jim reveals that he is a clone of Murray Dent. Later when Jim and William are just finishing a long and enjoyable steak dinner, they get mugged and Jim gets murdered by an assassin hired by Harvey.  
  16. "Never Fear"-Jonathan Crane invents a new toxin that can make people overcome their worst fears. Bruce meanwhile tries to keep Jason off the streets as a vigilante, William informs him he'll have to eventually tell Taylor the truth about his activities. Bruce reveals the truth to Taylor, who accepts and praises him for the work he has been doing as the Dark Knight. Jason tracks down Crane and takes him on alone, only to be affected by his fear toxin making him not afraid to take a life. Bruce tries to stop Jason before he could kill again. Bruce realizes that his team does not fight for him anymore, but for the city. Bruce and Jason successfully capture Crane together. On William's advice, Bruce takes Taylor to an island called Lian Yu for training. Meanwhile, Harvey seeks a psychologist to help him with his ordeal.  
  17. "Bane"-While on Lian Yu, Bruce begins Taylor's training. He goes to the A.R.G.U.S prison to visit a prisoner called Bane, however, he discovers that the guard is dead and Bane is missing. Bruce warns Taylor and they find out that William had Bane freed as part of their training. Bane arrives and captures them, imprisoning them in the A.R.G.U.S. cell. The duo manages to open the doors and escape. Bruce reveals to Taylor that she killed Selina. Bane arrives and engages them. Bruce dissuades Taylor from killing Bane, who gets imprisoned back in the cell. The duo returns to Gotham City, where Taylor confronts William for forcing her to kill Taylor. Taylor decides to work with him to fight Harvey, but denounces their personal relationship. Still getting used to his ordeal, Harvey starts to have meetings with Rupert Thorne, who was one who arranged for Jim to be murdered on his own behalf.  
  18. "Double Trouble"-Bruce and Taylor continue their training with William. Taylor confesses the whole truth to Alfred, who instead blames William. Harvey gets kidnapped by a new gang of criminals known as the Spades, who decides to have him hostage for Gordon's capture. The city goes into chaos when the police and others want to capture Gordon and free their DA. As it turned out, William was the one who hired the Spades to get revenge on Harvey for killing Jim. William makes sure no one would interfere by releasing a group of vicious dogs brainwashed to kill Bruce and his team. Bruce must now find a way to stop the dogs and the ongoing outcry while getting help from Alfred, John, Jason, and Katrina. Ted tests the flight capabilities of his completed B.L.U.E B.E.E.T.L.E. exo-suit. Harvey ends up having half of his face damaged in an explosion.  
  19. "The Fallen"-Harvey is taken to hospital due to the injuries he obtained from the explosion. Ra's Al Ghul contacts Bruce to let him know that if he accepts his offer, he will be able to use the Lazarus Pit to heal Selina. William warns against this, stating that the pit changes a person in their soul, but Bruce decides to take her to Bhutan regardless. Selina is dipped into the pit and returns healed but in a state of confusion, and her memories jumbled. Katrina has sex with Bruce before drugging him so the team can sneak him out of the fortress, which is aided by Nyssa. Cornered by the Assassins, Bruce wakes in time to order them to stand down. Afterward, Bruce returns to take his place as head of the League, alone. Selina wakes up in her apartment, her mind clear and distraught that Bruce sacrificed himself for her. Bruce renounces his old life, taking on an apprentice role in the League and the name Al Sah-him until he is ready to take over as the new Ra's.  
  20. "This Is Your Sword"-John and Selina patrol Gotham City, taking on any criminals they find. Taylor finds Jason and reunites with him. Bruce learns that Hugo Strange (B.D Wong), a man that he had encountered before in his youth, gave Ra's the Omega Virus. Sneaking away from the castle, Bruce, revealed to have been in league with William and that his agreement to become Ra's heir was a charade to get close to Ra's and slowly dismantle the League from within, tells William about Ra's plan. William convinces the team that he is telling the truth with a recording of his conversation with Bruce. Alfred, Selina, Ted, Katrina, and William go to Bhutan where they face off against the League. However, they are overrun by the League and captured. William reveals Bruce's treachery to Ra's, whom Bruce manages to convince of his loyalty. Ra's exposes the team, excluding Alfred, to the virus before sealing them away in a cell. Afterward, Bruce and Nyssa get married.  
  21. "My Name Is Bruce Wayne"-While Ra's and Bruce head toward Gotham City, the team wakes in the dungeon. William informs them that he secretly gave them the vaccine. A speedster called the Flash (Keiyan Lonsdale), who has been sent by Bruce, arrives and frees them. Bruce and Nyssa attack Ra's and the other Assassins. Ra's escapes with a canister of the virus, vowing to destroy Gotham City. Ra's reveals to have four targets. Katrina locates them, and Bruce organizes the team, along with John and the police, to those locations, with Jason arriving to help. Bruce duels Ra's, as the team successfully stops the attack and minimizes the casualties. Bruce defeats Ra's before being saved from the police by Katrina in the B.L.U.E.B.E.E.T.L.E suit. Afterward, Bruce decides to have a normal life with Katrina instead of operating as a vigilante, knowing that there are other vigilantes that can take his place. Bruce also has Ra's sent to Arkham Asylum by making it look like he is suffering Bruce cedes the title of Ra's to William, to whom Nyssa kneels, but promises vengeance. Ted gets killed in an explosion while testing his B.L.U.E.B.E.E.T.L.E suit.  

Season 4 (2013-2014)

  1. "Batman"-John, Taylor, and Selina continue fighting crime in Gotham City while Katrina is busy running Thorne Consolidated, who has acquired Kord Enterprises from Ted Kord, who apparently died in an explosion. Detective Slam Bradley is murdered by a member of the Ukrainian mafia after finding a dead prostitute in his trunk. Selina, Alfred, and Taylor convince Bruce, who was trying to propose to Katrina, to return and help them investigate Bradley's death. Bruce realizes that Katrina has been helping the team. Bruce identifies the murderer as Luka Volk, a member of the Whisper Gang. Selina kills Volk and Bruce has Selina removed from the team after noticing how murderous she has become. Afterward, taking the name "Batman", Bruce broadcasts a message vowing to be a beacon of hope and never to kill. Meanwhile, Draco Kosov (Ray Stevenson), second in command of the Whisper Gang, learns that Volk is dead and decides to go to Gotham to find out who killed him. As Timothy Munroe, the police officer whom Draco spoke to, is leaving the police station for the night, he gets killed by the Vigilante.
  2. "Descent"-Harvey confronts William and then throws him out the Dent Global Group window to his death. After killing William, Harvey begins to have hallucinations of his younger self who is angered at Harvey for murdering his father. John and Katrina discover that William was murdered. Bruce confronts Harvey at his mansion, informing him that he has proof Harvey killed his father. Harvey begins to hold a number of hostages in his mansion and announces that he will let them live only if Bruce shows up with the evidence against him. Bruce manages to get close to Harvey by speaking to his good side and stops Harvey's rampage by seizing his coin, leaving him indecisive. Following Harvey's arrest, Bruce vows to have him obtain help for his condition. Because of Harvey's arrest, Adrian Chase is now the acting district attorney of Gotham City. Meanwhile, Draco arrives in Gotham to review the autopsy report on Luka Volk's death and wrongly concludes that Batman killed him. John gets friendly with a Russian stripper named Katya.
  3. "House of Cards"-Selina and Taylor arrive to Bhutan and request Nyssa to help Selina with her violent urges. However, William, who is still alive and leading the League as the new Ra's Al Ghul, refuses and tells Selina that she needs to kill some people once in a while to suppress the lust. Nyssa destroys the Lazarus Pit in retaliation, and William has her imprisoned. Wanting revenge on Batman for murdering Volk, Draco brings in a meta-human named Jeremy Tell, who can turn his playing card tattoos into physical projectiles. After Tells' initial failure, Draco convinces the club's bartender to be a scapegoat for Bradley's murder to the get the police away from the Whisper Gang. Katrina reveals to her assistant Curtis Holt that she is aiding Batman. John and Batman team up to take down Tell, who refuses to confess who hired him out of fearing Draco more. He is imprisoned in Blackgate Penitentiary. While on patrol, Taylor gets ambushed by a new villain called the Music Meister (Darren Criss), who makes Taylor wake up in a hallucination where she is a high school singer.
  4. "Mayhem of The Music Meister"-The Music Meister attacks and places Bruce in a similar coma. He wakes up in a musical world and finds Taylor. Meister tells them that if they follow the script, they will return to the real world. Bruce and Taylor are singers in a school with William Dent as the principal, John is a gang leader, Selina is a cheerleader, and Gordon is another gang leader opposing John. Bruce and Taylor find Gordon's son Jason and John's sister in a forbidden relationship. Bruce and Taylor convince the pair to reveal their love. John and Gordon then decide to go to war in the school which puts the student body in danger. Bruce and Taylor are killed in the crossfire, however they wake up after admitting they care for one another. They wake up in the hideout and Meister reveals he just wanted them to realize their love for one another since Bruce has been spending more time as a vigilante and being with Katrina. The songs sang were: "We Got The Beat" (Glee), "Total Eclipse of The Heart" (Glee), "Batman" (Warp Zone), "Power" (Kanye West), and others.
  5. "Bat In The Belfry"- A gang of criminals rob a Gotham City mob bank, double crossing and murdering each other until there is only one left: the mysterious Joker. Joker proposes to murder Batman for the Whisper Gang in exchange for half their funds, but the mob refuses since they trust Lau more. Meanwhile, Bruce and Katrina learn that Lau wants to do business with the recently renamed Kord Enterprises, however they both work together to go to Hong Kong to kidnap Lau when he escapes the law's jurisdiction. Adrian Chase and Selina Kyle both make a deal with Lau to testify against the other mob bosses which makes them as well as Draco hire the Joker. Bruce fails to stop Joker from killing police Captain Mallory Haywood and a judge presiding over the trial. At Essen's funeral, Joker attempts to kill the mayor, but Gordon makes the ultimate sacrifice which upsets Selina.
  6. "Mad City"-Bruce learns a group of vigilantes, dressed like the "Batman" are killing criminals all over Gotham which is why he decides to go after them. Meanwhile, John informs Selina that Raymond Earle, a suspect in two murders, is likely to kill again. However, Selina doesn't believe him. The vigilamtes target Whisper Gang member Yuri Dimitrov and Bruce before kidnapping Katrina. Bruce saves her without killing anyone else and leaves the vigilantes for John. Meanwhile, the Joker continues his killing spree and in the end, hangs one of the vigilantes at City Hall where Adrian is meeting with Hill, who warns him to walk away from the case and focus on capturing the Joker. Selina follows Earle, but is forced to get involved when Earle traps his latest victim in a Minotauran labyrinth. John manages to save Selina, but Earle escapes.
  7. "The Trap"-Earle is arrested by the police and admits to the murders, but the case is dismissed on a technicality and he is set free. While John pursues Earle, he is captured and trapped in Earle's labyrinth, but manages to escape. The Joker continues to kill people unless the Batman reveals his identity to the public. Bruce decides to give into the Joker's demands in order to get him to stop killing. Before Bruce could confess his secret, Adrian Chase claims to be the Batman. Chase is taken into protective custody, but Joker appears and attacks the convoy. Bruce, Katrina, and Gordon manage to capture Joker. Hill is forced to reinstate Gordon as an award for his bravery and Gordon decides to start working with the Batman, however Selina is angry at Gordon for faking his own death. John manages to kill Earle in self defense.
  8. "Bang"-Rupert Thorne and the Whisper Gang fight for control over Old Gotham. However, Draco wants to focus the Whisper Gang's full attention in killing Batman. When the Whisper Gang members are gunned down by an apparent "army", Draco visits Chase and Selina for protection. Selina visits the wounded Draco to the hospital, while Jason learns from his father that the Blackgaters were murdered by the same "army" as the Whisper Gang. Bruce, as Batman, investigates the cartels with help from Gordon and learns that the cartel had all of their high-power weapons stolen by a single man. At the hospital, Selina and Draco are attacked by Vigilante and barely escape alive. Batman confronts the new vigilante in the rooftops near the hospital, and is shot in the head at point blank range.
  9. "Dogs To A Gunfight"-Jason finds Bruce in the morning. Though his body armor saved his life, Bruce's head and heightened senses are damaged and repaired, and Alfred insists that he rest and recover. Draco demands that Chase goes over the Batman, whom he believes to be working with the Vigilante. Since all of his mob contacts are murdered, Chase only agrees if Draco wears a wire to a meeting with Rupert Thorne. After he recovers, Bruce gets Katrina and Lucius to make a new improved mask before investigating the hideout where the Whisper Gang members were murdered. Realizing that they had a now missing dog, Bruce gets Katrina to track it to a nearby apartment, where the Vigilante, has been listening to Selina's operation with Draco on a police radio. When the Vigilante attacks the operation, police snipers fire at him as he and Batman fight. Draco escapes in the chaos not before unmasking Batman to be Bruce, while Bruce is injured and loses consciousness.
  10. "Gotham's Finest"-Batman wakes up as the Vigilante's captive and gets surprised to discover that he is actually Adrian Chase, who decided to take up the mantle after his brother Dorian was killed in a mob war. Batman pleads pleads with him to stop killing, feeling that there is goodness within anyone, and that no criminal is beyond redemption. Chase insists that what he does is necessary, that by murdering criminals he stops them from doing wrong ever again, while Batman merely delays the inevitable by injuring them. Their debate culminates in Vigilante continue after Thorne, whom he caught stealing a car in an attempt to flee the city, and strapping a gun with a single bullet to Daredevil's hand, offering him the choice of killing Thorne, killing the Vigilante before he kills Thorne, or doing nothing and living with the fact that his actions caused someone's death anyway. Batman shoots the chains holding him and breaks free, but in doing so gives the Vigilante time to fatally shoot Grotto. As the dying Thorne asks why Batman allowed him to die, the Vigilante attacks a nearby Blackgaters group. Batman manages to knock the Vigilante unconscious, and then fights his way through the angry gang members to safety. Selina meanwhile feels guilty for everything that has happened and decides to give up being Cat Woman out of remorse for killing Volk.
  11. "Human Target"-Draco plans to kill Bruce as a civilian instead of as the Batman. John suggests that Bruce hire bodyguard Christopher Chance, the "Human Target", who would be able to help them. Christopher impersonates Bruce at Thorne Consolidated and fakes his death when Draco's mercenary attacks. Meanwhile, Selina begins to suspect that Bruce is dead and confronts Draco about it revealing that she killed Volk. It is revealed that the only reason Draco wants to kill the person responsible for Luka's death is because they were lovers. The team realizes from John that Yuri Dimitrov plans to consolidate the drug traffic of five cities through Gotham City, needing Batman eliminated for his plan to succeed. Bruce, John, Taylor, and Christopher raid Dimitrov's meeting and capture other crime lords while Yuri escapes. Bruce publicly claims that his faked death was part of a sting operation. Chase kills the other crime lords during transport, despite them pleading for mercy. Gordon begins to suspect that Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same person.
  12. "Penny and Dime"-Draco goes after Selina to seek revenge on her for killing Luka. Selina lures Draco into a night club owned by Micky Sullivan and the Sullivan Crime Family causing for there to be a shootout so Selina can tip off the police. Meanwhile, Bruce tries to stop Chase from killing anyone else again while Yuri tries to get revenge on Vigilante for murdering all of his clients. John discovers that Chase only wanted to become a murderer because his brother Dorian was killed in a sting operation. The Whisper Gang manages to lure Vigilante into a trap and unmask him to be Adrian Chase. Yuri violently tortures him, until Chase escapes and brutally murders all of them. Batman and Night Wing finds them and stops Chase from murdering anyone else, helping him escape. Chase tells Batman about his brother, who was murdered, before allowing himself to be arrested, with Batman and Night Wing giving credit for his capture to John in hopes of restoring the public's faith in the police rather than in vigilante justice. Selina visits Draco in prison after there is enough forensic evidence to convict him, however Draco warns Selina that this is not over.
  13. "Sins of The Father"-Nyssa returns to ask Bruce to kill William, however Bruce refuses and tries to convince William to relinquish control of the League to Nyssa to ensure peace. John convinces Selina to help defend Chase from Vargas out of sympathy for his dead brother Dorian. At the exchange, William double-crosses Nyssa and a war starts between the two Assassin factions in Gotham City. Bruce convinces William to challenge Nyssa to a duel. William uses ancient rules to trade places with Nyssa as her husband. The former bests William but, instead of killing him, knocks him out cold, and gives the ring on his hand to Nyssa. However, Nyssa disbands the League and destroys the ring. Selina reveals to Chase that he knows about his past, eventually earning his cooperation. However, in front of Vargas, Chase refuses a plea deal that would give him life in prison and instead pleads not guilty which angers Vargas. The People V.S Adrian Chase is set to begin within a week.
  14. "Beacon of Hope"-Brie Larvan orchestrates her release from prison and travels to Gotham City in search of the bio-mechanical chip that helps Katrina walk. Brie attacks Thorne Consolidated, holding the board hostage until Katrina turns herself over. Michael tracks down Bruce's hideout, discovering his secret in the process, so that he can offer his help to the team to save Katrina and Taylor. Bruce is stung by one of Brie's robotic bees. Michael realizes the sting actually implanted a bee within Bruce that is replicating itself. Alfred uses sound waves to save Bruce. Katrina is able to evacuate the board members, while Brie reveals she is after the chip because she has a tumor that is going to leave her paralyzed. Michael develops a virus to shut down the bees and uses them to stop Brie. Meanwhile at Chase's trial, Lila refuses to let Selina use a PTSD defense from Chase's time in A.R.G.U.S since the government agency is to remain a secret from the public. Selina cross-examines the chief medical examiner, who likely doctored Dorian Chase's death certificates for Vargas, but before he can do so in court the man confesses; he had been tortured the night before into revealing the truth which shocks the court.
  15. "Mad Love"-At Arkham Asylum, Harley Quinn meets the Joker and soon falls in love with him due to the Joker's seduction of her. The Joker revealed to Harley how he was abused as a child by his alcoholic father. After more interviews, Harley determined that Batman was the source of Joker's anger, but also that she was falling in love with him. Harley became Joker's partner in escaping from the asylum in hopes that she could win his love. Bruce goes looking for Harley as Batman. Joker and Harley go on a killing spree, and they get stopped when they attempt to kill Gordon. The Joker retreats to one of his hideouts to plan his next move, but is being annoyed by his love-struck sidekick Harley Quinn and kicks her out of their hideout. That prompts Harley to try to get revenge on Batman for her lover's affections. In court, Selina begins to sway the jury in Chase's favor, but Chase takes the stand and purposefully wrecks his own defense. Harley kidnaps Batman and attempts to kill him until Batman manipulates her into contacting the Joker. The Joker arrives and pushes Harley out the window and attempts to kill Batman only to fail. Batman taunts Joker by saying that Harley came closer to killing him than he ever did. Joker attacks him in rage, but Batman sends him lunging into a burning smokestack. Chase enters prison, and is led by a guard to a meeting with Draco.
  16. "Seven Minutes In Heaven"-Draco offers Chase a chance at Waylon Jones AKA Killer Croc, the one who runs the prison and whom Draco believes organized the deal-gone-wrong which lead to the deaths of Chase's family. Draco admits that this will allow Draco to take control of the prison himself. Chase attacks Killer Croc, who reveals that he organized the deal for a crime lord called Mother Draco then betrays Chase by releasing Killer Croc's supporters on him, but Castle slaughters them all. Realizing that Chase could be an asset to distract Batman while he goes after Selina for revenge, Draco arranges for Chase to escape the prison. Meanwhile, Bruce gets abducted and assumes that the Whisper Gang is behind the kidnapping. However, it it turned out that Bruce was actually kidnapped by John, Alfred, Katrina, Taylor, and Lucius for Bruce's surprise birthday party. It was because Taylor revealed that Bruce never had an actual party, however, the party is crashed by Pamela Isely (Maggie Geha) and her friends since Pamela develops a grudge on Taylor for becoming captain of the cheerleaders instead of her. Selina contemplates telling Gordon the truth about her being Cat Woman, but decides against it.
  17. "The Man In The Box"-Bruce asks John to send the several children who are used as victims for a human trafficking ring to Leslie Thompkins for hospital treatment. Learning of Chase's escape, Vargas meets with John, Gordon, and Selina in her office. She confirms that she organised the sting on Mother's drug deal with Rupert Thorne, Micky Sullivan, and the Whisper Gang, and explains that she chose not to clear the area so as not to tip off the criminals, leading to the deaths of Dorian Chase and other civilians when the deal went south. Now, she believes that Chase is targeting her daughter, and pleads for help in bringing him in. However, Vargas is gunned down in front of them by an unidentified shooter. Selina visits Draco in prison to confirm her suspicions, that Draco is running it and orchestrated Chase's release. Chase saves Selina from a similar attack to the one on Vargas. At the hospital, the children awake as Batman, Night Wing, and Guardian prepare to defend the building from Mother's associates.
  18. ".380"-Batman, Night Wing, and Guardian save Leslie from Mother's thugs, but the children willingly leave with ninjas and drain themselves of their blood to feed the chemicals into an ancient device. Some of Mother's thugs died during the fight, and an attempted autopsy on one of them shows the scars of a prior autopsy. The hospital board chooses to cover this up, compelling Leslie to quit. Chase and Selina are confronted by Mother's men, and Chase violently beats her location out of them before murdering them. He then leaves the horrified Selina. Batman confronts Yuri and tortures him into giving up the information of where Mother is, sending him to a pier. Chase attacks a boat there, used to smuggle drugs, and attempts to kill a woman claiming to be the Mother; Batman stops him, but the Mother's men arrive and attack the boat, and Chase escapes in the chaos. Dimitrov tries to bribe John into stealing the evidence against Draco in order to get him released from prison, but John refuses.
  19. "Trust But Verify"-After an armored truck is robbed, Bruce believes that one of the thieves is former black ops member Hank Henshaw (David Harewood). John dismisses Bruce's assumption, as Hank was John's colleague and saved him onetime on a mission in South America Afghanistan. Bruce finds Hank and steals encrypted data, as John prevents the former from getting any information directly from Hank. The data is revealed to be plans for robbing armored trucks, which Bruce uses to track the thieves. John learns that Hank was the mastermind behind the robberies, and is force to join Hank's crew when Hank has his mother hostage, but backs out of helping them at last. Bruce arrives in time and takes out the thugs. Dimitrov manages to succeed in blackmailing John to steal the blood work incriminating Draco by threatening to kill Katia. The police believe that Chase is dead and Selina agrees with it.
  20. "Helter Skelter"- After Draco tries to gun down Selina at Big Belly Burger, the Whisper Gang hires two hit men to find and kill Draco since they believe his reckless behavior is bad for business. In a desperate move, Draco kidnaps Gordon in order to enlist Selina's help to protect him which is why Selina asks John and Alfred for help. John confesses to Selina his involvement in getting Draco released from prison. John, Selina, Draco, and Alfred work together and kill all the thugs sent to kill Draco, however Draco is shot and killed by Yuri Dimitrov, the manager of the Foxhole. Katrina manages to find Gordon leading for Bruce and Taylor to save his life. Selina finally confesses the truth to Gordon that she is Cat Woman and Gordon decides to approve of her activities despite the danger. Flashbacks show a younger Selina Kyle (Carmen Bicondova) and how she became the foster daughter to a younger James Gordon (Ben Mckenzie).
  21. "The Dark At The End of The Tunnel"-Mother has the police station raided for information on people that Batman has helped. They take hostages, including Selina and criminal Matches Malone. Because Malone is on house arrest, police officers tracking him report the situation before they are killed by Mother. Bruce, Nyssa, and Taylor use this call to find the hostages, and free them. They are then confronted by a horde of ninjas. Nyssa sacrifices herself to save everyone and the team defeats the ninjas with help from Chase, who looks to move on from his past and accept the Vigilante mantle. Bruce and the team mourn Nyssa. After Yuri threatens to send Nadia to a sex club in Dubai, John shoots and kills him, then falsifies a motive. However, John feels guilty for the unethical things he has done and decides to leave for the NYPD while Alfred decides to leave for England after being contacted by his cousin. Selina even decides to resign being district attorney to work for millionaire businessman Justin Claybourne. The board of directors appoint Bruce to be the new CEO of Thorne Consolidated, however Bruce is renaming the company as Wayne Enterprises.

Season 5 (2014-2015)

  1. "The Killing Joke"- Five months after the death of Nyssa Al Ghul, Bruce is distracted from his new duties as CEO due to working as the Batman. He is encouraged by Katrina to build a new team by recruiting amateur vigilantes now working in Gotham City, like Rory Regan. A break-out of inmates at Arkham Asylum leads Batman to discover that the Joker is at it again while using a gas to make victims paralyzed with a fixed, yellow-teeth smile on their faces. Batman quickly discovers that the Joker plans to use the gas on Gotham City and attempts to stop him with help from Taylor, Lucius, and Katrina. Meanwhile, the Joker kidnaps medical surgeon Thomas Elliot and forces him to separate his new henchmen Hammer and Sickle. Batman is able to stop the Joker from carrying out his plan with help from James Gordon and the entire police department. Bruce still refuses to recruit new people into his team. Elsewhere, a team of scuba divers at the Gotham Bay has found over 30 garbage bags, each containing parts of mutilated victims.
  2. "Q&A"- The Gotham City Police Department, led by FBI Special Agent Vic Sage, begins the hunt for the "Gotham Butcher". Meanwhile, Gordon investigates a series of kidnappings and Bruce realizes that those victims were once the producers of a game show called Think, Thank, Thunk and realizes that the culprit is none other than Arthur Brown, who now goes by the name Clue Master and has a grudge on the producers for rigging the show as well as the contestant who beat him. Bruce now must stop Brown before they get killed. Taylor befriends Pamela Isely when they both have to do some volunteering for the environmental club. Justin Claybourne arrives to do business with Bruce Wayne, however Alfred, while in MI5, tries to convince Bruce not to accept Claybourne's offer by telling him about William, Thomas, and Claybourne's rise in the business world, but it was Claybourne who took the more criminal route to undermine his corporation's potential success. However, Claybourne felt it was William and Thomas who undermined him. Bruce then rejects Claybourne's aid which makes him swear vengeance.
  3. "Code of Silence"-Justin Claybourne's businesses are attacked by a team of mercenaries, known as the Demolition Team. They try to take out Claybourne, whom Selina saves. Unknown to everyone else, Pamela is the brains behind a string of attacks. The Demolition Team goes after Pamela after wondering why they have not been paid for their work as promised, placing her and Taylor in extreme danger. Meanwhile, Alfred, back in MI5 and on a covert operation, is ambushed by Director Payne, who plans to sell a nuclear trigger and frame Alfred. Bruce and Taylor have to deal with a superhero named Booster Gold, who shows up from the future to try to take the spotlight from the Batman. Unfortunately, Booster Gold keeps interfering in one of Bruce and Taylor's attempts to stop the Demolition Team until he eventually manages to be of use.
  4. "Pretty Poison"-Pamela's chemical accident during the fight between Booster Gold, Batman, Night Wing, and the Demolition Team, caused her body to mutate and give her power over plants and spores that can mind-control men. Becoming Poison Ivy, she soon continues her attacks against waste-dumping corporations led by Justin Claybourne. However, when she kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and places Batman under her control, Taylor tries to stop her former friend. Alfred is incarcerated and hallucinates Grant Wilson as his cellmate due to the guilt he had for having him removed from the CIA. Bruce confronts Booster and warns him not to go out onto the streets again for what happened to Pamela. Alfred decides to not fight the charges against him which is why Lyla goes to tell Bruce about it. Bruce then decides to break Alfred out of prison. Thomas Elliot gets visited by Vic Sage with an offer to join his task force against the Gotham Butcher and Vic notices a string of patterns in the murders.
  5. "A Shock To Your System"-John returns to Gotham and helps Taylor capture a member of the Red Fists and turns him and his loot to the GCPD. Afterward, Bruce orders John to leave since he cannot trust him due to his past with Draco Kosov and the Whisper Gang. Bruce leaves Gotham City with Lyla to break Alfred out of prison over Katrina and Taylor's objections. Meanwhile, a boy named Virgil Hawkins comes to Gotham for college with his friend Richard Foley, however he gets pressured into joining the Red Fists by their leader. Bruce infiltrates a British prison and locates Alfred, who agrees to escape to safeguard Bruce. Bruce takes him and Lyla to a safe house. John still stays in Gotham instead of returning to New York and convinces Virgil to use his powers for good in order to make him avoid the same mistake he did. Virgil tells John, Taylor, and Katrina that the Red Fists are planning an assault on the FBI task force assembled by Vic Sage. Virgil uses his powers to help everyone inside escape the attack. However, Taylor is injured and the Red Fists capture John, intending to torture him to death. Bruce returns and vows to rescue John, while Vic Sage decides to trust the vigilantes' motives.
  6. "The Darkness Beneath"-John gets tortured by the Red Fists, however Brue is able to save him. John then tells Bruce about how some of the Red Fists were murdered in a mine and Katrina does some research to find out that workers in the mine were experencing scary sounds and vibrations when digging which prompts Bruce to call in his old friend, Gabriel. Gabriel deduces that the Coblynau, the normally benign spirits of deceased workers, are forced by a person to kill others. They become suspicious of a former priest named Deacon Blackfire since he lost his son in the mine, but find out he is innocent. Gabriel decides to prevent anyone from entering the mine, setting explosives inside and giving the trigger to Blackfire, who detonates it. Gabriel finds out that the person forcing the Coblynau is a Romani, the wife of a mine foreman who was recently killed. The woman summons the Coblynau to kill Batman and Gabriel, who summons her husband, another Coblynau who kills her and frees them. Meanwhile, Bruce and John are still at odds with each other, however Taylor refuses to allow John to return to New York by offering him a high paid security job at Wayne Enterprises behind Bruce's back. Vic Sage investigates Arnold Flass as a suspect in the Gotham Butcher Case after Rojas informs him about how Flass was involved in human trafficking before being discharged. Vic goes to check on Flass, who is now a bouncer in a strip club, only to find that he has been murdered by the Gotham Butcher himself.
  7. "Ragman"-Batman makes Virgil, Taylor, and Jason begin training them from an exercise to provide them the essence of teamwork. Meanwhile, Justin Claybourne discovers that the new vigilante Rag Man is actually Rory Regan and forces him to kill Batman and James Gordon by threatening to harm his sick father. Virgil leaves Batman because he doesn't trust him. Eventually, Batman stopped Rory in time to convince him about being a hero. Together they are able to stop Claybourne's men from killing Rory's father. Batman then threatens Claybourne into staying away from Rory's father. Later, Bruce reveals his identity to Virgil as a sign of trust and he agrees to join him. Lucius finds out that John is working at Wayne Enterprises without Bruce's approval and confronts Taylor about this, however he decides to keep this a secret. Meanwhille, Thomas Elliot discovers that forensics discovered something crucial to the Gotham Butcher case and tries to find out what it is in his efforts to sabotage the investigation.
  8. "Trust Issues"-Batman investigates a new drug, "Stardust", but still believes his team is not ready for the streets. While he is being informed by Vic Sage about the Gotham Butcher, Jason and Taylor secretly raid Stardust dealer Tony Woodward's warehouse. The raid goes wrong and Woodwards ends up becoming a metahuman who renames himself as Girder. Bruce learns what happened from Gordon, convincing him that he still cannot trust his recruits. Katrina advises him to accept the recruits as they are and Batman finally uses his new team to stop Woodward from creating more superhumans. Bruce also publicly endorses Taylor's decision to appoint John as head of security after negative news stories made by reporter Susan Williams almost cause her to resign. Meanwhile, Hush stalks Robert Jenkins, a pastor who rapes and murders young boys, kidnaps him, and then murders him.
  9. "Butchered"-A mock killer mimics, claiming to be inspired by the Gotham Butcher, and unless the police find him, the FBI may take over the case completely. Thomas Elliot learns that Hush was filmed while disposing Robert Jenkin's remains and seeks to erase the video footage in the marina. The public begins to panic because of the Gotham Butcher until the Batman and his team arrive to restore order. James Gordon manages to calm the public down after learning from Vic Sage that the Gotham Butcher only kills criminals. Katrina uses the mock killer's pattern to predict future victims and the team splits up. Taylor encounters the copycat killer and manages to fight him before being overpowered. Bruce then arrives and captures the pretender. Bruce's secretary drives a car and rams it at Bruce, causing him to get hit and fall into the water left to die when Bruce is meeting with Katrina.
  10. "Comatose"-Bruce finds himself back at Wayne Manor; both is parents are alive, he is about to be married to Selina Kyle, and James Gordon is Batman. However, it is revealed that Bruce is in a coma following the car crash. Meanwhile, Katrina and the team wait for Bruce to come out of a coma. William investigates to discover that Justin Claybouurne masterminded the crash and tells Taylor about it. However, Claybourne tries to seek a pardon by offering them key information regarding the explicit involvement of Bruce's secretary. Taylor refuses and wants to punish Claybourne the same, however, Claybourne and William make a deal; Claybourne won't be involved in Bruce's attempted murder if he gets 10% of Dent Global Group. Taylor is outraged, but William tells Claybourne its a deal. Bruce begins seeing flashes of his real life and soon realizes that it is a hallucination. Bruce's attempt to escape is blocked by manifestations of William Dent, Grant Wilson, Ra's Al Ghul, and the League of Assassin members. Bruce defeats all of them, leaves the dream, and awakens inside the hospital. Selina finds out what Claybourne did and attempts to go to Gordon, however, Claybourne silences Selina by pushing out the window to her death.
  11. "Fighting Fire With Fire"- A group of cats swarm around Selina and she suddenly regains consciousness. Traumatized, Selina develops dissociative identity disorder and, after having a mental breakdown and trashing her apartment, he decides to become Cat Woman again. Adrian Chase returns to Gotham to target Justin Claybourne as the Vigilante, however, Adrian is opposed by Hush, who wants to have a word with Claybourne. Using a piece of Adrian's suit, Katrina manages to track his location, where he plans to kill Claybourne, who is making a press conference about leaving for England. Chase then escapes. Selina gets her revenge on Claybourne by firebombing his pharmaceutical company as Cat Woman, however, Chase is blamed for that. Katrina gets an offer by a girl named Barbara to join a hacker group called Paradox. Hush attacks Claybourne as he is leaving the country and kills him for ordering Bruce's attempt to be murdered. In the flashbacks, it is revealed that Chase is actually Claybourne's illegitimate son who hated his father after being disowned by him because of psychiatric issues. 
  12. "Catwalk"-In flashbacks, Alfred and Tatsu's father murder an illegal drug merchant associating with the war criminal Red Claw. Tatsu's father presses Alfred to return home, but he chooses instead to stay and help fight in the war. In the present, Selina continues sabotaging Justin Claybourne while being unaware that he was killed by Hush. This brings Selina into conflict with Bruce and the team. Selina gets recruited by Arnold Wesker, a janitor with a split personality disorder who has a gangster-like puppet named Scar Face, who wants to rob Claybourne of all his money, and has seen Selina firebomb Claybourne's factory. However, the real victim is Selina herself, since she has been secretly set up by Scar Face to take the fall for stealing a jade jaguar totem. Meanwhile, Alfred gets surprised when he gets confronted by Tatsu Yamushiro and her son Akio. It is revealed that Tatsu is actually his goddaughter, however, Alfred is unaware that Tatsu was sent by the British Government to capture him.  
  13. "Katana"-Bruce investigates the presence of a new serial killer called Professor Pyg, someone who kidnaps people across the country under his front "The Circus of Strange" where he brings them back to Gotham and turns them to what he calls "Dollotrons." Any failed attempt to turn victims to Dollotrons are left behind mutilated as what Pyg calls his failed "flawed" experiments (in which rejected victims have distinctive features: shark bite, six fingers on one hand, etc.). Bruce and the team must act fast to stop the killer. Meanwhile, Taylor learns about Tatsu's history with Alfred and confronts her about betraying him to Sir Reginald after being told about this by Hush. Meanwhile, Gordon convinces Vic Sage to represent Alfred. Alfred's corrupt superior, Sir Reginald Payne, arrives to transfer him into custody, however, Vic manages to keep Alfred in his jurisdiction. Flashbacks show Alfred's time in war where Tatsu's father dies and Alfred promises her father to take care of Tatsu  
  14.  "Dangerous Liaisons"-Katrina gets an offer from Barbara to help free former Paradox leader Justin Tanner in exchange for a file against Sir Reginald along with a cache of secret information. James is currently in A.R.G.U.S. custody without due process. Lyla plans to use Tanner as bait to destroy Paradox, however, Barbara, having already anticipated it, finds James' true location and leads her team, including Katrina, to the rescue. They are interrupted by the Bat Family; but Katrina forces them to allow Paradox to escape with Tanner. Paradox end their connection to Katrina, but provide her with the information on Sir Reginald. With the file, Sage manages to get Alfred released. Tatsu believes herself to be an unsuitable mother and leaves her son Akio at Wayne Manor despite Alfred forgiving her. John confronts Lyla for her moral ambiguity, however, he later on decides to accept it.
  15. "Heroes of Today"- Vandal Savage arrives in Central City looking to kill Kendra Saunders. After he attacks Kendra and Cisco Ramon, Wally West takes Kendra to Gotham City and enlist the help of the Bat Family to protect her. The team is visited by Gabriel, who informs that Savage is an immortal. Later, Kendra is kidnapped by Hawkman, but Bruce and Wally rescue her and capture him. He introduces himself as Carter Hall, and tells them he and Kendra are soulmates who have been connected for millennia. They are destined to die, be reborn, and find each other in each lifetime. Carter also reveals that Savage has killed the pair several times, each time growing stronger. Savage acquires the Staff of Horus, a deadly weapon. Kendra unlocks her abilities and becomes Hawkgirl and the team decides to regroup in Central City. John sees Lyla with a child and realizes that the child is likely his.
  16. "Heroes of Yesterday"-Gabriel orchestrates a meeting between Savage, Bruce, and Wally. Savage demands they turn over Kendra and Carter or he will destroy both Central City and Gotham City with the Staff of Horus. They devise a plan to deliver the pair as a ruse to get close enough to destroy the staff. The plan fails; Kendra and Carter are killed and Savage uses the staff to destroy everyone else in the city. Wally escapes and runs fast enough to go back in time to the point of the original negotiation. Wally informs Bruce of his time travel and the mistakes that led to their defeat such as Taylor's son Damian being erased from existence. They change their approach to the plan and Barry is able to steal the staff. He and Bruce use it on Savage, burning his body. Afterward, Kendra and Carter decide to use their powers to help others in another city. Cisco gives her a tracking device. Meanwhile, John learns about his son, Rex, and decides to not tell anyone about it. Hush manages to acquire the ash reciting the words that Savage said the first time he killed the pair.
  17. "Ukraine"-The team learns from Tatsu that Sir Reginald is in Ukraine for a deal with Markovian terrorists. Bruce takes everyone except Virgil, who is tasked with helping John in his interview. Jacob Volk refuses to help Bruce unless he does something criminal in return, which Bruce initially refuses. After Katrina blackmails a Ukrainian analyst, the team manages to capture Sir Reginald's henchman, whom Tatsu tortures, but to no avail. In order to prevent Tatsu and Felicity from acting against their own morals, Alfred convinces Bruce to accept Jacob's terms and attacks a rival with help from Jason. The Bat Family and the Whisper Gang intercept Sir Reginald's deal; and Tatsu decides to spare Sir Reginald, who is arrested by the Military Police, while Rory uses his rags to contain the nuclear blast. Rory tells Katrina that his rags do not function anymore, and he needs to leave temporarily. Meanwhile, with Virgil's help, John's interview is successful, and they become friends. Hush confronts Taylor with proof that her son Damian was erased from existence and reveals his identity when Taylor is reluctant to trust him.
  18. "Paging The Crime Doctor"-Bruce meets Amanda Waller after discovering that Vic Sage is actually A.R.G.U.S. Waller reveals that Hush is actually a renegade clone of Bruce Wayne created for Project Batman Beyond. Meanwhile, Vic Sage investigates recent killings happening in Old Gotham thinking that the Gotham Butcher may be involved. However, the culprit is none other than Thomas Elliot, who calls himself the Crime Doctor and is only killing people to harvest organs for his employer Justin Claybourne, who survived Hush's attempt on his life. Bruce engages Tommy when Tommy kidnaps Lee Thompkins to help him with the operation with the intention of killing her afterward. Bruce and the team save Lee, however, Selina arrives to finish off Claybourne only to get into conflict with Bruce. Taylor helps Hush overpower and abduct Bruce. Hush tells Bruce that he plans to help Bruce learn who he really is. In flashbacks, it shows how Bruce was one time in prep school being bullied by Tommy, who was insulting his dead mother which is why Alfred had to teach him how to defend himself.
  19. "Injustice For All"-In flashbacks during the period after Nyssa Al Ghul's death, Amanda Waller decided to respect Batman which is why she orders Vic Sage, Lyla Michaels, and Hugo Strange to acquire DNA samples of the Dark Knight. Bruce, Michael, and Katrina continue working together. However, Michael and his fiance both get murdered which is why Bruce has to go through an initiation with the Penguin after finding out one of his men was responsible. Vic Sage manages to obtain the sample. In the present, Hush continues torturing Bruce to make him confess a "secret". The former brings a seemingly reluctant Taylor, apparently murdering her after Bruce refuses to do it. Bruce reveals that he killed people back then because he liked it, which Hush wanted to hear. Taylor is revealed to be alive and still working with Hush since she blames Bruce and his team for Damian being erased from existence. Hush lets Bruce go, and he returns to Wayne Manor and tells the team about his decision to end his vigilantism.
  20. "Disbanded"-With Hush having broken him, Bruce disbands his team and pays the Whisper Gang to take out Hush. Alfred manages to talk Bruce out of it, reminding him that there are better ways of doing things. Vic Sage, not wanting to risk Bruce's secret being exposed to the public, asks John and Katrina to help implicate a corrupt cop involved in human trafficking for being the Gotham Butcher. Bruce allows the Whisper Gang to steal pharmaceuticals before they are stopped by the Bat-Family. Alfred eventually tells Bruce they can fix him if he asks for help. Bruce rejoins the Bat Family, taking out the Whisper Gang and saving hostages that Jacob had taken as leverage. John, Katrina, and Sage manage to frame a corrupt cop for being the Gotham Butcher and the FBI is prepared to leave Gotham while A.R.G.U.S stays beind to help fight. Bruce claims he's not ready to be Batman just yet, but with his team, it will be sooner rather than later.
  21. "Missing"-The team holds a birthday party for Selina, however, Virgil, Alfred, and Selina are abducted by Hush's outside team. Realizing that Hush is picking them off after Jason and Gordon are kidnapped by Selina and Taylor, Bruce accepts William Dent's aid to help him stop Hush. Hush gives Bruce a challenge to save John's son Rex. Even though Hush is luring him into a trap, Bruce still helps John try to save Rex's life. John and Katrina are also captured by Ra's and the League of Assassins, and Bruce recruits Adrian to help him fight Hush's army. Tracking a plane carrying Hush, they realize they are going to Lian Yu. Arriving on the island, Bruce visits Bane and asks for his help. Flashbacks show how what Hush's life was like back then and how Thomas Elliot betrays everyone by secretly helping him escape.
  22. "Lian Yu"-Bruce recruits Bane, who is now sane due to the Venom completely out of his system. Harkness is revealed to be working with Hush. Bruce's party frees Katrina, Virgil, and Lyla, locking Taylor. William convinces Taylor to come back into the light by pointing out she had become what she hates most by helping Hush kidnap Rex. Bruce gets William to take Katrina's party to Hush's plane in order to escape Lian Yu. However, Lyla plans to stay behind with Bruce to rescue her son. Bruce's party manages to free John, Alfred, and Gordon, who knocks Selina unconscious while Adrian kills Ra's. Meanwhile, Taylor sets foot on a landmine. William quickly takes her place and tells the others to escape, using the mine to seemingly kill himself and Harkness when he arrives. Katrina's party reaches the plane but learns the whole island is rigged with C4, which will explode upon Hush's death. Bruce tasks Alfred to lead the others to Katrina's party and escape while he, Lyla, and John rescue Rex from Hush. Rex has learned his relation to John. The plane is revealed to have been sabotaged by Hush. Bruce tells the others to run to a ship on the eastern shore. Hush kills himself, with the island exploding, and others' fates unknown as Bruce, John, Rex, and Lyla watch in horror despite them being with each other. In flashbacks, Hush kills all of Waller's men and escapes just in time to be in hiding with money given to him by Thomas.

Season 6 (2015-2016)

  1. "Those Kinds of Things"-Bane, Katrina, Gordon, and Virgil, escaped off Lian Yu before the bombs went off while Jason, Alfred, Taylor, and Adrian go to help Bruce, John, and Lila. Having spotted Selina, Jason, Alfred, Taylor, and Adrian follow her into the secret catacombs under the island, however, they get closed off inside the catacombs. Bruce, John, Rex, and Lila are found by those who got off Lian Yu before leaving to search for survivors. Six months later, Alfred convinces Bruce to attend his 20-year high school reunion and Bruce eventually agrees in order to investigate Lawrence Crock, who may have murdered his wife a long time ago, who was cheerleader in high school that dated Crock and whom Bruce noticed would always have bruises on her. John and Lila begin contemplating the value of religion when Rex has the chance to attend a Catholic pre-school. A murder featuring strange religious symbolism gets the attention of the GCPD; the killers, are Deacon Blackfire and the other appears to be a student.
  2. "Second Chance"-While living in Japan, Tatsu's husband Maseo gets challenged to a duel by his brother Takeo, now a high ranked member of the Yakuza, with Tatsu as the prize. Unfortunately, a fire wrecks havoc killing Maseo with only Tatsu, Takeo, and Akio as the only survivors. In the present day, John meets Father Michael Stromwell, whom Gordon reveals is the brother to the drug lord Arnold Stromwell, whom the GCPD have been investigating. the team try to find a replacement for Taylor, who has left Gotham to rethink everything that has happened in Lian Yu, the death of her father, and her betrayal of the team. Bruce takes Jason and Virgil to Opal City to recruit Tatsu. Tatsu refuses to join, however, the team intercepts her attacking Takeo. Takeo escapes and Bruce is able to convince Tatsu to let him help her. Bruce's team helps her defeat the Yakuza during a shipment, however, Bruce fails to dissuade her from killing Takeo. Meanwhile, John suspects that Michael is a criminal, however, he eventually realizes he and Gordon were wrong. One of the religious murderers shown in the previous episode attacks a male runner in the woods.
  3. "Spectre of The Gun"-Before Jason joined the team, he watched as his mother, an addict, was killed by a dealer in front of his brother Joseph, who was transferred to foster care, barring Jason from seeing him. In the present, Jason now works at Wayne Enterprises as a low-level employee for the company. An armed man attacks the company, killing seven employees and wounding several others. Katrina identifies the shooter as Fred Edlund, a former clerk and a proponent of gun control who lost his family in a shootout months prior. John and Gordon encourage Bruce to deal with the situation as a businessman, not Batman. Bruce decides to work with the city council towards gun control act. Jason and Virgil locate Edlund's hideout and find his next target, where Bruce confronts Edlund as a civilian and dissuades him from killing anyone, convincing him to surrender. Bruce reaches an agreement with the council with Jason's help. Virgil promises to help Jason see his brother again legally. Meanwhile, Alfred convinces Tatsu to have a normal life by going back to her son Akio. Tatsu gets a job as Bruce Wayne's bodyguard and chauffeur.
  4. "Muse of Fire"-Lucius is almost shot by a mysterious assailant who was attempting to assassinate an associate of Pino Bertinelli, who had taken over his father Frank Bertinelli's businesses and criminal organization. As the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce attempts to infiltrate Pino's business to discover the identity of the attacker. Pino blames Hideo Katsu and his gang for the murders of his people. Bruce learns that the attacker is Pino's sister Helena Bertinelli, with whom the former had just been on a date. Helena reveals that she now despises her family because of all the crimes they committed after John informed her of them five years ago which is why she spent time training. Bruce and Helena are abducted by Pino's right hand man, Nick Salvati, who has gotten suspicious of Helena. Helena deduces Bruce's identity as the Batman after witnessing him fight Pino's henchmen. In the end, Bruce and Helena share a kiss. Meanwhile, Tatsu takes her son Akio to the park to investigate the disappearance of the male runner and befriends Gabriel, who is posing as a musician while unaware of his connection to Bruce. The religious murderers from the previous episode try to force the runner to repent for his sins.
  5. "Vendetta"-Bruce decides to teach Helena that there is justice outside of revenge after witnessing him try to kill one of Katsu's men. Alfred expresses his disapproval, but to no avail. She dresses as a purple vigilante and the duo has another man from Pino's mob arrested. Helena starts to buy into the idea, but leaves him after finding out that Katrina was his former girlfriend and believing that they are still together even though Katrina ended things with Bruce for not proposing to her from early on. Helena goes after Katsu, killing one of his men. As a result, Katsu and his men go after Pino, believing him to be responsible, however, Bruce gets there in time to stop them. Bruce also stops Helena from murdering her brother, who is arrested; and she threatens to reveal his identity if he tries to come after her in the future. Meanwhile, Rex needs emergency surgery, which forces John to reconsider his views about faith with the help of Father Michael. Also, Tatsu goes on a date with Gabriel.
  6. "Invasion (1)"-An unknown man shoots Father Michael at his shop and later found at his shop alive and taken to a hospital. Mob boss Arnold Stromwell gives Commissioner Gordon only 24 hours to track down his brother's shooter or he will retaliate against the Red Fists, whom John believes to be responsible. Bruce discovers that Wayne Enterprises has been distributing alien technology across the world and gets surprised by the sudden return of Hank Henshaw, who is now an FBI agent. After learning from Katrina that the FBI doesn't have Hank as an employee, Batman investigates Hank in his hotel room to discover he is a green martian named J'onn J'onzz, who warns him of an alien race threatening to conquer Earth. At first, John suspects that the Red Fists are involved, however, he later realizes that the shooter was Frank Carbone, one of Father Michael's employees which is why he gets Gordon to arrest him after recording Frank's confession through a hidden tape recorder. Bruce wonders if he is better off without his team after they get the Red Fists to escape when robbing a warehouse owned by Wayne Enterprises.
  7. "Invasion (2)"-Wally investigates a meteor crash outside of Central City that turns out to be a spaceship from which aliens emerged. Lyla tells Wally and his team that the White Martians landed previously in the 1980s, but then mysteriously departed. Needing help, Wally assembles the original Bat Family, Taylor, the Legends, and Superman. The team The team begins training at a S.T.A.R. Labs facility, sparring against Superman to prepare for combat against the aliens. Cisco reveals a message to Rip Hunter from Wally's future self, which exposes Wally's manipulation of the timeline during a battle with Vandal Savage and how it affected the other team members. Bruce, Clark, Katrina, Albert, and Jefferson are left as the only ones who trust Wally. The White Martians abduct the President. Superman leads most of the others in a rescue effort, but the White Martians kill the President and ensnare everyone with a mind control device. The controlled heroes return and attack S.T.A.R. Labs. While Superman holds them off, Wally lures Superman to the device and manipulates him into destroying it, freeing everyone. The team decides to trust Wally again. Suddenly, Bruce, John, Tatsu, Sara and Ray are teleported away before Wally can intervene.
  8. "Invasion (3)"-Bruce finds himself back at Wayne Manor; both his parents are alive, he is about to be married to Selina Kyle, and Gotham is protected by Guardian, who is still John Stewart. However, it is revealed that he, Taylor, and Ray are all being held unconscious inside pods aboard the White Martians' mothership. Meanwhile, J'onn, Katrina, and Cisco try to hack into the White Martians' mainframe using a piece of their technology. The team recovers a necessary device with the help of Clark and Wally and manages to locate the others. Bruce begins seeing flashes of his former life, as do Sara and Ray. All five captives soon realize that they are inside a shared hallucination. Their escape attempt is blocked by manifestations of Bane, William Dent, Ra's Al Ghul, and the League of Assassins. The group defeats all of them, then leaves the dream and awakens inside the ship. Escaping in a shuttle, they are rescued by the Waverider. Ray deduces that the White Martians were gathering information from their minds to help them complete a special "weapon," using the hallucination as a distraction. The team learns that the White Martians' mothership is headed toward Earth.
  9. "Invasion (4)''- Nate, Mick, Amaya, Katrina, and Cisco travel back to the first White Martian invasion of Earth in Oregon, 1951. The Legends successfully capture a White Martian for information, but are themselves captured by federal agents. While in custody, they learn from the White Martian that they've come to hunt down a green martian who is the sole survivor of Mars. Meanwhile, in the present of Central City, the team learns that the White Martians known how J'onn has been impersonating Hank Henshaw and demand his surrender in exchange for peace. After the Legends return, the team discovers that the White Martians' weapon is a bomb that can kill everyone on Earth. The team dissuades J'onn from surrendering. They manage to destroy the bomb and force the White Martians to retreat using pain-inflicting nanotechnology. J'onn convinces everyone to form the Justice League in case they ever need to team up with each other again. Albert convinces Jax to not telling anyone, especially his father Harrison Wells, about his sister Jesse Quick being a time aberration.
  10. "Angel of Death"-The GCPD start investigating Deacon Blackfire. Bruce examines the angel wings from the Doomsday Killers' most recent killing and finds out that a unique glue was used to attach a piece of the wing, which leads him to Peter Paulings, who works with rate books at the museum. Paulings and Blackfire both kidnap a woman intending to make her the "Whore of Babylon". Paulings wants nothing to do with Blackfire out of sympathy for the woman since she is a mother and lets her go earning Blackfire's ire which is why he chains him for further rituals. Obtaining the tip from Bruce, Gordon interrogates Paulings' sister as a part of his investigation, however, the sister is found dead later on, posed posed as the "Whore of Babylon". Akio fears the most when it's time to meet Gabriel and Virgil confronts Jason for not visiting Joseph, though legally possible. Jason believes himself to be an unsuitable brother. However, Virgil organizes a visit, making Jason decide to fight for regaining custody of his brother. Batman and Guardian find Paulings chained, however, Blackfire gets away making Paulings vow to kill him for what he did to his sister.
  11. "Lamb to the Slaughterer"-The Bat Family attempt to stay ahead of the Gotham City Police Department on the hunt for Blackfire, who plans on sacrificing a reporter named Susan Williams, who has come to Gotham to do a report on the Doomsday killings. Batman arrives at the Lady of Gotham statue where he fights Deacon Blackfire's cultists to get to Blackfire and Susan Williams. After the cultists are defeated, Batman disables the electrical generators powering the sacrificial cage, defeats Deacon Blackfire, and frees Susan Williams. Batman then hands Blackfire over to Gordon so he can lock him up. Unfortunately, Paulings decides to carry on the killings without Blackfire. Tatsu and Gabriel take a step further in their relationship and John throws a house warming party. Unfortunately, the party is crashed by a drunk Jason, which upsets Virgil even more since he feels that Jason is trying to again avoid trying to regain custody of his younger brother.
  12. "The Huntress Returns"- Gordon informs Batman that the police recovered a dead body of Claudio Panessa out of the Gotham River with crossbow bolts sticking out of his chest that makes Helena the immediate suspect. Helena returns to Gotham City to kill Frank after she learns that he plans to make a deal with the F.B.I for witness protection. Katrina learns that Panessa was Helena's cousin which is why Batman confronts Helena about it in her apartment. Helena respects for Batman to help, only for the latter to refuse, causing her to attack Alfred to force his assistance. Helena is captured by a trap set by Vic Sage. Batman breaks her out to protect his secret and demands that she leaves Gotham City. Instead, Helena forces Katrina to find Frank's location. Batman manages to stop Helena from killing Frank; however when Rojas arrives, Helena shoots him and escapes. In the hospital, Rojas manages to recover pleasing John, Gordon, and the rest of the GCPD. Meanwhile, Jason refuses to testify in court so as not to upset Joseph, leading to the judge to dismiss his claim. Helena attempts to leave Gotham only to nearly run over Adrian Chase.
  13. "Public Enemy"-Helena meets with Adrian Chase, who reveals that he knows Helena is the Huntress and that she is still struggling with her double identity. While Helena is paranoid that Chase might expose his identity causing the Mafia and the GCPD to go after her, John and Katrina discuss whether Helena may be innocent or guilty. Katrina believes that Helena is guilty while Bruce and John decides to visit Helena in her apartment offering to help clear her name, however, Helena angrily refuses and soon afterwards, goes after reporter Karen Frazier who recently wrote a negative article about Huntress. Helena suspects that Frazier got paid by the mob of Gotham City. But she only finds the reporter dead in her apartment and after fleeing to the rooftop Huntress runs right into Batman and Guardian. Batman wants her to come with him as the police is already on the scene. Huntress misunderstands his intentions and tries to flee, but when Batman throws something at her, she mistakenly fires her crossbow that hits Batman. Furious, Guardian attacks Huntress who reacts by jumping off the roof into the river nearby. Vigilante fishes Huntress out of the water and knocks her out when she refuses to accept his help.
  14. "Sacrifice"- Helena wakes up in a cabin in Canada. A man named Richard Dragon reveals that Adrian Chase brought her here. Peter Paulings discovers that Guardian is John Stewart and that Rex is his son. So, he kidnaps Rex to use him as a sacrificial lamb in order to honor a demon known as Trigon. When Bruce tries to rescue Rex as Batman, Gabriel, who has been a musician sent to perform at Rex's school, is forced to reveal his identity as a Seraph in order to save Rex. Tatsu ends her relationship with Gabriel feeling that the only reason Gabriel did not reveal his secret to her is because he doesn't care for her. Paulings warns Gordon that he has other members in his cult that still worship Trigon. Helena decides to train with Richard Dragon, whom Adrian refers to as Sensei. Flashbacks show Helena discovering the existence of La Morte Sussurrata, an organization of killers trained by the Hashshashins of Persia when they migrated to Italy. Helena began having sex with various members of the organization to earn their trust, ultimately learning to fight and kill from them. She decided to use her skills to take down her father's criminal empire by killing people his closest associates and ultimately her father himself. Pauling kills Blackfire in the end.
  15. "Blast Radius"-Not taking any chances, the Bat Family continue trying to locate members of Peter Pauling's cult. Serial bomber Serial bomber Mark Scheffer, who goes by the name "Shrapnel", begins setting off bombs across Gotham City as an anti-government movement. The Mayor decides to organize a Unity Rally for the city. Scheffer targets the rally, but Bruce is able to stop Scheffer, who is arrested; and the bombs are disarmed. During the commotion, Robert Hawkins witnesses Virgil using his powers and confronts him. Lucius and Katrina learn that Kord is still alive. Tatsu continues to ignore any call given to her by Gabriel which is why Akio and Alfred try to get them back together, which doesn't work out unfortunately.
  16. "Lost Souls"-Katrina continues searching for Ted with the help of Lucius. Ted is able to send a new message, revealing that he survived the explosion because of his suit shrinking him down to a small size, that he is being held prisoner, and where to find the schematics to build a device to return him to his normal size. In a second message, Katrina learns that Brother Langford, a member of Pauling's cult, is the one imprisoning Ted, hoping to get the technology from his suit. The team track Langford to his hideout, and with the device created by Lucius, they successfully save and restore Ted while also destroying the lab where Ted was being held against his will. While in prison, Pauling orders a religious and fanatic couple, named Albert and Betty Ontiveros, whom he had met in his blog, to kill the former Whore of Babylon that he released. Akio continues trying to lure Gabriel back into Tatsu's life, however, Tatsu orders Gabriel to not go near her and Akio anymore.
  17. "Birthmark"-The team is approached by Raven, who seeks help after learning that her father Trigon plans to come to her dimension. However, on the advice of Gabriel, who senses her demonic parentage, the team refuses. When the team respond to an alert, they face off against Slade Wilson, who has acquired new powers and has a message from Trigon, foretelling Raven's destiny. During the battle, Raven stops time, with only her, Slade, and Bruce unaffected. Slade attempts to murder Tatsu with a spear given to him by Trigon, only for Gabriel to take it for her to his chest, telling Tatsu that he loves her before going unconscious. Gabriel survives because of Uriel, which leads to Tatsu reconciling with Gabriel and then they spend a passionate night in Gabriel's bedroom making love. The team decide to accept Raven's help. Flashbacks show how Angela Roth fled to Starling City where she became involved with the Church of Blood, which is led by Slade Wilson. Angela unwittingly became the bride of the demon that Slade worshiped that was known as Trigon. Trigon left Angela with child, but the poor woman could no longer live with the horror of what had happened to her. She tried to get help through counseling, but was rejected by all state agencies. Despondent, Angela attempted to take her own life by overdosing on sleeping pills and it was then that she was approached by beings of the other-dimensional world known as Azarath, who decided to give her a fresh start by inviting Angela to return with them.
  18. "Vengeance"-Around the world, people suddenly begin panicking as they start to see everyone around them as demonic monsters and end up killing innocents before members of the Justice League stop them. After learning about this from Clark, Bruce and Gabriel both conclude that magic must be involved in this which is why Bruce, Gordon, and Gabriel head to Star City to learn more about Slade Wilson by having Gordon talk to his old colleague Quentin Lance, who is now the deputy mayor of Star City serving under Oliver Queen. Meanwhile, Abel, a member serving the Church of Blood, tests the Mirakuru on a man named Caleb Green, who blames Robert Queen for the abuse that he endured from his father after Robert had him fired. Since Robert is dead, Green decides to go after his son Oliver instead which pleases Slade. Green kidnaps Laurel Lance and holds her hostage in the Queen Mansion which is why Batman and the Green Arrow team up to save her. Green dies in the end and Trigon becomes furious at Slade feeling that his vendetta towards Oliver Queen is a waste of time which is why he warns Slade that he will die the next time he disobeys him. Tatsu discovers that she is pregnant with Gabriel's child. Flashbacks show how William Green, Caleb's father, abused his wife. Caleb, begged him to stop, watching in horror as his father continued to abuse his mother. Despite his child's pleas, William shot his wife in the head, before turning the gun on himself.
  19. "Double Date"-Helena returns to Gotham City while being accompanied by Adrian Chase. Bruce gives Helena enough room to clear her name as long as she and Adrian does not clash with Gordon and the GCPD. After learning about a strange connection that Mandragora might have to her mother, Helena and Adrian attempt to question him only for Mandragora to be in federal custody by Vic Sage. Unfortunately, Mandragora escapes with help from Omerta the Silencer and plots to lure the Huntress into a trap in order to take her blood to open Frank Bertinelli's hidden safe. Omerta captures Helena and attempts to rape her only for him to be killed by Adrian. Mandragora admits to being Helena's father and to framing her. However, Helena still spares him after learning that Mandragora has a son named Edgar and Mandragora is forced to cooperate with the FBI for him and his son's sake. Slade arranges for a religious and fanatic couple to kill the former Whore of Babylon whom Pauling released and to unleash a poison gas. Gabriel works with Raven to try to to be one step ahead of the killers and figure out where their next victim could possibly be before they attack again. John gets captured while investigating the religiously fanatic couple.
  20. "Talk To The Hand"-Jason is able to rescue John just in time before he is killed just in time. Slade tasks Beth Ontiveros with unleashing a deadly gas in the GCPD squad room in an attempt to assassinate Commissioner Gordon since Slade finds Gordon to be a problem. However, Beth is stopped by Bruce, saving everyone's life. As the team decide to throw a baby shower for Tatsu after Gabriel is informed that he is about to be a father. Akio begins to feel anxious thinking that Tatsu and Gabriel will care more about their child than him. Raven does her best to make her final day the best since the day she has feared for has come. Aware that Slade wants to claim Raven, Bruce stages a fake Doomsday Killer tableau in order to draw out Slade, who is captured himself and becomes part of a ritual that Slade performs, the "Lake of Fire".
  21. "City of Blood"-When Bruce goes missing, John and Katrina enlkist the help of Lyla and A.R.G.U.S to track him down. They find him recovering in a secret hideout, where he reveals how he survived Slade's attempt on his life. Tatsu makes an important decision to leave Gotham City with Akio and Gabriel in order to raise her newborn child. After confronting Slade, Bruce decides that they have no choice but to kill Slade's Mirakuru army. The plan backfires, with Bruce and Katrina cornored by Slade's army, various Mirakuru soldiers wearing Deathstroke armors wrecking havoc on the city, and Raven summons her father Trigon. In the flashbacks, Raven grows up in an alternate dimension called Azarath, with pacifistic inhabitants whose spiritual leader was the mystic Azar (Pagon). She is taught to "control her emotions" by Azar, in order to suppress her inherited demonic powers. Initially, it is feared that if Raven were ever to feel any strong emotion, she could then become possessed by her father's evil demonic energy inside of her. 
  22. "Streets of Fire"- Dr. Harrison Wells & S.T.A.R. Labs successfully makes a cure for the Mirakuru, but Slade sends men to acquire it before Bruce. Finally trusting Gordon, the police force pledges to help the Batman to stop Slade's men and Gordon leads the other officers. Trigon denies Slade's request to go after Oliver Queen. As a result, Slade steals the cure and gives it to Brue in return for help saving the city. For his betrayal, Trigon kills Slade which is why Gabriel decides to pray for his soul. Bruce leaves to find Raven after Lyla reveals that Sam Lane intends to bomb the city at dawn to prevent Slade's men from attacking the rest of the country. Meanwhile, Taylor saves Tatsu and Akio from an assailant and tries to convince them to leave with him; but she shoots her. Flashbacks reveal Taylor has been throughout the entire time the Bat Family was facing off against the Doomsday Killers. 
  23. "Unthinkable"-Bruce rescues a seven-year-old version of Raven, who has been stripped of both her powers and her memories, but still thinks she must hold the key to Trigon's defeat. Also down in Trigon's realm, Gabriel fights a demonic guard. Adrian Chase and Helena Bertinelli return to provide backup for the Bat Family. Adrian gives Jason a mask. They confront Pauling and Helena kills him. Meanwhile, John and Lyla free the Suicide Squad members and enlist their help to try to stop the drone strike. Gordon is seriously injured. Tatsu meets Gabriel, however, in order to protect Akio and her newborn child, she leaves Gotham City with Taylor. The Bat Family rejoins Bruce with a young Raven and Gabriel defeats Trigon when it is revealed that Raven's true power is not all gone. Lane calls off the strike. Raven decides to leave the team to start a new life and Gabriel is upset that Tatsu and Akio left without him. Gordon meets Selina at a tavern where Selina gives him a disc containing the whereabouts of his niece. However, a masked gunman wearing a red hood arrives and demands the bartender turns over his money. He then tells Gordon to turn over his wallet at gunpoint. When Selina tries to intervene, the gunman shoots Gordon. 

Season 7 (2016-2017)

  1. "Officer Down"-After being shot, Gordon is rushed to the hospital by Selina, who is soon joined by his friends. Sergeant Stan Merkel gains a description of the shooter from Selina and calls her to a lineup, but none of the men in the lineup are the shooter. When Katrina searches Gordon's belongings, Selina sees that his wallet is missing. Bruce and Alfred visit the bartender to look for the wallet, but find nothing; instead, they learn from the bartender that the shooter did not take any money from the register, meaning that it was actually a hit against Gordon. Jason asks the Blackgaters to investigate the shooting, but to no avail. John berates Bruce for not leaving Gordon's side. In flashbacks, a young James Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Louge) are assigned to the case of the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, witnessed by street petty criminal Selina Kyle. Their investigation leads them to a parolee named Mario Pepper, whom Bullock kills in Gordon's defense. They discover that Pepper had been framed, leading them to mobster Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) , an associate of Carmine Falcone's father Vincent (John Doman), an organized crime boss. Mooney has them captured, but Falcone spares them upon his arrival, revealing that he intended to end the case so that the people of Gotham could feel safe, facilitating his illegal activities. Gordon promises the Waynes' son, Bruce (David Mazouz), and his butler, a young Alfred, to find the real killer.
  2. "Tribute"-While waiting for Gordon to recover in the hospital, Selina is introduced to Michael Samson by Mario. Meanwhile, a group of Markovian delegates arrive in Gotham for a business deal with Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises. However, Jacob and his men kidnap them, demanding ransom from the mayor's office. Katrina tracks the hostages, which the Bat Family saves while Jacob escapes with one. Jacob tells Bruce that he needs to convince the Whisper Gang that he is no longer weak and is no longer caring for his brother Luka due to his homosexuality. Luka injects the hostage with a toxin which will kill him soon.  Detecting the toxin and acquiring the antidote, Bruce injects it the hostage, whom Jacob kills anyway. Jacob leaves after warning Bruce that this is not over. John decides to resign working at Wayne Enterprises because of Bruce and spends time with Rex and Lila. Gabriel tells Bruce that he is travelling to Star City, to find Tatsu, Akio, Taylor, and his son. John advises Gabriel to choose between his activities fighting crime and his family. Selina speaks with Alfred for advice and Alfred convinces to go on a date with Michael by pointing out that Gordon would want her to be happy. Selina then leaves texting Michael that she will have dinner with him tonight.
  3. "Enigma"-While investigating Jacob at the Iceberg Lounge, Bruce witnesses Jacob confronted by a man in a green hood, who Katrina identifies as Edward Nygma, who now calls himself the Riddler. As Riddler and his men take over the casino, Alfred informs Lyla, and the team suits up. The Bat Family return and prepares a plan of attack and confronts the Riddler and his men. After subduing the henchmen including Riddler's second-in-command Eli Knable, he orders Lyla to attack and confronts Riddler. After a fierce battle, Riddler escapes by destroying the supports of a statue forcing Batman to let him leave to save Jacob and Lyla, and leaves a puzzle box. Selina and Michael begin spending time together. After Batman retrieves the Riddler's puzzle box, he and Alfred talk about the Riddler and the attack on the casino. The team takes it to the Batcave to encrypt it, but Katrina is unable to determine what the box is. Lyla delivers it to A.R.G.U.S scientist Eli Selig so he can solve the riddle. As Knable is being transferred to a federal prison, Chase arrives and subdues the prison guards without killing them. Chase interrogates Knable and realizes where the Riddler is hiding all the A.R.G.U.S agents that he kidnapped and then kills him. Meanwhile, Selig calls Lyla telling him that the box is a bomb, and as Bruce and Lyla rush into the room, it explodes killing Selig. Selina obtains evidence that Chase murdered Knable and the Bat Family goes looking for him. Bruce goes to Jacob for information on Riddler, however, Jacob refuses to speak due to being monitored by A.R.G.U.S agents posing as the F.B.I, however, Bruce gets Lyla to call them off. Jacob admits to having made a deal with Riddler, but backed out at the last minute after seeing him to be unpredictable. When Bruce asks information about where the Riddler is, Jacob agrees only if Bruce can do a favor for the Whisper Gang despite the Riddler having cut off his fingers in the casino the night before. Bruce refuses and forces the information out of Jacob, strangling him. Jacob, feeling excruciating pain, reluctantly gives him the driver, but warns Bruce that he will not forget this. Bruce goes alone to stop Riddler and after escaping a deadly game that he set up, Bruce has Katrina redirect the missiles and defeats the criminal. However, Chase arrives to kill Riddler. Chase is revealed to be in hiding with Helena. In flashbacks, Nygma is being mistreated by his colleagues and after winning a science fair in an attempt to gain some fame, the news goes to Hush and he becomes inspired to be like him.
  4. "Biomax"-Bruce invites Katrina to a press conference held by Jack Spheer, who unveils Biomax, a new nanobot technology that can heal human ailments. After the conference, Katrina is approached and told the human trials of Biomax were faked, but his informant is killed by the nanobots before she is told more. Katrina, Rory, and Virgil crash Bruce and Jack's dinner and take Jack's keycard for his officer, discovering footage showing Jack injecting Biomax into himself. Katrina later shows the footage to Bruce, who confronts Jack and discovers he is being controlled by his CFO Beth Breen via the side effect of the nanobots, loss of free will. Static, Rag-Man, and Jason arrive to save Bruce, but when the former is trapped by nanobots, Bruce is forced to deactivate them, killing Jack in the process. Breen is incarcerated. After patrolling the streets as Guardian, John learns of Selig's death from Lyla and blames Bruce for it which is why he warns him not to near Lyla or his family again after punching him in the face. John also reveals that Jacob now has to wear a neck brace because of Bruce injuring him and that he also hates him for tampering with A.R.G.U.S' suspect despite Lyla approving of it. Selina and Michael spend time together by doing some shopping. Bruce, while feeling depressed at everything that has happened, gets a call from Gabriel revealing that he needs help. In flashbacks, Isaac Volk brings his dying son, Luka, who has been shot several times by Vincent Falcone, to Bruce's father. Fearing that Falcone will finish the job at a public hospital, he begs Wayne to perform surgery at Wayne Manor. A young Bruce Wayne watches his father save Luka's life while comforting Jacob.
  5. "# Team Gabriel"-When a member of a satanic church is killed, Gabriel is greatly disturbed that anyone would kill in his name and asks Bruce for help in finding the culprit. It turns out that Notting, a corrupt cop with the SCPD who was brought back from the dead, is responsible for the killings. Gabriel threatens torment but then he and Bruce are interrupted by Amenadiel, who allows Notting to escape. Bruce and Gabriel fight Amenadiel until they are stopped by Mazikeen, a demon who holds the form of a young woman and is Gabriel's best friend. Meanwhile, Selina struggles to prevent the released Harvey Dent from getting killed by a sniper attack by Vigilante, as the politician is in favor of the Anti-vigilante bill. Selina later gets lucky, and blurts out her Meow on Vigilante who removes his mask, who is revealed to be a judge named Allan Welles. He attempts another assassination attempt at an interview Dent is having with Vicki Vale, however, she is once again met by Selina and shot in the head by Chase, who learned of the imposter. Before dying, Welles reveals that he only did what he did because he believed his work as a judge has released criminals back onto the streets.
  6. "Take Me Back To Hell"-Tatsu saves Gabriel from being arrested by the SCPD and they have a talk. Bruce gets re-introduced to Taylor, who is taking care of Akio as well as Tatsu and Gabriel's son who is an infant boy. Tatsu apologizes to Gabriel for leaving him during Slade Wilson's attack on Gotham City since she did not want to put her children in danger and the only reason she has not contacted him was because she figured Gabriel would never give up what he is doinGabriel promises Tatsu that he will give up his dangerous life for her children after he and Bruce stop Notting from killing people. Mazikeen saves the dying Amenadiel with the feather she kept from Gabriel's wings. Tatsu helps by seizing Notting's money and Notting retaliates by kidnapping her and Gabriel's child. At the exchange, Bruce is fatally shot when he tries to save Tatsu and Gabriel's child. Gabriel prays to God offering to return to work for him if he saves Bruce. God revives Bruce and helps Gabriel kill Notting. Tatsu decides to let Gabriel come visit Akio and their child often when Gabriel is tasked by God to hunt for a soul that has escaped from Hell. Bruce and Taylor return to Gotham after reconciling and Gabriel tells Bruce not to blame himself for what has happened.
  7. "Reversal"-Lyla is poisoned with cyanide in her coffee by an unknown hitman. John pursues the hitman, who is eventually shot down by an unseen sniper. Fortunately, the agents of A.R.G.U.S are able to stabilize her. Katrina gets approached by Barbara, who tells her that Justin Tanner wants revenge on Lyla for imprisoning him without a trial under Director Waller's orders and considers this to be government corruption.They meet a black market dealer named Richard Dragon to buy a "ghost drive". Feeling concerned, Bruce intervenes and attacks the thugs, angering Katrina, who steals the drive. The Bat Family tracks Tanner to a facility, where he is revealed to be working for Lady Arkham, a mysterious masked woman who tasks the Children of Arkham to kill Katrina and Barbara, who is critically shot during a rescue by the Bat Family. Katrina learns that Tanner has stolen the victims' fingerprints, necessary to enter the International Domain Name Directory (IDND), the global internet infrastructure. Believing that Tanner intends to destroy the internet, Bat Family attacks his party at the IDND, where Katrina manages to breach through the firewall to stop Tanner's apparent attack. Selina discovers that Barbara is actually Gordon's niece and invites Barbara to stay with her, which Barbara agrees to.
  8. "Fracture"-Harvey gets shot by Barbara's abusive father Nathaniel Gordon, who tracks her down and abducts his daughter. Bruce, in efforts to find him, enters Harvey's mind using experimental Wayne Enterprises technology; here he discovers Dent's evil side, Big Bad Harv, is still alive. After saving Harvey's good side from Big Bad Harv, Bruce goes to track down Barbara and saves her from Nathaniel and even after a defibrillator is used to save Harvey. Bruce decides to support Harvey's campaign for mayor believing that he has changed and Taylor gets hired to be his campaign manager. Selina believes that Nathaniel shot Gordon, however, Katrina rules him out as the culprit after discovering that Nathaniel was in Detroit at the same time Gordon was shot in the bar. While waiting for Lyla to come out of a coma, John is appointed to the acting head of A.R.G.U.S until Lyla returns.
  9. "For The People, By The People, Of The People"-After stopping an attack being made at Dent's campaign office by the Children of Arkham, Bruce discovers that Cobblepot has joined with Lady Arkham. Stealing a phone from the attackers and after Katrina processes it, Bruce discovers that Mayor Aubrey James has been involved with Cobblepot and was the one who ordered the attack towards Dent. Bruce confronts James as Batman and warns him to back off against Dent. Cobblepot, dressed as the Penguin, and the Children of Arkham attack the debate between Dent and James. The Bat Family stops them and during the attack, Penguin has Vicki inject Dent and James with a drug, and unveils that Hugo Strange, as well as several scientists from Wayne Enterprises, drugged Gertrude Cobblepot causing her to become a patient into Arkham Asylum. With the GCPD struggling against the Children of Arkham, John calls a temporaily alliance between Bruce and A.R.G.U.S that will be discontinued as soon as the Children of Arkham are stopped. Harvey is sworn in as the new mayor.
  10. "Crisis On Two Earths (Part-One)"-On a parallel world, Earth-13, the Crime Syndicate rules the world with President Amanda Waller allowing them to do so out of fear for them. Owl-Man seizes a temporal gateway from the Justice League including John's parallel universe doppelgänger, a device that allows interdimensional travel to other universes; he schemes to invade parallel Earths with the device to spread his reign so that it may last. Kara and Alex travel to Earth-42 to attend Wally West's wedding with Jesse Quick Wells. Bruce meets with Sara Lance, taking the first step to recover after learning that Wayne Enterprises has been involved in countless crimes and that his father, Thomas, might have been involved in all of them. The ceremony is interrupted by Owl-Man, Ultra-Man, and Jack The Ripper. After Clark defeats and injures Ultra-Man, the rest of the team retreat and Bruce and Laurel capture Owl-Man to interrogate. As Ultra-Man recuperates, he, Jack and a black-clad speedster regroup and discuss their next move. Jack is revealed to be an alternate version of James Gordon and the black speedster is Wally's nemeis Hunter Zolomon, who was Joe West's former partner. before being paralyzed in an attack by Gorilla Grodd.
  11. "Crisis On Two Earths (Part-Two)"-In S.T.A.R Labs, a captured interdimensional villain from Earth-13, Owl-Man is revealed to be a parallel universe doppelgänger of Bruce Wayne. After he cruelly taunts John over his conflict to Bruce. Ultra-Man, Jack the Ripper, and Hunter Zolomon steal a sublight generator, the Prism, from research company Kord Industries; Bruce, Clark, and Wally and the others believe that Ultra-Man seeks to build a neutron bomb with it to aid his conquest on Earth-42. After a series of battles, most of the heroes including the Bat Family are in captivity at S.T.A.R. Labs after the Crime Syndicate forces infiltrate it, and Bruce, Wally, Jax, Albert, Lois, and Sara are transported to a prison, but Clark is moved to S.T.A.R Labs. Wally is determined to kill Zolomon after his capture. The villians reveal that Ultra-Man is dying and Super-Woman plans to use the Prism, charged by S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator, to produce artificial red sunlight that would weaken both Clark and Ultra-Man's respective invulnerability, allowing a heart transplant for Ultra-Man but killing Clark in the process. In flashbacks, on Earth-13, a young Bruce Wayne's doppelganger becomes brainwashed by Ra's Al Ghul and kills Alfred by stabbing him in the chest. As it turned out, Ra's wants Bruce to be his heir and his daughter Talia is immediately attracted to Bruce.
  12. "Crisis On Two Earths (Part Three)"-Bruce, Lois, Wally, Jax, Sara and Albert, wake up imprisoned on Earth-13 wearing power dampeners. Mobster Lucius Fox plans to execute them, however, they are saved by Batman (Kirk Langstorm) and Ray Terrill. Ray and Terill take them to the headquarters of Lex Luthor's Justice League. They learn that the only way back to Earth-41 is through a temporal gateway in a research facility, which Luthor plans to blow up to strand Owl-Man on Earth-41. Bruce disguises himself as Owl-Man to infiltrate the facility and discovers the doomsday device against parallel Earths is a militarized timeship called Waverider. Ray and Wally battle the Freedom Fighters' Red Tornado to stop it from destroying the gateway while the rest of the team enters the facility to reactivate its portal, during which Albert is shot and gravely wounded. On Earth-41, Zolomon prepares to perform surgery on Clark to save Ultra-Man. Katrina and Iris try to stop him, but are captured.
  13. "Crisis On Two Earths (Part Four)"-Clark is saved from Zolomon by Ted Kord, while Nate releases everyone from the pipeline. On Earth-13, Albert activates the temporal gateway's portal before succumbing to his injuries. Jax bonds with Albert to get him through the portal, along with Bruce, Wally, and Lois,  Ray Terrill and Kirk. Members of all the teams face off against Earth-13 Bruno Manheim, while Clark and Katrina are cornered by Owl-Man before Bruce saves them. Albert is kept alive by his connection to Jax, but it is slowly killing them both. Albert severs their connection and dies from his injuries; Jax delivers the news to Wells and Jesse. Owl-Man offers a truce to the team, saying they will leave in peace if the team surrenders Superman. Bruce refuses and the team battles the Earth-13 doppelgängers and their forces. Caitlin, Amaya and Zari infiltrate Owl-Man's timeship Wellenreiter to disable its shields, so Wells, piloting the Waverider with Cisco, can destroy it. Defeating Zolomon, Wally allows him to escape, unwilling to kill him. Superman battles Ultra-Man, and when Ultra-Man goes nuclear, Clark flies her into space to detonate. John subsequently kills Bruce's doppelgänger. Cisco opens a breach to Earth-13 for Ray and Kirk to return. Ray also received a device from Barry that allows him to contact Earth-41 directly. The team holds a funeral for Albert. The Legends, Clark, and Lois depart back to their own lives. Wally gets married with the woman he loves and Bruce and John make amends. In flashbacks, Zoom kidnaps Wally's mother Francine and kills her in the house where Barry Allen was murdered as a child, fueling Wally's vendetta against him.
  14. "Realm of Shadows"-Returning to Gotham, a group of mercenaries are seen attempting to break into the Mayor's office, during which they are stopped and defeated by Bat Family. After defeating the leader, he discovers a thief has broken into the safe and stolen a drive. Pursuing her to the rooftops, they engage in a fight, during which he manages to confiscate the drive whilst "Magpie" manages to escape.Bruce becomes surprised when Harvey orchestrates a warrant for Commisisoner Loeb to search Wayne Enterprises and Wayne Manor to search for any incriminating evidence. When meeting with Dent to discuss this, he meets Dent's secretary Cassie, who realizes he is Batman and Bruce realizing that Cassie is Magpie. Cassie reluctantly gives Bruce the address of a meeting place with her employer: a warehouse at the Gotham City docks. Investigating as the vigilante, he finds the location to be the site of a shoot out between the GCPD and the same mercenaries from City Hall. Believing ex-Mayor James to be involved, Bruce also finds evidence of a chemical weapon being stored there. Bruce hands the evidence to Loeb. Upset that Bruce didn't bring them in to the docks, Rory, Jason, and Virgl decide to form their own team and leave the Bat-Family. Bruce and John go alone to confront James about Valestra and interrogate him about the chemicals. James admits that Valestra manufactured the chemicals for Project Sanctus, but denies that they played a part in the shootout at the docks. Bruce then leaves James to be brutalized and John leaves to learn about Project Sanctus. Through a hidden camera, Bruce, Alfred, and Katrina are being monitored by Lady Arkham and her cabal: Adrian Chase, Richard Dragon, Justin Tanner, Poison Ivy, and the Penguin.
  15. "The Big Leagues"-Bruce continues being the Batman while refusing to have Jason, Rory, and Virgil help him, while John discovers that Project Sanctus was a sector in A.R.G.U.S that Lyla was in the process of shutting down, but never got to due to her being in a coma. Katrina discovers that the hideout has been bugged forcing them to relocate to Thomas Wayne's lair beneath Wayne Manor. Bruce once again faces Lady Arkham, discovering he has a cabal under her command. When Bruce and John get captured by the crew, Katrina goes to Jason, Rory, and Virgil for help. Jason, Rory, and Virgil agree to it and work together to save Bruce and John from being executed. However, Virgil gets injured as a result of an explosion caused by Adrian and starts to develop degenerative nerve damage, which he doesn't tell the team. Bruce apologizes to Jason, Rory, and Virgil, but despite his apology, they refuse to return to the team. Instead, they decide to start their own team, with Bruce wishing them luck. Virgil's friend Richie Foley shows Virgil, Rory, and Jason their new hideout.
  16. "Resupply"- Requiring weapons and ammunition, Chase and Helena search law enforcement databases for known shipments of guns. Chase and Helena follow a lead to Jacob Volk and the Whisper Gang, but finds that the shipment was a special delivery and does not serve their needs. Jacob says that the main shipment is going to someone else, and Adrian soon finds that A.R.G.U.S is working on an operation to buy the shipment in hopes of arresting those selling the weapons. She and Chase are able to disrupt the agents and hijack the weapons, but are pursued by Agent Avesta. Helena crashes into Avesta's vehicle, seriously injuring her. Chase saves her life, however and warns Avesta to stay out of their way. Bruce, upon learning about this, tells Helena that Adrian has allied with Lady Arkham and Helena attempts to subdue Chase before being overpowered. Elsewhere, Bruce manages to obtain the gun that shoots Gordon and Katrina identifies Stan Merkel as the culprit. As it turns out, Merkel's real name is actually Jordan Reynolds, a corrupt cop that Gordon helped Internal Affairs bring down years ago. Virgil continues to keep his injury a secret and he begins using illegal drugs given to him by Richard Dragon in our to cope with his injury.
  17. "We Fall"-Justin Tanner attacks the city's critical Internet infrastructure, causing numerous casualties including police commissioner James Gordon, before demanding ransom payment of $20 million dollars a day from Bruce to prevent a deadlier attack from happening. Tanner reveals that he is doing this only to bring down A.R.G.U.S, considering it to be government corruption due to imprisoning him without a trial and has joined Lady Arkham to deal with it. Adrian claims that he is undercover with Tanner's cabal, and he gives Virgil, Richie, Jason, and Rory some intel. Rojas and Selina are enraged when Loeb is forced to release Reynolds due to their not being enough evidence for him. Rojas begins to feel responsible for what happened to Gordon since Gordon had to make a deal with Internal Affairs in order to get him out of trouble once. Bruce and Dent set up safe zones for citizens for the citizens following the attacks, eventually Tanner's cabal targets them. Bruce and his former team put aside their differences and stop Tanner's party's attack on the safe zone's occupants. Selina goes to murder Reynolds, however, Samson finds Selina and talks her out of it. Having no choice but t cooperate, Bruce and Taylor give into Tanner's demands. In flashbacks, Rojas was married to Mallory Heywood. However, he and then-forensic scientist Edward Nygma got into a bar fight with another police detective which gets him in trouble with the IAD. Gordon saves him by helping IAD set up a sting on another cop who is under suspicion,Jordan Reynolds.
  18. "All For Nothing"-Bruce is almost out of money to pay Tanner.  Due to the allegations involving Thomas Wayne, Bruce is also forced to step down as CEO of Wayne Enterprises, though is horrified to learn his replacement is none-other than Penguin. Fearing that Lady Arkham will detonate the bomb, Adrian agrees to enter Tanner's server room to download data that could lead the teams to find where the bomb is located. Despite being successful in transmitting the data to Katrina, he is identified as the traitor, caught and tortured by Penguin. The location of the bomb is revealed, but Virgil, Jason, and Rory decide not to follow Bruce in order to save Adrian, however Tanner anticipated this and used Adrian as bait; Virgil is immobilized because of some rubble collapsing on top of him because of an explosion and is forced to watch as Poison Ivy executes Chase. Lacking the manpower, Batman and Guardian are unable to retrieve the bomb before it's moved to a new location. At a press conference announcing his resignation, Bruce is met by Vale, who injects him with the chemical and reveals herself as Lady Arkham. Using the drugs influence, she goads him into violently attacking Cobblepot. Elsewhere, Rojas gets his revenge on Reynolds by reporting to Jacob Volk and the Whisper Gang that Reynolds handed the evidence against the Gotham Whisper Gang branch to the FBI years ago making Volk have him killed in revenge.
  19. "The Winning Edge"-Because of his attack on Cobblepot, Bruce is sent to Arkham Asylum by Dent, during which he meets the Joker. Knowing about Lady Arkham's identity, Doe reveals Vicki is actually the the daughter of the Arkhams, who were murdered by members of Wayne Enterprises to keep their actions hidden. At the cost of a favor, he sets up a fight by cutting Victor Zassz with a knife only for Bruce to try to break it up instead of calling Alfred. Because of Bruce being in Arkham, Alfred decides to become the Batman and Bane enlists his help when he suspects that someone is selling the Venom formula to teenagers led by Mason Forrest, who are raising money to buy the drugs in order to improve in sports. After being beaten by Forrest, Alfred sneaks into Arkham to talk to Bruce about how scared he is. Bruce reassures him that being a hero isn't about not being scared, but about having the ability to rise above your fear. Dragon is the one trafficking the drug with help from Dr. Lopez, who provided him the formula and was a part of Project Gilgamesh that created Bane. Alfred is able to subdue Lopez with help from Bane when Lopez injects the Venom formula onto himself. However, Lopez dies as a result of the overdose and Dragon escapes. Helena is surprised when people show her Richard Dragon and Helena tells them that is impossible since she has met a Richard Dragon before in Canada and that he was Adrian Chase's sensei. This starts to shock surprise everyone realizing that the Richard Dragon they encountered is an impostor. Meanwhile, everyone eventually finds out about Virgil's tremors, leading Virgil to apologize to everyone. Katrina and Richie offer to help Virgil, however, Virgil asks to have the night to think it over.
  20. "Next of Kin"-While Bruce is in Arkham, Alfred is able to arrest an arms dealer named Kilgore Speed while masquerading as the Batman and with help from John, Katrina, and Helena. Alfred finds himself in trouble when renegade CIA operatives led by Onyx begin hunting down a former member in order to silence him. Alfred asks Virgil, Rory, and Jason to return to the team, however, they still refuse but agree to help Alfred bring down Onyx. John, Helena, and Katrina go to Alberta to check on Richard Dragon at his cabin. They discover the real Richard Dragon's corpse upon investigating his death and they conclude Diaz is responsible, which they bring attention on this to the RCMP. Alfred, Jason, Rory, Riche, and Virgil track down Onyx to a hotel and the field members engage Onyx and her gang, defeating them all and saving the civilians from a biological weapon stolen from Palmer Tech. While in the hospital, Virgil is visited by the team who promise to help him with his tremors. Alfred later arrives at Arkham after Bruce recovers and uses legal help from Selina to have Bruce taken into his care.
  21. "Time Out of Joint"-After various law enforcement agencies fail to bring in Diaz for the murder of Richard Dragon and stealing his identity, Justin Tanner threatens to set off a bomb at midnight. Barbara reveals that she has been in the process of decoding a video of Bruce killing Tanner's son, revealing that this is the reason why Tanner joined Lady Arkham in the first place. Katrina helps and they are able to clear Bruce. With help from Wally West, Bruce and John are able to delay Tanner from leaving town by showing him the new evidence. Tanner concludes that it was someone in his group who is behind it and asks for his former allies to be brought to him or he will set off the bomb. Selina captures Ivy and vows to reform her. The team brings Ivy, Vicki, Penguin, Diaz, and Jacob to Tanner, but Ivy says she was behind his son's death and her actions allow everyone else but Tanner to escape. Vicki visits Tanner in custody, herself as the real person responsible for the death of his son and kills Tanner before she leaves. Meanwhile, Helena summons Adrian Chase's mother Amanda Westfield (Corina Akeson) from Opal City and tells her of his son's death. Westfield motivates Helena to kill the person responsible and the two bond over their care for Adrian.
  22. "A Beautiful Darkness"-Ivy begins to investigate "Project M," which is being conducted at Wayne Enterprises and involves the experimentation and deaths of several plants, much to her anger. After she murders a Wayne Enterprises employee, a horrified Selina abandons her. Ivy then visits Bruce and poisons him, causing him to hallucinate his closest friends and allies along with a mysterious cloaked figure. Simultaneously, Ivy hypnotizes Lucius and forces him to take her to the laboratory where Project M is being conducted and she collects a sample of the Lazarus water that is being used in the experiments before escaping. The team tracks them down and rescues Lucius before collecting the antidote and rescuing Bruce, who believes that he has seen his future. Ivy also uses the Lazarus water to create a new flower that can immediately kill someone upon contact with the petals. Meanwhile, Alfred investigates the Vale residence with John and they discover that Vicki vengefully murdered her adoptive parents in order to use her father's company to store the drugs. Upon meeting a boy named Duke Thomas who is the Vales' foster son, they learn that Vicki is planning to use the drugs to fight the police and John goes to warn his colleagues about it.
  23. "Civil War"-Jason, Helena, Rory, and Virgil study the latest place Ivy was seen and manage to determine where she is at. It turns out that Selina took Ivy to a secure cabin to allow her to heal, which Taylor eventually finds out and informs Bruce. Bruce demands that Ivy turn herself in, however, Ivy refuses wanting to flee the country to escape Lady Arkham and gives them information on her. With help from Richie, the Outsiders (Jason, Helena, Rory, and Virgil) track down Bruce, Alfred, and Katrina and hence find Ivy, though Selina refuses to let Helena kill Ivy for what he did to Adrian. The two teams fight, with Jason eventually getting injured, and Bruce throwing a device that prohibits Helena from killing Ivy, allowing Ivy to incapacitate them with her own plants and escape. At the hospital, when Alfred and Katrina come to see Jason, Helena, Rory, and Virgil turn them away, saying they want nothing to do with them anymore. Elsewhere, John learns that his superiors have passed on this information to Harvey Dent. Harvey, using a private army, blows up the warehouse and declares martial law on Gotham City.
  24. "New World Order"-Taking some hostages with him, Dent demands that Bruce Wayne arrive alone. Bruce does and manages to stop Dent while appealing to his good side. Because of this, Bruce is reinstated as CEO which upsets Cobblepot. Vicki begins to get paranoid thinking that someone working with her and the Children of Arkham tipped off Dent about the drugs. Diaz makes a deal with a mysterious woman to bring down the Batman and kidnaps Jason to get him to testify. Taylor learns of this and assumes the mantel of Night Wing to try to rescue Jason. Helena, upon hearing of the situation, says she is willing to help out this once, but Bruce refuses, saying if she does not trust him, he does not trust her. Bruce and John eventually take on Ricardo and his minions, who escape, but they do manage to rescue Jason. Bruce goes to visit Dent, who is remorseful for all of his actions. Later, Cobblepot meets with Diaz and kills him under orders from Lady Arkham since Lady Arkham thinks Diaz leaked the information to Dent in return for legal protection.
  25. "Let Them Eat Pie"-To distract Bruce, Cobblepot has serial killer Lazlo Valentin, under the alias Professor Pyg, to kill several homeless people and cooks their insides, stuffing them into pies. His base of operations is exposed by the GCPD, prompting Pyg to kidnap Heywood, using her as leverage against John. When a dinner at the orphanage rounds up several of the rich and powerful, including Bruce, Pyg launches his plan into motion, torturing the rich into cannibalism by way of eating the pies. Bruce is subdued while trying to find Pyg and with Heywood's help, he defeats Pyg in combat and turns him over to the GCPD. Meanwhile, the Children of Arkham are now utilising technology provided to them by Oswald and his connections in R&D. Such gadgets include Batsuit disrupters and improved versions of the drones he utilizes. Following the assassination of Captain Grogran, Penguin's drones manage to locate the Outsiders near Old Gotham. Communicating via hologram, Penguin greets Batman and mocks him for being unable to save Grogan's life, commenting that they relies too much on his tech. Ordering the drone to kill the vigilante, it is destroyed by Virgil, who uses it's connection to the Children of Arkham's communications to listen in on his plans. Penguin communicates with other Children of Arkham members to let them know that he is preparing an ambush for Batman's protoges at an old park. Unknown to him, Richie as has access and know what he's planning. Helena arrives and works with John to diffuse the situation, which surprises Cobblepot that a Bertinelli is willing to stick their neck out for others. Bruce arrives home to find Alfred kidnapped.
  26. "City of Light"-Feeling that there is nothing left for her in Gotham because of Gordon's death and Ivy disappearing, Selina decides to leave with Michael for Paris, France. During a video message left by the group, Bruce discovers that the hideout is at the Vale residence. While investigating as Batman, he finds the Children of Arkham fled but discovers their plans to release the inmates of Arkham. Arriving at the asylum just as they release the inmates, Batman fights through the riots and helps the GCPD gain control. While pursuing Lady Arkham though the catacombs, he manages to rescue Alfred and defeat Vale long before the collapsing catacombs kill Vale. In the aftermath, Lyla awakes from her coma in front of John and her son Rex and Bruce works with FBI Special Agent Vic Sage to arrest the corrupt executives of Wayne Enterprises. When Bruce is making a press conference and as Selina is struggling to learn French, an assassin launches an attack at the speech, but is quickly subdued. At a bar, the Joker watches the event live on television formulating a plan for the future.

Season 8 (2017-2018)