Ish 2
Ultimate Batman #2 is the second issue of Ultimate Batman.


The issue starts in a laboratory in Mexico. Two scientists are attaching an unseen test subject to a large machine. The man watching the expiriment, a mobster named Sal Maroni, tells one of the scientists to press the button. The scientist presses a red button on the machine, which starts it up. The test subject, an average-looking man, begins to grow. He becomes a huge, hulking, muscular beast, and breaks free from the machine. He asks Sal Maroni who his first target is. Sal says that some maniac in a black suit took down one of his thugs, Joe Chill. Sal tells Bane that this "vigilante" could be a potential threat, and must be destroyed. Bane asks where the vigilante is, and Sal says Gotham City.

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